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Clinton, IA

Eagle Point Park

3.585(based on 12 reviews)
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Eagle Point Park reviews

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3.00 star(s)

In the Clouds near the Mississippi 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 27, 2022 Played the course:once


-Most tee pads concrete and in good shape and size (see cons)
-Alternate pads really give different look, not just shorter
-Baskets OK
-Lots of elevation (see cons)
-Good signage
-Nice views off the bluffs of the Mississippi


-Dirt tee pad for #3, never found #5 short
-Navigation is clunky at times, use map/UDisc
-Lots of elevation, will give you a workout
-Rough can be very rough
-Lots of blind shots off the tee, high disc loss potential

Other Thoughts:

Eagle Point Park hosts a good DGC along the bluffs of the Mississippi on the north end of Clinton, IA. The course is in the very northern park of this sprawling park. There is a lot of elevation to work with here, I see as both a pro and a con. It is a workout. The alternate pads here give most holes a very different look, not just a shorter version of the longs. Signage here is good with an OK depiction of the hole along with the pertinent info. There was at least one sitting on the ground, however. Navigation was a little tricky at times, first timers should take a map or use UDisc. Past notes of poor maintenance did not come into play, but I can definitely see where poor upkeep in the meadow areas could make disc loss chances even higher in long grass. There are a few tighter lines, (#4, #5, #16, #17), but most are open. There are lots of blind tee shots, so having a spotter isn't a bad idea. Lots of great views from the top. To add to the rating, for me, would be to add some benches, fix the minor signage issues and bring all pads to concrete. Overall, a workout with the elevation, lots of blind shots, a good challenge, may be a bit too much for the novice. I would possibly play here again, if in the area.
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Experience: 12 years 66 played 6 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Eagle Point, Clinton 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 18, 2018 Played the course:2-4 times


Course was nearly empty on a spring Friday at 1:00pm.
Lots of well-mowed grassy areas.
Most par 3's were relatively doable lengths from the back tees.
Two or three holes had mature trees blocking easy birdies.
The par 5 (to short basket) was fun to eagle twice!
A good walking workout. There is some elevation change.


-We thought it reasonable to send a driving spotter on most of the holes. The ground growth bordering the manicured fairways was a challenge to find discs. Practically impossible to play by yourself. You likely won't regret wearing long socks or pants.

-A few holes had blind shots, also requiring a spotter.

-Most people probably will want to apply bug spray during the growing season. Lots of gnats/mosquitoes ready for so few visitors.

- Hole #16 appeared to be new-ish with zero defined fairway visible. Good luck without a spotter.

-Hole #17 appeared to be new-ish with zero defined fairway visible. Need a spotter.

-Noticed only one or two garbage cans on entire course.
-Two or three holes need direction signs to the next tee.

Other Thoughts:

This is not a beginner course. It should provide a decent challenge for most experienced amateur players. Without spotters, you will likely lose a disc.

I am a senior, short-driving lefty flicker and enjoyed the course. A well-placed 240' drive was more than adequate to navigate the course.
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Experience: 11.1 years 155 played 7 reviews
4.50 star(s)

One of my favorite courses 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 22, 2017 Played the course:5+ times


I have played this course a number of times and easily rank it up there with the best courses I have played (another is Camden II in Milan IL not too far away). I play this course from the intermediate tees so that is what my rating and comments are based upon.

The park is beautiful. Course it well kept and almost all holes have concrete tee pads. The one exception is hole number 3 which admittedly is the hole most needing them. (On the other hand, the hole 3 tee as it is now is one of the only uphill tee offs I know of. There are lots of courses where a strong uphill shot is needed from the tee but the concrete tee off itself is flat. The way it is now, this hole 3 has an uphill tee. I found that much harder having to run up hill on a tee off and end up with distance. I found out I need to practice that more. That is perhaps why they have left it the way it is as it would be hard to install a concrete pad that was not flat. But the ground is now so tore up there that something needs to be done. If there has been rain you will probably want to tee off ahead of the real tee off areas.)

What I love most about the course is the layout. You will be needing to use all your shots and discs. Shots uphill, shots downhill. Shots straight through tight gaps. Shots to hyzer and shots to anhyzer. You will need it all. You will need accuracy but there are always lines and clear things you need to do.

