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Ozawkie, KS

Longview DGC

4.225(based on 16 reviews)
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Longview DGC reviews

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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 20.1 years 1066 played 634 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 15, 2022 Played the course:once


Longview DGC is an 18 hole gem located 30 or so minutes west of Kansas City. The location is pretty remote so it's just you and nature out here. Beautiful setting for a course.

The baskets are blue powder coated Mach III's. Not the best targets out there by any means, but all were in good shape and caught well enough. No issues with them myself. I really like the blue baskets. They actually pop out really nicely in the shade of the woods. Almost every hole has at least 3 pin positions, many of them now have 4.

The tee pads are concrete. All were level and grippy. No complaints with these. One tee pad per hole.

The design of the course is top notch, utilizing the available space to perfection. The course features some pretty extreme elevation throughout. Lots of up and downhill throws to be had, but it's paced out nicely so as not to have multiple uphill or downhill holes in a row. It's a tough hike, but it's not overbearing like some other courses I've played.

There's trees in play on every hole. Some more than other's but there's no wide open holes here. Hole 18 is probably the most open hole on the course.

The tee signs have a strange bird's eye view kind of map with the different basket locations shown in relation to the tee pad. They also feature the hole #, distances to each pin location and par for each pin. They even have the different elevations shown from the tee to each pin.

You'll need every type of shot to score out here. Good mix of left and right turning fairways. Accuracy is the name of the game once you get into the meat of the course.

The flow of the course is pretty straightforward. I don't think I had to look at the map more than twice maybe. There's next tee signs located along the fairway on every hole, which was quite helpful.

Hole 15 is a sweet downhill shot over a pond with over 20 ft. of elevation change. It's not even the best downhill hole of the property. Not even top 3 in my mind. So many epic shots here.

The course is permanent and free to play. I'd assume it's rarely ever too busy or even busy at all due to it's location and the beatdown it hands out. Many benches, foot bridges and stairs in areas of need. Flags on top of all the baskets too.


The signs aren't the most helpful ones I've ever seen. I mean the distances and pars are great. The map is just kind of strange and not very helpful in locating the pin. They're just...odd.

On top of that, there was probably 6 to 8 holes where a new longer "long" pin was added. These had hand drawn maps taped over the existing sign. Honestly, most of these hand drawn maps were more helpful than the originals. Minus hole 17, which didn't actually show the new pin position.

The baskets aren't the greatest. I grew up on Mach III's so they're not new to me, but compared to some of the newer models out there, these are just a step below.

Hole 18 is a pretty lackluster finish to an otherwise epic round of golf. Mostly flat with only a few trees to deal with. The weakest hole on the whole course imo.

Other Thoughts:

Longview is rated the top course in KS on here. I can see why, it's compares favorably to many of the other top courses I've played. I would absolutely recommend making time to play a round out here. It's the best course I played while visiting the KC area, even if it's a bit outside. Well worth the drive. I'd absolutely put this one in my top 40 or so courses. Probably higher than that.

If they added some shorter tees or maybe had two sets of baskets per hole to appeal to more skill levels it'd probably attract more players. As is, it's a pretty daunting task to take this course on for most casual players. I myself loved the course. Must play in my opinion.

I'd probably rank it a 4.25 if I could. That's about where it sits as is. I'll bump it up to a 4.5 due to the fun factor and clearly they're improving the course every year. It'll only get better if that keeps happening. Very impressed.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 12.1 years 190 played 120 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Winter Wonderland

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 23, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


Longview is an amazing course filled with amazing holes. Literally - every hole has something to brag about, something that shows it isn't a course to be taken lightly, and in many cases, a hole design I've never seen before. Tees and signs are in good shape, there's a picnic shelter by the parking lot, navigation is easy, and there's a massive sign making sure you practice at the practice basket, not hole 18's basket. The course loops back by the parking lot after hole nine so you can take a much-needed break and grab a snack.

Holes 1-3 are a fairly simple way to start off the course, but still give a lot of variety with pin placements and distances. Hole 2 sets up for a good roller opportunity and they all have some challenging rough. Actually, these holes aren't so simple - they're just more straightforward than the rest of the course.

There are a lot of downhill holes here, and they are consistently amazing. Some have the potential to be absolute bombers (5, 16), and others might have you throwing a safer shot to get through a gap (9, and again 16). Because of all the trees, all of these are low ceilings to some extent, which are my personal favorite kind of hole: long, downhill, but still a low ceiling. A few others (8, 14, 15) are somewhat downhill but still have plenty else to keep them interesting and unique. Hole 15 looks daunting because of the water but only requires 200 feet or so of power to clear.

If I mention downhill holes, I'll mention uphill holes. The three that are the most spicy are 3, 6, and 11, which are extremely uphill, are all different from each other, and give chances to throw a powerful shot while being mindful of a low ceiling and rough to either side. To a lesser extent, holes 2, 13, and 14 are similar, while not being as steep, still require some power to get far down the fairway in one shot, and depending on the pin placement, may require you to place your shot correctly to have a good look at the longer pin.

