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Lightweight OS Driver for OHs


Just Another Disc Hoarder
Oct 31, 2014
Recently I've noticed that I've been needing an OH throw for scrambling a lot more than usual but with my shoulder being picky I try not to throw them at all. I threw a 145 Halo Valk from a friend out of curiosity and it worked well and importantly my shoulder tolerated the lighter weight quite well. Unfortunately that disc is a key component of that friend's bag and I typically throw something a bit more OS than a Valk for my OHs. Ideally it could also be something I could FH as well to help refine my throwing motion to alleviate elbow issues as well.

So what I'm looking for is:
Stiffish Non-Gyro Premium Plastic
Under 150 grams
1.8-2 (ideally 1.9) cm rim width
+2 to +4 turn/fade combo

Normally I'd just grab a 150ish Champ FB but I can't find any, and most of the other options have been dead ends. I typically throw FBs or Raptors for my OHs, but have used Thunderbirds/PDs/Valks/Beasts as well, but prefer the more OS stuff, as it stays upright longer.
Disc golf center has champ firebirds in the 150s. They also have flicks in the 150s, but they have a wider rim than you're looking for. On discgolf center and infinite discs sites you can search by weight. I injured myself a few years ago and moved to lighter weight discs. They're definitely easier on your body.

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