[Question] If you could only use 5 discs for a round

Soft X Focus
Z Zone
Z Comet
Ti Undertaker/Stalker
ESP Kong???
My winter set up was Judge, Zone, Truth, Machete, Undertaker (although I'd maybe have a trespass, too).
Giant, Firebird, Stag, Bard, Swan 2

But there are a dozen combos I could use here. Those are just most thrown. Would miss my Harps and Stegos though.
Classic Marshal
Pink Panther
Champion Leopard3
I-blend Sphinx
Pro Shryke

Note: if the course is all woods or has no long open holes, substitute a Champion Polecat for the Shryke.

Like Congress, I'll revise and extend my remarks:
Drop the Shryke and the Polecat.

Put in a Pro Katana. Woods, open, whatever, I'd bag the Katana as part of a 5-disc set.

(Watch Hannah Leatherman's ITB from last year to see why.)
Stiff Nikko Wizard
Dx Cobra
Evolution Blaze
Star Orc
Evolution Spirit
P- P2
Glo Z Buzzz
ESP Undertaker
15 Sexton Firebird(1st run Z Raptor about to replace it)
Pro Wraith
Kastaplast K3 Reko
Discraft Z Comet
Discraft Z Wasp
Innova Star Valkyrie
Innova Pro Destroyer
Mines probably changed, so here it is again.

PW Wizard
K2 Berg
K1 Kaxe

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I always feel like this answer is course and weather (especially wind) dependent. But for low-to-moderate wind and a course with average distance and foliage, I'd probably go:

Envy - putts, approaches, and short drives
Zone - short flicks, OS approaches, wind fighting if a couple holes get gusty
Evidence - neutral midrange shots, also powered up to cover lines where I'd usually throw an understable fairway driver
Getaway - workhorse OS fairway driver, skip shots, wind fighting, and can power down to cover OS midrange lines too
Ballista - Max distance
300 pa1
ProD zone
Flat kc pro roc
Color glow shryke
S-line pd2

Z FLX Zone
X Comet
Z Wasp
ESP Predator
Big Z Crank


G* Aviar P&A
G* Mako 3
Champ Panther
Champ Teebird
Champ Shryke

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