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Red Oak, TX

Cherry Creek

2.635(based on 8 reviews)
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Cherry Creek reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
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Experience: 34.1 years 278 played 37 reviews
2.00 star(s)

Quiet Meadow Course Marred by Quite Weathered Tees

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 2, 2022 Played the course:2-4 times


Short course plays across secluded meadow in quiet nature preserve.
+ good signage includes course map near parking lot
+ alternate tees on 8 of 9 holes (a few of which force alternate shots)
+ easily negotiable layout
+ two practice baskets (spaced far enough apart to practice approach shots)


Holes are rather simplistic, and tee pads are no longer safe.
- worn, packed dirt tees covered by rubber mats are dangerously uneven
- majority of holes are open with few obstacles
- poison ivy prevalent in patches of tall grasses and around edges of course

Other Thoughts:

Past a quaint brick entryway with an iron gate at the end of a neighborhood street lies a small nature preserve where this course occupies most of the available land for a short nine hole layout across open fields. Trees border the course on all sides and dot the middle of the meadow but only occasionally come into play. The course is level except for a raised mound on #6's green. Water hazards are a minor concern in the wooded creek beyond baskets #2-3 but do pose a potential risk near the green on #6 in the hidden pond guarded by trees. The course features several benches, and a covered pavilion near the gravel parking lot is the only other park amenity.

Cherry Creek Nature Preserve provides a welcoming setting to introduce players to disc golf on this recreational level course. Wide fairways lead to approachable greens with few obstacles to distract or intimidate. Holes play across tall grasses in a modest, rectangular field well suited to hold the course without feeling cramped or crowded. This course shies away from play through the bordering woods and uses trees sparingly in its design. Play obviously focuses on open shots favorable to beginners, making this course less preferable or challenging for more advanced players. Its secluded location offers a pleasant retreat for a quiet round or two of golf.

Unfortunately, many of the packed dirt tee boxes have been weathered by rain, creating rivulets and cracks beneath the rubber mats; as such they are no longer level or safe. The unspoiled aesthetics of the nature preserve lend a simple beauty to the course, though no part of the course (which is almost entirely visible from the parking lot) stands out as particularly memorable or scenic. My favorite hole is #4 since it creates an immediate challenge off the tee with its narrow, tree-filled fairway - an anomaly on this otherwise open course.

Improved tee boxes featuring rubber mats staked atop packed dirt and rocks was a 2018 Eagle Scout service project by Mark Morales of Troop 524. The course and park are temporarily closed until October 2022 due to utility construction involving the area covering holes #1-4.

Course circumnavigates a meadow bordered by trees, zig zagging counter-clockwise around a line of trees at its center. A creek within woods on the west side barely comes into play if early greens are overthrown. Holes #1-3 lead away from the parking lot and use trees behind greens as backstops. Hole #4 plays along rear boundary of park and makes good use of trees in fairway as obstacles. Hole #5 throws inward to the treed center of the meadow while hole #6 throws back out to the park boundary. (Note that a small, tree-ringed pond lies close by on left of #6's green). Hole #7 plays parallel to trees bordering east side of park. Hole #8 crosses the meadow back towards the parking lot, and final hole #9 reaches into the corner of the park past a few trees near the pavilion.
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Par Hunter
Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 3 years 24 played 15 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Just fine for a 9 hole course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 21, 2021 Played the course:5+ times


Course is LHBH and RHFH friendly, if that suits you.
2 gives you a chance at a birdie or ace, depending on your skill level.
There are enough obstacles to keep it interesting.
Hole 8 gives the opportunity for grip and rip.
There are 2 tee pads for each hole, although only a beginner would probably need them.
It gives another option for people in Ellis County besides Waxahachie and Ennis.
2 practice baskets are at perfect spacing to practice approach shots.