And from the intermediate tees I feel like I have a shot at getting a birdie on every hole but with none of them being an easy birdie. In other words if I execute well and get an excellent well placed shot through or into the gap you have a good chance at birdie. If you just do okay you will probably get a par. If you err to the left or right or miss the gap, well you will either being scrambling to make a miracle shot or adding quickly to your score. The intermediate tees are placed perfectly for me to challenge my game. I have not played the pro tees - but if I did, most of my first shots would simply be to set up a second shot to the pin. The only chance for birdies I would have would be on the holes that share the same tee pad. Pros will have very difficult but obtainable shots to get birdies. That is the way it should be. (I will admit that hole 1 pro tee looks a little awkward leaving no chance for birdie except for the few players who have the ability to go straight up and over all the trees. But perhaps that is because I have not seen pro players play.)

Course is not busy. It is located in a small city and it seems it has not yet been discovered by many in the city or area yet. I find it amazing that I can be out with my wife on a beautiful spring or summer day and absolutely nobody else is out playing.


Cons - I have played this course some now so I forget that my first time here was frustrating in that the next hole was not always easy to find. Print out the map on this site before you go. It will help immensely. Actually this is a must since there are not often others on the course to help.

Yes, on a couple holes there is some tall grass to navigate. But really there are only a few holes where this is an issue and if you are a reasonably good player this should not come into play as the fairways are fair. The only places I can see there being issues is hole 1 and 2 from the pro tee and hole 10. Hole 10 you do need to be careful if the grass it tall.

No benches. I am a little older and wear knee braces when I play. This is a long course with lots and up and down. Yes, I can do everything but it would be nice to have benches here and there. Perhaps not on every hole but especially after some of the long uphill walks. This it the parks biggest need in my opinion. Most younger players will not feel this need.

Other Thoughts:

Also, bring some water. No water fountains near by and on a hot day with a lot of up and down you will be glad to have carried the extra weight.

The beauty of this park also adds to the enjoyment of the course. We bring along food for a picnic in between rounds. Yes, you will often see eagles.
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4.50 star(s)

Amazing course- bring your bug spray 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 11, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


Amazing views and scenery. Really amazing landscape. Huge hills with really challenging blind spots. Easily the hardest course I have ever played. Very well maintained. Really nice colorful signage. Basically brand new concrete tee pads. Two separate tee pads for "pro" and "intermediate." I recommend the intermediate if you are playing alone. The course is absolutely HUGE and you really need to be ready for some long walks.


The signage was nice but really hard to follow. You also really need a spotter if you are playing this course. I lost my disc on holes 1 and 2. Really high grass in the OB areas. You REALLY get penalized if you throw OB. :)

Other Thoughts:

This was a great course. I have been playing disc golf for almost two years and this was the hardest course I have ever played. It was really amazing and I highly recommend.
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Experience: 17.1 years 77 played 19 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Two season course drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Mar 22, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


-The land is excellent for a disc golf course. Vast, scenic, hilly, wooded, etc.
-Not played very much. It is not at all uncommon to have the place to yourself.
-Requires a tremendous variety of shots, and lefties in particulr will like it.
-No simple 2s from the long tees. The three holes that are easiest to birdie are 3,6, and 7...and all three are blind. The amateur tees are obviously a lot easier, but even they make you work for it.
-Excellent use of elevation throughout
-The course really forces you to be accurate, more than most. The forest borders a majority of the fairways, and it is thick. If you throw more than 5' into it, it WILL cost you a shot to get out. If you're able to stay out of trouble consistently though, the course is not overly difficult.
-The am and pro tees honestly play like two different courses.

Some of the better holes:
15Pro: From a ledge throwing lengthwise across a wooded valley. Very, very cool shot that is exhilarating to pull off.
15Am: Like 15Pro but a shorter shot with a tighter window
8Pro: A true par 4. Starts straight through an opening, then goes up a hill and to the left, then levels off and turns right underneath a low ceiling, then empties into a meadow.
2Pro: Awful rough on the left, OB prairie on the right, and the whole fairway slopes R->L. Punishing.
16: An steep uphill tunnel shot. Plays much
longer than it actually is.
4Pro: long downhill tunnel shot that gently drifts right.


