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Semora, NC

Kraken DGC

Permanent course
2.545(based on 12 reviews)
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Kraken DGC reviews

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Diamond level trusted reviewer
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Experience: 20.1 years 605 played 551 reviews
2.00 star(s)


Reviewed: Played on:Apr 9, 2023 Played the course:once


An odd combination of two different 9-hole layouts. Neither is good. So, how do you think the full 18 will play.
- There were two holes on the front nine I thought were enjoyable. The other seven were open and simple, and way too basic. Or, blah if you prefer.
- Those two holes that I liked were #5 and 7. #5 is a dogleg right, downhill shot playing around a corner of trees. The only tee shot you truly have to shape on the front 9; although, you do to some degree on #2 as well. The other fun-ish hole is #7, a wide-open downhill shot. The basket is on the edge of a slope on the opposite side of a court from #2. This sloped hill basket means you'll have a different looking putt depending on where you land.
- The back nine had three extremely scenic water holes. The day I played the wind was blustery, so throwing over water meant that disc could blow any direction. Each of these holes - #13 - 15 - offers a varying degree of challenge.
- #13 had the longest water carry of the three, but the easiest ground to land on. #14 has the hardest landing zone, but does offer the easiest layout to play around the water's edge. #15 has a straight shot to the basket with the highest risk/reward tee shot. Smaller gap if you aim for the basket. Aim further right, and it's a wider gap. So, how about a big curve through the big gap, skipping back towards the basket?
- The other six holes had one enjoyable hole (#10) and five simplistic layouts.
- You can easily play just the front or back nine. At least both end up close to the beginning.
- There's a separate parking lot before the pay booth. Unfortunately, the day I was there, I didn't see the sign for the disc golf lot until after I played. Fortunately, the gate was unattended so I parked in the main, further lot for free.
- If nothing else, this is a good walk throughout the park. If you love walking through a big field away from the lake, you will absolutely love the front 9.
- For boaters, campers, and fishermen, you'll love this park. The park has a targeted audience and it seems to hit its target with that crowd.


The layout itself is insufficient. It's surprising how inferior this course is compared to the other two Roxboro area courses.
- When you've got to do excess walking between holes to justify a layout, it's a bad layout. After #4, you're walking the entire length of #5 backwards heading to the tee, only to turn back around whence you came from. Going from #7 to 8, you walk a good chuck of #8's fairway. Finishing #8, headed to 9, you walk the entire length of #8's fairway (again), heading to #9. Let's not forget the long walk from #2 to 3 where you're walking right past #7's basket.
- Lots of wide-open fairways with zero obstacles. Fron #2's tee, the only basket you see is actually #7's. Just dreadful.
- On the back 9, going from #12 to 13, there's a lone arrow to head down a path. After 150 feet, the path forks into two opposite directions. Make sure you pick the correct path. From there, playing #13, you walk past both #15 (first) then 14 to get to your basket.
- All three water holes can have park goers in the way. #13's basket was blocked by fishermen the day I played so couldn't putt or thrown anywhere close to the basket.
- #16's fairway is the walking path. Smart!
- #17 & 18 could have been fun holes with the creek playing on the right side plus a view of the bridge. Instead, it was time to just finish up.

Other Thoughts:

Kraken isn't a good course. I had very little fun. Granted, it was course 14 out of 15 in a 32 hour stretch for me. On the other hand, that meant I was checked out enough to despise it even less.
- I'm not sure what can be done to improve this layout unfortunately. With limited wooded areas, you're relying on open holes to fill in the gaps. For starters, however, eliminate the overlapping walks. Just by simply reorganizing holes, and moving two tees, you cut the excess walking on the front side in half.
- Having layouts fold back on themselves is an issue. That's a sign you're squeezing in or forcing layouts.
- All that said, you look at the course map, and there does seem to be more space. There's an entire peninsula of wooded land beyond #13. If, just if, that land was tapped into, why not another Sasquatch-esque layout?
- Big arms will like the front side. Accurate players will enjoy the back nine. At least, that should be the side they prefer even if they don't like it.
- I suspect a fair amount of play here is with people spending the weekend camping/boating here. I suspect many a rounds are played with a beer in one hand and a couple discs being carried in the other.
- Of the three Roxboro-area courses, this one seemed much further away. It felt the most 'in the middle of nowhere', not that Roxboro is a bustling metropolis.
- That said, I'd rather play the other two layouts multiple times before coming here again.
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Experience: 21.1 years 486 played 248 reviews
2.50 star(s)

