What are your favorite 2 discs in your bag to throw?

Mike C

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Jul 29, 2009
I'm going with Eclipse Reactor and Crave.


I love the feel of the Reactor. Smooth, modern rim and a nice flat top. I've never clicked so well with a mid when it comes to forehand. I used to feel shaky flicking my Vectors, Tensors and other mids over 200'. I've gotten to the point where I'm having to power down my Reactor because I'm overshooting 275-300' holes with it off the tee on a flick. Never thought I'd see the day. It resists moderate winds well while having lots of glide....perfect work horse mid for me. A lot like the KC Rocs I used to throw but with a much better rim shape for my throws....especially FH.

Craves are just so damn versatile. I use mine for bh, fh, bh rollers, fh rollers, overhands, hyzers, straight lasers, s curves, turnovers that don't come back. It's probably the most versatile disc in my bag. I always carry a pair - a well seasoned one I've been throwing since MVP sent them out to the test team, and a fresh one for windier tee shots and more consistent hyzers. Lots of glide and control, and just enough high speed turn to let it shape a large variety of lines without feeling unreliable.

What are your favorite two discs to throw? What's so great about them?
This is pretty easy for me:

1. Beat in Gold Line River - A perfect hyzer flip to dead straight glidey flier that I can get to 375' with practically zero fade, but at the same time very little concern of completely flipping it over.

2. Beat in Hybrid Warden (first AJ run) - Just dead straight throwing putter. Can take all the power I have without turning, but still basically 0 fade on throws even down to 70% of power.
This was tough, but I'm going to have to go with a Plasma Pyro and a GG Halo Wraith.

Plasma Pyro, max weight, flat.

Reliable and dependable, it's slow enough that when you miss your wing angle or nose angle it still flies like a midrange with much less error than drivers, but fast enough to get great distance despite its overstability. It's shallow and flat, so that despite its concave rim, which gives it the feel of a beaded mid, it's still really comfortable in the hand both backhand and forehand.

I recently started throwing it on tight, baby flex lines too and it is just a wonder for that. The Plasma plastic is hit and miss for me, depending on the disc, but this one has almost the grip of a Neutron Soft while being a bit more firm in the hand.

GG Halo Wraith, 2021 version, beat in.

This disc was one of the most overstable Wraiths I've thrown when new, but after 2 years of steady use it flies like a perfectly mellow, slightly seasoned, domey Star Wraith. The plastic is nice and grippy and not too stiff and the rim just sits perfectly in my hand, both backhand and forehand. When I don't need to worry about headwinds I can just throw this disc on my stock slight hyzer, have it pop up and ride a bit and come back in the end.

If I'm having an off-day throwing then this disc will match my longest discs for distance while being more reliable, and if I'm throwing well it will be that consistent disc I can use for mostly everything. It's a little more overstable than my max distance forehand discs, but I'll pull it out when I don't want a hog but something I can trust.

Honorable mentions: Prodiscus Basic Troija (awesome crazy OS mid in grippy baseline that just hits and sits), Axiom Neutron Soft Envy (best slightly OS throwing putter for BH I've ever tried), MVP Eclipse 2.0 Reactor (just lost my first run of those, but the OP's description is apt) and Calvin '21 Halo Destroyer (reliably overstable with good glide and workability).
I love to throw the Nordic Phenom PD most. Very comfortable with all shots forehand and backhand. Next is tough. Probably the Sky God 4 P2 for frequency, dependability and utility. But nothing beats watching a full flight S-line DD3 (if it goes the right direction).
Pretty easy choice for me also

1) Lone Star Discs - Frio (Bravo Plastic) - These are basically perfectly beaten in Teebirds off the shelf (discs I always seemed to lose once finally working them in to exactly how I want them). Now I can just buy a fresh Frio, it flies exactly like I want, and the Bravo plastic holds that flight for an extremely long time and avoids beating in quickly. Super star disc for me.