This course uses par 4's and 5's excellently. They're all long, some are doglegs or slight doglegs, and all are basically impossible to get to the basket in one. I especially like hole 4; despite not having any elevation, it gives several options for lines to take on the first shot and landing zones that give different opportunities for upshots to the long pins. In short, the design of this place is amazing. Many holes have different pins with varying pars, which some people don't like, but in most cases, all the pins are good holes. That also meant there are some excellent pins I saw but didn't get to play the one time I was there.

This course provides incredible and unique variety at every turn. If ever you think you've mastered a certain type of hole, the next one will be completely different. And if for some reason you get bored here and want some more variety, you can play holes 9 or 18 to the practice basket as a longer pin. All the rocky terrain (which causes issues, as I'm about to mention) means large skips happen frequently, which adds to the realm of shots you can throw, while also adding danger on many holes.


The only real knock here is the weeds in the fairways. Every hole has a clear strip, or at least has a good vantage point from the tee, but the weeds are super nasty, the actual rough is terrible, and some weeds have some sticky burrs that hurt to peel off. Even a few pins are unplayable due to being covered in weeds for twenty feet. Granted, none of those pins were in play when I was there, but the condition causes a lot of the variety of the course to be missing. I didn't have any experience with ticks, but I wouldn't have been surprised if I had. Judging by the pictures, the weeds aren't as much of a problem outside of the summer months, but hey, I played here during the summer.

The paths to get from the baskets to the next tee pad are even worse. They're basically running trails and will have your legs brushing against weeds constantly. Don't even think of bringing a cart here. Some of this is because most of the wooded and hilly areas are rocky terrain, where it's nearly impossible to get a lawnmower, which means keeping the weeds at bay is equally difficult. But for a course as excellent as this, I would expect a little better upkeep.

The only individual holes I have gripes with are 7, where it's pretty easy to get within 30 feet if you can throw somewhat straight, hole 10, which is a boring way to do an uphill shot, and hole 17, which is just a generic tunnel shot. None of these are bad, but they stand out as being the small collection of holes that aren't as incredible as the others.

In my opinion, the tee signs are just okay; they show a diagram of the hole that's mostly unhelpful, and I think there are a few pins not on the signs. Some holes have hand-drawn maps taped on top of the original signs, which is helpful, but demonstrates the need for new signs.

In addition, a few pars don't align very well - or maybe they do, and the pin I played to wasn't the one I thought I was. This isn't a big deal, but for a course amazing as this, tee signs and pars are one thing that can be noticeable cons. At some points, it seems like the pars were meant to cater to the beginner to intermediate player, which is odd, since there's no way this course is catering to those players. Really, all the par 5's here are just pro-level par 4's.

Other Thoughts:

Using a spotter is useful on many holes, and sometimes almost mandatory. Anywhere the rough might be bad, which is pretty much every hole, there are some places where you'll have no idea where the disc landed. The worst is hole 5, where I wouldn't trust myself throwing down the hill without someone watching.

Not many courses are this good, and not many could open up more pin placements and make everything look better, to produce a significantly better course, while already being this good. Clean up the weeds and this course fully deserves a 5.0 without hesitation. If you come in the winter, when the weeds aren't growing, this course certainly plays like a 5.0.
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Nascar Dave
Experience: 35.9 years 164 played 8 reviews
4.50 star(s)

A hidden gem. 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 8, 2021 Played the course:once


I played during the week so there was hardly anyone on the course. Easy to follow, great use of topography, slightly hilly, wooded and some small water features. Even though it was wooded, the fairways were clearly defined and navigation wasn't an issue.


Some of the steeper ups and downs can get tricky in recent rain. Muddy in spots making it slick but I was pulling a cart which added to the issue.

Other Thoughts:

I'm from Texas and this course was highly recommended from a good friend in Kansas. To say that it did not disappoint is an understatement, easily in my top 10 courses played.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 9.9 years 170 played 170 reviews
5.00 star(s)


Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 7, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


As soon as you pull in there's a massive course sign in front of you with a map, and the pars/distances for each hole - including elevation statistics. Directional signage throughout the course is excellent, with several smaller brown signs helping with tougher hole-to-hole transitions (5 to 6, 9 to 10, etc.).

The tee pads are plenty large, and the signs are mostly helpful. The off-angle of the sign map is a bit strange and not very helpful, but distances are laser accurate (literally). Baskets are powder blue MachIIIs in good shape. Several transitions over elevation are eased by steps built into the paths (14-16 all have some of this).