The bronze medal for the NCNC Monsters 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 3, 2019 Played the course:once


Beautiful location overlooking and along Hyco Lake, a recreational lake with campground.
Tee signs and good DISCatchers.
Open, wooded and water holes - more on that later.
Good elevation on the front 9.


Tees are grass, or natural surface.
Open holes on front 9 are very open, only 3 have any trees nearby.
3 water carries on the back 9, shorter versions are available.
Back 9 had a lot of debris on the fairways, right in the middle of summer!
A few campsites were very near #4 tee. (The basket is in the trees, don't throw to the basket straight ahead, in the open.)

Other Thoughts:

This was my second of the 3 North Central North Carolina monster courses. I have since played all 3 and this definitely comes in at #3 on the list. Not a terrible course, the baskets are great and has a lot of variety, including elevation on the front 9.
This is the kind of course that would be nice to have around if you were camping here, but not a destination course. With very few trees on the front 9, it got pretty hot on the July day I was there.
There were a couple of neat holes there:
#2 - drive through a decent sized gap, then hyzer to the basket.
#7 - long downhill to a basket perched on a steep sidehill, parked my drive and hit the birdie putt!
Then the trees began right away on the back 9, #10 is a gauntlet type fairway, through two rows of pine trees. A couple other wooded holes, then the three water carries. All three were along the shore, cutting off various inlets. #13 plays as a hyzer, then 14 and 15 were Anhyzer throws. I played two of them from the whites tees, and only had to fish one out of the lake!
Then the last three were wooded, decent enough holes, but nothing spectacular. It was nice to have the shade on the back nine.
The campground and facilities at the lake looked really nice and would have been a great place to spend 4th of July weekend, but that's probably the only way I would play this course again.
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Experience: 8.5 years 8 played 7 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Solid Mix of Holes--Fun Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 28, 2017 Played the course:once


Challenging open holes where you can air it out.
Interesting water holes--not too far but nail biters.
Great mix of open and woods holes.


Woods holes too tight with some weird lines.
Navigation could be better, we got lost in the open field section more than once.

Other Thoughts:

Definitely worth playing if you are close. Not as good as Rockness, but different feel.
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Experience: 10 played 10 reviews
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WIDE OPEN! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 6, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


Wide open courses are much needed in this area. The only other open courses are Cedar Rock and Springwood in Burlington. I'm just very thankful to have another open course to let the disc fly without worrying about trees.

People complained about throwing near a playground but there's a newer playground on the campground that the kids play at and there's never anyone on the playground by hole 3.

People have also complained about the cement on hole 7 but I think it's pretty cool and unique, also they took the fence down so your discs don't have to come in at a high angle. Nothing a little bit of sand paper doesn't fix.

Great place to go diving for discs, which is a rarity around here and I really enjoy it.


In the spring and summer this course can be absolutely brutal because you'll be out in the hot sun throughout the entire front 9, in a wide open field with no shade to be found except for a short time on hole 2 and 4.

The back 9 is pretty lackluster for the most part, especially if you don't want to risk losing your discs in the water.

This isn't the fault of the course or the course designer, but on the water holes there have been people fishing on the shore every time I went to play, I ended up just skipping them.

Other Thoughts:

I think it's a great course and a necessary addition to the area, WE NEED MORE OPEN COURSES!
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 15.7 years 117 played 110 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Let's get Kraken 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 3, 2015 Played the course:once


The front 9 is very open and the back is very wooded, which tests your abilities for both styles. The back 9 also has some extra risk with water coming into play. The water was very clean looking and is a nice feature of the course.

