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Maple Hill DGC

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Maple Hill DGC reviews

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Epic disc golf course, but not for everybody

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 19, 2023 Played the course:once


It's unreal to show up and see this place in person. You can immediately tell why this is such a revered course.

The landscape, trees, rock walls, lakes are what make this course truly unique. I've played epic disc golf courses but I don't think any of them have the same combination of elements that are present here.

If you want to be challenged, this course is for you. I played the Gold layout. Always wanting to see how I might compare the top pros. Which was humbling, but it felt great to get a few birdie and pars where some of the top players card the same scores.

Worth noting that with the multiple teepads and baskets you could make this course considerably less challenging. But who am I kidding, I came to play the tough shots.

The sidearm toss over the water on hole #5 was super memorable. No one else I was playing with was willing to do it. Parked it!


Okay - so I love throwing the water shots. On a windy day you are going to get some weird reactions. Yes, I am blaming the wind for 2 of my favorite discs being forever lost haha. But for real - I came in expecting to lose at least 2 discs. There is a reason the fully stocked pro shop exists!

The biggest drawback was honestly how popular this place is. We scheduled a tee time, but our group of 5 was not moving fast. I felt constantly rushed between looking for discs and trying to not hold up the groups behind us. Since some people play the short layout they go much faster which creates a log jam in certain spots. Holes 11-13 was definitely a spot where backups happen.

One area that does cause problems is the amount of layouts here. As a first timer it can be confusing. I would definitely recommend trying to place this course on a week day when there isn't a huge crowd and you can go slow and enjoy the round.

Other Thoughts:

I don't think Maple Hill is the best course in the world. I rated it a 5, but it's closer to the average score (4.7). Personally I enjoyed Idlewild and Harmon Hills more than Maple Hill.

This is definitely a top 10 course. Play it if you are in the area. Also - don't sleep on Webster Fish and Game! Played that course twice and even thought it was not as epic, it was a ton of fun.
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Reviewed: Played on:Jun 21, 2023 Played the course:once


Where to even start!!! This is the best course I’ve played. The moment you get here and see the grand stands you know you’re somewhere special. The clubhouse is great all the little things that make this place special. The elevation change the water shots the well marked out fairways/ob lines and hole variety. The options to play from blue/red/black or gold and how well they’re marked out for all skill levels. I played the golds and it was so humbling but so epic from the big downhill hole 1 over the water to hole 18. There’s no real filler holes here and everyone feels well crafted


None besides that you may lose a disc or 2 on the water shots.

Other Thoughts:

So much variety and ways to play here. So we’ll marked out a must for every serious disc golfer
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Sweet Maple Hill Thrills

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 21, 2022 Played the course:once


+ The whole course plays on a very pretty, meticulously well-kept, attractively landscaped and spotless piece of land.
+ Five layouts on offer to accommodate a wide variety of skill levels.
+ Most tees are flat and sturdy pavers. Tall flags by each to denote which layout it belongs to, and the tee signs have all the right info.
+ Baskets have colored flags on top for whichever layout.
+ Plentiful next tee arrows are color-coordinated, too.
+ Great welcome area with a huge map, practice baskets everywhere, picnic benches and a large equipment shop where rounds are paid for and lost discs are submitted.
+ Trash and recycling bins all over plus very many benches and other quality-of-life features for players.


- The only criticism I can sensibly level towards Maple Hill is that a course this sprawling with five layouts will naturally have some overlap and slight confusion with criss-crossing paths and neighboring fairways. Keep alert on busy days.
-/+ There were a few rubber tees, but they are in the process of being replaced.

Other Thoughts:

This review is based on my experience with the white layout in July 2022.

How often we hear of this course. How frequently we see coverage of the professionals playing this course. To finally make the trip and play here felt like taking part in a disc golfing pilgrimage. Before playing at Maple Hill, I never could have imagined that a pay-to-play course would be so popular, pleasant and well put together that they require (or strongly recommend) tee times. I primarily play in New Jersey and Pennsyvania where pay-to-play courses are few and far between. But as I've done some travelling for disc golf over the years, I've found that paying is usually worth it. And in the case of Maple Hill, it is worth every penny!

Where to even start?

