USDGC 2023 - 25th edition

MattyO has matched the longest par run (within a single round) of the tournament - 9 holes. Matching Andrew Presnell who started his tournament week off with 9 in a row.
Today has seriously felt like a constant flow of "Well maybe [PLAYER X] can make a run and get into... ope... never mind."

Maybe Isaac can finish with some birds and.... nope.
Well maybe Eagle can finish... nope.
Ricky is red hot and a few birds down the st... nope.

But lead card really isn't, about halfway in, pulling away at all. So the hope lives on.
Okay, Freeman/Tipton/Klein just did some separating in the last 10 minutes... collecting some birds and eagles on 9/10. Williams falling off as Evan Smith comes charging... 8 holes to figure out if there'll be a distinct group of contenders tomorrow or if it'll be a free-for-all.

Edit: And as I post that, Evan Smith is now putting for par from C2 on 14. He can drill bombs, but again a late run ends with a firm "NOPE" from Winthrop Gold.
And now, suddenly, it looks like it is firmly Kyle Klein's Major to lose.
Just catching highlight packages of the ladies, but did watch round 1 on Youtube. Very entertaining so far and I think having James Proctor on the bag is really helping the Finnish women. You can hear him just keeping it positive and light, with a few giggles in response. Looking forwards to the final round.
Wow.... just random collapses all over.

Everything setting up for Ricky to be a non-champion podium finisher for the 7th time.... lol
And following the trend of everything I say immediately getting spun in circles... all of lead card puts it C1 on 16. lol

edit: oops 3 out of 4, they changed it to C2 for Freeman.
Calvin moving 24 spots up the leaderboard, and Ricky moving 43, yet they're still 8 shots off the lead, and not even on the chase card.

Good separation on the lead card, with everything kinda bunched up behind the top 4.
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This absolutely made my day. To see her already out on the course 90 minutes before the lead card is awesome, as well. The less we hear from Catrina in the future, the better disc golf will be.

Looks like Catrina and Natalie Ryan on the same card tomorrow. I predict a fun round with tons of positive banter.

I know we're not going to get free live coverage of the tournament, but is it too much to ask that we just get to watch this card? #gonatgo
Looks like Catrina and Natalie Ryan on the same card tomorrow. I predict a fun round with tons of positive banter.

This is funny, but they are both sucking fumes in 27 and 28 place.

I hope Eveliina and Henna can give Kristin a run for her money tomorrow.
I was responding to the conversation in posts 121-124 about words and nomenclature.

It seems trivial when you are watching a tourney, but when you are on the course trying to determine what kind of shot to throw it makes a difference.
Shrug. Manufacturers think it is important enough to call the 4th number "Fade" and not "Hyzer".
Sure. Now that i think about it, it doesnt make sense.
Sure. Now that i think about it, it doesnt make sense.

I noticed that the announcers are now referring to a hyzer throw as a one-angle throw. I think that means the throw holds the same angle from the time it leaves the hand to the time it hits the ground. As opposed to hyzer flips or flexes that can have 2 or 3 angles.

Thanks for the acknowledgement. But you did kind of catch me, I do tend to be somewhat of a word geek, lolol.
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Holyn just made things interesting with an eagle on hole 9. Kristin with 2 OBs on hole 8. Eveliina in position to take the lead with Holyn in 2nd.
Hate to say it but really dumb play from KT on hole 9. . and just bad play on 8

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