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Brentwood, TN

Crockett Park

3.585(based on 55 reviews)
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Crockett Park reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 5.7 years 321 played 314 reviews
3.00 star(s)

A Slough of a 3.5, or a Gem of a 3.0 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 7, 2020 Played the course:once


A reasonably diverse, reasonably long course with no glaring holes.

-Amenities: Two sets of tees have undesirable carpet pads, okay baskets, pretty good signage for both tees, copious benches.

-Variety: Crockett has a good variety of different terrains it plays through. There are wide open hills, meadows with stands of trees, and tight woods, all with pretty consistent elevation change.

-Shot Shaping/Gameplay: There is a mixture of dull, decent, and very good holes out here. A few par-4s in play, with (4) and (17) being some of my favorite holes due to the secluded greens. Several holes have dangerous baskets. (1)-(3), (9), (11), and (13)-(14) are basically open; (6)-(8) are short and heavily wooded; and the remaining holes are generally open but either play in to, out of, or over woods. Elevation is substantial on a couple and noticeable on virtually every hole.

-Multi Tees/Pins: Good use of alternate tees and positions.

-Scary Holes: (12) throwing straight over a cluster of trees and (16) and (18) launching straight downhill through early tunnels are challenging and thrilling holes.


Some meh design and some undesirable transitions.

-Blandness: A lot of holes out here are pretty bland, especially the fields holes. The challenges utilized tend to only affect part of the hole, leaving substantial room for error on the rest of the hole. I wasn't thrilled at most of the tee pads.

-Navigation: Not always easy. Long transitions from (5)-(6) and (8)-(9), a confusing abundance of tees and baskets between (10)-(11), and not enough guidance for (14)-(15) and (16)-(17).

-Where to Throw: Sometimes the wrong basket is visible, and sometimes no basket is visible. Combined with the navigation, this makes it frustrating to play. One of the longer playthroughs of a clean city course I've done.

-Traffic: The Saturday I played the park was packed with both golfers and walkers on the adjacent paths, which are not out of danger.

Other Thoughts:

Crockett wasn't my favorite round due to navigation woes and large crowds. It just isn't fun to trudge searching for the next tee and arrive only to discover there are exactly three obstacles. In my original review I gave it the benefit of the doubt for a 3.5, but having played a couple hundred courses since then, I think it fits at the top end of 3.0 a little better. There are some really cool holes, but too much blandness to be a regional destination.
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3.50 star(s)

Ever Improving 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 28, 2020 Played the course:once


Crockett Park is a multi use park with nice playing fields , an upscale playground , indoor facilities , rubber paths for the kids , and a 18 hole disc golf course . The lot is large and right next to a kiosk with map and hole #1 .The parking lot seems to be the hangout for the locals , because everyone is talking before coming on or leaving the course . I did not see bathrooms close by , but this park has to have them somewhere .
The Equipment : There are 2 large tee pads per hole and multiple pin placements . The baskets are Chainstars with numbers . The signage is old but readable . There were cement tee pads on the holes except for maybe 13 and 14 , which were were wood framed and waiting for the concrete to be poured . Some next tee signs and paths help with navigation issues .
The Landscape The course was mowed and trees trimmed when I was here . After the first couple of holes , the rest of the course starts to roll There are a couple of woods holes 6-8 , That add variety to the course . Most of the rest are park style and more open . There was good use of the land by the course designers ( Ron Pittman and Don Blankenship ) .
The Highlights : Nice variety of shots are thrown at you here , even in the open holes . #'s 3 and 5 , one slightly uphill and one slightly downhill , are open shorter drives to a basket encircled by large bushes . There is really one slight avenue on the side or back for someone to have a legitimate putt for a deuce . #4 ( 476' ) wraps around a large extended tree , uphill , to a basket that was placed in the woods well behind it . #6 was a nice tunnel shot in the woods . #10 was a downhill drive along the tree and brushline on your left , to the basket hidden in that treeline at the bottom about 50' in . #11 is a short left to right to a blind basket either in a narrow passage to the right , or on a small hill . The #13 hole was uphill to an elevated basket on some wood steps or pallets . #14 starts as a tunnel shot and runs down a long sloping hill with a small gully on the right . #15 is a nice 320' drive to a basket protected by small trees in front , creating a jail scene with just small openings . #18 is a good finishing hole , kind of snaking downhill through right and left sided brushlines , to an open fairway and basket , which is level , but drops off immediately after the basket . Miss your approach or putt , and you are 25' + downhill .
Time : It took me a little over an hour to play , but I spent part of it under a tree while a hard rain ( at hole 15 ) came down for my last 4 holes . A group of 4 on a dry course will take around 2 hours 15 minutes .
The locals are nice here , which is a good thing , because this course is popular . There were many groups playing and even about 12 + in the parking lot just talking about where they played and what they were up to .


