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Lake Eureka DGC reviews

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Experience: 24.8 years 98 played 14 reviews
2.00 star(s)

Just why?

Reviewed: Played on:May 11, 2023 Played the course:once


- There's some good shot-shaping on this mostly technical course. While basically half of the course plays as putter shots from the tee (even from the longs), there is some variety to the shorter holes. And there are some good longer holes that test more of your bag, as well as a couple of more open holes in the middle of the course that break up the woods.

- A couple of the technical par 4s (#7 and #11) provide good challenges, making sure you find the landing zone near a sharp dogleg before executing your second shot.

- Signage is very helpful in navigating a course where pathways cross and one that requires a bit of a walk between some holes. I don't think I needed to ever look at a course map when trying to figure out where to go next.


- After you finish putting on 13, just head back to your car. Do not pass Go, there is no $200, holes 14-18 are miserable. You might think, oh, 14 is innocuous enough. Just a 340 foot wide open shot. Seems fine, even with trampling through ankle-high overgrowth that looks like it's in a flood plain considering the dirt covering all of the weeds.

Don't say I didn't warn you when you walk through 1,900 feet (it's still 1,300 from the short tees) of that throwing flat, wide open shots for the next two holes. Distance does not make a hole interesting or challenging, and 15 and 16 are neither.

17 seems fine, until you realize there's a blind muddy pond that's not marked on the tee sign and semicircles around the right side of the pin. 18 was a hole seemingly stuck there because they needed to have one more.

- I can't tell you how miserable it was to play the final five holes (I realize I tried, but I'm trying to keep this short). It ruins the course and I'm convinced it's the reason this course has one total review on DGCR despite being around for a while. People are too mad to review it. I'm here as a friend. I'm here to warn you. Just play 13 holes!

Other Thoughts:

- You know when your parents told you if you have something mean to say, write it down, put it in your desk drawer and see if you feel the same way in the morning? Well, yeah, after a week, this course still burns me up.

- I actually like the first 13 holes. They're fine on their own, and I'd rate that course probably a 3.5. But it seems silly to come out of your way to play 13 holes.

- When I played this course 10+ years ago, it felt like much of the course was the same. But the last few holes were some variation of holes 6-8 from the temp course that you see on the Pro Tour. That's no longer a thing. Just so it's clear, there's no overlap between the two courses. The permanent course is on the north side of the lake, the temp course plays to the south.
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Experience: 11.4 years 37 played 2 reviews
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Great design, horrible maintenance 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 14, 2017 Played the course:once


Incredible, scenic woods.

Challenging holes with large trees in the way and elevation changes.

Pro-level course.


More POISON IVY than shrubs or underbrush! This course is literally dangerous due to the dense clusters of it.

Monster MOSQUITOES in summer!

Dangerous due to poison ivy and mosquitoes.

Other Thoughts:

I didn't get to enjoy this course due to the hazardous lack of maintenance on it when I went. Please note that my last game here was a while ago and (hopefully) it got better at the course, plus I've heard that pros have disc golfed here.

Honestly from what I got to see this is an incredible wooded course with lots of elevation changes. I just don't recommend going in the summer unless you wear long pants and have a lot of bug spray due to the poison ivy problem and mosquito infestation that I witnessed. For some reason my friend didn't get bitten by mosquitoes, but I've never been swarmed worse or been attacked by larger mosquitoes. I stopped after 4 holes because of all the poison ivy and constant bites from mosquitoes. I've never experienced anything like it, which makes me wonder what's wrong with the park or local environment for the mosquitoes to be so large and vicious.

Be a pro if you disc golf here so that you avoid getting discs in the poison ivy.

If the poison ivy/mosquito problem weren't there, I would give this course a '4.0' review. It really is a beautiful course and designed well, but I wish the owner would spray for poison ivy.
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Great wooded course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 14, 2018 Played the course:once


Beautiful course with lots of elevation changes and great use of woods. This course reminded me alot of the courses I play in North Carolina. There are quit a few short holes and 2 or 3 longer holes. It's very technical course that will challege you straight, left to right and right to left.


