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One of my wants arrived today an Eclipse Wave 168g. Throwing it as a second disc tomorrow, should be a quick learn I've had a Wave in my bag since June.
The past few weeks:

G-Star Thunderbird 169g more flippy than a previous Thunderbird, more consistent with the fade.

Axiom Neutron Mayhem 174g fills a weakness, strong crosswind left to right LHBH was a joy on the practice field with 20 plus wind. Looking forward to same course conditions.

MVP Plasma Inertia 173g today love the plasma plastic always consistent.
Got three of the nylon blend Wizards. Don't remember who suggested, but they feel pretty great. I'll see if the flight plate stays flat.

Plasma Crave: Should have confirmed flight numbers vs. flight chart. Needs maybe more power than I have to fly -1/1.

Proton Catalyst: Not that bad for a 13 speed. Thinking it'll do DX Boss things for longer than the DX Boss lasted.
Plasma Crave: Should have confirmed flight numbers vs. flight chart. Needs maybe more power than I have to fly -1/1.

Proton Catalyst: Not that bad for a 13 speed. Thinking it'll do DX Boss things for longer than the DX Boss lasted.

I've had my Plasma Crave since this past May, and at 59 years old have found it easy to throw. Since I've had it using an x-step, yesterday on the practice field a three-step for the first time, I'm expecting to get more out of it. I'm slowly building my form. LHBH flies left center with a slight fade.
Some pickups the last few weeks:

Neutron Rhythm 172g a backup to a 167g I've had for almost two months. Throwing consistent with it and would like to be more aggressive with it close to O.B.

Time to finish up with my overstable discs:

Neutron Terra 174g seems to be a good wind disc.

Plasma Photon 175g should be more durable than the Fission's I've had, and more consistent on a headwind.

Plasma Motion 172g for headwind.

Plasma Entropy 175g first time on the practice field today showing me some consistent fade, something I haven't had for an approach putter.

As you can tell, I like plasma's.
Super spiffy Neon orange star firebird with blue stamp! Smooth and shiny as I've ever seen a disc. Looks like they went the extra mile to get rid of any sharp edges or seams.

I feel like a king when I throw it- confident and in control. Flies straight and fast when flat, then healthy fade, like almost a 90 degree hook.

Glorious when I find a line to work that landing.
Banged chains my first round with it.
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Grabbed a Doomsday Bleak putter in base plastic. There's a flat bevel on the rim that feels good in the hand. However, the real reason for buying it is that the post apocalyptic stamp is awesome, lol. The premium version is noticeably much more domey.
Just got two of the 170 carat Sapphires, as they are unique and I fear they will disappear. These beat in to about as long of a 10 speed as one will ever throw.
I've recently added EV-7 Phi's to my bag for putting (I was using BB Aviars and occasionally putting Alpacas or Penroses (because they seemed like a small bead version of the BB Aviar))

super happy with the Phi

I have a problem with being nose down (cause I lack confidence in putting) and I tend to face mask a lot of putts that should really be in the chains

The Phi is slightly faster and more glide and I'm finding that I'm making more putts, they are staying up better, and my release is really clean.

I got the version with the TSA stamp in Firm for summer and Soft for winter

solid offering from EV-7

their putter plastic offerings are really quite good imo
Congratulations to whomever bought the last couple 150 class 1.1 Sirius Omegas from Marshall Street. I hope you enjoy them as much as I would have. They were on the verge of joining the 10 or so I have been slowly purchasing over the last several years. I thought I would get them all.
Some pickups the last month:

Plasma Volt 172g
Fission Photon 175g
Electron Soft Anode 173g
grabbed another soft electrion ion for the practice stack.

first one in my collection with flight numbers.
busy week. That hex surprised me, glides more than any other hex I've thrown and the flattest.
Snagged the remix eldritch (praxis) out of curiosity and well whatever blend of protron this is it's somewhere between soft and regular. Honestly one of my favorite recent purchases.


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