Navigation : You better have a map here , because There are spots where you aren't positive you are , or need to be . Coming out of the woods on 8 , You will see the #10 tee and go right for it , not knowing that the #9 tee is on your immediate right and throws on a level fairway to the basket before going to the uphill #10 . #10 basket to #11 tee across the long open area can be a tough find . A next tee sign to #14 might help . Knowing where the parking lot from 18 , and the really long walk to it can be hard , too . It is the path to your left of the basket .
Safety : not a big issue , since walking paths are taken out of the equation . Rare park strays walk along the course , but some of the blind baskets can cause someone who is looking for their disc in the rough to be hit by your drive . The course is going to have players on it , especially during peak hours ,. be careful .
The Rough : The rough is bad on several spots . Chucking a drive to the left on #10 , or high growth on the right of 13 or left on 16 might be a souvenir for someone later on . I used my brighter color discs on these .
Amenities/time : There are no extras to talk about here . I saw no bathroom facilities , no shelters along the way , and no trash cans to speak of . Carry out what you carry in . Be prepared to spend some time on your round if you come during the weekend or on weekday evenings . The locals seem to love playing here .
The course holds water , and can be bad in the back . my shoes were soaked and almost fell going down the hill on 18 .
Wind can definitely be a factor in the very front of this course and the back 9 .

Other Thoughts:

Crockett Park has apparently made some great strides during it's tenure here ( 2005 ) . 2 cement tees and alternate pin placements per hole . A few woods holes , some interesting basket placements . The tees not only add length , but angle , too . There is a lot of variety here . The back tees add challenge , but if you want a relaxing round , have a dead arm from playing multiple rounds , or need to beat a rain like I did , then the shorter tees work just fine .You may empty your disc bag while playing here . It's a nice well kept park with a lot of effort being placed on disc golf lately .
Crockett Park was ranked #19 in Tennessee as of this review . I have personally played 11 of the course ranked above it and think Crockett might be a little undervalued . after all the cement pads are in , maybe this course will get a bump .
My Recommendation : The 2 tee pad system on almost all of the holes and the alternating pins really make this course . Because of the heavy rough in spots , I might suggest an alternative for the newbie , but if he lives close ,,,, Okay for a family , and that father that just dropped his child off for soccer practice . Dates ? well , if she is an avid fan . Very good for the locals , and entertaining for the intermediates and ams , and even something that the pros can get out of . Right off of I-65 , just south of Nashville , this is a great find for the traveler either stopping for the night or stretching legs . Incredible for Course Collectors . Cane Ridge has 2 courses less than 8 miles away , and Fellowship Bible Church and Liberty Park are just a few miles from here .Not a destination course , but disc golf entertainment is her .
Play It !!!
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New Pads Coming Soon! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 27, 2019 Played the course:once


(3.246 Rating) A midsized hybrid style course with an excellent mixture of hole types.
- NEW TEES COMING - One of the biggest complaints I saw on all the previous reviews was the deterioration of the natural and carpet tees. The course is mid-way thru a conversion to all concrete for both back and front pads.
- UNIQUENESS AND DESIGN - A satisfying variety of hole types and I used all of my discs and throwing styles. There are some short needle line technical shots and a few open bombers. A chunk of this course plays under the wide cut of tall power lines and thankfully the plays in this part were not a play down the center, but rather the layout uses the fringes on both sides for many shots. Lots of well defined pockets and also a play requiring a dive bomb from above. Elevation plays are both up and down and max out in the 40 foot range. Source Topoquest.com. I didn't notice much in the way of water elements. Perhaps on (6) a disc can find the creek to the left. Overall, I think the course designers did a wonderful job incorporating what was available to use.
- SKILL LEVEL FRIENDLY - Two tees on just about every hole so this course will appeal to a large audience. There's a big different between the two pads too. The fronts I found to be best suited for 825 to 875 rated players. The back tees add about 100 feet per hole, so I figure that's got to be at least upper Intermediate level overall with some no doubt Advanced level holes.
- CHALLENGING - A few of the back tees requires power that I personally don't have. Numerous plus 400 foot par 3s and even a 700 foot par 4 depending on basket placements. I was worn out having already played 36 holes, so I played the front tees. Crockett is not a super technical course, but it does require some smart game play, and hitting a few moderate gaps.
- MAINTENANCE - The course was in great shape on my appearance. Seems like the kind of town that keeps their parks in check.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - A constant moving landscape with several appealing lines. Among the Nashville area courses, this is not as exotic as the upper tier courses, but still better than average. The huge power lines are a detractor and also a few holes at the beginning are too open for my preference. I scored the course a 3 out of 5.
- CHARACTER - In addition to the ongoing upgrade to concrete tees, adequate basics and a few extras. Satisfactory Chainstar baskets. Navigation was good thru 8 holes but then I joined a group and forgot to pay attention to the fine details. Course map posted near tee (1). Numerous holes have alternate basket placements and there is seating on several holes.


The tees that are not concrete are awful, but that's being addressed.
- OVERGROWTH - It's pretty horrid in spots. Lots of sun enhanced overgrown fairway edges. I spent significant time searching for discs.
- CHAINS - Not my favorite basket type, Chainstars, but there are far worse brands out there.
- FINISH FROM PARKING - For those that park close to tee (1), it's almost a 1,000 foot walk back to the car.
- WIND - More open than I typically like. The winds were howling down the wide cut power line gap.

