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Newbie Form Check


Sep 24, 2023
Hey All,

I just picked up the game over the summer and I am hooked. I am working to get my form right before I get completely set the wrong way.

I am throwing under 200', so I know there is a lot wrong with my form. I video taped me about a month ago and I saw I was rounding real bad. I have been trying to improve and I know I still have work there. Anything else to focus on first?

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Hey man! Saw your videos on Facebook (form check group) just a minute ago, and I'm glad you posted here too!

Welcome to this wonderful sport, hope you'll stay here for a while.

Look up seabass22 on YouTube, he got plenty of great videos for beginners! (And he's in here as "sidewinder").

You're throwing a frisbee, when you actually need to emulate throwing something that's "heavy". Otherwise you won't get your body into it and like you do now, just fling a frisbee with your arm.

- Basic footwork ans swing thought: I would work from a stand still for now. Even though it might seem counterintuitive, you'll progress much quicker.
1. Your index finger needs to tuck under the rim so the disc rips/pivots around the index finger.

2. Your stance is open/inline instead of staggered closed. Need to offset your feet somewhat.


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