No water.
It seems they could have made more holes with the land that is available. 8 Is fun but it uses a ton of space.
Tee pads are uneven. I twisted an ankle on one that was shifted and the ground had a large crack in it. For a third of the course a run up is inadvisable for this reason.
Mowing is infrequent. Last year the course was unplayable except for 1, 2, and 9 for at least 3 months. It doesn't seem to bear any relation to the rain, just whenever the city gets around to it.
Poison oak and ivy thrives here. My son threw a frisbee in the trees at hole 1 and in looking for it the next week I got broken out badly enough to require a doctor visit.
It could be frustrating for long throwers as there is only the one long hole.

Other Thoughts:

It is a good course to practice on. I dont know that a lot of people are excited to play here.
This seems to be a kid friendly course as it has the shorter tees and distance.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 39.7 years 327 played 252 reviews
2.00 star(s)

Cherry Creek 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 14, 2018 Played the course:once


-- Map of the course by the parking lot.
-- Tee signs (at the long tees) are good.
-- Trash cans
-- Baskets are numbered
-- Navigation is easy. No. 1 tee is right of the parking lot as you pull in. A mowed path takes you hole to hole, except for No. 9, which is perpendicular to No. 1. From the No. 8 basket, come toward the parking lot and you'll be in the No. 9 fairway.
-- Two practices baskets, about 100 fee apart. I would prefer them closer together (40-50 feet) to practice putting back and forth, but two practice baskets is a good thing.
-- There is reasonable shade, although in the heat of a Texas summer, there is never enough shade.


-- No restrooms or water
-- Tee areas are natural and not well defined. The short tees are a mowed circle or semicircle just off the mowed path.
-- Almost no elevation change.
-- No benches or places to sit.
-- The No. 8 tee sign is facing the wrong direction, but given the mowed path, that isn't a big deal.

Other Thoughts:

-- This is a fairly straightforward course. An intermediate player from the short tees has a chance to birdie just about every hole and should expect to shoot under par. The long tees mostly just add 40-50 feet, although there is the occasional added obstacle. And the No. 8 long tee is much longer than the short tee. I would not go out of my way to play this course again, but if I lived nearby, it probably would be worth the occasional visit to get in a quick round.
-- No. 2 is the only hole without two tees, and it is the shortest hole on the course.
-- There is evidence of concrete tees being installed, but in one case, what appeared to be the frame for a tee box was nowhere near any current tee pad.
-- Getting to the course was not easy. If you are going east on Daubitz Drive, you'll make a right on Live Oak. However, that looks so much like a driveway for the ball field there that you are tempted to go past it.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
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Experience: 10.4 years 663 played 643 reviews
2.00 star(s)

2 Practice Baskets, 9 Holes 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 6, 2018 Played the course:once


(1.851 Rating) A simplistic city park nine hole course.
- BEGINNER FRIENDLY - Cherry Creek is the perfect little course to bring a new player too. The course in general, is forgiving. There is no water, the lanes are wide and the overgrowth is manageable being present on just a few fringe fairways. A good choice to bring the whole family to.
- CHAINS - Adequate MachVs that are in great condition. The plate sign number on top is present too.
- SIGNAGE - For a nine holer, I thought the tee signs were good. A two colors scheme designed effectively. They show obstacles, distance, par and have a large hole number so that they can be spotted from a good distance. The only omission on the tee sign is next tee direction and the signage design fails to show the correct location of the main obstacle trees in many instances. A really nice course map as well. Its accurately scaled and has a north arrow. Taking a picture will clear up any confusion on this layout.
- NAVIGATION - Easy breezy due the signage pro listed above. Players with a disc golf cart will have no problems.
- QUICK PLAY - This one took me 25 minutes solo first time thru. Figure a group of 4 should be done in 45 minutes.
- MULTI TEES - Although not the easiest to spot, (see cons, Tees) there are two defined sets of tees out here. The short tees are aligned to novice level and the long tees are recreational level.