Other Thoughts:

I enjoyed it. A pleasant mix of almost all the elements I enjoy, from fun factor to variety to beauty to challenge. Crockett doesn't knock any of these elements out of the park, but I found them all to be noticeably above average. I played Sharp Springs the same day this course. I found Sharp Springs to be superior in all key aspects except fun factor, as Crockett's short tee layout is a more forgiving birdie fest with some ace runs. The weakest element at Crockett is the amenities and core items. With new tees coming, I'd say that's heading to above average as well. A solid course overall, but not Nashville top tier like Sharp Springs, Cane Ridge, Seven Oaks and Cedar Hill. I personally would put it in the second tier with courses like Woodland, Barfield Crescent and Liberty.
- TIME PLAY - Although not a long course, its appear to be a busy one. I fought my way through a few groups and then ultimately gave up a played in group. Thank locals David, Chris and Brian, good times. Anyways, seems like a hour plus for solos and just north of two hours for a four-some.
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Great course for long drivers 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 19, 2018 Played the course:2-4 times


This course is actually a lot of fun. It may seem bland at first, but wait until the back nine. If you have a long drive, you're going to love this course. The wooded holes favor right-handed players, but most of the holes are wide open grass. The grass was in impeccable shape today, almost in the condition of a real golf course.

Hole 1 is wide open. Throw hard, straight ahead.

Hole 2 is the same.

Hole 3 is straight, but there are some evergreen trees surrounding the basket. The best approach is from the right of the trees.

Hole 4 is fairly long. Go straight ahead and to the right of the small wooded grove. Basket is up the hill and in a little wooded area. This one takes at least four throws for most players.

Hole 5 is a little difficult to find. It looks like it would be in the woods, but it is not. From 4's basket, look right about 2 o'clock. This hole is shorter. Basket is directly behind the trees. You can approach from either side of the trees, it is about the same distance either way.

Hole 6 is wooded and narrow but straight ahead. Dodge the trees.

Hole 7 is uphill. This hole is very short. Basket is to the left a little. This hole has the most trees by far.

Hole 8 is a little less dense with trees, but also longer than 7.

Holes 9-12 are wide open. I actually couldn't find 9's basket, it might have been down in the valley to the right of the tower of power. 10 is a Hail Mary going downhill. Go left of the trees on 11. 12 favors a lefty.


This course may not be challenging for a lot of players. Most of the holes are wide open and rely on long drives.

Several of the tee pads are being replaced with short concrete slabs. Some of them are netting and seem to be fading away. I actually prefer just using the grass - the concrete slabs are too short to get a running start.

Other Thoughts:

AT&T cell phone service stinks out here. Avoid going around 3 pm - the school in front of the park is flooded with parents picking up their kids.
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3.00 star(s)

It Leaves A Bit To Be Desired (Updated 6/30/19) 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 30, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


The course itself is easy to find in the park.

Holes #6-#8 are wonderfully designed. They are the three truly "wooded" holes on this course, and provide shots not found on the rest of the course. They are all essentially "tunnels," with plenty of trees in the way but not enough to discourage the thrower. Personally, these were my favorite holes on the course. It was a welcome reprieve after playing #1-#5 in essentially open territory.

The other group of holes that stood out to me was #14-#18. #14 is a downhill huge bomber throw with a fairly scenic view. #15 has excellent hole placement, within a cluster of trees to up the difficulty without being absurd (see the puns). #16 has one of the most satisfying shots in the course, where you throw through a well-cut line in the trees to an open area where the basket lies. #17 has a great layout, using the patches of trees as obstacles while also providing a good-sized fairway and a small clearing in the woods for the basket. #18 was like #16, but with a much larger clearing to do after the tunnel shot.


The Tee Pads were BAD, but now about HALF are large concrete pads. The turf/carpet pads on the rest of the course are serviceable in dry conditions, but nearly unplayable in muddy conditions. In a lot of places they were disintegrated, leaving a mud patch where I assume the tee was supposed to be.

It was not particularly easy to follow the course. It is clear where to begin, as #1 is right by the parking lot, but unless you study the tee sign at each hole to see where the next tee is, you can easily get lost. Having separate Pro and Amateur tees did not help this. In some instances, the tee pad and the accompanying sign were nearly 30-40 feet apart. Another issue: the baskets are not too easy to see, and sometimes the holes bleed together (9/10/18 and 12/14 for example) where you may end up aiming for the wrong basket. There is enough land at the park to rectify this, but I have no idea if any course improvements are in the works.

Personally, I thought the few trees that remained in the open areas were terribly used. Most notably, #3, #5, and #11b used trees in a way that pretty much completely prevent aces from happening. I'm all for using trees as obstacles, especially on shorter holes. However, when they are used to completely knock down a throw that's headed for an ace, without a clear alternative, it feels like a waste. #5 is the most egregious example, with about (6) 20' holly trees that completely shield the basket from the tee. When I threw to the side of the trees and saw the basket, it was about 15' behind these trees, requiring an incredibly sharp drop over the trees (or a really wide (an)hyzer throw) to have a chance at an ace. Just sliding the hole to either edge of the trees, where it becomes apparent what throw the trees are blocking, would be a significant improvement.

One thing I didn't mention in my original review: when you play in the summer, bring water. This course is HOT. You get some shade in Holes 6-8 and then pockets of shade here and there, but you are out in the full sun otherwise. Not recommended on hot days.