-Two of the teepads haven't been put in. Both are on holes that can get muddy after rain.
-Maintenance! The fairways are mowed but the prairie grass just off the fairways is usually not. By midsummer it gets VERY thick and will swallow up any errant discs. Several wooded holes--and many basket placements near the edge of the woods--aren't maintained at all.

-There are some clunky holes that don't make much sense and cannot realistically be attacked, but aren't long enough to be par 4s.

Other Thoughts:

From mid-Spring to mid- Fall I wouldn't recommend trying to play here. If you have spotters you might be able to get away with it, but otherwise the combination of long,blind shots,nasty unmaintained rough, and grueling physicality will make it tough for you to have a good time.
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 17.6 years 266 played 30 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Very High Potential, Needs Some Refining 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 22, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


Eagle Point Park is awesome. It overlooks the widest portion of the Mississippi River and has great elevation. The disc golf portion is separated from the rest of the park. There is a good sign of the entire course before walking to hole 1, I suggest taking a picture of it at first since navigation can be a bit hairy across the expanse of the park. The teepads are generous and grippy. Hole 16's is not concrete, and can be a muddy mess after rain. Long tees are also present. The tee signs indicate alternate pin locations, but I have only ever seen them in one location. There is good distance, elevation and surrounding variety, though I feel a majority of the holes are LHBH and RHFH friendly. The landscape seems to be pretty well manicured, as the open holes with prairie grass have generous fairways.


Eagle Point seems to still be a bit rough around the edges and has a few NAGS holes. Number 1 from the long is actually a pretty sharp dogleg that has a small window to get through. Very reasonable to get a 3, but challenging to get a 2. Number 2's pin location takes away any good chance at a long putt, you either have to park it, or lay up low. Anticlimactic finish to a decent hole. Hole 8 is very solid par 4. Hole 13 from the long is another NAGS, with a very small window between borders of trees on both sides to navigate the dogleg. Throw something too stable, you end up crashing in short on the right. Too straight, you're long and off left. Clearing trees on the right side would help this.
Hole 15 is a sweet wooded shot over a valley, but more clearing is needed to make this a reasonable hole. It's currently a poke-and-hope type of shot off the tee.
Holes 17 and 18 are rather anticlimactic ends to an otherwise solid course. Seventeen forces you to lay up about 180' and then navigate through a narrow tunnel in the woods another 200' or so. No real chance to get to it cleanly off the tee. Eighteen's low ceiling tunnel shot is rather frustrating and NAGS.

Other Thoughts:

All in all, Eagle Point is a course with plenty of potential and stands solid as is with its rating of 3.50. However, with some more refinement it definitely definitely can approach 4.0 and 4.5 territory. If you are in the QC area, I recommend a detour north to check out Eagle Point.
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Experience: 108 played 10 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Good course that needs players 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 6, 2013 Played the course:once


Holes that are fun to play. I enjoyed the twists and turns (except when searching for the next tee--see Cons). Seemed balanced to me. A few long anhyzers and some S-curve shots were included, which I appreciate.

A park seemingly made for disc golf. Lots of underutilized park space that was just waiting for fairways. Some prairie grass is used to frame a few fairways (don't let this scare you--it is not overdone, and the grass is not so thick that you can't find your disc). Otherwise the fairways are shaped by woods line and tree-dotted lawn.

Tee signs--the fact that they exist at all is a point in the course's favor. But these are well done and look very professional.

Good use of the elevation.


Isn't heavily played. I know this because the two totally wooded holes are still jungles, with only a narrow goat path leading through the brush to the pin. Heavily played courses usually have bare earth fairways in the woods. The local players/club should try some creative methods to get more people interested--press coverage, beginner-friendly tournaments, etc. Here's an idea: at the next Lumberkings game, give away a free flier and a coupon for a discounted disc from a local merchant. (If there is no local disc merchant, that is part of the problem.)

Navigation. In several spots I tried one path to the next tee only to find I had guessed incorrectly. Locals often feel navigation at their home course is intuitive. This is not the case. Even a hole like 11, that finishes in the woods, had 3 distinct paths leading from the pin. The fact that the next tee was only 60 feet away is irrelevant because it was hidden by dense foliage. Even a simple arrow in certain spots would be very helpful. Details are important, especially for out-of-towners like me.