The tennis court hole is fun but I wouldn't want to play it regularly because of the damage the plastic would take.

Other Pros:
-clean park
-distance variety
-multiple tees
-good signage


My biggest pet peeve is a hole near a playground. #3 plays near one. I know it seems easy to avoid on an open hole but, I would just prefer to not take the chance. There are also walking paths in the back 9.
Some baskets are too close to the road, I aim for the chains but I don't want to hit a car or a kid.

*Temporary Con* A big tree was down on the back 9 making one hole unplayable.

Other Cons:
-natural tees

Other Thoughts:

I like the beast theme of the courses popping up in the area. They are really adding a decent group of courses to play in this area. I will be back to play here and nearby soon.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 13 years 278 played 276 reviews
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third beast unleashed 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 15, 2015 Played the course:once


Another course for Roxboro? Someone up here likes building courses more than playing him because I've never seen another person on any of the three beasts, but each time I have been, significant work has been done, including the creation of a third course in Kraken. While Rockness is the jewel of the area, Kraken offers a nice variety of holes. The first half of the course is open, and by that I mean wiiiiide open. Mixed in are few interesting shots, such as the early tunnel on 3, the basket tucked into the woods on 4, and a basket placed in the center of a tennis court on 5. The rest of the first nine provides plenty of chances to air a disc out. There are some rolling hills, and a few places where a tree line borders one side of the fairway, but if you want to bomb drives, the Kraken will not disappoint.
The course transitions around the midpoint to a series of tight wooded holes. And I mean tiiiight wooded holes. Very narrow gaps here and though a few trees could still be removed there are a lot of chances to really put some sharp angles on a throw. Eighteen holes of either the front nine or back nine might have been too much but nine of each is just right.
Then there are the water holes. For me, 13, 14 and 15 were the highlight of the course. 13 uses a nook in the lake to create a traditional carry of about 220 feet but with significant bailout space to the left. 14 and 15 play alongside a large lake, but the tees and baskets are laid out so that a disc has to hang over the water before crashing home to the right. 15 offers nice choice with a long over water path to the pin or a much shorter and straighter carry that would leave a long and possibly difficult approach shot. I enjoyed all three but if you don't want to risk a disc, there is always a red tee.
Additionally, the Kraken features the same amenities that are present on the other Roxbury courses: a set of red tees that are often absurdly easy but are nice for very new players, a set of blue tees that add a tremendous amount of difficulty but are often absurd, and some of the most creative and helpful tee signs that I've seen.


Kraken shares the main flaw of its beastly neighbors: The course is very much structured around the white tees and the blue tees often suffer for this. I played the whites but I noticed where the blues were. Some, like 3, are ridiculous shots that discs don't do, in effect creating a forced layup. Others aren't bad throws but don't have a good flow. For example, after finishing 5, someone playing blues would have to walk along half of the hole they played to find the 6 blue tee in the middle of the 5 fairway. I'd recommend that newcomers play the white tees, because it is definitely intended to play that way.
And while there is variety in the holes, most of the hole-types are done better elsewhere. A few of the open holes come off a little flat. A few of the wooded holes have plinko sections. And yes, the downed trees make playing the water holes difficult. Some of the walks between holes are rather tedious as well.

Other Thoughts:

A really nice complement to Rockness in that it doesn't duplicate any of the things that the older course does so well. It doesn't stand out as a great course on its own but playing both courses in an afternoon offers a varied 36 holes that is all the better because you may well have the course to yourself.
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Experience: 16.9 years 192 played 189 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Kraken is kind of Cray 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 17, 2015 Played the course:once


So, yeah. This course is kind of doing its own thing in some spots to say the least. When I played here, the word 'extreme' came to mind. Not extreme like you have to take a zip-line from hole to tee or anything but it's a very black & white course. You have really open field holes and then you have really tight, wooded holes. And some water carries to scare you a little bit. Not much in the way of your typical NC wooded fairway holes which can be a good thing, especially since nearby Rockness excels in that department.

