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Caliber DGC

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Caliber DGC reviews

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A Fairytale of a Course

Reviewed: Played on:May 14, 2023 Played the course:once


Once upon a time two old school DGCR course bagging diamond reviewers (sillybizz and cefire) made a pact; they must give up on quantity (at least for the day) and go and play the #1 rated course on the esteemed website. So they gathered their discs, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray and traveled far far away from home - 8 whole hours each just to have a fun time in the woods in Northern Idaho. They got to a magical place with rolling green hills and tall trees and extremely well designed holes using double fairways on par 4 and 5's with basket locations only the truly imaginative could come up with. Their eyes veered up and to the surrounding mountains and their ears filled with only the sounds of birds chirping and putters clanging metal and it was glorious. Many bogeys to be had perhaps as many laughs but in the end they played happily ever after.


Perhaps the course isn't challenging enough? The holes are very well done but on some it felt as though a bad drive wouldn't always make saving par difficult, perhaps because the course is less treed than you think and there is very little underbrush. I felt like most of the course the two pads weren't much different from each other and perhaps you don't need them both out here? $15 is a lot to pay to play disc golf for some but honestly not a con for me. Thought I'd at least mention it if you skipped over that info in the course page.

Other Thoughts:

Honestly there isn't much wrong with this course and very much right with this course. This piece of terrain is amazing by itself that even a designer with little knowledge could design at least a half way decent course but that's not the case here. Paul has designed an amazing course and really has an eye for designing. Speaking of that he is currently working on another course on this property that he says will be "the hard course." I can't wait to have a reason to come out here again! Even the town of Sandpoint is worth checking out, the lake there is stunning and the downtown area has a public beach and stores, restaurants, etc. as well as a few courses in town that don't suck too. Is this the #1 course in the world? IDK but it's damn good and deserving of the '5' rating. Has some of my favorite holes of all time and I'll put this in my top 5 for sure.
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True Essence of golf drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 14, 2022 Played the course:5+ times


I had anticipated a course that was too hilly for me to fully enjoy being an intermediate player. I was wrong. The hills that are incorporated into this course blend well and are not too demanding for the average player like myself. Don't get me wrong, I struggled, but had a great time playing it and learned a lot about elevation towards the end. The split fairways gave me options even if I didn't put my drive where I wanted. The tee box area is awesome with benches at every hole and signage that is very detailed. The turf tee pads are nice to throw from and now I see why they are becoming more popular. I thought the course played fair with plenty of natural OB that made me pay when I got hooked but nothing I couldn't pitch out from and move on. The natural benches and rolls of this property was fully taken advantage of and blended together on holes to create for some fun shot making. I had to use every shot I knew and had to learn a few along the way which I need more work at. Although I shied away from playing here because of the diffuculty, I'm glad I did, it was a blast and only lost one disc.
It was a hot day when I played and the course owner was thoughtful enough to have water out on the course which was great! There are extra info signage on the property on old school snowshoes that were discrete and off to the side. These signs identified just about every plant and tree on the course, I thought it was a nice touch to briefly educate those who were interested.


Hard to come up with a list of things I didn't like about the course. There were a couple places off the fairway that seemed like they could use some thinning out, but I was off the fairway a lot…lol, mostly felt very fair. Hard to nitpick about anything here. Super nice folks running this place!

Other Thoughts:

After buying a punch pass and playing many times, I have fallen in love with this course and noticed many things about the layout, the course forces me to improve my backhand and forehand as the holes are tactfully almost alternate to lefty or righty. My game has improved drastically and I have been able a times to birdy a couple holes. My favorite way to play the course is to show up and play with others that can give me insite on how they read the course and get another perspective on how to improve my game. This is my favorite course in N Idaho!
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PackEx-KD drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 14, 2022 Played the course:once


After playing close to 600 courses, it was great to see someone be able to put the design engineering into a Disc Golf course that would normally go into a Ball golf course, but without converting a ball golf course. Caliber is a unique opportunity for any avid disc golfer. The turf over wood tee pads are level and strong, yet are not too stiff or hard. The manicured fairways are amazing and still have plenty of trees to navigate, often with more than one way to get to the basket.With multiple tee pads and baskets on most holes, the versitility allows you to play a different way with out having to wait for another visit. The course has everything! Lots of elevation but not all at once and a water hazard over a fountain! Definitely in the top 3 courses I've played and look forward to playing it many more times in the future.


Can't think of any Cons, but even though the course is cart friendly, I chose the back-pack straps since the cart would be a little heavy for the elevation changes, but I'm old.

