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Dynamic Discs Sockibomb General


Bogey Member
Oct 5, 2022
Wondering if this is on anyone's radar? It looks like a Rive? From dynamic discs? Except slower? It is more overstable than the enforcer, but ricky seems to throw it on all the holes where he would use a rive. The numbers suggest it is more stable than an enforcer, but seriously, who needs more stability than that. They seem to be flying well for ricky, might be worth giving a try.
Anyone thinking of getting one? Tried one?
Times have changed when a new Sockibomb distance driver gets no response in a week.

I saw it cam blow up baskets, so there is that.
I'm guessing instead of remaking the Enforcer in a new 'Supreme' version they went with this signature line disc for Wysocki. I felt one at the DD KC shop last week and the profile seemed like it'd be a good OS distance driver. Wysocki will fill out his cart with these as they cycle in to take over the OS side of his distance drivers I bet - was he throwing Rives and Raiders the last couple years?

Didn't check the price but I expect it was $25+ MSRP - showing as $32.99 on DD's website o_O !

IMO the marketing/social media for DD has fallen back to the pack where it used to be a strong part of the companies overall brand. So many brands spun up the past few years that it is hard to make headway and keep players coming back to buy more discs when a new release is dropping weekly.
I figured I'd try one out. A supreme enforcer does make sense. There is a gap in the dd lineup where a rive or destroyer would be. I figured it might fly like that but the numbers are more overstable than a destroyer. He definitely is leaning on them for most of his holes at ddo.
It's too bad that dd hasn't been able to maintain/build market share. They have amazing customer service and I find their molds to be fairly consistent. I throw a lot of trilogy and mvp. I often find myself migrating back to trilogy molds when I try out new mvp stuff. I've never liked the mvp distance drivers much. I find they feel a bit meh and fly about the same. I have a star destroyer that became a turnover disc faster than I could believe. I'm not sure what is so special about the Supreme plastic yet. I guess I will find out. Will report back when I have got to throw it a few rounds
Got my General today. It flies like I expected based on watching ricky throwing it but nothing like the numbers suggest. It is instantly in my bag. Perfectly straight. A little flip but only turns into a strong headwind and still fights back. It has more glide than an enforcer. Great forward finish. Slightly less stable than a rive. The plastic feels amazing. I think a lot of people will love this first edition. I'm curious if they will all be like this. It's a pretty flat top. No pop top. If will be interesting to see what changes in future runs.