I guess I'll mention the welcome area first. The parking lot is actually somewhat small for a venue this popular. I'm sure there is another parking lot somewhere nearby for really busy days and tournaments. There are practice baskets all over the place. I didn't count them all, but there are easiily a dozen at least. The on-site shop is impressive. All the brands that I've heard of (and several that I haven't) are on sale there. Any lost discs are to be returned there, FYI. Be sure to get yourself a Maple Hill mini, towel and/or a sticker. And after you confirm your appointment with the team member behind the desk, don't forget to take a pin and mark your hometown on that big paper map and grab a scorecard for your selected layout!

Maple Hill is one of those courses that I wish I could experience 'for the first time' multiple times. Standing on hole1, I felt the joyous uncertainty of not knowing what to expect as the course unfurled before me. I can fantasize as much as I like, but a definite nervousness grew within me in the moments before I started playing. You know what I'm talking about. Once you start playing a new course, the curiosity and anticipation are both replaced by first-hand experience. And if that experience is bad, then you yearn to return to your previous oblivious self.

That isn't a problem here, though. This course has just about every single disc golfing challenge you can imagine.
There are open holes for the power players. The final hole is a great example of that. It's a luxuriously wide uphill fairway right towards the pro shop. Be careful with your approach shot.
There are satisfying tree puzzles for the tacticians. Hole15 is a nice example of that owing to its combination of valley elevation and narrow tunnel. On hole14, watch out for the tiny pond at the bottom of the forest!
There are more than a few water features for the daredevils. Hole8 is a famous example of that. It's my personal favorite of the course because it combines the serenity of that natural setting with the innate tension of letting your disc fly above that pond. Who can say how many discs silent sleep at the bottom of it?
There are quite a few elevation changes for the adventurers. Hole11 is a fun downhill glide over a maze of Christmas trees. It's a fun kind of hole that few other courses can imitate.
Plus, it's nice to just look around and take it all in. Hole4 is a peaceful and pleasant downhill stroll through some impressive woods and ends right next to a lake.

Try as I might, I can't come up with substantial negatives about Maple Hill. Anything that I think of is more of a nit-pick than anything consequential. I've already mentioned the rubber tees, but during the months between my round and this review, they might not even be an issue anymore. Other than that, the layout kind of resembles a plate of spaghetti with tees and baskets all over the place. On busy days, you may accidentally jump ahead of players without realizing it because of all the different tee and pin locations.

But that's just how it goes at a course this grand. In case it isn't obvious, I emphatically recommend Maple Hill. This is a course that perfectly executes its variety in a way that few other courses can match. This is a course that goes to great lengths with its presentation that makes a disc golfer feel welcomed and at ease. This is a course that is famous for a reason-- all because of superior execution, infrastructure, variety of challenge and comfort.

Maple Hill is a rare treasure of a course that you ought to visit at least once during your career so you can witness for yourself what a disc golfer's dream-come-true could look like.
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drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 24, 2022 Played the course:5+ times


Hole 1 is the most iconic starting hole in disc golf

The water carries make the course unforgettable on their own

Perfect variety of wooded technical lines and open rips

Some of the views are out of this world

Wonderful elevation changes

No two holes are even remotely alike

Signage and course design are world class

Outstanding pro shop


Need a spotter on several holes, especially when the Christmas trees are involved

All of the different layouts means its extremely important to be careful crossing fairways

Other Thoughts:

Maple Hill is the crown jewel of disc golf. As soon as you pull into the parking lot, you know you're in for a treat. It's an experience that any passionate disc golfer will take with them forever.
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Rich History and Continual Improvement

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 26, 2022 Played the course:5+ times


Variety of topography, hole length, left/right hole favorability, open/wooded, water in play or not, and different types of danger on the greens. I think this may be the greatest strength of Maple Hill in comparison to other courses - it has almost every kind of great hole design you have experienced on another course on at least one of the holes and it has multiple great design elements within many of the holes.

The variety also extends to the ways the course can be played, as there are multiple tees on every hole and many different pin positions. Maple Hill can be played as a very short course for beginners or by a group that wants a lot of ace runs and birdies. It also can be played with a card of players using different tees to accommodate their various abilities, while still allowing them to walk most of the fairways together. (Although one or two of the shorter layouts diverge significantly from the paths of the pro tees.) Or, of course, casual players can choose to play the same layout the MPO or FPO division plays. The course adapts to many skill levels and many preferences for fun or challenge (or challenging fun!).