It would be helpful to add signs to next tee a bit clearer.
2 of the tightly wooded courses were a bit poke and pray with out a clear path

Other Thoughts:

I was in town for the Ledgesone open and decided to give the course a try. It is a super fun small course that is really wooded and hilly.
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Short On Length, Not Challenge 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 6, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


- Elevation change on many holes and is used very well

- Challenging but fair lines through the woods reward good shots and make you earn birdies despite the short length of most holes

- Baskets are in good shape and catch well, nice concrete tee pads


- Course is fairly short, with the holes 9 and 10 providing a decent chunk of the total distance, and some of the only opportunities to pull out your high speed drivers.

- Navigation can be tricky in a few spots, such as between 3 & 4, 8 & 9, and 13 & 14

- Tee signs are rudimentary showing only hole number and distance, tho most baskets are visible from the tee.

- Can become difficult or dangerous to play and navigate when wet

Other Thoughts:

Lake Eureka Disc Golf Course is a lovely course in a very nice park. Despite what the name may imply, the eponymous lake is never encountered on the course, which plays through tightly wooded fairways for all but 3 or 4 holes. Most holes are under 275' and there are a lot of birdie opportunities, but you have to earn them. What this course lacks in length it makes up for in technical golf. You need to be able to throw a disc accurately, and make it finish straight, left, and right to score well here, and there are a few 'S' shaped fairways that will really test your ability to control the flight of a disc if you want a deuce.

After playing tight, wooded golf for 8 holes, you are thrown out into the sunshine to face the only two holes over 320'. It is a bit jarring to go from throwing finesse shots to airing out drives on 450'+ holes, but holes 9 and 10 are not simply driving ranges and still require placement. There are a lot of fun holes here. Lake Eureka is best where the elevation is used well, such as on holes 2, 4, and 13, and precarious greens will keep you on your toes throughout. I don't know what kind of restrictions were placed on the course designers, but it seems a shame that the creek you see running through the park is never used as a design element in the course, would have really helped the variety.

The negative to all this elevation is how poor the footing becomes when the course gets wet. The clayey mud become very slippery and it becomes hard to line up behind your disc in many instances, and traversing some of the hilly areas becomes quite precarious. It was impossible to get any kind of run-up at the tee pad or on the fairway on Hole 17 during my most recent round recently after rain went through the area. Stinging nettles also pose a hazard on the course, and there are several areas where moving to a lie just slightly off the fairway can result in itching or burning legs if you aren't careful.

Equipment is generally good, Innova Discatcher baskets are in good shape, and the concrete tee pads are nice, if occasionally a little narrow or short. The tee signs could really use some improvement, even though the course is relatively short, there are still a decent number of blind holes where a diagram of the fairway would be helpful. Similarly, course navigation and flow is mostly ok, but there are a few locations where additional guidance would be really helpful (like between holes 3 & 4 and 13 & 14).

If you enjoy weaving midranges and putters through trees, you will have a lot of fun at Lake Eureka. There isn't much that will blow you away here, and I don't think there are any of those empty-your-bag type holes, but there is enough to keep you interested throughout. Challenging, without being punishing this is a great course, especially if you are not up for some of the bigger and badder courses in the Peoria area.
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Hallway Heaven 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 29, 2014 Played the course:2-4 times


Great tight course.....If you can throw straight. Loved the course. some of the hallways are only 10 ft wide. Hole 2 is one of them.. and it is an uphill shot on top of that. Had a great time playing this course in a winter league.


Heard that this course is really bad during the summer. Lots of poison ivy, That being said this will only be a winter course for me.

Other Thoughts:

wind plays a huge factor on 9,10 and 18.
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Nice course for technical play 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 29, 2014 Played the course:once


+ Nice park beside a peaceful lake which is not in play
+ Good tee pads. Small but adequate for driving these holes
+ Tee signs in good shape with hole length
+ Diversity of shots in the woods, both direction and elevation. The designer mostly made sound choices.
+ A good test of shot accuracy. Course knowledge a plus to scoring birdies
+ Correct par assignments


- Some holes have walking/running paths for fairways. I had to yield to a youth cross country running team four times during my round
- Almost no navigation aids. I had a map and had to resort to orienteering. I noticed after 12 holes the baskets have blue paint on the basket spoke in the direction of the next hole.

