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China Grove, NC

Lake Corriher DGC

3.25(based on 5 reviews)
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Lake Corriher DGC reviews

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Experience: 2 played 2 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Tight But Fun Course drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 15, 2023 Played the course:2-4 times


Beautiful Course with great use of elevation and a few signature holes and landscape.

New Baskets, Tee Pads, and new signs were great!


A lot of repetition. Most of the holes are the same length (Mid 200's to 300 and are all pretty straight with a 5 to 6 foot fairway).

Can be a little muddy, especially after the rain.

Definitely need Udisc to learn the layout from hole to hole.

Other Thoughts:

This course definitely tests your abilities to throw straight in various tunnel shots. Being one of the few courses in Rowan County, it is definitely not a beginner course and provides a great challenge for intermediate to more seasoned players. It might be short, but the tight tunnel shots make it a course you cannot sleep on!

Holes I like: 5,7,8
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Gold level trusted reviewer
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Experience: 16.9 years 144 played 139 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Lake Corriher (Now with 18 Holes)

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 3, 2022 Played the course:2-4 times


Lake Corriher has somewhat recently had six holes added, making it an 18 hole course. The course features DISCatcher baskets, concrete tees, and colorful tee signs (at least on the first 12 holes, I assume the final 6 will get signs soon though. The course creates one full loop around Landis Lake.

Lake Corriher is a heavily wooded course that features a premium on accuracy and shot shaping abilities over distance. As long as players can get off the tee clean and stay relatively close to the fairway, scoring even shouldn't be overly difficult here. Players will have to shape shots with a variety of angles if they want to park every hole though.

The limited elevation around the course has been utilized well. Holes 5 & 7 stand out as downhill shots that are very memorable. Some of the transitions were a bit long, noticeably between Holes 1 and 2, but significant effort has gone into making sure there is adequate signage to assist in navigability.

The course wraps around the smaller of two lakes and is quite scenic. The greens for Holes 1 (placed near a beautiful "waterfall") and 5 (built on a rock outcropping) were gorgeous.

There seems to be a lot of other activities going on at the park, including fishing, hiking, camping, boating, etc.


While multiple angles were needed to throw well off the tee, there was not a lot of variance between the nature of each hole. They all felt very similar, narrow fairway with a slight shape, usually between 225 ft and 280 ft long.

The course has a few places were the rough was particularly noticeable. The dam on the side of Hole 7 was particularly rough, as were a few places around the new holes. However, none of the rough was oppressively bad.

Holes 5 & 10 through over/through camping areas. Which would be a shame to not throw if people are camping since these were two of the better holes in my opinion.

Hole 18's tee feels awkward. I can't tell if the tee was angled poorly, or if more trees need to be trimmed to make the gap more natural, but right now there are multiple trees creating a wall where the tee is pointed, but a sizable gap just offset from that area.

Would have loved for there to be two or three par 4s, just to help mix things up, since most of the course feels very similar.

Other Thoughts:

I first visited Lake Corriher when it was a 12 hole course, but had to leave before I finished my round due to time constraints. I decided to wait until the rumored additional 6 holes were added, and I am very happy I waited. All-in-all, Lake Corriher is a good, well-designed par 54 course that should be able to be enjoyed by all. So I am going to give it a 3.0 rating. To me, the course felt like the vanilla ice cream of wooded disc golf. It was a good course that likely won't blow anyone away, some people will like it more than others, but almost nobody is going to downright hate it. If you are ever in the area, it is well worth stopping by and playing a round and enjoying a peaceful walk through the woods.

Favorite Holes: 5, 8, 10, 17
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 13.3 years 308 played 289 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Into the Wild 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 22, 2020 Played the course:once


-Lake Corriher is a real gem. 12 hole course at a ymca but feels very hidden in the wilderness. The walkthrough is a real joy, and the locals are very friendly people. The fairways here are all really fair but challenging. The woods here are what you'd expect to see in a movie.

-There are many fire pits that you'll see while playing the course. This is an ideal place for having a camp fire. This place could be a perfect campsite (don't know if camping is available or not). Just seeing those fire pits on the course was a special element to the disc golf experience.