Playing here is almost like playing a series of the signature holes from 18 other courses you might travel to over the course of a year, all collected in one place. The lines to hit (or sometimes to choose from) on the wooded holes are challenging, but fair. The rough in most places is thin enough to allow for scrambling without having to pitch out, but a successful scramble usually requires a very good shot. Artificial OB lines are used sparingly and usually for safety or due to property lines. Water and stone walls create most of the OB on the course.

The flow of the course is very good, with the different hole styles mixed in to create an enjoyable round where it is always exciting to arrive at the tee and see the next hole. There are many "two shot" holes, where the placement of the tee shot to set up the next throw is paramount. There are also many holes with risk vs. reward decisions, where different players on the same card will likely play the second shot differently or try for a different landing spot off the tee.

The beauty of the ponds, the hills, the stone walls, the woods, and the Christmas trees, plus the isolated nature of the course (once you are past hole 3) combine to make the experience of playing Maple Hill something special every time. I have played on few properties that are as enjoyable to visit. Be sure to slow down, look around, and take it all in at frequent intervals.

The tee pads have continued to improve over the years and I find them to be large enough, grippy enough, and attractive in appearance. The baskets are always top quality ones and in good condition. Signage is also top notch, with accurate information and good maps, plus "next tee" signage where needed. Practice baskets and a warm-up net are available near the first tee.

The pro shop on site continues to expand, with extensive selections of discs, equipment, snacks, and drinks. The tap room provides table games and a great view of hole 18. The style, structure, and appearance of everything in the front part of the property welcomes you to New England disc golf and invites you to stay awhile!


If you are not playing the course during a major event with spotters on hand, keep a sharp eye on all the discs that fly off the pad in your group! In particular, the temptation to throw multiple shots off the hills into the Christmas trees on hole 1 and 11 is high, but be aware that you will need to find them all!

There are many layouts and the course can be busy these days, so the way the various layouts overlap can cause confusion among groups. Despite the fact that many other groups were on the course, we mostly felt spread out from the other players, with the exception of when one of the shorter courses intersected with a hole we were playing and at first we did not realize the other group was playing to the same basket we were, from a different tee down another fairway.

Other Thoughts:

The likelihood of losing discs is high. I don't count that a con in ratings, but it needs to be a consideration when choosing what discs and how many discs to carry.

The course is pay-to-pay and requires tee times. It is also closed for a few weeks before Christmas, when locals are trying to buy trees from the fairways that cost them a stroke during the year - or something like that. Be sure to call or check online before you go.

This is one of only a few courses where long-time fans who have never played it before will recognize every hole and remember when one of their favorite pro players landed in that spot, made or missed a putt from that area, went OB over there, etc. It's almost impossible to line up an approach shot on hole 18 without an awareness of all the disc golf history that has happened in that spot. The course is special on its own, but its place in disc golf history certainly adds to the enjoyment.

I first played Maple Hill in 2007 and I have been amazed at how it retains its place in my own list of top courses, visit after visit, no matter how many other courses I have experienced. Disc golf continues to grow and change and this course, unlike some old favorites, just keeps getting better and better.
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Bucket List Disc Golf Dreams Realized

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 13, 2022 Played the course:2-4 times


Maple Hill is an icon of disc golf located in central Massachusetts. It's about an hour's drive west of Boston, or only 15 minutes west of Worcester.

Maple Hill DGC has almost every type of disc golf challenge I can think of. Tight technical fairways that wind through the woods in every conceivable shape? Check. Open top-of-the-world downhill bombs? You bet. Uphill treks to harrowing pin placements? Oh my gosh, yes. Memorable water carries? Holy cow.

The course has five signed layouts of varying difficulty. The Gold layout is meant to challenge the top pros in the world, and this form of the 18-hole course is an 8600' par 59 marathon. Signage indicates that if you were to shoot the Golds even par, you just threw a 1015 rated round. The Diamond (7000') and Blue (6500') layouts are challenging rounds for experienced disc golfers. The White (5500') layout is tough enough for 75% of the clientele that visits the course, or at least that's what a pro shop employee told me. The Red (4200') layout offers a par 3 round that is playable for any recreational DG'er who can throw somewhat straight. As if those five options weren't enough, the pro shop also has official scorecards for other layouts that pick and choose holes from the main layouts (for example, there is an "Old Glory" layout that alternates between using the Red, White, and Blue tees every third hole). I played one round from the Whites and a second round from the Reds, and felt that both were challenging enough for the skill level that I am currently at without being overwhelming.