Other Thoughts:

= There is plenty of summer under growth to hide discs off the fairways, so be alert
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{Insert lame quip or pun concerning Archimedes here} 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 18, 2014 Played the course:2-4 times


- Most of the course is in the woods, and dedicated to disc golf. A few overlapping areas, mostly just with the bike trail along 16 and 18.
- Great piece of wooded land along a creek. Ridges and spurs used well, and in different ways. Some shots are up the valleys, some shoot across them. Others explore little hollows, while even others just take you straight up wooded hills. Wonderful nature hike required for this course.
- Essentially no underbrush on this course, which is nice. Punishment exists in finding lines through trees, and not in having to search for discs in thickets. However, from a previous time playing I do believe I remember a fair amount of poison ivy. Comes with the territory I suppose.
- Some nice wooden stepping bridges in some low-lying parts of the course.
- Signs at each tee pad, that are sufficient. There are really no blind shots on the course, so pictograms of each hole really aren't necessary.
- Nice concrete tee pads, and though a little small and skinny, the holes are mostly short and don't really require a ton of run-up.
- #1, right off the bat, shoots crossways along the side of a hill. Huge potential for roll-aways here.
- #2 is just sick. Steep uphill, and have to hit one 7 foot wide gap about 50 feet out.
- #3, talk about a finesse shot. Only 192 feet long, but there's one specific shot shape, and you can tell exactly what you're supposed to do. It's doing it that's the problem, am I right?
- #7 was a very interesting hole for me. At first glance it seems a little ho-hum, but it actually has two very specific obstacles. The first is a 7 foot gap 40 feet out, but after that the pin is guarded by two large mature trees. If your drive doesn't land straight away in the fairway, then having a shot at the pin is slim to none.
- I appreciate the thought put into #9 and #10. They are both out in the open, which is a nice reprieve from the tight, wooded course. However, it looks like the intent was to make them longer and still a challenge. 444 ft and 522 ft respectively, they shoot back and forth across a little drainage ditch and a line of trees. There are significant windows for you to shoot through, but it's a big change in your game plan from the first 8 holes.


- Navigation just stinks. Two simple 'next tee' signs between 3 & 4, and again at 13 & 14 would make a huge difference. Part of the problem is that this crossover happens in a part of the ridges and ravines where the course 'cattle paths' aren't direct, as they follow the terrain and avoid the washed out drainage areas. This was my second time playing the course (albeit 3 years later), I had the course map handy, and I still asked a couple local players as I passed them if I was going the right way. 15 to 16 is also not intuitive, nor is 17 to 18, really.
- No trash cans anywhere that I remember along the course, just in prominent parking spaces.
- A lot of dead leaves still when I played in April - I can see discs sliding underneath and getting lost from time to time.
- In the wet, I bet this course is difficult, maybe even dangerous to play on. Just mostly dirt, especially the paths in-between holes. Recent rain would probably leave some water in the low-lying areas and dried up creek beds, adding an additional hazard on some holes.
- #15 occupies a cool piece of land through what looks like a dry pond or creek bed. However, I think it's just plain unfair. A line for the first 150 ft is available, but after that I don't think there's a viable line to the pin from the tee. The stand of trees guarding the basket is cool, but there's just not one large enough gap. Most are 3 feet or less. Removal of one or two trees would do the trick.
- #16 just doesn't belong on this course. I don't know how else to say it. Wide open, 300' hole. They must just not have had any other space to squeeze the hole in without making a terribly long walk. Also, the sign and post had been torn down, and someone had thrown it in the brook, under the bridge.

Other Thoughts:

- This course is relatively short, and I'm just going to make mention of that here, rather than in the pros or the cons. If you have all sorts of shapes in your arsenal for your drives, then this course probably is rather easy, and plays too short. If you often rely on your big arm, then this course may seem like a poke and hope, and could be frustrating. Personally, it was just right for me and my game.
- Overall really loved my time here. A few years after playing it for the first time, my skills have improved, and I felt like I could handle this course much better. Certainly not one for newer players, this provides a good challenge, and a wonderful time in the outdoors.
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Eureka does not suck. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 25, 2013 Played the course:once


+ Favorite kind of course: heavily wooded with rolling terrain
+ Very attractive park
+ Requires some very accurate throws on tight lines in the woods
+ Good variety of left / right, uphill / downhill shots.
+ I love the ravines, humps and bumps, natural drainageways, etc on the course. Not only are they visually appealing, but they make for some interesting stances and shots.
+ Some really nice "greens" that will repel a poorly played shot.