No number plates on baskets. Again, I know it may seem intuitive since the pad is aimed at the basket, but players want and need to see that number when they are on the tee. Which reminds me--there seem to be a lot of blind holes--not dinging the course for that--usually that means it has decent elevation. Just a warning to travelers, is all. My wife had to go forward and spot for me on at least half the holes.

Getting to the first tee was also difficult. It is not as easy as the instructions say. Once you are in that big parking lot with the lodge at the end, you'll need to drive onto a little one-lane roadway that shoots off the parking lot, then winds around for a bit more.

Just my opinion here, but I detest alternate pins on courses, and here's why: I never know what hole I am playing. Especially on a course with so many blind holes. Just give me more tees--that way I get to choose what course I play as opposed to someone's whim.

Tee pads--I love that they are concrete. It is almost always preferable to dirt. That said, there are a couple of places where the pads are very short, only to find others large enough to land a jet on (which is fine). There are also a couple of places where the tee pad is running noticeably uphill and could cause stumbling. A minor quibble perhaps, but again, details are important.

I dislike when designers design themselves into a corner (clearly the case with 17), then improvise a way out, to the detriment of players. The drive is a chip shot, then there is another 100 feet or so into the woods. If the hole is too short, revise the design until it is right. 17 and 18 ideally should have been combined into a memorable finishing par 4 that never entered the woods (unless by bad throw). Was there no other spot in the woods that a better hole could have been placed earlier? 18's fairway would have been better served as the upshot for the par 4, so that placement of the drive from 17's tee would have been critical. As is, there is no real route from 18's tee to the pin (very, very low ceiling or a clunky hyzer route). As a result, 17 and 18 seem kind of forced; a blah finish to an otherwise solid course.

Other Thoughts:

I know, I know, the cons list is three times as long as the pros, but If I am back in the area I will definitely stop again. A solid course that just needs players and a bit more attention to detail so that travelers can have as enjoyable an experience as the locals. Good start to a good course-- keep going!
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Great Elevation and Upkeep 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 7, 2011 Played the course:once


The course has a great variety of types of shots with great elevation. That alone describes the course very well. More specifically, it is a more challenging partially open type of course, big shots over and around trees is possible, and this course includes longer holes 500+ with pro pads. One could almost consider it a championship course.


There are only a few tight fairways, though it's moderately open drives were designed very well. Too bad it's the only good course in this area.
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Fly Like an Eagle 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 11, 2010 Played the course:once


Eagle Point is an awesome park. You'll find that out when you first arrive. There are several large sculpted wooden eagles sitting on top of several trees when you pull in. It is a great faciltiy and very peaceful area for a course. The park is very well maintained and has water/restroom facilites.

There is a nice large bulletin board near tee #1. It has a course map and box for score cards. There were no score cards in the box though.

The terrain is awesome. Some nice elevation and dense woods. The grass was mowed that day and the course was looking awesome.

The tee pads are nice and long. I played all the long tees. Many holes have short tees as well. This course offers challenge for all skill level players.

The tee signs are awesome. They have an eagle on them and note both tees and both pin positions. They are very descriptive and easy to spot. Check website for tee signs and pictures of holes.

The baskets are new Gateway Titans. They catch very good and I think they are great baskets. Looks like there are other pin positions but I did not see them.

There is a good variety of holes. I threw a wider variety of shots and discs during the round. There are several nice roller holes as well.

There are some really sweet holes. Hole #4 is an awesome downhill par 3 thru a tunnel. Hole #8 is a great par 4 which requires a well placed drive and great 2nd shot.


Once these items are taken care of this course is probably worthy of 4 to 4.5 rating. This course is fairly new and it's still a work in progress. The tee signs indicated multiple pin positins but I did not see them.

Keep the disc in the fairway! The rough is nasty. Play with a friend and spot for each other. It will help the enjoyment factor.

There are a ton of blind holes. I could not see the basket on 13 of the 18 holes we played. It took the 3 of us just under 3 hours to play the course. It took a long time to find holes and tees. Some navigational aids would be very helpful.

The rough area around several of the baskets needs to be cleared. Those greens include 2, 11, 15, 16, and 17. Several walking paths need maintained as well.