The front 9 is very open, park style golf. There is some occasional playing through/around woods like #2 (a pleasant hole) and #s 4 & 5. The rest are very air it out type holes. The back 9 is kind of shoehorned into this wooded area between the parking lot and the lake. Very technical, very stay on the fairway (especially the water holes). For the most part, this is pretty decent golf.

The water holes are actually pretty good if you ignore proximity issues of tees and holes. #13 is fair for both handedness, for RHBH you can go left and get a safe 3 or maybe 2 or you can play risk vs reward and go straight at it for an easy 2 or tree kick into the water, cool. #s 14 and 15 riskier for righties that can't FH, good for LHBH. Still though, easy enough for RHBH to play it safe and keep their discs and pars.

The controversial tennis court hole: I actually like this hole. I completely understand not wanting to scuff up your discs though. There's an easy solution here: Carpet/mulch/astroturf around the basket, say ~40' diameter or so. If you want the deuce, put it inside the 10 meter circle basically, if you don't want to hurt your disc, layup outside the fence and approach over. You can make it interesting and make the exposed tennis court OB. That's just one idea, you can come up with more island green ideas, etc. But overall, this is a neat hole and I'd prefer it not to be scrapped.

Awesome tee signs as usual.


Good news here is most of the cons are easily fixable I think. Natural tees currently.

Hole 3: It's okay but I'd prefer not to hyzer around a playground, even if it looks like it hasn't been used since the eighties. I say move the basket up and right and somewhere along that ridge for an interesting green, maybe stretch it into a par 4. You might have to worry about people teeing off on #7 coming nearby but it's wide open and both parties should be able to see each other.

Holes 4 & 5: I feel like the original idea was for 4 to play to 5's basket and then 5's tee to play to 4's basket inside the woods. Those look like much more fun and less confusing holes. The downside is players holing out on 5 have to cross 4's fairway to transition to hole 6 but screw it, I think it's worth it. Especially because it avoids...

Hole 6: Long tee plays way too close and parallel to hole 5 IMO.

Hole 8: I straight up dislike this hole. Basket is less than 15' from the OB line, still close to the road and I had a hell of a time finding it tucked away in those trees. I would scrap this one and just make a filler hole that plays uphill, tee near the stage and play toward 9's tees.

Hole 12: That one tree in the middle is maybe too much, might reward luck more than skill. Basket is really close to that road that leads to lake parking.

Other Thoughts:

Hole 17 is really nice, was not aware of the drop off to the lake on the right until I teed off, that could have ended badly on a turnover. Maybe a little limb lopping to heighten the ceiling and make it more midrange and putter friendly.

Hole 3 also needs limb lopping to raise the ceiling for the long tees, it's a little too "down-then-up" right now.

Hole 9 I think would be more interesting if it followed the down slope more. Airing it out would be more fun, rollers would be useful, might help scoring separation. On the other hand, it would increase the walk from basket to hole 10 so I'm 50/50. Fun hole either way if you throw far.

This is a worthwhile course and a pretty good effort by the designer considering the land available; I imagine the back 9 was pretty tricky to lay out. I enjoyed my round and I think it has potential to climb into the 3's with some minor tweaking. A nice complement to Rockness and its forest.
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3.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 25, 2015 Played the course:once


Variety of shot selections. Good mix from the long tees, complementing the shorts. Holes 13-15 are 3 of the best water holes you can find. They have fair landing zones for every shot selection. If you land in the water you can still recover your disc since the water is pretty clear and shallow. There are a lot of fun and challenging courses in this area and camping too.


Course is very young and doesn't have tee pads yet.