Other Thoughts:

Paul and Jill are most welcoming and give everyone who visits the feeling that they built the course especially for them. "Motherload", their second course is about half complete and "Outlaw" is is already turning wheels in Paul's head! Three courses on close to 70 acres will be a dream realized in the Idaho panhandle!
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Ummm... Just, Yes!

Reviewed: Played on:May 30, 2022 Played the course:once


The natural beauty of this property is hard to overstate. The course plays through a forested area, up and down significant slopes, over luscious grassy fairways, with views of snow-capped mountains. The course is rather isolated, with very little traffic on the nearby road and little mechanical noise coming from anywhere, with the possible exception of neighboring houses that can be vaguely seen at a distance through the trees near a few fairways.

The par 3 holes provide a variety of fairway shapes and elevation challenges - no two are alike. Some of them also include choices of different lines to throw from the tee to get to the pin.

The par 4 and par 5 holes offer choices from the tee and also choices of routes for approaching the basket. There are many risk vs. reward decisions to be made on the par 4 and 5 holes, especially in regard to narrow and more direct paths vs. wider paths that are longer. The slopes also factor into this decision-making process on many holes, with the direct line featuring a more sloped landing area and the longer route offering a safer one. This game of puzzle-solving and shot-shaping on 2 or 3-shot holes is one of my favorite things about the sport of disc golf, and Caliber features it everywhere.

Also, the par 4 and par 5 holes are manageable for players who throw normal human distances. Placement shots are the name of the game off the tee and landing on the correct angle in the fairway is preferable to going longer and missing the fairway or missing the angle and rolling away.

The green areas are sometimes sloped, often guarded, but always fair, in my estimation.

Solid, new-looking Innova Discatcher baskets that fulfill their name and purpose well.

Artificial turf tee pads that were all level and pointed in the right direction. I found them to be grippy and comfortable to throw from. There are two pads on almost all the holes, though a few holes share the same pad for "pro" and "am."

Gorgeous hand-painted tee signs, with specific details, such as distinct colors of green for different types of trees and the distance (in feet) of the ideal landing zone from the tee on par 4 and par 5 holes, plus pins for the tee and basket locations. Each tee sign is a work of art. There are also fairway trees marked with the distance (in feet) to the basket from that tree and at least one sign pointing the way to the next tee after each hole.

There are wood chips in the area around every basket that is not completely surrounded by thick grass.

I did not use a cart, but I believe the course to be cart-friendly, despite the significant elevation changes. I saw several places that offered an obvious cart path to the side of the area where I was ascending or descending.

Players are not only playing a round of disc golf, but (if they so choose) learning about the plants and trees found on the property through educational and illustrated signage placed on upright snowshoes throughout the course. "Toss a Wraith, learn about Idaho White Pines," or "Throw a Buzzz, study a Thimbleberry," I always say! I found the signs interesting and often a good way to rest my body and engage my mind during or after an uphill climb.

Pro shop, restroom, and shower on site along with friendly family pets and a friendly family. Paul and Jill were excellent hosts and it really felt like they were hosting us and not "running a course." We enjoyed discussing discs, the history of the sport, and life in general. As it was our first visit, Jill even walked us up the hill to the first tee! I mentioned something similar in another recent review, but it really felt like old school "Frisbee Family" at Caliber, and that was nice.


Several of the baskets are set high. Not to the level that they seem to be intentionally "elevated baskets," just that phenomenon where they are not set in the ground at the right level. It's more like shooting at a basketball hoop that is 10 ½ feet high and less like, "Oh, this basket is elevated as a design feature."

There were a few times I was wishing for a longer tee pad. The turf pads are great, but sometimes too short.

Other Thoughts:

The long tees and the short(er) tees do not offer different lines to throw, only different distances. I might have considered this a "con," but Paul explained his reasoning, which is that he wants everyone to see and play the same holes, some players just can't throw as far. So the design is to create a situation where players throw from their appropriate tee and everyone is trying to hit approximately the same landing area off the tee. Then the hole plays out from there. He did not want to have different players essentially looking at different holes (on the same hole) because they were playing a different set of tees.

The personal attention and care given to this course by the designer who lives on site is not unique, but it is certainly noticeable and appreciated.

They graciously allowed me to play ten holes of another course that is in the works. So far it is rough and has only temporary signage, but after experiencing it, I know I need to start planning my next trip to Northern Idaho!

What can I say? I've played a lot of great courses and I thought my personal top ten list was essentially set. Something needs to get bumped. High baskets and tee pads that are slightly shorter than I prefer don't factor in much in comparison to the beauty, challenge, and overall experience of Caliber. It's a 5.
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Beautiful, Challenging and Well-Designed 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 30, 2021 Played the course:once


Excellent tee pads; varied terrain and shot selection; well-maintained throughout the course; clear tee signs and guidance signs to help find the next tee; beautiful terrain and flora; nice people; water and restrooms provided.