Lastly, there has to be a solution to the walk from the end of #18 back to the parking lot. It may involve renumbering some holes or redesigning some holes, or even adding a couple more holes (there is plenty of land for this), but it makes no sense to end the course that far away from the parking lot, especially when there is free land (i.e. behind the soccer building) where more holes could be added.

Other Thoughts:

This course has grown on me as I keep playing it, and having some new tee pads (especially in the back, where it gets particularly muddy in wet conditions) has really made a big difference. I still feel like a slight redesign or some newly planted trees could help this course tremendously. It will never reach the top tier of Nashville courses (Cedar Hill, Seven Oaks, Big Daddy Cane), but it could rest comfortably in the second tier with Naval Hill, Two Rivers, etc., especially once the tee pad improvements are finished.
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Good Course That Could Be Great with Some Love 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 5, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


-A sign within the park indicates where the "frisbee golf" course is. Some disc golfers are annoyed by the use of that term, but the sign is helpful all the same.

-Sufficient Parking near hole #1 at the indoor soccer complex.

-Course map available near the course entrance. I highly recommend first time players of Crockett Park to take a picture for future reference. You'll need it to navigate the back 9.

-Multiple tee pads and pin placements offer variety and opportunities for players of various skill levels to enjoy the course. However, most long tee positions only add distance and do not change the line or add technical difficulty. I play shorts if I want to throw mostly mids and fairways, and play longs if I want to throw similar but longer lines with fairways and drivers. For a barometer, I generally drive in the 350 range on flat ground.

-Course makes good use of available space by utilizing elevation changes and incorporating the obstacles that are available. Many of the baskets are creatively located near obstacles.

-Decent Hole Variety

-Crockett is a generally nice park in the upscale suburb of Brentwood.

Course Walkthrough:
#1 and #2 begin the course open shots, with #2 being sloping down and to the left with woods on the left side of the fairway.

#3 plays slightly uphill to a basket guarded by a clump of trees. At the time of this review there appears to be construction happening on this hole's tee pad.

#4 throws between a thicket and the bike trail before funneling into a wooded green. A bit of a tweener par 4 for golfers who throw 300+ accurately. The gap into the green goes over a small hill, provides a blind approach shot, is reasonable and provides a challenge. One of my favorite holes on the course.

#5 once again utilizes trees near the pin. A wall of trees/bushes stands directly in front of the pin. Golfers must throw either over around said wall of trees. Long tee pad also presents a challenging gap off the tee. Very different looks from long and short tees on this hole.

#6, #7, and #8 are all short technical wooded shots. This stretch provides a fun change from the otherwise mostly open course. #6 appears to only have one teepad, though there are two signs.

#7 long plays over the bike trail, so keep an eye out for other park users before throwing. Different tee pads offer different lines on this hole.

#8 plays downhill through the woods. Short tee has a tight gap immediately off the tee.

#9 plays downhill towards the bike path, and is the first instance where navigation can become confusing. Depending on current placement, you'll likely see #18's basket as well. Neither are currently marked. Play to the closer one. This is a tweener from shorts for players who throw 300+, and a true par 4 for the same player set from from longs.

#10 requires a little bit of backtracking to the tee pad(s). It's a downhill RHBH hyzer shot into the open before bending into the correct gap in the woods. Walk down towards the bike trail for #11's tee

#11 plays uphill around a powerline pole and a clump of trees. Golfers have a couple of options for how they may attack this one.

Get the map out for #12, and figure out which pin placement you're working with. If you can see a basket past the valley that contains a gnarly mess of shrubbery, that's placement C. Placements A and B are over the valley and around the bend to the right. If a basket is there, it's a very long hole. I only play this course intermittently when I'm in the area visiting family. This is the only hole at Crockett where I've seen multiple pin placements up at the same time. Last time I was there only C was in.

#13 includes an elevated basket and 3 possible tee pad locations. the "alternate" tee sits just through the clump of trees behind #12's C pin location. Unless you are playing to #12 A/B or desire to have an unnecessarily long walk in between holes, I recommend the "alternate tee" for # 13. The three tees provide some variation in distance and direction, the latter part only making a difference if it's a windy day.

#14 is a fun open downhill bomber with a thicket behind the basket.

#15 is the fairway driver special; open fairway into a wooded green. Currently the grave site of someone's CE Valkyrie. R.I.P.

#16 plays much harder from longs then shorts. Both go through a gap and downhill.

#17 plays slightly uphill and around a bend. Good RHFH hole if you have that tool in your bag.

#18 offers one last chance to throw a drive through a gap and downhill.


-The walk from #12 to #13 is confusing. Several of the tee signs are missing in this area and in other portions of the course. #17 short currently lays face up near the tee. Tee signs in general could use updating and replacement.

-Turf Tee pads are in rough shape. I doubt the city of Brentwood would ever allow cement tee pads in this picturesque park. I understand why, but the poor condition of the tee pads hurts the integrity of the course.

-Some of the baskets are numbered with a ring of PVC on top of the basket, which is helpful when present. Unfortunately, over half of them have disappeared.

-The navigation through the stretch of #12, #13, and #14 can be difficult, especially without basket numbers and tee signs.

-There is also significant fairway overlap between #12 and #13 depending on pin placement.

-Someone new to the course may have a difficult time knowing the difference between #9's and #18's baskets. I could also see someone trying to throw to #18 from #10's tee. Consulting the tee sign should avoid this.