Other Thoughts:

Before you complain about the tennis court hole. Consider the unique challenge you don't see other places and why you play the game. If you don't want wear and tear on your plastic, put it on the wall and stay home.
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Experience: 13.6 years 17 played 5 reviews
3.00 star(s)

A Young Maturing Beast 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 28, 2015 Played the course:2-4 times


As someone who plays the triangle of beasts often (Rockness, Sasquatch, Kraken), I could be a little biased towards this course, but yet i'm keeping an open mind during this review. On to the positives.

New, level baskets:
This is often taken for granted now a days, but still must be looked at as a positive part of the course. No missing chains. Not broken down and old. I play a few courses that the baskets are sub-par, so I always take it as a positive.

A great mix of every type of hole design:
This is a big positive to me. Having almost a 50/50 split in wooded to open gives you a feel for the variety of disc golf every time you come out. You can get great practice in both distance and touch as well having no trees or a 100 in your way with one visit. The design also worked in both anhyzer and hyzer holes of both open and wooded. Lastly, water holes are included. You get something of everything here. I think the design was well thought out, though some challenges are still there (addressed in my cons).

9 hole loops:
This is just a personal preference for me, but I address as a positive. I love the idea of playing a quick 9, if time is limited. Kraken makes this easy since 1 and 10 in the same location where you park.

I'll say that though the lines may not be easy on every hole, if you walk it, there are well defined paths for every basket. There are also multiple options for most holes. Whether it be backhand, forehand, lefty or righty. As a righty with no forehand, i had no issues at Kraken. You have an option to take an easier shot or go for the 2. Again, though difficult, there are no blind shots.

Though this is looking to the future, I see a lot of potential growth, which can only be looked at as a positive. Dave, the designer, is always open to ideas and changes. You can see this in his other courses, Rockness and Sasquatch, which have become favorites of those visiting. I see great potential and assistance from the parks department, which can only make it better and a positive on my list.


Keeping the unbiased look at Kraken, I am also reviewing this in it's infancy (4 months old), which i'm keeping in mind.

I said in the positives that there are lines on every hole, yet some are rather difficult. This would probably turn off lower level players and could be frustrating.

Tee pads
No tee pads make it pretty difficult, especially with longer holes where you need to trust your footing. I don't think it's a deal breaker since they are level and do have some gravel. In the end, teepads are needed here.

This is one issue that's difficult to address due to the location and, to me, also depends on who is playing. Holes 13-17 have some safety issues regarding tee and hole location. Though you can see the tee pads and baskets from 13 & 14, it's still in a difficult location and you have to be cautious if other players are around. With #15, if you go long because of the water OB, the road is right there with possible players or pedestrians walking. #16 you can take time to see who is ahead of you, so it's not as bad as the others. Still safety is a pretty big con when you're dealing with fast moving plastic saucers.

#7 (tennis court)
This is a small con since it is an easy fix, and it's already been noted in the description a alt basket will be placed here. Throwing your disc 300' directly onto on a hard surface is far from ideal.

Other Thoughts:

Let me preface this by telling you that I'm an intermediate to advanced disc golfer (@930 rated), so definitely not even close to a pro level...but I love the challenge and I get it here at Kraken.

I believe in the ebb and flow of course design and that is important when it comes to difficulty, which I believe you get here. A great mix of hyzer/anhyzer, open/wooded, short/long with room to mature and grow it. It's a challenge to adjust yourself to different holes the entire time.

My favorite hole is Blue #13 as an example. I know, right off the bat, i'm not going to park it every time and I could be in the water every now and then. That's part of it. That's part of disc golf. Making those decisions based on how you are playing and the hole you are playing. Lay up or go for it.

Again, You get that here at Kraken

Am I saying Kraken is the greatest course? Far from.
Is it the worst? Far from.

I do believe overall the positives outweigh the negatives by a hair, which is why I gave Kraken a 3. I think Kraken has the foundation to be a great course that will challenge you every time. It may still be far off from becoming that, but definitely on the right path.
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
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1.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 18, 2015 Played the course:once


Holes 2,4,10,11,12,17,18

The front nine here is pretty wide open. Hole 2 lets you tee off from the open, pass through a break in a wooded area and hole out in the field on the other side. Pretty neat hole.