- Concrete tees may be a little small, but I don't think they are too bad considering the length of the holes.
- Navigation is tricky in parts, with some long walks between holes. Print out the course map (with aerial).
- Tee signs only have distance. There are enough holes where you can't see the basket from the tee to make this an issue.
- I'm sure there are legitimate reasons why it doesn't, but I would have loved to see the course somehow utilize the creek near 14-17.
- No alternate tees or basket locations (at least that I saw).

Other Thoughts:

I would like to see this course when the foliage is fuller, to see how nasty the rough can be and what the lines look like. I can imagine it could be visually intimidating to recreational players, even though the length is suited more towards the rec and intermediate level. The biggest hazards when I played were the leaves covering discs, tee pads, and tripping hazards. Overall, I was very pleased with this course. It reminds me of my favorite local course, Baraboo Lions DGC, but with even more of an emphasis on tight lines in the woods. Keep in mind that I'm a player who is happy with 300' drives, so I like the length of the course and the opportunities for deuces with an accurate tee shot. I can see how some of the more advanced players may knock the course for its lack of length.
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Fun little woodsy course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 9, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


a woods course which I like, Interesting Topography that is fairly well used. Several .....ooooh cool ....moments when I first saw several of these holes. I have never seen many people here playing so you kind of have it to yourself. Fun course to play I thought. Tight fairways and challenging at times.


A few of the tees were a bit hard to find. On one I had to walk about and hunt for the first time I played( it should be better marked to indicate the next tee on a few holes), Most were easy to find though. I realize that the park dictated what land could and could not be used but, the undulating terrain had a lot of potential that wasn't brought into play.

Other Thoughts:

The confusing holes should have pointers on the pin to point to the next tee. Wish some more of the weird terrain could be brought into play. good job on the design of this course. Thank you to the workers who did the work to create this course.
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I don't get this course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 5, 2012 Played the course:once


Lots of shade. Finding the next tee from the basket results in excellent exercise. Parking is convenient. You might see a deer, wolf or Bigfoot.


1. Bewildering course layout 2. Climbing into ravines to retrieve discs. 3. Sticker bushes. 4. Poison Ivy

Other Thoughts:

I don't understand the fascination with playing disc golf in the woods. Yes, it results in a high difficulty level, and you have shade. But I don't want to spend my day retrieving discs from ravines and pulling burrs of my clothes. Or having to wear long sleeves and jeans in 90 degrees to avoid poision ivy. And isn't someone capable of finding a way to mark the path to the next tee? Sorry, I enjoy a challenge but playing disc golf in the woods is just stupid to me.
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very nice course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 17, 2012 Played the course:once


Good use of elevation change - Extremely scenic course which feels pretty secluded - Fairways range from being tight to fair and require different types of shots - Good mix of short and long holes - A few nice long open holes amidst tightly wooded areas make for a good mix and feels like a needed breather in the middle of a round.


Couple spots where the paths can be confusing (we printed a map that helped a lot - if it is your first time out I would suggest doing the same) - A few holes lacked imagination and given the land available could easily be redesigned.

Other Thoughts:

I wanted to shoot one off the cliff, wish they would design a hole off of it (I'm not sure if there is a good place to do it at though).
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Personal favorite 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 11, 2011 Played the course:5+ times


This is an excellent course. It's so pretty and secluded that even if you're having a tough round you can enjoy yourself.

*Beautiful trees and stream makes for one of the most scenic rounds of dg I've played

*Great mixture of wooded holes and open ones with all sorts of distances ranging from <200 to >500.

*Very nice park with trails and baseball fields

*Hole 1 is awesome with a tough shot of the tee into an open fairway that slopes hard right with the basket on the top of the slope


There are two holes at this course that i really don't like and they are really the only cons of the course

*Hole 16 is kind of bland compared to the others. Normally i like 300+ foot relatively open holes, but this one is only 303 ft and there are absolutely no obstacles... i just feel like there was enough land on site that they could have made this one a bit more interesting.

*I don't like hole 18 very much... the fairway takes an "S" bend, which normally isn't a bad feature, but on this hole the growth of trees are so thick and the "S" is so severe that the anheiser route to the hole is the best option to play, only the route goes directly at the parking lot. Not a fan.

