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[Other] Post your most recent plastic purchase-Reboot


Bending Rodriguez
Bronze level trusted reviewer
Sep 4, 2011
Grand Rapids
Since we are well beyond the 5k limit of the original thread, I figured I'd start this one here:

I recently picked up:

Roc3 Proto SMOKE w/ Rainbow stamp 180g


Big Bird Roc 3 Blue w/ Rainbow 180g


Big Bird Roc 3 Blue w/ Gold circle Stamp 171g

I bought two of the Pro Rhynos from the factory store.... Im patiently waiting their arrival!
11X kc pro teebird, 11x firechicken, candy pro firechicken and a roc3 that ill probaboy be very disappointed in
Put in my first order to Marshall Street:

176 Opto Pure (hit top to Booter)
175 Z Comet
175 X Comet
169 DX Eagle-X
170 Z Hornet

Also two Pro Rhynos from the pro shop, 173-175 (reported on Pro Rhyno thread).
A little Roc spree
Top: 180 and white stamp; 175 foil(?); 168 party
Bottom: 177 pumpkin; 174 flat top; 180 roc plus

Got another 178 BB on the way.


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Just picked up a few backups,

179g dark blue GL Fuse (nice and swirly)

174g orange Neutron Vector

165g black Star Teebird

Wish I waited though because I would have thrown in some of that new Lat64 recycled plastic to try out.

Went on a little spree recently. This is from 3 different orders. And I have another coming next week. But basically replacing a couple discs and trying out some new ones like the Firebird, Anode and JLS. I had a black Flow already that I love, but needed a lighter version so I can still use it when the sun starts to go down.
Well all the Roc drama is over for me. This is what Im keeping. I have one more black Roc on the way and Im spent.

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