Marshall Street Disc Golf - Ask Us Anything!

Any ETA on when the newest Innova stuff might be available? I'm talking about the Star Leo3 and DX Roc3 releases. Thanks in advance
Alrighty guys, thanks a ton for the support and comments and everything else! Today was my last day so I won't be around to answer questions unfortunately.

If you guys have any future questions, please send MST an e-mail. We've always been pretty fast responding through it so don't hesitate to ask! :)

Damn, hope MST gets another person to represent on here.
You guys have the Proxy listed as overstable in the description. Might want to fix that to straight butta.
Guess I should clarify and say that the Proxy is a straight flier, and not overstable at all, so this is an error. But it looks like MST may not be viewing this thread anyway. We'll see.