*Tee signs don't have very much detail

Other Thoughts:

Some people may comment that the walks/flow here is a bit bad, but in my opinion these flaws are more than made up for by the awesome disc golf in the course. Also, the walks are very scenic so they were more enjoyable than anything. I think every disc golfer in Illinois can justify a special trip to play this course alone, not to mention if they decide to play other courses in the area.
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The Best Peoria Course I have played. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 8, 2011 Played the course:once


This is a very beautiful course with many tight fairways as well as great wide open holes.
-this course can test your short game for the most part with the exception # 9 and 10
-The course is very well maintained
-Has a Great facility of sports fields and hiking trails.


-The 16th hole was borring it was just a straight forward hole. Literally.
-There werent many trash cans and benches for in game rests.
-Some of the holes where hard to find.
-these holes had long walks to the tee that crisscrossed other trails to make it difficult

Other Thoughts:

This is a great course to come and check out with a great layout that can test your technical short game.
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Beginner/Intermediate 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 4, 2010 Played the course:once


- Course is set is a densely forested area with tons of trees to contend with on almost every hole. Tight windows off the tee and tight fairways are present on a large majority of the holes. Pretty good mix of large trees and small trees, though most are pretty skinny. Some low ceilings are definitely present as well. Lots of different lines in the forest due to curving fairways, but overall a straight shot is most important. A little heavy on the right curves as well.
- A few holes outside of the forest add good variety and additional challenge. Hole #1 is an uphill shot with trees directly in front of the tee box; it is a very tough, yet relatively open, 258' shot. Other open holes have some significant length, and decent elevation change, so a driver is definitely needed at times. Hole #18 is a tough hole that plays into the forest with a tricky zig-zag fairway; the course makes good use of the available land to mix things up.
- Lots of little elevation changes are present throughout the course as well. A few holes have a decent uphill or downhill slope, or have a sloping fairway left-to-right. Some other holes, like #14, have rugged terrain that can make second shots or putts be from well below the usual fairway height. This greatly helps to add some variety.
- Good teepads and baskets, decent signage. Easy to navigate.


- My major gripe with this course is the short hole lengths. Most of the holes are around 200'-250', so there are a lot of holes where an accurate shot will get near the basket by default. This also makes a lot of the holes seem very similar, with very similar shots. A stretch on the back nine can be especially repetitive.
- I know it is called Lake Eureka, I sure didn't see any lake here. Not many unique hazards at all, really.

Other Thoughts:

- Overall, this was a very fun course with some very cool and memorable holes. The short hole lengths really take away from the difficulty, however. This also makes a lot of the shots blend together, where the same shot can be used for a lot of different holes. Throwing a straight shot around 200' can be a golden ticket to many deuces, which can be fun, but also a little boring.
- Some of the holes outside of the forest were preferable to those inside. So, there is a pretty good mix of hole type in general. If they holes alternated a little bit more, it would help break up the feeling of throwing the same shot on back to back holes.
- Great course for a beginner or intermediate player, might be a bit pedestrian for a more seasoned player.
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Fun wooded course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 22, 2010 Played the course:once


The course plays through a heavily wooded park with some fun ravines running through. Many holes play near these elevation changes, making for some potential trouble for errant tee shots, and a couple holes that have some fun up and downhill elevation. Most of the holes play pretty tight and force accurate shots, though there are a couple more open holes for a little break. The course calls for a good variety of left and right turning holes, with lots of different hole shapes to keep things interesting.

There are concrete tees on all the holes, and basic tee signs with the hole distance. The baskets are in pretty good shape and catch ok. There isn't much trash or vandalism, and for the most part the fairways are kept pretty clear (a tough task in this thick of woods).


The course plays pretty short overall, with most of the holes in the same distance range. A few longer holes mix it up, but not enough to keep it from feeling a bit repetitive at times. There are some navigation issues, with no next tee signage and some long walks with lots of unmarked paths through the woods. hole maps at the tees would be really helpful, with lots of blind holes that require some extra walking to know where to throw.

Other Thoughts:

This is not a great beginner course, it's really tight, and has enough brush to be really punishing on errant drives. More experienced players will find some great challenges here, and will need to be accurate to score well. There are lots of birdie opportunities to be had with accurate throws, but there are also plenty of chances to end up with a bogey if you get off the fairway. This is definitely a fun course, and worth a stop if you're in the area.
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Rough Buisness... 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 15, 2010 Played the course:2-4 times


Beautiful course! Very cool course plays through some interesting woods with lots of elevation changes and tight fairways. Definitely a risk and reward course by all means. Very challenging course for ANY player. Yet, par is definitely a possibility and not a dream. Love the course!