One of the awesome things about my experience on the course was the wide variety of people I met. A young couple, each of whom appeared to be throwing no more than 150' off the tee (but having a grand time doing it) let me play through early in my round. Soon after, I played a hole with what appeared to be a family of four - two young adult brothers playing the Blues and their parents throwing the Reds. Later, I talked to an older man for several minutes who said he was local and just getting into disc golf. This course is really for everyone.

Maple Hill is an active Christmas tree farm (the course is closed from Thanksgiving until New Year's for this reason). The course plays next to, and occasionally over, two different Christmas tree forests. The ponds, rolling wooded hillsides, and these arrays of spruces together created a beautiful aesthetic that was unlike any other course I have experienced.

Most holes at Maple Hill could be the signature hole at your average course, but just to mention a couple that especially stood out for me:
- #1: Step up to the first tee and you will immediately gain some idea of what this course has to offer. The land slopes gently away in front of you. Spread out below is a large patch of the Christmas trees, and off to the right beyond them is the first of many water hazards you will encounter - a pond maybe 200' across. The basket for the Red and White layouts is off to the left, while the basket for the more difficult layouts is beyond the pond. Regardless of your chosen layout, this first hole is very picturesque and a great introduction to the course.
- #8: A water carry over the edge of a different pond for all layouts except Red, with the carry distance varying depending on the layout. From the Whites, it is about 250'. My throw had enough distance, but it turned over a little more than I intended and landed in the very far edge of the pond, within 1' or so from the shore. I was able to reach in and grab it without getting my feet wet. You don't have to throw over the water if playing the Red layout (that's true throughout the course from the Reds), but on this hole it is still very much in play off to your left.
- #11: From all tees except Red this is a bigger version of hole 1, minus the pond. Have you ever gone Christmas tree shopping, walked to the top of one of the rolling hills, and thought "wow this would be a great place to launch a disc"? This is the hole for you.
- #18: The finishing hole plays up a gentle, lightly wooded slope towards the pro shop and an artificial island green that is mostly defined by a short stone wall. There are a couple of really pesky trees guarding the green that will knock your discs down into OB.

There are lots of other really beautiful and well designed holes here. Every layout except the Reds has at least two water carries, and all layouts have several holes where water is in play next to fairways or behind baskets. There is great variety regardless of layout - not only when it comes to distances, shot shaping, etc. but also in the sense that the course effortlessly flows in and out of the woods, towards and away from the water, and up and down the hills that cover the property.

I haven't even gotten to the infrastructure yet, which is top notch. The baskets are orange MVP Black Hole Portal models that stick out well in the woods. Almost all tee pads are perfectly flat, framed, large arrays of patio pavers. The tee signs have been updated since most of the photos here were taken. They are now printed on metal backing and have all of the info you could want, including a map of the hole that shows all of the different tees and baskets (the QR codes for even more hole info on the tee signs seemed to be out of order, but I attributed this to a recent refresh of the course website). The different layouts are achieved by using multiple tee areas on every hole, and multiple baskets on most of them. All of the tee areas and baskets are marked with large colored flags to match the colors of the different layouts. The "Next Tee" signs are also color coded by layout - and while things will always be a bit confusing with this many layouts present, I thought the directional signage was adequate overall. Benches are installed behind most tees, many painted with the course logo. Trash cans appear alongside bottle/can recycling bins periodically throughout the course.

There is a pro shop on site where you can find a large selection of discs for purchase, a lost disc repository, scorecards for all layouts imaginable, and helpful employees who will happily recommend a layout for you.

Multiple porta potties and practice baskets are available near the parking lot. There are no water bottle fillers, but a pro shop employee told me that both this and indoor bathrooms are planned improvements for 2023.

When I visited, there was even a food truck on site and a small building behind it had several beers on tap. The bison brat was an unexpected lunch treat after my two rounds of disc golf - don't knock it till you try it!