-The walk from #18 back to the parking lot is a decent jaunt. Walk to right side of the indoor soccer complex to avoid going the long way around.

-The open shots can get repetitive. Most of the technicality doesn't come in until approaching the pin.

Other Thoughts:

This is solid course that needs some love in the form of repaired tee pads, tee signs, and pin # markers. It's a fun course that I enjoy playing when in town. It's worth a play-through or two if you're in the area.
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Maintenance Issues Since Last Reviews? 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 24, 2017 Played the course:once


Variety of woods/ open fairways, good parking, map present at Tee #1.


Tee pads only worn carpet (or non-existent), signs faded, baskets usually not numbered, overlapping fairway/tee area between #9 and #10?

Other Thoughts:

This is a course I had to give up on part way through. Never having played here before, I could not tell which basket belonged to Hole #9-- there were three in the same area. I had just lost my Leopard on Hole #9 in a backyard, and I didn't have a good feeling about the rest of the game today.

With a course that winds back and forth as much as this one, new basket markers are immediately needed. Hole #5's marker is hanging in a tree, apparently tossed up there by a vandal. If I lived here, I'd volunteer to make the improvements myself! It looks like Tee #3 is undergoing reconstruction, so perhaps this course has a brighter future ahead.
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Navigation Issues 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 15, 2017 Played the course:once


Well maintained course, nice scenery over the course. Course map at the beginning, take a photo 'cause you'll need it the first time out.


The first 5 holes are pretty much wide open field holes with a few large bushes placed to guard holes. It gets more interesting after that. Navigation is a challenge even with the map on the phone as a guide. Back pads are not in good shape. The last 3 holes are hard to locate. On a hot day you will cook on this one.

Other Thoughts:

Nice course overall that just needs better signs & directions around the course. (Problem with most courses though).
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Great for driving but offers little challenge 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 7, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


MikeTheGaolie did a great job summarizing the pros of the course. It did not seem quite as challenging as I had hoped playing once on the normal tees and the second time on the pro tees. The fields are wide open and you can just throw and work on your driving. The fields are actually the best I have played on and were well kept by the grounds crew. Holes 8 & 9 made this part of the course challenging and fun to navigate some wooded challenges.


If you have never played this course, finding the pads and holes can be pretty challenging. I spent about half my time looking for the holes or having to ask players where to throw. Once you hit holes 12 to 16 it goes from confusing to frustrating trying to figure out where to throw. The signage is pretty confusing and well past it's useful life. Even the main board has seen better days.

Other Thoughts:

I travel quite a bit for work and pleasure and love playing a round or two. This course was a great place to stretch the legs and let loose driving the discs. It's more of personal preference, this course seems geared towards beginners. If you're looking for a challenge, I would suggest finding another course. If you are looking for a course to take it easy a consumer some frosty beverages then this is the place for you.
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Silver level trusted reviewer
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Immaculate rolling terrain 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 26, 2016 Played the course:once


The course winds through rolling fields and woods on the southeast portion of Crockett Park. Red/White tees differed typically through added distance with similar lines. Multiple pin placements can give the return visitor a good variety combined with the two tees on most holes. A decent balance of lefty/right opportunities and one or two occasions to pull out the hyzerbomb or thumber. Most well-controlled rec players will see lots of 3's from the shorts with a handful of birdie opportunities. Strokes added from the white tees are usually a result of distance, not technical ability.

The first five holes and most of the back nine are nominally open field shots for the most part with some minimal line shaping due to a copse of trees or elevation change or a pin placement just a few yards back into the woods. Usually multiple paths to the pin. I liked #3's basket placement inside a square of four shaggy trees and #5's combination of downhill elevation and blind pin location behind one of the aforementioned copses. #6, #7, and #8 are true woods holes that have restricted fairways that force you to a more defined line and restrict overhead shots. The elevation change on #7 and #8 were fun and frustrating at the same time. By the time you get to #9, you're pretty much out of the woods. #9 through #15 are field shots with elevation changes or tucking the pin at the edge of woods or just inside. A few pin placements are blind from the tee. #13 has a 'circus' pin on top of a built-up railroad tie pyramid. #17 and #18 are somewhat of hybrids as they are field shots but more restricted with various tree windows and elevation changes to define the lines. Still, nothing that a good second shot couldn't correct for the drop-in par.

Tees were OK, not great. Red/White or Pro/Am tees were usually pretty visible but since they aren't concrete, there was a little bit of guessing at various stages of the round to figure out which tee I was on since the signage wasn't overly helpful. I don't recall seeing the painted wood markers in the photos on DGCR. Baskets were in good shape and pretty visible throughout with a little bit of scouting on the blind shots.


The course signage is well into its useful life and the hole maps on the signs aren't very helpful. They've faded pretty well and aren't great for navigation. I think a few were missing as well as I didn't notice two signs on every hole. However, having the course map pulled up on your phone helps a ton. The navigation around #12 and #15 was tricky and the rules for #13's 'C' pin placement were odd. Still don't know if I played 12 right. The course kind of crosses over itself in the back nine, however repeated plays would likely iron out the navigation issues.

