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Just arrived a Neutron Orbital 161g. Wanting to see if I can get more whip compared to the Orbital Neutron and Plasma both at 174g, both can be really good at times, or a struggle.
My shop is having their nine year sale. Got two opto explorers and two VIP warships. Also grabbed a Discmania starter set as it was 9 dollars.
My shop is having their nine year sale. Got two opto explorers and two VIP warships. Also grabbed a Discmania starter set as it was 9 dollars.

dang. I would have grabbed five of those, and I hardly play Discmania
dang. I would have grabbed five of those, and I hardly play Discmania

i went back and grabbed another. I had a buddy say he wanted to get into it, so grabbed one for him + a DD over the shoulder bag that was $9
Snagged a couple at PIAS. Apparently some guy who dyes discs rolled through and sold them a bunch. Got an ESP FLX Scorch that I've wanted to try, and another pretty Comet!


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Axiom Plasma Insanity - orange rim with pink-ish flight plate. I got this as my backup and I brighter color than my other. (decent colors in a weight I'll throw NOT the color of the course are tough to find!)

Mint Discs Eternal Jackalope - replacing one I just lost recently. Probably my favorite plastic and mold I've thrown this year.
Found a brand new G star Roadrunner on the course today.

A long, long time ago, years before Innova put flight numbers on discs, I used to bag a star Roadrunner as my distance driver. This was before I bagged anything faster than a speed 9.

Naturally I had to try it out in the soccer fields for old times sake.

Forgot how much they bomb. I was able to hyzerflip it to the 440-470' range, and it felt surprisingly controlled at that distance. No turn and burns. Granted wind was minimal, but it was fun to throw around.
Watermelon Proton Hex to replace my OTB Proton Hex. Not really counting player pack stuff but if we are, the Circuit Challenge discs and a Luna I haven't even thrown yet. (it's olive green and may get lost on a putt)
Got these 3 shipped for just under 30 bucks from Disc Golf Center while their sale was going on. Been needing a backup Sol and new Eagle for a while and figured I'm about due to lose a midrange so got a safety Rift to boot.

Anyone else get some good deals during Black Friday?


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first eclipse hex, flies nice
I haven't posted on here in 5 months. Those that are staying in the bag or being cycled in and out as needed the past 5 months.

OOP Plasma Tangent 177g love it! Also, a Plasma Anode 174g a work in progress.

Lost disc replacements Plasma Servo 171g, Star Mamba 148g, Plasma Wave 171g, and Neutron Orbital 159g.

Putters staying with me Plasma Proxy, Eclipse Proxy, and a Plasma Nomad that has putting radar 60-80 feet out. All around 173g, and have there own purpose.

Disc that has made a return to the bag Neutron Reactor 173g, Neutron Virus 163g, and Neutron Signal 162g.

The past few months preparing for the strong wind season with 12 speeds (lost 4 of them last year in leaf's and water) at PIAS gripped a Discmania Horizon Cloudbreaker 173g and a S-line DD3 175g for the first time, the grip felt great and both near flatness which I like, didn't think they would stay with me, and both have surprised me on the practice field and course with wind play. There staying, and the first time taking Discmania seriously, there had been two other disc in previous years.

This led to other Discmania disc S-line DD1 173g, DD 175g and 168g all good for at least moderate wind play, and seem good enough for strong wind play. A Horizon M1 179g the best grip I've ever felt and now own, love the glide 6. Going to pick up an S-line FD for the glide 6, and grip other Horizons and S-lines as I see them in Disc Shops, and go from there. Thats likely going to be it with Discmania, I don't like the feel of their other plastics.

New this week a Somewhat Domey Time-Lapse 175g, and a nearly flat Time-Lapse 175g for strong wind play and compare them with the Discmania discs I picked up last month. Both disc are Orange, color seems to mean something, not sure about Orange, waiting for some good wind for both to compare domey and flat. Purple supposed to be understable, will pick up one sometime later, along with what's supposed to be stable in blue. See which work out or not.
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