Hole 4 is mostly open, but the basket position in the woods on the left makes it a little more interesting.

Hole 10 is a pretty sweet tunnel shot that really requires some straight, low shooting.

Holes 11 and 12 are cut into a pine forest that has a nice floor of pine needles. There are a few small stumps, but they are easily visible. One finishing right and one finishing left. Tight fairways but there is room for shots.

Hole 17 is a straight shot but you will pay dearly if you miss too far to the right as there is a steep drop off to water on that side.

Hole 18 finishes left and you can see the top of the basket from the tee.

The baskets are brand new Innova DIscCatchers so they are in tip-top shape.

Even with no signage other than 4x4 posts, I had no trouble following the course with a map.


Holes 1,3,6,7,8,9 are wide open with the exception of 8's basket being between a couple of trees. Hole 7 is a gimmick hole that I didn't care for. You throw over a fence to the middle of an old tennis court.

We looked at 13-15. Holes 13,14,15 are all right next to water and require precision distance throws to avoid a splashdown. It would be years from now, if ever, that I would have the skill to play these holes. If you are a beginner or lack power AND control, you better bring your bathing suit for 13-15. There are 2 discs lost at Kraken according to DGCR. They were lost on 14 and 15.

Other Thoughts:

I think the designer did the best they could with what they had. They just didn't have much to start with here at this park. I see advanced players being bored on the front 9 and everyone cussing holes 13-15.

Moving #7 basket away from the old tennis courts (or ripping up some asphalt) and putting in alternate baskets or tee locations for 13-15 (there really isn't much room, though) would make this course much more playable for me.

Coming from the Triad of NC, this course was included in a loop of Sasquatch>Rockness Monster>Kraken>Ballou #2. It was not far off the beaten path on that route. The same designer did Rockness and Sasquatch. They are both excellent courses if you are in the area.
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I liked #10 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 15, 2015 Played the course:once


new baskets, nine hole loops back to parking, #9 basket allows easy practice putting before playing #1


Some reported hole distances are inaccurate.
Hole lowlights:
#4 throwing over access road should be re-located to same side of road as basket.
#5 tees from a swamp, should move up the hill or add several hundred pounds of woodchips.
#7 pin surrounded by 50 feet of asphalt
#8 pin is within 12 feet of OB and trees obstructing putts.
#13-15 Blue Tee distances and lines require great accuracy and some luck. White Tees have no bailout options for inexperienced to average players, must cross water and navigate trees on the way to, and surrounding landing areas, that could easily deflect discs into the water.
#16 Blue blind uphill up a walking trail, very dangerous to any pedestrians who are anywhere close to the basket. The route to the pin is a poke-and-hope from either tee.
#17 right side has steep drop-off to water.

Other Thoughts:

I played from both sets of tees except for #13-15 where I only played the white tees, due to the near certainty of losing a disc in the murky water off of the Blue tees. These 3 holes are only suitable for highly skilled players.
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2.50 star(s)

Good Start 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 7, 2015 Played the course:once


Plenty of chances to air it out on the front nine. Good use of elevation. While there is not a lot of elevation, the course mixes up/ down/ side shill shots well. The back nine is wooded with very tight lines.


No signage, no tee pads, no benches, trash cans. I do't mind a gimmick hole every now and then, however, I do not care for hole 7. The basket is in the middle of an old tennis court. I can see the hard surface doing significant damage to a disc(why i skipped this hole). I don't care for the tees on hole 4. Both were across the access road from the fairway. The road was not busy, I just felt the tees could have been in the wooded area between 3's basket and the current tee location. Good opportunity for a tunnel shot out to the fairway.

Other Thoughts:

I know the course is brand new and there is a lot of work to do but there is potential for this to be a very nice course. We met one of the guys building the course and he was very nice. He was eager for feed back and said they would take all suggestions under consideration. I will definitely come back to see how the course grows up.
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