Hole #3's tee pad is under construction.
Hole #5's tee pad is very short and under construction.
Hole #16 did not have a concrete tee.

The stretch of 12, 13, 14 is very repeitive. I threw the same shot and disc on all 3. Roller, Roller, and Roller.

I would have liked to seen a few more pro par 4's. I estimated this course at par 56 to 58. Maybe some of the other pins make for more par 4's.

Other Thoughts:

I enjoyed playing this course and look forward to playing it when it's complete. It's another great addition to the Quad Cities.

The Quad Cities has some very good disc golf. Plan a vacation here and play as many course as you can. You will not be disappointed.

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3.50 star(s)

A gem just north of the qca 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 26, 2009 Played the course:once


-Awesome setting for a disc golf course: massive park with great views of the widest part of the Mississippi River (can't see it from course but in other areas of the park)
-great elevation changes especially on the front nine (many uphill shots, some rolling hill shots and down hills)
-good mix of holes anhyzers, hyzers rollers, straight shots
-2 tee pads, most holes have 2 pin locations
-well maintained from what I saw
-awesome tee pads (12' x 4' concrete)
-great signs (good representation of hole obstacles and pin locations, also aesthetically cool-brown with an eagle holding the hole number)
-challenging hole locations (a lot of tucked away holes in the woods that offer great risk/reward possiblities-either lay up to the opening (safe) or go for it (risky)
-rough is very rough: save strokes by staying in the fairway
-fairly open but many mature trees make shot placement paramount
-2 holes completely in the woods with many that start open and end in the deep woods
-blind holes galore:about half of the holes you can't see from the long pads (short pads most are visible)
-many legitimate par 4s
-dueces are earned (no straightfoward easy holes)
-course is shared with a horse trail at some points, but local knowledge says that horses are few and far between, thus the area for the course is pretty much entirely for dg (no playgrounds, picnicers, general annoyances)


-no facilities that I saw near disc golf course, there are bathrooms and water at park however
-2 of the tee pads were not yet poured when I played
-because of the blind aspects of many holes and the thick, nasty rough, spotters are necessary, unless you want to leave with a substantially lighter bag at the end of the round
-storm damage by 2's baskets needs to be cleared
-the woods holes (15, 16, 17) are rough and nasty: head high weeds, stinging nettles, poison ivy: it needs to either be cleared or tramped down by foot traffic
-a lot of prairie grass to lose your disc in(not necessarily a con if you have a spotter)
-course closes in November for bow hunting

Other Thoughts:

This will be a championship level course, it's not quite there yet due to the cons that I described above but with time, play and foot traffic the majority of the cons will not be a problem. When this course is broken in, it will be a 4.5 for me at least.

Go to www.iowadg.com find a local with some course knowledge. DG hasn't really caught on here as I understand, but there is a possiblity of some qca'ers coming up for a round.

I can't stress enough to bring multiple people to play. Spotters are extremely advised. When I played there were just 2 of us and we spotted on most of the front nine and some of the back. But due to the elevation changes it gets tiring to run ahead and spot for half the holes, so a three or foursome is recommended.
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Got to Play 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 2, 2009 Played the course:once


Great course. Layout was easy to follow. This course puts all your skills to the test. With blind tee shots, left and right doglegs. And 15 and 16 is a blast in the woods.


Only two things about this course that disappointed me. First was finding out after I played that there were scorecards on the back of the map display at the beginning of the course. The second was that the hole for #2 was almost unplayable due to recent storm damage.

Other Thoughts:

This is a course that everyone should put on their must play list. I know that I will be making a return trip when ever I am back in the area.
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Experience: 21 years 6 played 5 reviews
3.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 18, 2008 Played the course:once


New course above the Mississippi river that has length and also some shorter more technical wooded holes. There are two sets of tees for each hole and the distance between the tees on some holes is quite substantial. The beauty of the park itself is big pro. Beautiful views of the widest point of the river.


Brand new course that did not have any signs when I played it. There was some holes that were still in the need of some clearing of limbs and the rough was very very thick.

Other Thoughts:

Wind is a big factor and this not a typical par 54 course. [from the pro tees]. This has a definite potential of a 4 star rating or better.
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