Not many cons... baskets were professional quality in good condition, but I guess they could upgrade to Mach X at some point for a slight improvement?

My biggest gripe is that it isn't closer to home (Spokane) so I can play more regularly. An hour and 45 minutes makes it feel like a full day to really go enjoy it. Worth the drive though.

Other Thoughts:

We played on the last day of the season. Beautiful late-fall weather and scenery and a really memorable and fun day of disc golf. Highly highly recommended if you can make the trip.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 6, 2021 Played the course:once


+ Championship caliber course, secluded deep in the woods of Northern Idaho. That alone should get the blood pumping.
+Paul, the owner/designer/grunt laborer seems like an awesome dude. It is definitely worth setting aside some time to chat with him after your round. His current project is working the next 18-hole course adjacent to Caliber, and it is fascinating hearing him talk about the plans and process.
+Tee times are required. Why is this a positive? Because tee times plus the secluded nature of the course will make you feel like you have the place to yourself.
+Good variety of holes. Some are grip-and-rip favoring the big arms, some are tight gaps favoring accuracy. Distances vary significantly also. To score well, you need to throw putters, mids, and drivers equally effectively and also be able to throw both BH and FH.
+Great use of elevation. Perhaps the best example of this is Hole 9, one of the Par 4s. Tee shot is straight uphill, fading left; second shot is back down the hill, also fading left. The hole shape is basically a horseshoe, with thick woods preventing you from cutting the corner. Oh, and the green? Death putt if you don't get your approach pin deep. This was one of many birdie-turned-bogey-three-putt holes for me on the round, largely because of the character on the greens.
+The Back 9 just might be the best nine hole stretch that I've personally played.
+The upkeep is very good, especially considering the sheer magnitude of fairway land that has to be maintained.


-While visually the course looks like it is in the woods, there are quite a few holes that don't *feel* that way. Exhibit A would be the angry sunburn that I got while playing, since many of the fairways are actually very wide and sun exposed. Not the experience I was expecting, especially since all the hiking we did nearby was much more heavily wooded. But perhaps the flipside of this, is that the deceptively open nature of the course allows the big arms to open up the throttle quite a bit.
-The course took a while to hit its stride for me. Hole 4 is great, but other than that the first 8-ish holes weren't particularly memorable. Still a great course, but the holes that really make me reminisce were all stacked in the Hole 9-18 homestretch.

Other Thoughts:

I realize that my 'Cons' may seem excessively nitpicky to some. But really, the difference between 4.5* (phenomenal) and 5.0* (best of the best) is an extremely thin and subjective line. Ultimately, you won't regret playing here.
Other points to consider:
*Lots of elevation change. Bring plenty of water, some snacks, and sunscreen. Plan for a longer than normal round given the physical requirements of walking the course.
*Pay to play. $15 and must call ahead for tee time.
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Caliber DGC 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 29, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


- 18 DISCatcher Pros with yellow bands that are well set. There's a mix of portable bases and permanent mounts. The perm mounts are a touch taller than average but certainly not "elevated".
- Turf tee pads on substantial crushed mix bases. These things are incredibly impressive. Not all the turf pieces are super long(some maybe only 7'?) but the grade between the turf and base mix is seamless. My backhand run ups are...longer than average and I didn't have any issues. The actual turf is great and felt super easy on my occasionally shoddy knees. Most holes have Pro and Am pads with maybe 3(?) that share the same tee. The pads are designed for high level Ams and Pros to have a similar feeling challenge on the same track rather than offering a different look or alternate tee box. After playing a round from the Longs and then another from the Shorts, this was well executed IMO.
- The terrain use is superb. Set on ~45ish acres of rolling hills and ridges, every hole has elevation change to manage. Many holes have multiple stages of elevation change. One of the most unique and varying set of 18 holes I've ever tackled from this perspective. If you love elevation change on the golf course this place will give you the feels.
- This course has been carved out of old growth trees, both deciduous and coniferous. While I'd consider this course "heavily wooded" it isn't akin to what I've found in parts of Wisconsin or the Carolinas. The fairways are fair while the rough remains fairly wild. Certainly no extremely tight wooded lines so, for some, it may seem different than the heavily wooded courses they play at home.
- The fairways, as mentioned are quite fair but rarely just straight forward. Each has some nuance to attacking it and all the multi-throw holes will reward certain landing areas to set up the next throw. A number of holes have multiple fairways to choose from which were done brilliantly.
- Speaking of the multi-throw holes, there are 4 on the front 9 and 4 on the back 9. They are excellent, true Par 4's and 5's, offering unique challenges from one another.
- Signage and navigational aids are great. The hand painted tee signs were meticulously designed having been plotted tree by tree. They offer very accurate hole depictions, often with key distance markers noted. Next hole signs throughout the course make getting from pin to next tee simple.
- Two water carry holes and they play quite differently from each other. The shorter downhill Par 3 island Hole 13 is followed by the spectacular Par 5 Hole 14. Only gripe is they're back to back but not much to be done about that. There was a canoe by the pond with a retriever stick. Not sure if it's available for general use or if they clear out the pond themselves.
- The little things are all done right. OB tether is well staked and defined, the drop zones have mini turf tees that are well built, the various fairway distance markers posted throughout, the all clear bell for the the blind hill on the Par 4 Hole, benches all over, etc. I'm probably forgetting some things but you get the idea. So much love, effort, and attention to detail at every level of this install.
- 2 top level blue Prodigy baskets in the front yard for warming up the putts. Also a well water spigot, it's delicious. Bathroom is available inside as well. Our group didn't use it but it's in a house so I imagine it's above average for DG course facilities.
- The Stiller family is a great team of operators. We met and interacted with all 4(dad, mom, both daughters) as well as both dogs and both cats. Such a welcoming group of people and animals that team up to offer their amazing "back yard" to traveling golfers. At $15 per round it felt like a great value.