2) Kastaplast - Berg (K3 Plastic) - The older I get and the shorter my accurate jump putt range gets, the Berg has slowly become a favorite of mine. The disc just wants to fly straight and fall out of the sky and land soft. Anything within 150 feet where I'm outside my comfortable jump putt range but still want to either run the basket or park it underneath, the Berg comes out. So many soft floaty runs at the chains from 100 feet and if I miss I've still got no more than a 10-12 footer.
My yellow Star Roc3 is my most thrown disc. It is beat in to a point where I can make it glide to the right. It holds soft anhyzers, just slowly fading out of them towards the end of the flight and can accomplish lines where other people would use a forehand. I also use it for most of my straight shots, flipping it up from a little hyzer. It is the most trusted disc in my bag.

Second place is a little more difficult to answer as there is a huge gap between the Roc3 and other discs. It probably goes to a new Star Firebird I got as a companion to a Champ Firebird. The Champ one fades and dumps really hard and I have to give it a lot of power to even make it fly. The Star one is a little flatter and for some reason goes just as far as all my other fairways while not being affected by wind and still fading really hard towards the end of the flight. Right now I use that one for most hyzer-drives where I don't need max distance and shots that call for controlled distance.
I'm going to go more generic. I'm forehand dominant and I tend to lean on slightly overstable mids and fairways. But part of the fun is mixing it up, and I've found quite a few discs that work almost interchangeably in those slots for me. Right now, it's probably the Justice and the Tesla. Tomorrow it might be the Pyro and the Volt. The next day it could be a Runway and a Thunderbird, or maybe even a broken-in Firebird. Depends on the day.
ESP Comet - can be made to do just about anything, but I use it for backhand slow turnovers.
Swirly Star Thunderbird - Straight as can be with just a tick of understability when I throw it at 100%, but it always comes back just in time. It's rare that I have to throw it that hard, though.
The other day Gold line River and Prodigy Feedback in 500.

Sure it will be two different ones tomorrow.
Light blue 1.5 SOLF - flat, straight to fade 400' BH distance. Solid 9/5/-1/2 flight even after being thrown on FH rollers & flex shots through the woods and taking some big tree hits.
Orange DX Roc - F2, originally a water disc but it hasn't been lost in 3 years. Has remained very straight to overstable even after some big tree hits/gauges to the rim. I trust this one to come out clean and straight for tunnel shots/gap hitting/point and shoot. Tried a few other DX Rocs with similar profile and they have all been less stable 🤷‍♂️
Chameleon off the tee and approaching with serpents. Love shaping shots and versatility of my chameleon, and the Serpent is my perfect point and shoot FH and BH approach. Shaping shots is fun. Love smashing on discs like the proxy or inner core too.
VIP Seer: Really loved this several years ago as a straight-flying fairway option. And then.... it was gone. I lost the couple I had and they stopped producing them as much. Suddenly found them available a coupla months ago and jumped on getting two of 'em. Feels like old times. Love it!

Eternal Jackalope: Curious about Mint Discs earlier this year so I picked up an Apex Freetail, Apex Jackalope, and Sublime Grackle. Loved the Jackalope and how straight it flew out of my hand so I tried the Eternal and am really loving the results so far, although it's only been a few months.
I wish one of mine was a driver!

Envy, my oldest one is 8yrs and still HSS, just straighter.
Proxy, my oldest being 7yrs now and not noticeably different than a fresh Eclipse 2.0.

I'm checking out an Ohm rn, but otherwise these account for more than half my throws in any given round, and support my terrible driving with a very comfortable scramble game.
First, my light weight Star Tern, because it is my longest thrower, even though it is new and I am still erratic with it. I think we have a bright future together, and I just ordered two more (F2s) today. It’s fun to go far! Second, close call between my Soft Magnets and Lat 64 Diamonds. The SM works great for me at approach for anything from 75 feet down, maybe even 100 feet, and it is my putting putter. Issue is, I experiment with a lot of putters, for now, and I don’t know if it will keep the job. Diamonds are my most reliable off the tee, and for second shots that are too long for my putter - likes to go straight - beginner friendly. FYI, playing 3-4 months, and I max at 225-245’. Update: getting more consistent with my Terns. The issue was me, not the discs. Wanted to see them go far, so beginner junk - turning my head too soon, and rounding.
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