Holes #8 and #9 are really the only holes that have the potential to involve the walking trail, but you should still be courteous to other park patrons. The walk from #18 back to the parking lot was a tad long, especially in the rain on the day I played. What the online map doesn't show you is that there's more parking near #14's tee that might be a better option for an easier loop.

Other Thoughts:

This course is located in an immaculate multipurpose park in an affluent suburb of Nashville. The park has a walking trail, playground, and even a historic structure to visit. There's some real ground covered on this course so don't expect a quick round or easy stroll as the uphill climbs are noticeable. No real bathroom or water fountain opportunities unless the indoor soccer facility is an option. I feel like just a little more work would go a long way with this course. Concrete tees, updated signage would definitely help.

The open field portions of the course are a little repetitive, but coming from board flat Oklahoma, the elevation changes kept it interesting for me. There's no real 'WOW' hole on this course. For me, the closest was #14 red. It really tempts you to empty the bag, has deceptive range, and a pretty decent risk/reward for going for it on the upshot due to the thicket behind the A pin. Still, it wasn't something that I haven't seen done pretty similar on most courses with some decent elevation change available. All in all, a good but not great course in a municipal park. It's an easy find off of I-65 and I recommend it to anyone come through.
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Experience: 29.1 years 44 played 4 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Excellent DG course amidst Multi-use 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 2, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


This course has everything . Perfect mix of Shots and holes make this course among the best. Being located in a very nice park doesn't hurt either. Maintenance is generally perfect considering its suburbia. Maybe only two or three repetitious holes but All in All it is a must play. Roller and Tomahawk course for sure. Loved it !


Multi use park as always can have some drawbacks like hitting walkers but other than that maybe they could " permatize" it a bit more with the installation on concrete tees. But that impedes on the natural beauty of this park so for now carpet it is.

Other Thoughts:

Being only minutes from I-65 this course is a great diversion or distraction to break up a long drive or whatever. Super clean and Safe as there are tons of people around always. But is not crowded as this park is Large.
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3.50 star(s)

Improves after first holes 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 24, 2014 Played the course:2-4 times


This course is on a very nice piece of land with both open and forested areas and significant elevation change. It has multiple tee locations, with the longer tees labeled "pro," and the signs indicate multiple basket locations. This review is based on two rounds from the "pro" tees.

The course winds through an immaculately maintained park. Lots of ground wood mulch covered what was apparently bare ground. The mulch was dry and was very conducive to having the disk skip well past the basket when I played in late May, 2014. This was a little added degree of difficulty on the shorter, forest holes that I appreciated.

There are a number of holes that require accurate tee shots in the woods and several that transition through narrow openings in to more open areas and vice versa. There are a few holes that utilize the available elevation changes very well, holes 4, 5, 10, 11, 14 and 18 come to mind.
A few holes border wooded areas with some very score-punishing underbrush.
Navigation is pretty straightforward. Next tee positions are indicated on the tee signs and on the bottom of the baskets. There are also park signs pointing to the next tee on some holes. I had no problem navigation this course the first time I played.


The carpet tee pads are uneven and can and do cause stumbles. This is enough to affect your shots. Of all the things that you might be thinking about when you throw, you should not have to worry about stumbling during a throw when you even take a short run up.

There are a few forgettable and wide open holes. Holes 1, 2, 3, 9 and 13 come to mind.

There is no water out on the course.

The tee signs do a very poor job of giving a new player a good idea of the layout of obstacles not visible from the tee and basket positions. They include multiple basket locations but there is no way to determine which position the basket is in without walking forward.

Basket gimmickry is in use on hole 13. I don't understand the fascination with elevated baskets. However, this one isn't overly punitive and this is more of a pet peeve than a true con. Other than the elevated basket, this is just another wide open hole.

Other Thoughts:

Overall, this is a fun course and well worth playing. However, I can't help but think that the design just didn't get all that it could have out of this beautiful piece of property. Much of this probably comes from the first three holes. There is very little challenge there even from the "pro" tees. Hole one is just a wide open, 300 foot hole. Maybe there is a different basket location that gives it more of an elevation change, but when I played, it was downhill about 5-6 feet, i.e., practically no change. Hole 2 is wide open to the right and adds a little length and hole three is wide open with the basket guarded by a few selectively placed tall shrubs/trees that actually make a good target. Hit one and you will have good shot at birdie. They might get in your way if you throw short, but this is a fairly short hole (think "pro" tees).

This is a fun course that makes a poor early impression. The quality of the holes gets better as you get further into the course and I'm certain that I will gladly play it again the next time I visit that area.
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Worth the challenge 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 22, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


Difficulty - This course is difficult. It really rewards hitting your lines but can punish you for a missed one. I like the challenge of having trees/obstacles within the first 150' before a larger opening (1, 3, 5, 16). I think it really rewards a combination of precision and distance. This course is pretty long, and you will have to throw uphill and downhill.

Elevation - Holes 4, 5, 12, 17, 18 are some of my favorite uses of elevation in all of Nashville. Out of those holes only hole 13 and 18 are true downhill holes. The others have a variety of hills and valleys creating confusing winds and a great terrain for disc golf.

Variety - This course has incredible shot variety. I think a great number of the holes allow you to choose a line (meaning a right finishing shot or left finishing shot). I would consider hole 2, 4, 10, 15, 16 to be left finishing, 3, 5, 9, 11, 17, and 18 to be right finishing and the others really give you options. I love the balance of tight fairways to open bombs with what seems like constant wind.