- There are a few places where the next hole is a little close to the previous. Mesh safety barriers were strung for these. They're dark and forestry in color so don't detract a ton from ambiance. Hole 7 green to Hole 8 tee is probably the worst offender. I'm guessing this is mostly for event play as they limit traffic/tee times so we felt zero pressure during either of our two rounds on a gorgeous Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.
- It's a hikey course so if you're in poor shape or have physical limitations this could be a challenge. I'd just played all 36 Holes at Swards Ranch the day before so 36 at Caliber felt like a nice stretch of the legs. Unlike many mountain courses that will make you work, there's actually oxygen to breath at this elevation. So not a Con for me, but it will be for some. Players should certainly wear good boots/shoes and bring a snack.
- There is some decent ground coverage rough off of the fairways and a handful of blind throws so if you're throwing lost colored discs or just not paying attention the potential for lost discs is quite possible. Our group of four did a little spotting but nothing excessive.
- An access road and a power line break the natural beauty at a couple points.
- Turf drop zone for Hole 14 is a bit short considering you still have most of the 747' Par 5 left to play.
- $15 for a round. Great price in my experience but most frolfers are cheap af so...

Other Thoughts:

Just frickin wow. Caliber DGC is pretty well everything that gets my disc golf juices flowing. The exclusivity, elevation use, carved and manicured fairways, fun and unique greens, mental and physical challenges; amazing holes just keep coming at you one after another. Our group stood on countless tee boxes just soaking it in and admiring the gorgeous view down each fairway. The whole place is put together, from design to maintenance to infrastructure, in such a professional manner.

I found it interesting that different reviewers have mentioned the rough as both overly forgiving and rather unforgiving so I left this for "other thoughts". I found the rough to be right in the middle of those assessments - scrambling is generally possible, but you'll usually lose your chance to birdie the second you leave the fairway. On occasion I had nothing better than a short placement pitch out.

Best comparisons I can offer for feel, play, and challenge would be some mix of the Highbridge courses and the Upper Course at Bohart Ranch(may she Rest In Peace) although Caliber's elevation changes are far more substantial and constant. Not sure how else to describe my sentiments toward Caliber other than saying this course is amongst the few that when I walked off the last green, I just had THAT feeling. Construction on the second course is underway and we were fortunate enough to be toured through and play the first 8 holes, 4-5 of which are getting close to finished products. If my initial play through is any indication of the end result, it's going to be another absolute banger. I recommend that anyone with the ability to do so - come find out for yourselves what a treasure has been built in northern Idaho. I currently live about 6 hours away and will soon live about 8 hours away. No question in my mind that I'll be making that drive again and again so long as Caliber is operational.
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Tons of fun 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 14, 2021 Played the course:once


#1 - Paul
#2 - Professional in every way (Paul & the Course)
#3 - Turf tee-pads are professional done and easy on the knees.
#4 - Course Design is also professional in nature, and challenging for both pro's, and those who do not play this game for money.
#5 - Friendly fun family, and family owned and operated business.


No Pro-Shop to spend more money.