Elevation is the main course here, and you're in for a show. Steep uphills on 3, 6, and 11 are counterbalanced by yawning downhills on 5, 9, 15 and 16. Some milder moments can be found on 1's mound green, 10's fairway, and mid-fairway on 13 if you're playing the longest pin. And don't forget the drop-off on the right of 4 and 8. Oh, and the ravine shots on 7 and 14. Should I stop now? I should stop now.

The par 4s and 5s are major highlights. 5, a downhill tunnel then another long upshot; 12 turning right off the tee, then finding a line through the trees to the longest spot; 13 has two excellent pins, the par 4 doglegging right and down another hallway, or the par 5 over the hill and in yet another clearing. 16 is another downhill yoke with a lower ceiling than the other, then a sparse set of mature trees all the way to the pin back in the corner of the wood with a creek behind to add even more danger.

A few incredibly tricky pins, 8's shortest invites you to play over the drop off on the right before the land swings out and intercepts the flight, 9's pin behind the evergreen has both a ceiling to stay under and a line to shape to reach the pin, and 14 has two perched on a steep incline.


While still having a high fun factor, holes 1, 2, 17, and 18 don't bookend the course with the same flair as the rest of the round. Mostly flat, not a lot of spice (the gap on 17 and the wooded green of 2 add a little). 18 is a flat letdown to end the round.

I disagree with the choice to call the long pin a par 5 on holes 3 and 13. When I played here, neither were in that pin spot, but my drive on 13 left me with what would have been an easy layup for eagle, and hole 3's is just a semi-tough par 4 which would also be an opportunity for a three with a good drive.

Some of the transitions are quite long if a certain pin is in play (2 to 3, 7 to 8, 16 to 17).

From the pictures it looks like the overgrowth on the fairways could get annoying during the summer months.

Other Thoughts:

The most unfortunate thing about this course is that I live an hour away from it. My "cons" section holds some extremely minor gripes. It is absolutely worth the drive from KC/Topeka, and the only thing you should be thinking as you leave is how soon you can get back for another round.
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Experience: 14.1 years 44 played 9 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Scenic, Clean, Solid, Technical 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Mar 1, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


-Very clean
-Scenic and beautiful
-Fun and challenging
-Good use of the land
-Blue DGA Mach III baskets
-Large concrete tee pads
-Numerous benches
-Helpful tee signs
-Trash cans
-Multiple pin placements
-Practice basket for those waiting on a group
-Picnic tables near hole 1 (covered by a roof structure in case of rain)
-Easy navigation
-Lake nearby
-Lots of parking space
-Multiple bridges


-No restrooms directly on site
-Deep wood rough during mid-summer
-Far from Topeka or Lawrence (although it is worth the drive)
-Can be easy to lose a disc
-Not very cart-friendly

Other Thoughts:

One of the most beautiful courses in the state of Kansas. Very challenging set ups and use of trees/elevation change. Enjoyable views of Lake Perry located down the street. The course is deeply wooded, very hilly, and somewhat rocky. It has a few holes with water in play. Bring some trail mix, water and bug spray for your hike through he course.
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Experience: 34.2 years 67 played 10 reviews
1.00 star(s)

Like to hit trees? 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 8, 2017 Played the course:once


Good exercise. There are some good holes here, about 3.


Extreme lack of fairways. Many small and large trees between the teepads and the baskets, randomly placed and too close together.

Other Thoughts:

If you think that disc golf is about who is lucky enough to miss the trees, then you'll love this course. This is the opposite type of design from great courses like La Mirada and Winthrop Gold.
Just-go-wack-some-trees-and-get-a-good-laugh kind of course.
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Experience: 2 played 2 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Wouldn't change a thing 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 5, 2016 Played the course:once


Elevation! For Kansas, this rarely exists, and is even more rarely used this efficiently. Each and every hole we came to was better than the one before it. If you enjoy a challenging course, this is your paradise. It's not a dink and dump...Thankfully!! Looks like it's made by the same crew as the Bloomington lake course, which is also a 5/5 in my book. Top 5 course in KS for me, without a doubt. Feels very removed from city, and full of natural beauty.


Only got to play it once
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Longview is Loco! 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 14, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


Longview DGC is a great one with all of the elements I love to see on a course. Lots of wooded fairways with challenging lines, lots of elevation change, water on a few holes, and really nice equipment. The concrete tees all have good signs, there are 2 or 3 pin positions on each hole, and the blue rimmed Discatchers are all in good condition.