-The lake is gorgeous itself. There were many people out fishing. The walking trail is nice and even has you crossing over some rocks in the creek. I saw many kids rock hopping and other people enjoying the nature trail.

-I read the previous reviews. I think the issue with all of the debris has been fixed. Course was very clear and polished.

-Hole 5! This is not the kind of hole you'll find in NC. There's a possibility that this is the coolest looking hole that I've seen. You throw off of an elevated tee and are looking down at some of the most beautiful grass, trees, and rocks. You have to throw low in order to miss the low hanging ceiling. On the side of the fairway, you see a couple of fire pits and an enormous rock side straight ahead. The basket is perched on some rocks in the middle of a rock green.

-Elevation is light. But the two downhill holes both capitalize on the available elevation. I would say they are both blatant signature holes. I already mentioned hole 5 and the beautiful scenery it gives. Hole 7 is the other one. You are standing next to the lake again off the tee pad. This is a classic "Empty the Bag" ace run! The fairway is tight so if you hit a tree off the pad, the steep downhill elevation change could very well knock you far off of the fairway. When you are at the basket, you'll be looking pretty high up at the top of the hill.

-Danger. There's a good amount here. #6 is an intimidating ace run. It's the shortest hole on the course at 204'. The fairway turns slightly left but there are some guardian trees that can knock you to the right side. To the right side, there is a small but steep hill that takes you to the walking trail. There is another steep hill next to the walking trail that leads to the lake. If you hit hard enough, there's a slight chance you'll end up in the lake. #1's slightly elevated basket makes a good putting challenge as well.

-Nice tee pads and tee signs. Baskets are in great shape.


-Not very many. This is an excellent 12 holer. I think the main problem is the land restriction. There's plenty more land, but is not available for an additional six holes. This issue leaves you with a pretty long walk back to your car. The walk back is pretty open and I thought to myself that it'd be cool to see a longer open hole. If this was an 18 holer, there would probably be an annual tournament held here that would fill up fast. The atmosphere is excellent!

-Danger: It does cross the walking trail many times, so you're almost certain to see some pedestrians. You may have to yield. It's also hard to cross #8's fairway without crossing the creek. You'll probably get wet walking across the rocks. Something else that is dangerous is that there are copperheads here.

-If you like variance in hole distances, you won't see that here. The spread is only 96'. Strictly a par 3 course. Longest hole is only 300', but it is slightly uphill.

Other Thoughts:

-This course is pretty tricky to find. Make sure you park across the street from the YMCA first of all. And make sure you park on the left side facing the field. You'll see a bridge that leads you to the first hole. The next tee signs are helpful enough for navigation to not be an issue, but there are a few long walks to the next tees. Just enjoy the stroll in the woods!

-Hole 5 is by far my favorite hole. The elevated tee shot is just the icing on the cake. I'm not really a sidearm thrower (a shot that is strongly favored for right handed throwers) but this is maybe one of my favorite holes in disc golf. The rocks, the required throw around mature trees and over a bunch of rocks. The course has some other great aspects to it as well. I really liked #8's tee shot over the creek and me personally, I thought crossing the creek was fun. I enjoyed the very narrow #11. The fairway is less than 10' wide in spots but I was able to birdie this hole. I threw a marshall pretty softly off the tee and was 20' left of the pin.

-It's an adventure here! Nice wooded course. I shot five under and was happy with that score. Pros will probably expect to shoot at least five under here. Every hole is demanding, but none are incredibly hard for an advanced player to birdie. There's a lot of forgiveness here despite the fact it's completely wooded. I had plenty of bad kicks and still didn't do worse than par on any of the holes here.
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Experience: 20.1 years 605 played 551 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Corriher the Warrior Disc Golf 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 30, 2018 Played the course:once