Other Thoughts:

Make the trip, you won't be disappointed.
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Idaho Gem 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 11, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


Excellent designed turf tee pads.
Hand-painted, to-scale & accurate tee signs.
Seating at each pad with enough space for the whole card with rock/boulder features here and there.
Progressive manicured 'fair'ways with smooth rolling hills of mowed grass & clover.
I can't stress enough how perfect the fairways are designed, rough is rough, but that's the point, stay on the fairways and you'll score well.
Great use of elevation requiring calculated intentional shots.
A good mix of par 3, 4 & 5's, the longer holes requiring skilled placement shots and attention to tee signs if you plan to score well.
Excellent job making every hole unique.
Picture perfect views and geography, feels like you were transported to Europe.. think Konopiste.
Greens are well manicured... true greens, no gimmicky little sucker trees growing within circle one.
Caliber is by far the best all around course I've played. Paul really created a gem here, course designers please take notes.

A big thanks to the entire Stiller family for creating and sharing this place, you guys are awesome humans!


Could use more wind chimes ;)
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Fish head
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World class course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 6, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


Every hole is picturesque and masterfully planned out. Words are almost impossible to describe this course. It's a must play and memorable experience type of thing!
Paul and his family are such wonderful people and their level of hospitality is unmatched!


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Intermediate/Expert 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 1, 2020 Played the course:once


- Course is set on a large piece of wooded, hilly private property, so there's no chance of interference with any non-disc golf activities.
- Makes great use of the constant elevation changes here, with very few flat holes to be found anywhere. While it might be classified as moderately hilly, when *every* hole is moderately hilly, it adds up quick.
- Fantastic mix of shorter, reachable par 3's with long, multi-shot Par 4's and 5's that require planned shot placement. The elevation is again used well to make sure there are long/short uphills and long/short downills.
- Some nice risky greens to ensure that the approach and putt take as much thought as the tee shot. Hole #11 is a 776' hole that ends with a raised basket on the fastest green on the course, if I remember correctly, great finish to the Par 5.
- Water comes into play on two holes; both shots have you throw over a small pond/marshed valley. #13 tests accuracy more than distance, while #14 tests distance control more than accuracy. #14 is great because you have to throw far enough to clear the water, but not too straight and far or you miss the bend in the fairway.
- A few longer holes give you the option of going left or right of some forested patches in the fairway; always love to see that in non-wooded courses to allow for some decision making.
- The extra 1,000' added from the long pads is no joke - both long and short holes become much more difficult, not just because of length, but also because of additional gaps and elevation.
- Top-notch tee signs and tee pads. These were obviously built to last, with every hole having perfectly level and groomed teepads sitting atop a mound of compacted gravel.


- The location of the course, among towering pines, means there aren't many "wooded" holes with tight fairways carved out of smaller trees. This is more of a personal preference, almost even an aesthetic gripe, then a design issue.
- The terrain here is also very forgiving for errant shots. The rough on the sides of many fairways don't punish mistakes the same as wooded courses. Even on a few shanks, I wasn't punished and had a great look to save par.

Other Thoughts:

- I stumbled upon this course by sheer luck, two nights before when looking at the Farragut courses for the 10th time on the DGCR map browser. Boy, am I glad I did. I was stoked to be able to play the course on such short notice! The highlight of a 10-day, 26-course road trip.
- This is the first review I've written in 6 years, but I promised I would! This course is easily in my personal top 20 for both challenge and enjoyment, a solid 4.5 worth going out of the way for.
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Johnny Mogul
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Dream Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 10, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


Amazingly designed course. Mix of 3,4,and 5's. Rolling hills, elevation change, trees, and overall well manicured. Pros and Am pads that are so well put together and thoughtfully built. Can't say enough about Paul and his dream course. Lucky enough to live 15 minutes away. Well done paul !
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A true Gem 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 5, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


The detail that went into, not only the design of the holes, but the overall experience of the round simply cannot be understated.
From the moment you drive into the property you are greeted with a view of Hole 2s immaculate teeing area (and i call it an area on purpose, these are not just tee pads)...its at this moment you realize two things...holy cow thats the nicest tee pad ive ever seen, and two, thats one heck of a hole.
When you reach the parking lot, park and meet Paul, you will instantly be pulled into the majesty of the property. Hole 18 staring you in the face as you pay your greens fee, hole ones chains rattling as the first group of the day putts out. The entire place a buzz with players excited to tackle a hole that ate thier lunch the day before. And all this before you make your way to the practice green......
Sounds to good huh?
Well no joke, this place truly lives up to the hype.
I remember the first time i was invited to come out and see the property and play a round. I was told, " man you got to see Pauls course he's building, its Amazing!" and i replied, "Oh yah for sure! cant wait!" thinking the entire drive up about the previous private courses ive played...full of charm and the property owners unique vision, but more often then not, putting on old retired baskets, chomping thru some thick under brush, throwing off of dirt tee pads... And I love those courses! But what Paul created is something entirely different.
As i Played hole 1...2...3...4..i felt like i was transported to some European course id only seen on videos....rolling fairways full of poplar and aspens...i looked over at my playing partner and asked, "is this like the best course in the world?" Awe struck and feeling the same as me he only nodded his head. "I think it might be."
That was three years ago, and today it is only better:

Amazing tee pads
Well groomed and cared for Fairways
A thoughtful and enjoyable design with hole concepts id never seen
FUN! (its such a fun course!)
And the real icing on the cake, an Amazing owner who is 100 percent dedicated to improving and maintaining the land.