Pro/Am Tees - I think this am tees are very well placed. There are many holes where I look over at the am tees and quickly envy anyone throwing from them. However, I think they still do provide a fun and challenging course. I have not throw from the Am Tees but I could see a newer player keeping up with someone advanced if they play well from the Am tees. I think this makes Crockett a course that players can really grow into.


Thorns - The rough is terrible. I always list this (when relevant) just so players know to be wary of the rough.

Teepads - The carpet teepads are okay on some holes, but other holes it's pretty bad. And some holes play from the walking path. Hole 4, 7, 11, 12 are the ones that come to mind that suffer. The carpet tees can be lumpy and difficult to feel comfortable on. If it's even slightly wet hole 12's tee because a nightmare. Hole 12 is really difficult so having a tricky teepad makes it even more frustrating. All in all I'd give the teepads a 7/10 with no rain, and a 4/10 with rain.

Cross Traffic - Between the walking path and a few holes having overlapping fairways (9, 10, 11, 18) it can feel a little tricky at times. I wouldn't say this is a huge issue, but it is definitely something you should be aware of. Also, when you are on the tee for hole 8, you are at risk from people throwing on hole 7.

Other Thoughts:

I am reviewing this course having only played the long positions, I have not played the short tees. I think this is a great course and it feels you have to grind away at every hole to get par. I really enjoy the consistent difficulty. I wish it had one or two more wooded holes and I could do without hole 9's super-long tee. Definitely a great course and I appreciate all the work that Williamson County put in on this course!
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3.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Feb 17, 2014 Played the course:once


Parking: Parking is not a problem there are multiple lots nearby.

Maps/Markers: Course map located near the first Tee. Holes are pretty well marked it can get a little confusing to locate the next Tee Pad.

Distances: The course offers some long distance throws. You can air out some drivers and fairway drivers on many of the holes.

Maintenance: The course is well maintained and clean.


Tees: Carpet Tee Pads on entire course.

Other Thoughts:

It would be interesting to have concrete Tee pads to throw from.

Sometimes the park gets congested and the human hazard indicator begins to rise. Watch the paved walkways, some of these holes bring the walkways into play.
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3.00 star(s)

Ditto on Big Arm's Dream 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 23, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


Good signage, pro tees, multiple pins, good flow


Carpet tee pads can be wet, muddy, slippery

Other Thoughts:

I've probably played this course the most. It was where I learned to snap a drive, and where I learned how to battle the wind . Great beginner course from the red tees. Challenging but fair from the tips. Loosely wooded, only a few in the woods. The wind can really mess with you from the 1st hole and the back 9. I really like this course, but there's nothing that makes it great. It's fun from both tees; its almost like 2 courses.
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Experience: 24.1 years 17 played 3 reviews
3.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 26, 2013 Played the course:once


I'd call the terrain "rolling", which provides most of the challenge judging the distance. In general the course is well marked (see exceptions below), my fist time plaing the course was easy to follow for the most part. Not overly difficult (I played the red tees) but fair.


The tees (carpet?) need some maintenance, and a few holes have signs that are not up-to-date (e.g. #12) making finding the correct basket hard at times, but not impossible.

Other Thoughts:

overall a good experience...I'll come back when I am in town!
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Not bad 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 17, 2013 Played the course:once


The course has a nice range of holes and there are a ton of elevation changes throughout the course. It's a fun course overall as there are varied tees and it seems like different pin placements on every hole. The woods holes are pretty tough, and some of the serious distance holes are hard as well due to the shifting elevations which makes judging distances even more challenging.


The course seems a little tight in spots, and the back three or four holes are right on top of one another. The major problem I had with the course was that there seem to be holes in the middle of holes and unless you've played it before, you're likely throwing to the wrong hole. Holes 10 and 12 really stick out in my mind as I was throwing at the 18th hole on 10, and the 13th hole on 12. This would likely not make a difference when it's played multiple times, but it was a really confusing setup in spots. Also, some of the woods hole--like 8--don't really have a line to the hole which makes it feel hard just to be hard--if you know what I mean.

Other Thoughts:

Overall this is a pretty challenging course from the white tees. I wasn't on my game, but even if I were it would make for some really technical woods and distance shots. It's not just a big arm course. There are an equal amount of grip'n'rip shots mixed in with really technical woods holes. Overall it's worth the drive from Nashville.
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A Nice Lawn & Big Arm Dream 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 5, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


The lion's share of the course is either open or lightly wooded so players won't be taxed by loose lines, but the unguarded elements will pain you. The open holes roll amid mounds of hilly, well kept grass like one would expect to find on a ball golf course, and the elevation changes therein craft the experience. Keep your nose down because wind drafts will catch the disc, & I'd wear a hat or bring sunblock bc there's no "cart path" for golf carts. In the wooded holes (mid course), some tighter technical opportunities provide relief from the sun & offer resting areas. You'll enjoy some ace runs before opening up on the back 9 for more grip & rip. Big Arm folks will love the sheer length of the course. Most holes have double tee pads AM/PRO labeled RED/WHITE. The scenery is beautiful, and the course cleanliness & upkeep will beg your return.


