Stand Still vs Run up

Tis the season for standstill practice. Living in Michigan, the ground will soon be frozen/ice or snow covered, boots get bigger, clothing put on in more layers. This combo puts the standstill into play far more often. I cannot throw a standstill as far as a run up. I generally find I need to throw a bit less stable plastic, both for the motion and decrease in disc speed. It is generally good practice for the following season, as it reminds me to feel the brace and search for more snap on the disc. I am not into measuring things, it does not really parlay into better play, for me.
I find it helps to use lightweight, lower speed, discs for stand and deliver shots because:

1) Without a run-up, it's difficult to get drivers up to speed. You might be able to do it once in a while, but If you can't do it consistently, what good is it?

2) With no run up, it's easier to get discs in the 150's up to speed, vs. discs in the 170's.

I have a 150 class Storm that's my "go to for" stand and deliver shots.

I've also used a Status and Archers for those shots. They work pretty well for low power distance, but that 150 Storm is more consistent and versatile for me.
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Another thought, is throwing forehand.
While I have more distance throwing backhand versus forehand, I need a run-up to get that distance throwing backhand.

Since I don't take much of a run-up throwing forehand, I get more of my normal distance throwing standstill forehand as opposed to stand still backhand.
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It's all about your form and technique. Advanced players can utilize more energy from a run up with clean form maximizing energy. Others might not see much of a difference. As with everything, it depends on your abilities.
So I'm definitely doing something seriously wrong since my X-Step only adds about 40' max to my throw vs standing still. I try to typically throw standstill wherever possible for accuracy reasons but will still throw with a run up for max D shots. I'm throwing in the 360' range standstill and 400' with my run-up backhand and 320' and 375' forehand (I very rarely throw FH run-ups).
I've been playing about 11 years, started at age 67. I throw all stand still back hand, not coordinated enough for x step or run up. Get the best distance with my 155g River, but that is only around 200 feet on level ground. Would like to throw some forehand, but it hurts so don't.
My run-up gets me about 10 meters or 30 feet further I would say. This year I mostly practiced stand stills and in some ways my runup got worse. It has a lot of glaring issues I got to fix for the next season. On a round I mostly use the run-up for hyzers as it is easier to get in position for it and on some holes where the extra distance makes it easier to reach the necessary distance.
For me the run up can add 200+.

I attribute this to not getting enough traction when throwing standstill.
Only getting about a 10% increase in distance on an X-step vs. standstill. Run-ups are overrated imo :p
sorta the same as above. my form is not pretty and I'm too ADHD to make enough serious efforts to reform it😐