No glaring issues with Cherry creek but this course will struggle to find a large following in its averageness.
- LACK OF CHALLENGE - Other than drawing a windy day like I did, shooting low here for even intermediate level players will occur routinely from the back tees. I figure a 900 rated player will average 2 to 3 down from the back tees. Advanced players will likely throw 9 down every once in a while. Precision is not really a requirement except on maybe hole (4).
- POISON IVY - The ivy was absolutely getting ready to explode everywhere off fairway. The is not that uncommon in the spring in East Texas but the density of this plant here seems excessive compared to other city parks in the region.
- TEES - The tees are natural and fairly hard to spot in a few instances. Only the back tees have signage. Most of the tees are slightly raised from the surroundings, but by no more than 2 or 3 inches. I think there may have been some mulch thrown in them at one point but dirt is now the most prevalent element upon a closer look.
- CHARACTER - Below average. As stated, nice looking signage, adequate baskets and poor tees. No alternate basket locations, no seating and limited shade at the tees as well. There's a shelter with tagging graffiti in the park but oddly not one picnic table underneath. There are also two practice baskets which is the first time I saw this at a nine hole course. I would surmise that a local must have installed one here on their own agenda as they don't match.
- ELEVATION - Extremely flat. Maybe one or two holes vary by 5 feet.
- UNIQUENESS - In addition to absent elevation, the holes themselves are generally all non-descript city park shots. Mostly open or lightly wooded with a limited amount of technique and precision required. No water in play and no doglegs. No par 5s or even par 4s and the longest hole is only about 400 feet.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - Meh. A lightly wooded park without any signature looks or exotic features. I scored the course a 2 out 5.
- PARKING - A really bad pitted lot comprised of gravel.

Other Thoughts:

Not every course needs to be an exotic gem right? Sometimes as a player, all I want is a utility course to relax at and practice my game. Cherry Creek meets this need and it will be serviceable for those nearby. In addition to the utility for nearby players, this course is also great for beginners. It offers just the right amount of challenge for newer players and it's very forgiving.
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Pizza God
Diamond level trusted reviewer
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Experience: 36.2 years 1756 played 602 reviews
2.50 star(s)

meh... 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 9, 2017 Played the course:once


Dedicated parking lot
Course map by the parking lot, although it is facing backwards.
Decent flow, easy to follow.
Does use the brush, trees about as good as can be expected
Nice Tee signs with hole distance.


Horrible horrible tee areas.
T signs maps are not very good.

Other Thoughts:

Nice little 9 hole course in a small town of 12K.

The property is not perfect for a course, but a resonable course was laid out with long and short tee's for 8 of the holes. (#2 only has one tee)

#1 tees off from a small hill on the west side of the parking lot. Nice framed throw to a basket down behind a very large tree. Slightly right to left.

#2 is the shortest hole, nice ace run, but you don't want to overthrow this hole as the hole is on the edge of the rough.

#3 nice left to right shot with some decent distance. DON'T be right or your in major dodo.

#4 tightest hole on the course, slight left to right shot.

#5 Big right to left shot around a set of trees, come in too hard to the left is trouble.

#6 Nice under 300ft hole with rough/pond when wet on the left, slightly elevated and rough/ob behind the basket.

#7 biggest left to right shot, tree in front of the basket will grab your discs. You don't want to go far right or your in major trouble.

#8 longest hole on the course with a tree/rough on the right side of the fairway and some tree/rough behind and to the left of the basket.

#9 finish off with a big right to left shot with the basket set between some large trees.

They have a few practice baskets around a small pavilion too.

I think my only complaint is that it is a long walk from #9 basket to #1 tee. As long as you stay in the open areas, this course is rather easy.

I did play all the short tee's, most were ace run holes and really not worth playing.

Would I play this course again?

