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Anyone know when these will be available retail? Stuck my fav OS Eagle high into a gnarly briar covered tree yesterday and would like to try a Helio Vela to replace it.
Anyone know when these will be available retail? Stuck my fav OS Eagle high into a gnarly briar covered tree yesterday and would like to try a Helio Vela to replace it.
It might be a little bit. Some of the discs weren't flat topped correctly and came out slanted top. Sounds like millennium is being stand up about it though. Found this posted on their website.

Following the release of a limited quantity of first contact Velas, we are now aware of production issues in some of the discs that have been released to customers. We have options for those seeking a solution.

The "First Contact" inventory of the Helio and Quantum Vela was a small portion of the first run. It was released and available in two ways: from inventory that was delivered to Millennium at the Las Vegas Challenge and vending at the event, and another small quantity that was shipped to Millennium during the tournament and released through our online pro shop. Online orders were made available and taken prior to the receipt of the product at our warehouse. In both cases, inventory was immediately released and sold to our customers at LVC and online, which is how this issue initially went undetected. At this time, all remaining first run Velas are being reviewed and may be re-released upon evaluation.

The production issue at hand is a result of a flat-topping process. In a portion of the discs released, there is an off-center impression from the flat-topping process that renders one side of the disc's top very flat, and the opposite side of the disc's top with a slight shoulder. While most easily noticed by touch/grip, a crescent-like impression can be seen on some of the disc's top, and in some cases a slight slant can be seen when looking at the profile of the disc. This is a rare production result within the limited quantity of Velas released for the First Contact, but we understand customers who may not be satisfied with the result of the product that they may have received.

For customers that received product in this condition and are unsatisfied with their purchase, we have some options to offer. Verified purchases made directly from Millennium will be provided with options for a rebate, a coupon against a future order, or a return/refund.
Please contact us at [email protected], attach a picture identifying this production issue on your disc(s), and include your order number in your email.

All other first run Vela are still in QC protocols and will be released in the near future after receipt at our warehouse. Until then, thank you for the support and excitement from our First Contact customers and fans.
I found the Q Vela fit in between the stability/glide as the 2020 Barsby Eagle, flat MF TB3, and 1.1 Q EXP-X. The given flight numbers (7/4/-1.5/2) are a bit off at least for the Blue one I threw which is closer to 7/4/-0.5/3.

After throwing it in the woods (tree hits :wall:) and getting rid of the minor bottom rim flashing the Q Vela has straightened out a little. I have only gotten more turn when throwing into 15mph headwinds so probably need 70+mph release speed to get to the flight numbers that Millennium chose.

I do think that being a flat disc the release and nose angle can really take over the flight from the given flight numbers and not fight back from anhyzer releases. Thrown flat and slight nose down it does have a good penetrating fade that isn't really dumpy.
Sunking has these fundraiser quantum Velas up. Anyone know if the top is fixed on them?


Also, can anyone confirm these flight numbers of 7/4/-1.5/2? I have plenty of Eagles with various stages of wear. More interested in a flat, OS bookend and prefer champion/quantum. Will try a helio if necessary.

I have a Helio that I've thrown a few times. It is one of the wonky topped versions.

It is flatter than any of my Eagle Xs (color glow champ, innfuse star) and flatter than my Exodus (in CG, Splatter, Halo)

It reminds me of the Feldberg First Run Sparks
flat, low glide, overstable

I might max at 400 but 380ish is probably more realistic. I'm also at altitude so things fly a bit more OS.

I get no turn from the Helio Vela.

I don't think you'll see the numbers you listed. Perhaps more of a 7,4,0 or maybe -0.5, 2.5-3 on the fade

My understanding on the SunKing fundraisers is that they were second run (so should be fixed)

I would have bought one or two but (respectfully) I can't run that foil
Any of you knuckleheads thrown the second run quantums? Still curious about the stability.
Mine is pretty overstable. I got one of the Sun King fundraisers 1.2s. Not seeing any -1.5 like advertised.
i feel like the vela(i got a 1.2) will hit its stride after about 50-60 rounds. champ always takes a minute to beat in but always is so good once you get there. im not even a huge fan of champ plastic, but it does beat in nice
Went ahead and grabbed a couple 172g quantum, red and blue. Not the OS bookend I was hoping for but they are still pretty sweet.

Profile is a FH throwers delight, Eagle shoulder and flattened top. Minimal flashing on the bottom that a light sanding cleared up. Medium firm champion plastic, not pearly, not JL, feels nice.

Threw one about 10 times in the field along with a fresh stock run color glow Eagle and a moderately worn Barsby CG. Definitely closer to the worn Barsby than the stock CG. Vela actually has some nice glide, gonna say it flies about 7/5/-1/2 for me. Throwing it flat FH to 325ish. Probably turn a bit more if you're throwing it 375+.

Vela is flattest of the three, though the Barsby is close after wearing in. Stock CG has a tiny bit of dome and is pretty OS. I could easily drop a Vela in my workhorse fairway slot based on feel and profile alone. I dig it.
I would agree with those numbers, or 7/4/-1/2. I got an orange one. I will say it's not quite as flat as I was expecting, at least not Calvin eagle flat. I do like it so far though.
mine arrived today
I should get out and do a test throw or 5 later

quite flat
I want to say not as flat as the 1.1 version but the flatness is at least uniform now.

I'll have to put them next to my CG Eagles to check dome
Mine appear very similar in profile as my CG Eagles (tournament fundraiser from last year).

The Vela might show a bit more turn than a CG Eagle (an alleged -1.5 vs -1)

Plastic feels nice.

Not the best conditions to test in yesterday (very windy, and rainy).

More testing this week
whats everyone's verdict on the Q vela? flight numbers based on your experience and distance for reference?
After throwing them for a while I'd say mine fly -1 2. Mine are 163g and I throw them around 340- 350ft. I wish they would make some lightweight beefy helios.

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