While I'm not opposed to carpet pads, I expect better on such a nice course. More obstacles like pines would be nice on the open holes to block the wind & add visible challenges. The signage is dilapidated & faded even though the baskets are normally visible or easy to find. No benches in the open at all hurts golfers w/o chairs or those who bring family members or a main squeeze to learn/spectate. There's very little privacy from the rest of the park.

Other Thoughts:

I steer clear of this course in the Summer and try to play it on days with low to no wind. Great place to have a doubles match.
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
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Nice, Rolling Hills 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 10, 2012 Played the course:once


18 hole course set in the back of a quiet, rural-area park.
- Well-manicured course that plays mostly on grassy fields that seem to be well-maintained
- Park signs guide you to the course start and there is plenty of parking near an indoor sports complex
- Nice course map available online and posted right near hole #1
- 2 tees on most holes create options for "long" or "short" layout
- Multiple pin locations on most holes, creating some variety for regular players
- Nice tee signs (at both tees) with hole map, distance to each pin location, par
- Bolt/washer system to indicate current basket position - this definitely helps since a couple holes are long and/or blind from the whites (10, 11, 12, etc.) or where it's tough to guage distances, even if you can see the basket
- Some of the 2 tee positions offer different hole experiences, rather than just a long/short version of the same line or throw (holes 5 and 12 come to mind) - not all are like this, though...see below
- Although this is a very open course, there is good use of the treelines that are available, with either the tee or basket tucked close to or into the woods, so the drives/approaches have to be somewhat careful
- Elevation changes (rolling - nothing too steep) create some nice variety
- A couple holes were real nice - #3 is short, but a cool pin protection with big, thick trees, #5 was a neat little anny or flick out of the woods to an open pin, #14 was a fun downhill ace run to an open pin, #16 was a downhill drive with a tight window about halfway out with the basket teasing you on the other side, #18 has a tight window near the tee that requires some finesse, then a medium-long approach shot to an open pin
- Since the course is so open with no water, not a high chance for lost discs
- No trash, quiet, relaxing, nice place for a walk and fun day


- It's been said plenty, but this course is a bit too open for my liking - too many holes were just throwing across a field, with little to no punishment for an errant shot (#1, #2, #9, #13, #15, etc.)
- Tees are a mix of carpet and dirt (apart from #1 and #4, which tee off from a sidewalk), creating some rough footing - I actually have carpet on my home course and I don't mind, but here, it's like some bases weren't leveled/smoothed before placing the carpet
- Although the tee signs were "nice", I thought some of the maps didn't seem right and the pictured pin locations seemed off (#10 comes to mind)
- Many holes don't use the multiple tees to create variety - the red tees are usually shorter versions of the same line/shot you throw from the whites - if they are different angles,they'r eusually in the open field holes, which doesn't really change anything (few exceptions - see above)
- The 3 wooded woles seem like an afterthought (which one review seems to indicate may be true - that they were added after the soccer building forced a re-design) and were annoying - short, too much luck required (and I don't often complain about wooded holes) and don't fit in with the rest of the course
- Walking path can cause some interference/delays on #1, #4, #6, #7, #9 - random park-goers with dogs in the fields also caused some delays on #9, #18
- A few confusing spots with tee and basket locations - baskets for 9, 10 and 18 kind of mash together (almost threw at basket 18 from tee 10 - had to walk up almost to the basket to check) - tees for 12 and 15 made me do a double-take
- Some of the brush is painful - got stabbed and scratched up looking for a disc that turned the corner early on #12
- Long walk back from #18 to the parking lot
- No benches that I remember

Other Thoughts:

- Basket 13 was...interesting - elevated base, but it was also on top of a "double-long" pole, which made for a unique, steep uphill, putting look
- Power lines running through the back 9 created an niteresting visual - I think one pin was tucked very near a big lattice tower

Overall, this is a solid, well-maintained course that I would certainly play again. It's "unspectacular" (no real memorable fetures/designs), but lends itself very nicely to someone who wants to air out some drives with some obstacles to keep you honest.
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My Home Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Dec 1, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


Two different courses. If you want to practice your short game play the Red, if you want to really test your distance and accuracy play the white.
There are some really unique holes on the white course. On hole 5 from the white you are throwing from inside a wooded area up and over a small hill through two wooded areas to a basket guarded by tall bushes.
It's challenging and offers holes for both forehand and backhanded throwers.
The Williamson County disc golf club is there a lot and they are very friendly and helpful.


There are a lot of places to lose your discs in the summer. Fall and spring golf on Sunday afternoons can get very crowded. Any of the above mentioned challenging holes can easily become double bogeys or worse for a rec/intermediate class player.

Other Thoughts:

I rate Crockett high because I never tire of playing it.
Crockett is a tale of two courses. The am and pro tees are completely different. When I first started playing I played the am tees and it was a fun beginners course. When I switched to the Pro it has become an extremely challenging course. It is worth the time it takes to look for all the pro tees. You will hear people say that it is too open often. They haven't truly played the challenge of the pro tees. Don't get me wrong, there are some long ones. Right now 12 and 9 are in long at 700 feet each. The truly challenging pro tees are 4, 5, 7, 12, 16, 17. Pay attention to the OB on the pro tees because it is a threat on several of the holes.
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