[Drivers] Sell me on an under stable speed 9


You beat me to it, for the past week I've had a Vip Air Hatchet.

The Hatchet will bomb on crosswinds over 15 mph and can also be used for rollers. Looking forward to seeing what it can do on 20 mph, 25 mph wind etc.
A bit too flippy, IMO....even for my noodle arm. Heats, VIP Underworlds though.

I really like the Underworld too, great glidey disc (much like the hatchet) that just goes further than it should.
Infinite Sphinx. I've bagged OrionLS, Roadrunner, Sidewinder, and probably others. For me, at higher elevation and getting up there in years, I find the Sphinx to be very versatile. Amazing hyzerflips and beautiful, smooth turnovers. Anytime I'm not feeling a wraith, the Sphinx gets me just about as much distance. And those turnovers are butter.
My 16 yo son uses a couple of my Roadrunners that he can bomb as far as any higher speed drivers. They go really far for him, but personally, I need my Katanas to get close to the distance he gets from RRs.
Neutron Virus for me. Love the late turn I can get with it, Powered down a bit and it's dead-straight for my arm speed.
Neutron Virus for me. Love the late turn I can get with it, Powered down a bit and it's dead-straight for my arm speed.
My first virus, yes a consistently turn. The one i have now since August, sometimes a late turm, but mostly goes dead straight. I really wish it would turn consistently, like needs to be beaten in more. The first one was flippy out of the box.
Hatchet, Sidewinder or Diamond (throws like a 9 speed for me).
I used to use a heat (which has the same turn and fade as sidwinder) for straight shots. Now that my arm speed has progressed, its a great turnover disc that compliments my river.
I'm not a big fan of really understable discs in plastics that season quickly. If I want a touchy disc, I want it to be the same kind of touchy every time.

Hence I'm very very glad to have Frost Rivers back in my bag!
My rivers are in this state of beatness that gives me a touchy understable flight every time. If I get it wrong it's turning and buring but if it's right it sails forever.
Underworld (which I bag) and Heat both work for me. Beat Valk probably could too depending on plastic.

I wouldn't trust a Diamond, but it might work if you have good form, a light touch and no wind.

QOLS is more straight than flippy at my distance, same with Inertia.

None of the Star Sidewinders or Roadrunners I've thrown have flown remotely like the numbers.
Has anyone said Falk yet? Been a while since I have thrown any but they glide so much and crush. Some I have thrown were likely be too flippy for what you are looking for but most, especially translucent ones were very manageable. I haven't thrown any since the House of Discs acquisition/merger but I haven't heard anything bad either
I forgot to say Falk, but I might have put it in the not super flippy category based on limited anecdotal evidence:

1. Normal K1, I could throw it about as far as any other disc (near 300') under favourable circumstances, but not really flip it.

2. Glow, seemed insanely flippy when I first got it at which point I wished I had waited until Lots became available in glow, but after I revisited it later it's been quite straight, not sure what's up with that.

I would expect others to have different experiences, but then the OP did say noodle arm, but then again their last post was in 2020 so I'm not sure about the relevance of any of this any more.
Couple of people already recommended it, but my vote would definitely go for the Hatchet. I've noticed that some TP ones actually start pretty stable and beat into somewhat understable, while most VIPs have started already closer to what you'd expect and get flippy.

When I was throwing 300', it was by far my favorite driver but when you go to 350' and beyond it really does get rather flippy.

The thing with Hatchet is the insane glide, so if a noodle arm is looking for easy hyzer flip distance it will fit the bill perfectly.

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