Holes 1 and 18 are mostly open, but aside from that, you will need to be very accurate with drives and approaches to hit the windows and get near the basket. The first hole is on fairly level turf with a left to right turn, mid range distance. The short pin is on a small mound, adding a small amount of height to the basket. Hole 2 is also pretty flat, but longer, and with a tunnel of trees that get tighter as you approach the target. Hole 3 begins climbing the hill as you throw a right to left turning fairway through the woods. 4 is along the road at the top of the hill, with a fairway that is very crowded with trees creating a low ceiling and narrow gaps. Hole 5 is the first of several elevated tees, teeing off down a good size hill, with a decent alley that will get you to the bucket at the bottom. Number 6 is from the open grass into the woods with a bit of uphill slope leading to the pin. Hole 7 is a gnarly run through trees across a valley. Tee and pin are close in terms of elevation, and distance is not too great, but getting from A to B involves climbing down and back up a rocky ravine with heavy undergrowth. The 8th hole is slightly uphill through numerous trees, and pin positions are staggered across left to right, so the avenues will vary depending on location. 9 is another downhill drive with a split fairway giving left or right side options to reach the bottom, and a bit of ground left to cover once you get there. 10 is back to the flatter part of the park, and pretty long, with the basket sitting on the side of a hill making it easy to overshoot or roll away. 11 is an uphill monster with lots of trees, and the basket is planted on top beyond the crest about 100' or so. 12 is another good run through the trees with a fairly generous fairway but low ceiling. 13 is a 90 degree dogleg right, on a fairly flat area with numerous trees that make hitting the landing zone on your drive crucial if you want a good approach on the next throw. 14 is a fun shorter hole, down hill steep with a pond at the bottom left of the pin. Lots of trees, but there is a good size window to the right that gives nice access. Once you climb the hill opposite the pond, turn around and see the tee for 15, throwing back directly over the pond to the basket on the other side, hidden behind trees on the bank. 16 is right next to the tee for 14, throwing one more big downhill drive. Big trees on either side, but plenty of space to fly and get the distance necessary if you hit it right. 17 turns back toward the parking lot, on fairly flat ground, across a small creek bed, between a couple of trees, and to a basket that is left side, surrounded by brush and trees, and backed by a stream. The drop off behind the pin is steep and has thick rough, careful not to overshoot this one. 18 is uphill some, long but mostly open air.

I love the elevation changes and the downhill throws like 5, 9, 14, 15 and 16. Most of these holes are quite difficult, but not impossible and very fun. The big sign next to the practice basket is full of distance and elevation stats to go along with the course map.


Lots of brushy, tangled undergrowth at places. In combination with sometimes rocky hill sides, footing can be treacherous. Also thick enough to lose a disc if you don't get a good spot. Not a great course for beginners or anyone who has trouble hiking up and down hills.

I was told there is poison ivy present, but I played 2 rounds in shorts and had no serious breakout.

Other Thoughts:

Topographically and in terms of flora this course offers a lot more than any of the other courses I have played in Kansas.

Very cool, fun and difficult, with nice gear. After getting to play several rounds and see the great differences in play as the baskets are moved to alternate locations, I think there are not many courses that offer so much in the way of fun, challenge, and versatility. My favorite course in the state, and in my top 10 or 15 nationwide.
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Experience: 23.1 years 24 played 9 reviews
4.00 star(s)

The beginning of something great! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 30, 2015 Played the course:once


This place has terrain galore, and it was utilized excellently. You'll be playing uphill, downhill, over ravines, over water, and all with a good mix of semi-open to very tight shots through the trees.

Particularly great are several holes that just let you launch from the top of a hill, which is always so satisfying for more intermediate players like myself. Those of us whose drives max out at 300 feet or so can feel like a superstar on these holes, although the hill shots still require accuracy to navigate the trees, which makes them not a 100% proposition. Most courses, you're lucky if you see one hole like this, but this one had a handful.

I can't stress the greatness of the layout enough. Never did I feel like a hole was just put in because that's where it had to go. If the terrain is boring, they walked you to some interesting features so you could play the fun stuff. Excellent course design. Furthermore, the course is laid out to where you can play either the front or back nine starting and ending at the parking lot.

Signage is great (with the one caveat in the cons section), with navigation a breeze due to signage that points you to the next tee. The tees also have benches for when you want to take a short break, which was much appreciate due to the terrain which gives you a bit of a hike in places!

Three pin locations on each hole make for great variety, and most alternate pins will change the feel and necessary shots.


This is a criticism to be removed at a later date, but the major current con is that the course is still a work in progress. There are still a lot of trees to clear in order to make some of the holes reasonably playable. As of this trip, a ton of trees were marked for clearing, so I'm confident they must be working in the right direction. Although, one highlight of this round due to this con was a drive that I got all the way across a ravine of trees for a deuce where a bunch of them are marked for removal! A win on insane mode! :p

Also, a situational criticism, all the baskets were at the blue pins, which are the long pins. This was a bit disappointing since it meant we had to grip it and rip it from pretty much every tee, which took away a lot of the potential shot variety. I'd enjoy playing this course more once the locations of the baskets weren't all set to blue. Since it's a work in progress though, there's probably a reason they had everything set to blue.

One thing we really didn't like about the signage at each hole was the weird angled Google Earth view that was used on the signs. It really didn't help you to locate the pins at all like an overhead shot would have, especially since the pins were often placed on the image without paying attention to the tree lines or anything. This is a bit nitpicky since the course is very nice, but we often found the signs not very helpful for locating the pins.