My only beef with this course is the tees... Whoever put them in put a LOT of work into making concrete tees possible but they could be a tad longer in my opinion. Sorry... And finding hole 14 was another pain to find but no big deal. just follow the path back that took you to hole #4.

Other Thoughts:

There are a LOT of courses I play in my weekend driving range and this is one of the few I would definitely drive back too. Fun course!! read some reviews that said some of the holes could be longer. I disagree... Keeping your disc on the fairway all the way through is a challenge in itself. If you can tackle this course with a par or better, I would consider you a very good player. Everybody can huck a disc... But to throw it with consistent accuracy is a GOOD player... nuff said...
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OH Eureka! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 9, 2009 Played the course:5+ times


This course is a challenging par 54 course that plays pretty much entirely in the woods. You can go out and shoot well under par one round and over par the next if you are not throwing accurately in the woods.

There are some very interesting elevation changes and ravines in the woods. This adds to the challenge of the course. Any pinball shots have the chance of landing in some tough areas to play from. There is some heavy rough in places which penalize bad shots.

Concrete tee pads.

Hole #4 is a really fun hole. The basket sits 20 feet below you. If you hit the line you are going right at the basket. The basket sits on the side of the hill.

The only time it is not quiet at this course is when there are softball games going on. This is a great hike thru the woods. I have seen many deer in the woods while playing. The course has a great feel to it.

You will learn how to throw a variety of putter and mid range shots on this course. It forces you to hit lines.It will expose any weakness in your accuracy game.


Tee signs are basic but are not descriptive.

#10 Tee pad is short for the type of shot needed. It's raised off the ground so it's very difficult to approach from the rear.

Navigation can be difficult in a few places.

This course is pretty short. There are only 3 holes over 300ft. 2 of them are back to back. Hole #10 is a tweener hole that plays uphill 450ft.

You really only have to pull out the driver on a few holes.

If there was a long set of tees i'd rate this course higher.

Other Thoughts:

This is definitely not a beginner course. It will drive new players crazy hitting trees.

Eureka College alma mater of Ronald Reagan.

Check out my Illinois Top 10
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nice course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 20, 2009 Played the course:once


This is a very enjoyable course.
Quite narrow fairways to negotiate.
Couple 400 foot holes.
Some pavement to play o.b., should you choose to do so.
Two different locals met up with us to play, with one day's notice. Thanks to Mark and Dan. (Dan is one of the main designers at Maxwell Park, which we went to next. He's also a very fit gentleman and ran myself and my playing partner around Eureka in less than one hour.) Lots of up and down hills here. Dan had me sweating in late November.
Did I mention that this is an enjoyable and very pretty course?
There are ace runs....and yet lots of trouble. You're going to have to make a few creative up shots.
Elevation used very nicely.
Nice cement tees.


We had a tour guide. I'm betting this one is a rather tough one to navigate solo; first time through.
Hills were quite slick after multi days of rain. Be aware.
It's the yardage that makes it a 3 rating. Most holes fairly short....though very technical.
4,815 foot long course just can't get more than a 3 by my scale. They're making courses this tight, with 6,000 plus feet these days.

Other Thoughts:

Hope I don't get the home boy hate on this one. The local guys were very nice and I don't want to offend anyone. I consider a 3 rating to be good; which is what the tutorial happens to note as well.
Northwood and McNaughton are better, but you WILL want to stop in here for LOTS OF FUN, and to test your precise/inventive shot, game. This is one of those courses you can get an ace on....and one you will be proud to say you did.
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4.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 1, 2009 Played the course:once


The course is heavily wooded and very challenging. Great scenery and upkeep.


There are a lot of trees so expect to be frustrated if your not accurate with your shots.

Other Thoughts:

Would definitely go there to play again.
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fun course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 18, 2009 Played the course:once


pretty nice little course.. short, tight, midrange shots all the way through. well layed out and easy to follow. I like how they use white ribbons on the trees to show you where to go


a few long walks

Other Thoughts:

fun couse i would play it again
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