None, i gave it a 5 because i truly believe its perfect

Other Thoughts:

Just a huge Thank you to Paul and the Entire Stiller family for creating this place....i plan to enjoy it for years to come!
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A world class gem hidden in the North Idaho panhandle 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 11, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


This course is simply one of, if not the most, amazing course I have ever played. Probably gave that award to Milo in the past, but this place is literally standing toe to toe with it. Because of the large amount of land and Paul's ability to design fairways via excavator, he has created a truly extraordinary course up there. No overlapping fairways or even much chance of an errant throw landing on a different fairway. Fairways are fair, rough can be punishing if you shank your shot or ricochet off a tree. There are lots of rolling hills, uphill shots and downhill bombers, every arm will be challenged and you better hope you have your head in the game and your body responds in kind! There are new Discmania turf teepads on the course now which are are pleasure to be able to throw off of. Almost all of the holes, save a few, have two tee placements: "Advanced Ams" and "Pros".


As the "Advanced Ams" tee says, this is not a course for novice players. It will stretch you to the limit and then some. It is also VERY physical so bring lots of fluids, a powerbar, good disc golf shoes, and prepare for a beast of a course.

That said, none of those things are cons. Can't really think of any to be honest!

Other Thoughts:

This is a destination course that any lover of disc golf should have on their bucket list. You must see it to believe it!
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Lurp Nuts
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If this course doesn’t deserve 5 stars, I don’t know what does. 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 1, 2020 Played the course:2-4 times


I don't know what you can really say, it's just perfect. Everything is obsessively well thought out and executed - tees, signs, fairways, greens, you name it. This is the benchmark.


It's too far away from where I live.
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Such a great course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 11, 2020 Played the course:once


- Great tee boxes
- To scale and very informative tee signs
- Well laid out holes. Lots of variation, no "filler" holes, a lot of holes have multiple options.
- Isn't a backhand only course, but there also aren't holes that are forehand only.
- Lots of the holes have several options to get to the pin. A good test of your mental game/decision making.
- The owner, Paul, is super friendly and nice.
- Can't say enough good things about this course. It was overall just a ton of fun.


- The short tees are considered "advanced amateur" and the pro tees are definitely intended for pro level players. Not really a con, but this course would not be very fun for a beginner.

Other Thoughts:

Overall, just a really great course that was put together with a ton of care. I got to play a round with the owner while I was there and he had put so much thought into making it a great course for everyone. This would be a great course without the teepads and tee signs, but those things are the cherry on top of the cake. The course is challenging, but all gives you all the tools to attack it at your highest level.
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I guess 5’s exist 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 21, 2020 Played the course:once


I could give a big long list of how amazing this course is but I think the fact I logged in for the first time since 2009 just to review a course speaks for itself.

Challenges your shot selection and requires course management skills to putt a good round together. Natural rough that punishes shots accordingly. Lack of gimmicky hole or holes.

Other Thoughts:

This is a clear top 3 all time for me and possibly the best.
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Pipe Dream 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 31, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


The desgin of this course utilizes all the asepct of the property very well.

Paul did a good job bringing the old school ball golf design to work for disc golf. Using elevation and exact angles all while incorporating the natural elements into play; prodominate wind direction, sun light, visual miscues.

The construction of this couse is top notch. Every attention to detail was accouted for; gravel pack around teepad, tuff pad constution, landing zones, saftey mitigation. neighoboring land condiseration


Caliber is a championship level course and is intended to be a place to test your ability, both physically and mentally. This is only a con if you are not at the level of skill needed to make it through this course while being able to enjoy all the challenges that come along with it.

This same notion gives private courses their place as they can cater to a higher skill level while leaving to local municipalities to provide courses designed to be inclusive. It is thought that lower skill level course design impacts a larger user base. (research pending)

Other Thoughts:

This is a destination course.
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Shot Review From a RHBH 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 23, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


Hole 1: AMs- Left to right turning downhill. Right side plays as a bunker in the blue spruce. There is a keyhole shot if you dear.
Pros- Plays the same shot shape with the vertical line tightened and the gap narrowed.