The only other minor disappointment was hole 18. It's great when a course goes out with a bang, but after 17 interesting holes, it felt like 18 was just a means of getting me back to the parking lot. It was a little like watching a great fireworks show that ended with a roman candle. Again, this is nitpicky since it's hard to find things to complain about at this course. If a hole like 18 was in the middle of the course somewhere, I probably wouldn't have thought much of this; it would have just been a brief break from all the terrain and trees. It's just that all of the first 17 holes seemed to have such interesting things going on, that it stuck out when the tamest one was last.

Other Thoughts:

I'm sure this will be a 5-star course for me once all the work is done, so a bunch of my "cons" are really only temporary. I had a heck of a good time playing this one "as is", so I really look forward to seeing it develop! I live in Olathe, and would be willing to make the drive just to play it once in a while, especially once more tree clearing is done; it's that good.

This will be a real gem, and most of the facets have already been cut!
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 12.3 years 198 played 63 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Amazing Challenge 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 25, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


Tees are concrete and large. Baskets are great and brand new with three independent flags on top of them that indicate wind speed of 6, 12, and 18mph. (different sizes) 10/10

There is a huge variety of distances at this course. There are a couple of 200 foot holes and a couple of 700ft holes and some of everything in between depending on pin positions. 10/10

This course really forces players to throw every shot, and punishes those who don't have certain shots. Some holes, most notably 13, are also long enough to require multiple shots on the same hole. 10/10

Each hole has three different pin positions. The different hole positions really change the feel of the holes in distance, shot path, and difficulty. Many also change the par of the hole. 10/10

There are multiple ways to play most of the holes, especially those in the longer pin positions. This course really makes you think about what shot to play. decisionmaking 10/10

There are some great elevation changes at this course with good variety. Also, many are not simply up or down but go up at the start and plateau or do the opposite. There is some of everything. 10/10

The use of obstacles at this course is great, they make every hole challenging but none are ridiculous except for maybe hole 12. Still 10/10

Tee signs provide good detail on the holes and bright blue baskets with flags help view them from the tee. The only problem with navigation on the holes is if baskets are in one of the two longer spots it can be impossible to tell which from the tee. 9/10

There is great variety of openness on this course, especially for how wooded it is. No shot is completely wide open, and the majority are pretty technical. 8/10

Navigation between holes is pretty intuitive for the most part, but there can sometimes be fairly long walks between holes depending on the pin positions just because of how different the pin positions are. Still 8/10 overall

There has been and continues to be a lot of work being put into this course to make it more playable. A few days ago when I played it they were adding paths down one of the holes with a pretty steep downhill. There are a couple of other holes that I expect they will do the same on. The elevation on several holes is too severe for mowers so they have beat down the fairways with weed-eaters. 8/10


This course is not good for beginners at all, and they will not have any fun playing it. It is difficult enough that most intermediate players will struggle to stay near par. There is not a player on Earth that would not be challenged by this course, especially if the pins are back. A second set of shorter tee boxes would really help with this. 3/10 on challenging all levels without being impossible.

This course is still very rough if you stray off the fairways. Several holes have trees that were cleared from the fairways are laying on the side of the holes. In addition, there are no bathrooms or running water on the course, and a few holes need to have weeds cut down further in the fairways. There are benches on most holes which are very needed due to length and elevation. 3/10 on comfort during the round.

Discs are pretty easy to find in most fairways, but if you throw it in the rough be sure to watch it closely because they could be easily lost. A few of the holes mentioned above with shin high weeds covering the fairways also make discs hard to find. 5/10 overall

Other Thoughts:

This course is probably the most challenging I've ever played if the pins are in the middle or long positions, even more so than Blue Valley Park in KC, and it's no walk in the park even in the short positions. It has by far the most length of any wooded course I've ever played with a length from 6000-9000ft depending upon pin positions. For intermediate level players this course is great for doubles. This is truly a professional level championship course.
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Experience: 12.9 years 76 played 42 reviews
3.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 4, 2013 Played the course:once


-signs are color, have all the info and are metal, also signs pointing where next tee is
-the downhill holes are awesome (5,9,16)
-good variety of flat, uphill, downhill shots
-not 54 par
-benches on every hole


-ticks galore
-very rough, lots of rocks, weeds, unmowed fairways, thick foliage
-you can make a good shot and still be looking in the bushes for it. Either hole design needs to change or fairways need to be cleaned up
-teepads face the wrong direction
-middle of nowhere

Other Thoughts:

to visualize this course, it looks like they basically bulldozed through some property to create fairways, threw down some baskets and then put in the pads. It is not an ideal 'golf' property, but I like the design overall.

