[Selling] Upper Park ‘23 shift and innova discs

Prince Vegeta

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Jun 4, 2020
Selling all together: asking $220 OBO shipped in the USA
Top to bottom:

Classic aviars, dx rocs and champ roc (blue dx is 6/10 the rest are fresh, champ usdgc roc has cool double stamp), thunderbird, ‘22 sexton firebirds, champ teebirds, ‘23 heimburg halo destroyer, and the rest are star destroyers.

All putters and rocs are max weight.
F2 Teebirds are 167/165
Thunderbird is 169
F2 Destroyers are 168 and 169
Halo destroyer is 175 no ink.
All discs but halo destroyer and thunderbird are inked.

All but the dx roc and thunderbird were thrown for maybe 5-ish rounds. Bag was only used for the same amount of time. Blue roc and thunderbird are older and have more wear


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I'm interested in the discs. Do the ones with ink have it on the rim or on the flightplate?