Hole 2: AMs- Long straight slightly uphill for the first 400 feet, make the road for better footing, play the open pipeline for an open up, or bail out left and play the long straight tunnel to the basket that is placed on a 30' diameter grass pad scratched out of the hill side.
Pros- Stretches the hole out and makes the first shot play more uphill with a demanding nose angle to maintain center cut and not end in the rough. Avoid rough if you don't like starting a round with a bogey.

Hole 3: AMs- Straight with a some distance/height control as the green slopes left to right punishing a high fading RHBH.
Pros- Stretches the hole a touch and removes the error term on the distance/height control.

Hole 4: AMs- Pick left side or right side fairway for a your placement shot, look at the ski hill and enjoy the beautiful forest. From there, downhill tunnel shots abound, play what feels comfortable, all feed towards a sloping green with a catch at circle 2 (Thanks Paul, so tired of three putting from roll aways)
Pros-Stretches the hole and requires serious height management of the tee if you don't want to worm burn the AM pad and advance a total of 60 feet.

Hole 5: AMs- Uphill with a few fair gaps to pick from guarding the basket on a nice grassy green. If you hit the rough you missed your line. Neighbors along right side, please be respectful. (silver bar, thanks Paul)
Pros- Same shot, 10% more power required.

Hole 6: AMs- Long straight semi-tunneled placement shot. Setting up for another placement the plays left to right downhill to a flat clover terrace with a good attack angle to the basket from there. The green slopes fast and quick past the basket so be confident or layup. Neighbors along right side, please be respectful.
Pros-Stretches the line out by a good factor and makes missing the line to find yourself playing scramble golf only after shot one of a par five a very possible occurrence. Play smart from the start and get rewarded, play aggressive and there are thousands of ways this hole could go wrong. (my favorite hole here)

Hole 7: AMs- Lots of downhill here, shot tricks you into thinking you need to play a hyzer, but easy to catch early and be in the rough. Play the shot to straight and smack the middle cluster of trees, turn it over too much and be pushing OB rough, to be honest I have not figured out this hole yet. Sliding hyzer with a mid has been my best result.
Pros- Same shot, 25% more touch required to execute.

Hole 8: AMs-Sorry, Paul, this is a filler hole. Tight out the gate with a left to right inverse j-hook, miss the gap and chip up to an elevated pin for a tap out par and move on.
Pros- No pro line, or Uline, RIP.

Hole 9: AMs-Shot plays up hill, with good nose control you should make your placement shot, shot 2 is then making a play for the bottom of the hill/green to avoid a death putt for birdie on the sloping downhill green. Play long and putt uphill, or play short and layup.
Pros- No pro pad, par is good here.

Hole 10: AMs- Uphill mid pump, or fairway 60%, over a granite boulder that takes away the easy release angle, if you beat the first gap and don't glance off the last set of blockers, you will be in easy birdie land on a nice flat terraced and chipped green.
Pros- No pro line, don't miss this birdie or you will be missing out.

Hole 11: AMs- Paul's signature hole. This is a double-double option. It's a double figure eight that plays left or right sloping down hill to your choice of landing zones, then chose left or right secondary fairway to a 180 foot ridge line straight shot to a sloping away green with an elevated basket. Par 5, birdies feel great, eagles are special.
Pros- This is still in the works, but will challenge the best of throwers to make the demanding landing zones when it is completed (Thanks Jill for this pad placement)

Hole 12: AMs- This is a great downhill tunnel with a ceiling. Requires touch to not blow past the elevated basket, don't lose control and miss the line here, because your card mates will be getting birdies and you just missed out.
Pros- Increased downhill nose angle and reduced ceiling. Hit the green and the clover will catch it, you want to get this hole, but a par is still a par.

Hole 13: AMs- Tight downhill straight gap through the cedar tress with a pond carry onto an OB style island green.
Pros- Typical Paul pro pad that takes away all the error term the line provides. Get a birdie here and score.

Hole 14: AMs- Challenging long straight carry over the corner of a pond to a landing zone that then plays a straight bob and weave style fairway slight uphill to a tucked away green, playing right to left towards the end. Par five feels great here.
Pros- Stretches out the shot and adds just enough elevation that any error in the nose angle will be punished. New mando will keep people from cheating the hole up and over to moose meadows for a sky roller over the 25foot pine bank for a creamy eagle. (sorry Paul, but that's what mandos are for, you figured it out bud)

Hole 15: AMs- Tight gap vertical and horizontal with the basket attackable, but watch out for a bad tree kick into the rough. You want to get this hole, but rarely feel like you do..
Pros- No pro pad, stop and hit the cooler as this is the closest you will be to the parking lot until 18.