My main complaint is that there are holes where there literally is not a fairway, just weeds that you throw into. This course is for you if you like to look for discs and if/once you find them, they have nicks and scuffs in them.

this currently is a brutal course just because it of the ticks and all the growth. I think this would be a lot more fun Nov-April. I was more satisfied with not losing a disc than shooting +2.
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Experience: 16 years 135 played 3 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Jekyll and Hyde 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 2, 2013 Played the course:once


The anticipation was high as I pulled up to one of the newer finished courses in our area (KC greater metro, which this course is as far as I could stretch the word "Metro" because it is an hour from downtown KC). You are greeted with a humongous professionally engineered sign stating that this area and parking lot are for disc golf. There is plenty of parking and the 1st tee and a few baskets are easily visible as you park your vehicle. I will not give a hole by hole description because the previous reviewer nailed it perfectly; instead, I will simply give my pros and cons and how they influenced my rating of this course.

- Visible signage letting you know you have arrived to your proper destination.
- 1st tee box is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Couldn't be any easier/better.
- Practice basket in also directly in immediate view from the parking lot. Speaking of baskets, every basket had 3 flags (red, white, blue) on top which indicate wind speed. These flags are still in excellent condition, and each basket was easy to see because of the powder coated blue color.
- Benches at almost every tee box. There was a stretch of holes towards the middle of the round that did not have benches yet, but if memory serves me it was only 2 or 3 holes at most.
- Signage was AWESOME. Durable, beautiful, and detailed. The hole layout on each sign is an actual aerial shot of the topography which allows you to see tree-lines, hills, and ponds that come into play. I found it very helpful and comforting that I wasn't relying on a cartoon sketch for the hole layout, but an actual detailed picture. The next tee was very easy to find as well. If you stand at the basket and give a quick glance your eyes are often my with a "hole X" (with an arrow on it) giving direction to next tee pad. Navigation was a breeze.
- Tee pads were in excellent shape. Just a touch short for my personal liking but in no way are they tiny and in no way do I feel like their length distracted my actual game. Like I said, just a preference thing. I did like the rounded (flared) front-side of the tee pad, it allowed me to take any and all angles towards the basket with my drive. Nice touch in my opinion.
- Scenery. Disc golf, to me, is #1 about the game but a close second is the scenery in which I am surrounded by while I play the sport I love. This in an incredibly beautiful piece of property and I was constantly reminded of its beauty as I trekked up, down, and even sideways through and around grasslands, rocky cliffs, woods, and a pond as I threw my plastic. Saw deer, turkey, woodpecker, and various other wildlife which made the experience perfect for my liking.
- Elevation. Some courses it is not worth mentioning the elevation because it doesn't interfere with disc selection or strategy but I believe this course has enough elevation change that it warrants a mention. While none of the elevation at this course will rival that of a true mountain course or even that of a ski-hill course, it does contain many steep up and downhill shots that are not only really neat to see but that are challenging and fun to throw! You will encounter some sort of elevation on the majority of every hole but not necessarily with every single shot.
- Challenge. This course seems to offer varying degrees of challenge. The set up I played this morning was mixed (between short, medium, and long pin locations) but seemed to slightly favor short and medium locations. This 'shorter' set up allowed for a few ace runs and made the course very manageable. I can't wait to try it when it is set up in the longer format; some of these pin locations looked SICK (in a good way)!!
- Clean, with no trash to speak of.


- It is July 2nd 2013 and ticks are STILL winning at this course. It was a given that a walk through the tall stuff would bring multiple ticks...on each ankle, calf, thigh, butt, and maybe your upper torso, arm or neck. But to pick ticks off of you after simply walking the fairway?? It was a bit much for my liking. The ticks powered through our deet and each member of our group was pulling ticks after each hole. I am not an expert in tick remediation, so I don't know how the Amy Corp. would even begin to control the infestation on this property. I hope it is possible, and I'm sure they are trying to solve the issue so that people can enjoy this gem of a course.
- Grass length. There were a few holes that seemed to have received a fresh trim (mostly weed whacking around the pin) here and there but overall the fairways and surrounding "short" rough at this course were not groomed.
- Ivy and oak. We encountered massive amounts of oak and ivy all throughout this course. I remember one hole in particular where we threw up a steep hill through the woods and there was not a path to follow or a patch of grass to walk through as the ENTIRE 'fairway' was knee-high ivy and oak. Depending on your level of sensitivity this could be dangerous, please be aware and be careful. Ivy and Oak are fairly common in our area in these types of parks so I am used to it, I only caution for those who are not familiar or are very allergic.
- No trash cans...anywhere.
- No bathroom facility in immediate area, unless you count the woods.
- No water on site.

Other Thoughts:

So why the 3.5 rating? This course has not come into its own yet. It needs played, beat in, trounced on, mowed, and sprayed. When I return (which I can't wait to do), as these 'cons' are addressed I will then move my rating appropriately. 3.5 (imo) is still a very solid rating despite some glaring issues that hopefully find a solution in the near future.