Well, it is not a destination course, it is not a difficult course. If I lived nearby I would probably play it some. It would be a good course to bring out someone new to disc golf. So no, I will probably never play this course again.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 17.1 years 388 played 318 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Nice park, decent course, bad tees 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 11, 2017 Played the course:once


-new Mach V baskets
-detailed signs
-3 practice baskets next to the parking lot (Mach 2s)
-long and short tees
-many large evergreens in play on all holes
-2 minor instances of some elevation used well
-counterclockwise loop, easy to follow
-adequate parking for a small town 9 hole but the lot is not large


-the elevated dirt tees are a cruel joke, natural pads would have been immensely better
-some of the tee sign maps are misleading
-a few holes could be improved by moving the basket a bit (especially hole 7)
-short pads are really short and seem like an afterthought

Other Thoughts:

The park here at Cherry Creek is pretty good for a course. The park is bordered by thick lines of evergreens that are very rough if you get in them. The interior of the park is dotted with many more mature evergreens and they come in play on all the holes.

The first was my favorite and probably the best hole. The tee is next to the parking lot and throws slightly downhill into wide gap with a line of trees on the left, separating this fairway from hole 8. The basket is tucked behind a tree that sticks out from the tree line. Straight down the middle with a slight hyzer finish to get parked, simple but fun. The tee sign map is a bit misleading though. It almost makes it look like it will be a dogleg right. There are a few other signs like this but Hole 1 is the trickiest since the basket is hidden from the tee.

Other than that, the signs are excellent and the Mach V baskets are in great condition. The grass was mowed the day I played and there were narrow strips of shorter fairway and paths between holes. It was really easy to navigate.

There are some other fun holes but most are very simple, with mostly short distances and usually only 1 or 2 trees to beat. I liked Hole 6 whose green is slightly elevated on a natural circle green surrounded by trees on 2 sides.

Now, the trouble spots. By far the biggest issue is the awful, wretched, downright evil dirt tee pads. Dirt was brought in and so they are elevated above the ground. They look like someones idea of what concrete pads look like but made out of dirt. They may have been even at one time but they are far from it now and the course is only months old. I took one look and just played every hole from off the side. Natural grass pads would be infinitely better and hopefully that becomes reality soon.

Not every hole can be a thriller and holes 2,3, & 8 sure seem like filler. Not sure if there are any better holes in that space, maybe plant a few trees. Hole 7, however, could be easily improved now by just moving the basket out from around that tree a bit. You should be able to attack the green on a 330' tee shot, the basket is just too close to the tree on the backside.

Overall, a pretty decent course with a few problems but some more potential. Hard to justify the drive from the city for just 9 holes but play it before or after The Jaranator, which is just up the road a bit and also the best course in DFW!

**Like this review? Hate it? Message me and let me know why! I want to make them better!**
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 21.1 years 171 played 69 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Getting better and better 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 9, 2017 Played the course:once


Long and short tees, mix of forehand and backhand needed.
Great signage for each hole.
Trash bins every couple holes.
Great loop layout, easy to follow.
Great use of the area, with a small pavilion.
Great use of rough, if you miss it will make you pay, which I like.


All cons will be a dressed in due time i'm sure?
Needs dual concrete teepads.
I played on a day that the course needed to be mowed or trimmed up.
Paved or black top parking area would be nice, rock parking area for now.

Other Thoughts:

ALOT OF POTENTIALLY! I can see this being a great course the more it is used. Once more people play the course the better it will be.
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Experience: 7.4 years 14 played 2 reviews
4.00 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 5, 2017 Played the course:once


-Long and short tees make it easy to play a full 18 without getting bored.
-Good mix of backhand and flick holes and distances.
-Was mowed when I went out there.
-Really easy flow for quick play.
-Fun for beginners, could be a slight challenge for advanced players.
-Good use of the trees and landscape that are out there.
-Dries really well after rain.


-Dirt tee pads.
-Some areas need clearing.
-Signage isn't up yet, but I hear it's coming soon.
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