Hole 16: AMs- Downhill touch, basket is straight, but you will need some sort of flexing shape to be able to attack the basket without ending up downhill and chilling in the ice house.
Pros- Makes the nose angle the key factor for continued progress down the fairway. Miss the angle and end up in the rough, there was a great thimbleberry patch to help fight hunger while you looked endlessly for your disc, but an angry string trimmer went bonkers. Give and take I presume.

Hole 17: AMs- Plays a lot like hole 9 without the punishing downhill at the end. Control your nose and wing angle and you will be in the landing zone looking at an easy approach to a rocky green. Save your soft plastics for the grass and clover.
Pros-Pulls the line back and tightens up the height control needed to get to the landing zone.

Hole 18: AMs- Last chance to play aggressive and take the win. Long straight tunnel gap the plays to a sloping green. Shot one is a placement and shot two is all about speed control as the hole continues to play downhill for the entirety.
Pros-Stretches the hole out and makes any nose up hyzer stall out into the rough, get a birdie from here and you took the lead by one.


Mother Load is still unfinished.

Other Thoughts:

If you travel and play any course west of the Mississippi, do yourself a favor, and play this one.
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If You Survive, Caliber Is The Top Destination Course In Idaho! 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 23, 2020 Played the course:once


Owner Paul is an evil genius only not really evil, you know? He might have hidden sadistic tendencies, too. To carve out this exquisite course on his rugged 68 acres of northern Idaho mountain has been a labor of love and he is now tackling another course, every bit as challenging, second 18. I was fortunate enough to pick his brain while playing a round and well after that. He calls himself a jack of all trades but he is more a master of many. His knowledge/skill of engineering, forest management, heavy equipment operation, botany, golf course design, logging, art design and construction is most impressive. After years spent playing ball golf he incorporates so much of that mental side of both playing and designing courses.

The price to play is $10 per round and punch/family passes are available.

So you take this incredible piece of wooded, mountainous property and add Paul with his knowledge and drive. Throw in a most understanding wife and involved family and you have this challenging championship course. The course information sheet mentions that this will be a 2 1/2 hour affair but it is easily one of the most physically demanding courses anywhere. It's not an extreme course but just 18 holes of up and down and over the mountainous terrain and that's only if you're able to stay on the fairways. The humanitarian Paul brought out a golf cart up to assist me through the final couple of holes.

Everything about out this course has been so well thought out. There are currently two set of tees, the Pro and the high Am's. Easier Am tees are in the works. The tee pads are incredibly level carpet surrounding by a gravel base. His story of tee building could be made into an instruction manual. The hand painted wooden tee signs are a story in themselves. First, everything on the maps is proportionately placed. If it's 150' from the trees on the corner to the basket and the opening is 80' wide, that is accurately noted. The signs also just slip off the poles for removal during stormy or winter conditions. Caliber is shut down for the snow season as the family will then be found on the slopes of nearby Schweitzer Mountains.

There are benches on every hole. They are very practical but the story about them could be another chapter in his disc golf instruction manual. The baskets are Discatchers with the small number.

Caliber (even the name could fill another chapter) plays 7000-8800' and the same amount of thought has gone into the design of each hole. A couple of great multiple fairways. None are flat. None are what that they first appear to be. From the Pro tees, there are five fours and three legitimate par fives. IMO, the signature hole is the 700' # 6 with it's beautiful tiered fairway which slopes downward the entire distance . Honorable mention goes to # 13 which is a fairly tame, but so very interesting, 276' shot over a pond. But it's more complex than I can here describe.


Since the course almost killed me and Paul had to rescue me with the cart, I have to list the course's intense elevation as a con. It's not just a 2 1/2 hour round but a 2 1/2 hour workout, as well.

The DGCR sheet states the course is a championship round from the Pro tees and a very playable round for amateurs and beginners. I'm not really sure about that. I see it being Intermediate/advanced level from current High Am tees. Perhaps, when the Low Am Am tees are put in, I might be able to then call it suitable for beginners and old men.

It's a ways up here to Sandpoint but that's why it can be called a destination course.

Other Thoughts:

To fully describe the whole Caliber experience, you would need one of those late night television pitchmen, the ones usually hawking Ginja knives, boner pills or hemorrhoid relief. The guy who spend 30 minutes straight in a rapid fire delivery extolling the virtues of whatever product he is selling. And always at the end, they offer you two of their products for the low, low price of one plus free shipping if you order in the next 45 seconds. Paul needs to hurry up and finish the second course so his hired pitchman could then offer two courses for the same low, low price. Also because it would take the rapid fire pitchmen delivery thirty minutes to fully describe the Caliber experience.

If you consider yourself a serious disc golfer, you need to experience Caliber.
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