Lake Corriher is an excellent, wooded 12-hole layout. It's really a trick to take a long, scenic walk through the woods and around the smaller pond. If only we could be tricked into a course around the larger lake.
- Excellent, mid-length layout. Average hole length is 253 feet, with all holes ranging between 204 and 300 feet.
- Accuracy is key, but the course is forgiving. Fairways aren't too tight. That said, if you get sloppy and miss the fairways, you're fighting for your pars.
- Course has some great scenery. The approach on #1 gives you a fantastic view of a small waterfall beyond the basket. #5 is a great view from the tee, a downhiller to the most open portion of the course. #7 is a solid downhill view from the tee; #8 plays over a creek, giving you a true deep-woods feel; and #10 has an approach over a primitive fire pit. Don't throw your Blaze into this pit.
- Course can appeal to multiple skill levels. More advanced players will be aggressive enough to make runs at birdie on most holes. Lesser skilled players will enjoyable the bearable hole lengths. I had nothing worse than a tap-in par except for the tree-blocking-the-entire-fairway/nearly-unplayable-#11.
- Tee signs are excellent. I'd like a few more next tee signs, especially from #1 to #2.
- Solid park. This is seemingly a hidden outdoor gem. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy fishing, boating, hiking, or picnicking. There's a nice general store next to #2 where you can rent discs or get many other supplies for your visit. The park also has some of the most impressive bathrooms located throughout the park. I passed several of them throughout the round.


This is a well-designed, well thought-out course. There's only one issue and that can be remedied easily.
- Navigation is tricky multiple times throughout the course. There's no signage in the parking lot where to go. I correctly guessed it would be towards the more heavily used portion of the park. From there, confusion going from #1 to 2 (long walk), #8 (best place to safely and dryly cross the creek), from #8 to 9 (next tee sign points you left when the tee pad is 50 feet right behind said tree), and on #11 (due to the massive tree fallen across fairway).
- Other navigational 'issue' is how the course crosses back and forth over the walking trails. It could be very easy to make a wrong turn and head down the trail instead of on a transitional path. Along those lines is hikers suddenly appearing on a hole because they took a wrong turn too.
- Small stumps and roots on many holes. Also, some slopes can be very slippery, even small ones as I discovered on #6.
- If you a want to stretch for negatives, I guess you could mention the lack of variance. No long par 4s or 5s, no true open holes apart from the second half of #5. I could have played this course easily with one mid-range disc.
- There's too much else to do here that some may want to rush there rounds to enjoy everything else.

Other Thoughts:

Lake Corriher is an excellent 12-hole course. It's most obvious comp in the region is Squirrel Lake in Matthews, and not just because they're both 12-hole layouts.
- For any out of towner reviewing this course, DO NOT be that person and make a cheap Doobie Brothers reference to China Grove. It's lazy and it's not original. The song was named after this town. References to the town have been made since the song came out.
- There is a long walk back from #12 to the parking lot. Some people may notice there's enough room to fit in exactly six more holes in that space. Hmmmmmm.
- When the weather is great, I wonder how crowded this place gets. It may be difficult playing the entire round without interruptions from other park goers.
- Course has enough fun, scenic holes that it makes you forget the monotony of the layouts. If you throw a straight shot 225 - 250 feet on every hole, you're getting a tap-in par 3 at worst on every hole.
- #7's tee shot is one of the most scenic you'll get. Teeing off close to the banks of the lake, plus a fun downhill layout to play. Why rush your shot? Sit back and relax.
- This course will get overlooked because it's in the middle of nowhere and its only 12-holes. That's a shame because it's an excellent layout. I'd love to see six more baskets to really make it worth the drive.
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3.50 star(s)

Pretty, entirely in woods 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 24, 2018 Played the course:once


A pretty walk in the woods with a river nearby on most holes and 2 small waterfalls to add to the atmosphere.
Creative use of available land.
Good navigational signs.
New baskets.
A good mix of flight paths


Hitting a tree on hole #1 is very likely to get your disc kicked across the river, and it is not easy to retrieve it from that side, this might be especially problematic for children.
Number 8 was a poke and hope to try and get to the pin from the tee, or even to get into the fairway on the other side of the river.
Very minor, but, no tree symbols on the tee signs make it seem like you could throw a straight line to some of the pins.

Other Thoughts:

Just a couple more navigational arrows would make finding the next tee a little easier on a couple of the holes.
There was potential to conflict with a couple of camping sites, especially on hole #5 (where there are 2 possible pin positions), although the park was mainly empty when I played it.
I recommend this course as a must play to anyone who is in the area.
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