Stokely Discs

I purchased one of each of the Proto's. Figured if they where any good, maybe they might be worth something someday.

or I just helped Scott out, I enjoy his content so I am OK with that too.
maybe they might be worth something someday.
Best bet would be unopened box with all documentation or maybe just enjoy playing with the disc. :)

I ordered a Wren. Feels nice still have to throw it, raining today.
They came in today. I the putter reminds me of an old school Aviar mixed with a Magnet.

The midrange has a bit of a dome on it, but I really like the rim.

I elected to put them back in the box after checking them out. I would wait for the production run anyways to try to throw them.
Anyone have an idea who he is working with for design/manufacture help? Looking for someone who has the discs if there's hints based on plastic, tooling, trim, nipple ect.

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