Last thoughts: This course is great and I believe once the cons are solved it will be a well traveled course for those of us that live in Kansas City. As is though, I will hesitate to make the drive too often knowing that I will have to battle the ticks, ivy, oak, and long grass. If you are traveling through KC and are wondering if you should drive an hour away to play this course, my suggestion (and I completely realize this is subjective, but I just want to give my honest opinion so you aren't blindsided) is...maybe, lol. If you are adventurous, outdoorsy, like the roll the dice, don't mind bugs, aren't bothered by solid fields of ivy/oak fairways (on some holes), then why not...make the trip and enjoy this brand new challenging rustic course. If you are a city boy/girl and you prefer 'city park' disc golf, you may want to take a pass.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 22, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


A lot of variety in holes and settings. Uphill, downhill, flat, fairly open, wooded. This course has is all. Three pin settings on every hole. Can be set pretty easy, very hard, or anything in between. Rewards distance and especially accuracy. Great signage, even extra signs between holes pointing to the next tee on some.


The little 14-16 circle is odd but the holes are great so no big deal. The only restrooms are near the campgrounds down the road. The rough is brutal in places, so don't go there.

Other Thoughts:

This course is a bit out of the way but I find it worth the drive. The Corps of Engineers and area players have done a fantastic job designing and putting this in the ground. It will continue to get better and better over time.
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Perry 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 1, 2013 Played the course:once


This is where course design needs to move. There are a number of extremely challenging holes that require supreme accuracy. Distance can be helpful here, as it should be on most courses, but distance without accuracy creates a lot of 'natural' trouble.


This is a new course and still has some lines that need to be cleaned up and some underbrush to be beaten down. Once that happens this should be the archetypal 'championship' style course.
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Great Addition to area! Review revised 2024

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 6, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


Hard to beat the other review, so I will not try. The pros of this course is that it is challenging, but a lot of fun to play. The tee pads are excellent, the baskets are all new and well placed. The design is great with the exception of of I believe 15 and 16.


The course is excellent, so not many cons here. The tee for 15 and 16 are next to each other, so you tee off on 15 downhill, then you have to walk back uphill to the next tee. Hole 8's distance is incorrect on the hole info section. It says 800 feet, but it is more like 280. Look for the tee on the far left. We could only see 2 baskets, but go for the one on the left and you are good.

Other Thoughts:

I know how difficult it is to put in a course, and these guys have done a great job here! You can tell that a lot of work has gone into the design and build. All I can say is a huge thank you! This course is now one of my favorites and the best part is that it will continue to get better!
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Axioms of Doubt: The Perry Course by Loomis 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 1, 2013 Played the course:once


4 for the level of challenge. This will go up to 4.5 when the course is completed. 3 for the present state of the course, and will be a 4. Since it is new, the course is clean of trash.


It has no tee signs and it can be confusing to navigate.
It has no services. If you need food, water, or a bathroom, you need to stop in Perry at the Ferguson Road/Hwy 24 interchange - some 10 plus miles away. I'm not sure if there is a closer location for services but that's what I have so far.

Other Thoughts:

This review is actually written by Loomis. I uploaded it for him.

Upgraded from 3.5 to 4.5 because of recent improvements - signs, more benches, finished off multiple pin placements.

The Course: Presently set in the "Championship" level settings. Par... 60 plus. There are a few natural "2s" in this setting - Very few. The lucky soul may throw one in from distance, or find a prayer line and give themselves a chance, but to be honest, not many people will be that lucky.

And... to offset the typical doubt which surrounds my reviews of courses, today Joe Hesting (tick magnet) - a much better player than myself - played this course with us. He had already played the course so he knew what he was getting himself into during his second round. He dueced one hole (Hole 15). He was using a new putter for the second round and possibly could have dueced other holes, but it wasn't to be. That said, let the review begin.

The first impression: This is Flip City in Kansas. It's almost identical with a few minor differences. Flip City is actually more wide open. Flip City is a man's backyard at his house. Flip City has more duece chances. In time, there may be more dueces, but lines will need to open up.

It's still rough around the edges, and some of the basket placements are somewhat arbitrary and not necessarily cruel enough to match the nature of this course. There are only two holes where putting is dangerous, the rest of the placements are too safe - in my opinion.

A lot - and I mean close to a bajillion hours - of work has been put into this course to make it look good. The pads are in. Most of fairways are for the most part, defined. There are well-made bridges installed. Benches. One or two trash cans. The baskets are in and the course is as Cooper described. It's tough. Every hole has either an extreme elevation change, a tunnel, a valley, water, distance or all of the them at the same time. Every uphill shot is a tunnel shot and turns blindly. Every time you drive these holes, getting half way up the hill only gets you half way to the hole.

Most shots are blind and judging distance to the baskets is tough. Again, the course is presently set in the Championship settings; it's early in the year; the trees haven't filled out and the grass is low, so in a few months, this course is going to be even tougher (if the baskets stay where they are). Leaves will make this course darker, cast more shadows, and lines you can see now will be swallowed up by the shadows. Go play it now if you want to score in the 60's. Add ten strokes with full foliage.

The grounds are rough. There are a lot of burn piles scattered about (easily over 75) but time will erase them. There are rock piles, rock walls, and rocky cliffs - All of which concern me. Not because of disc health, but because I hate snakes and they will be an issue. They also make getting around a pain as you have to climb over most of them or play off of them. Most of the fairways will get stomped down but there are still some trees which will need cutting down to make some of the holes more playable. There are a ridiculous amount of trees. Several holes have no line whatsoever. I will let you pass your own judgement on this issue, but I didn't see them. It's not that I haven't seen holes where the lines are tiny (think Blue Spring's Young Park) but they are typically shorter holes and don't require a full drive - this course requires full drives. I will say that if you can throw thumbers you will be in heaven out here. Going up and over is going to cut strokes off your score. Even with the leaves, there are lines in the sky for the lucky few.

You will also need every single disc you have in the bag. This isn't a driver-putter course. There is a need for overstable, understable, and stable in driver, midrange and putter. You will need them all. You have shots that go straight up hill 300 feet blind to the left, or blind to the right. You have down hill bombers that must travel 400 feet through a generous tunnel. There are short holes, long holes, high risk birdie holes which also have safer routes.

Traditionally, if you mess up your drive on a course you can save par and you're not penalized for the miscue. Here, if you mess up your drive, add a stroke or two. Very rarely will a mess up be rewarded. You will need to hit your line.

I would now like to say that the main issue I have with the course "at this time" is that the course needs FEWER trees. Hole 2 is perfect the way it is, but holes 4, 7, 8, 9, 12, 16, 17 and 18 will need some grooming to make them more playable. Hole 12 is presently a legit par 5 or 6 with the number of trees. A few less and it's a four.

The rest of the course... I am going to leave to you to discover. It's beautiful out there and it will only get better.

The basic info you will need to know:

* It's not for beginners (in these settings). Pros will score in the 60's so a new player will easily score in the 80's or better. Don't be discouraged, it's worth it to see it.
* It will take two plus hours the first round, more if you miss the lines.
* It's not quite ready for carts, though you could do it. You will have to carry the cart at times. Not comfortably.
* There are no clear walking paths between holes, or ON a few holes so you will have to plow through some rough to get around. This is a problem on the holes where you have to walk downhill. If you have bad knees, ankles, etc. take your time.
* There are ticks out.
* You will be required to climb down, around and up rocky hillsides.
* There is a sneaky creek and a pond which will swallow your disc. (hole 16's pin is ten feet from a creek you can't see until you're at the basket)
* Some of the tee pads are near baskets or fairways for other holes, keep your eyes open.
* From some teepads you will see two or more baskets.

Here is some helpful information:

On Hole 1, the basket is to the right behind the pines.
On Hole 2, it's a long tunnel.
(next pad - turn around, behind you to the left)
On Hole 3, it's up hill to the far, far left. It's a par 5 - that far.
On Hole 4, it's straight ahead, there is a teeny weeny line. One will eventually have to be carved out of the woods.
On Hole 5, it's a downhill crusher. Empty the bag.
On Hole 6, it's uphill to the left. Half way up the hill is half way to the basket.
On Hole 7, it's across the ravine. Again, no real line.
On Hole 8, it's the basket to the left. There are three you can see, but play the one to the far left.
On Hole 9, it's downhill to the right. There are two "lines" - a narrow tunnel to the right; and a straight ahead line which is safer but eliminates any chance of a birdie. But yes, the basket is to to the right. The basket straight off the pad is the practice basket but should be the pin.
On Hole 10, it's to the right. (hint: not as far as it looks)
On Hole 11, it's uphill to the left.
On Hole 12, it's downhill to the right. FAR, far away. Just go for it. When you get up to your drive you will see the basket 400 feet away in a clearing past the trees. Yeah, it's that one. Again, no line here.
On Hole 13, it's a dogleg to the right. Straight for 300 then sharp right for another 200.
The next pad is next to 16's pad. 14 is the one to the right.
On Hole 14, it's straight ahead on the far side of the ravine. Thumber's Paradise.
On Hole 15, it's across the pond to the left.
Next pad is above the pin, up the hill by 14's pad.
On Hole 16, it's downhill and to the extreme left at the end of the field by the road. New lines will need to be made. Empty the bag.
On Hole 17, it's to the left, across the creek by the road. The vines will be an issue.
On Hole 18, it's straight ahead and then to the left in the field by the parking lot.

I think this is a great course and again, only time will tell how it will hold up. It will need grooming and attention to make it more manageable, but I have a feeling that's going to happen really soon.
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