I had a couple of minor safety concerns. The pro shop and walking path to/from it are in play on errant approaches for hole 18. There are also some bleachers and picnic tables right next to the green behind the OB rock wall. Warning signs are posted, but I thought they could have been a bit more prominent.

From my noodle arm perspective, I had a couple of small gripes about the Red layout. I didn't like that a few of the tee pads exclusive to the Red layout were just rubber mats, and not the nice arrays of pavers found at all the other tees. I also wasn't a huge fan of the way that the Red layout diverges from the other layouts for holes 11-12, then plays to/from some of the same tees and baskets as the other layouts but a hole number behind for holes 13-16, then has a hole 17 that felt like kind of a throwaway (157' on flat wooded terrain, albeit to a raised basket). Besides just being kind of odd, this layout routing also creates a minor safety and major congestion issue (hole 12 red and hole 13 white/blue/diamond/gold play to the same basket, but from completely different directions - the partial saving grace from a safety perspective is that it's line of sight). I think that the designers chose to do this so that people playing the Red tees can avoid the long traverse and potential disc loss of holes 11 and 12 from the other tees. But that is also a very pretty area of the course that the Red layout players kind of miss out on. Again, this is a very minor gripe that I am only spelling out in a ton of detail because I have nothing else to nitpick.

The risk of disc loss potential is high. I discussed the water carries above, but as others have said the arrays of Christmas trees can also hide your discs. Keeping an eye on your disc when these are in play is the bare minimum, but I would recommend also trying to listen to hear whether your disc hits the ground. This isn't a real Con, just more of a warning.

Other Thoughts:

This course costs $10/round to play on a weekday, or $18/round to play on a weekend. These prices increase by $2 each if you just show up and claim the first available tee time, versus booking in advance on the course website. I saw a couple walk-ins successfully snag tee times during my visit, but would still strongly recommend booking in advance. Doing so not only saves you the $2/round, but also gives you the peace of mind to know that you will be able to play when you arrive. From my experience, online booking is easy and becomes available about a month in advance of your chosen date. Tee times are sold in 10 minute time slots. Five slots are available per 10 minute period, but you don't have to play with any other groups that book your same time slot - it's just to cut down on course congestion. Likely thanks to this system, congestion on the summer Saturday I visited was no worse than what I have experienced playing popular local courses on weekend days. Depending on the size of groups and whether all the time slots fill up, you may even end up with relative solitude. When I was getting ready to leave, I realized that no one was teeing off at hole 1 so I walked over and sat uninterrupted for several minutes to take in the view. Both the price of admission and the congestion were more than worth dealing with to be able to experience this course.

I reserved tee times two hours apart (9 AM and 11 AM) and that worked out perfectly for me. I played the White tees first at 9 AM and completed a solo round in about 1 hour 45 minutes, playing at a comfortable pace and passing 2-3 groups (plus 5-10 minutes looking for discs in the Christmas tree forests). My solo round from the Red tees took about 1 hour 30 minutes, again playing at a relaxed pace and passing/interacting with several groups. If I had more time, I would have definitely stayed all day and played both layouts again - plus maybe the Old Glory layout. If you are visiting with a larger group and/or playing a longer layout, I would plan on taking an entire day to play 2-3 rounds here.

I do not know why this course is not currently in the DGCR top 10, although my understanding is that it will soon reclaim a spot (RIP Selah Ranch). Out of the 125 courses I have played to date, I would rank Maple Hill #1. Comparing it to the two current DGCR top 10 courses that I have personally played, Maple Hill has the over-the-top amenities of Rollin Ridge PLUS the beautiful scenery of Flip City (although the scenery here is a little different), PLUS more water holes. While I can't quite call this course perfect (see above), it's easily over the 4.75 rating threshold in my book.

I was in the New York City area for work and had a Friday afternoon/Saturday available before my flight home. I chose to spend that time battling traffic for 4 hours each direction and book a hotel room in Worcester for one night, to get here and play my two rounds - and I would do the same again in a heartbeat. Actually, no I wouldn't. What I would really do is book the room or camp out for several nights - and get my fill of Maple Hill, then sample other highly regarded courses (Pyramids, 501 Disc Golf, etc.) within a short drive. I really can't recommend highly enough that you do the same.
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Maple Hill Lives up to the Hype drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 9, 2022 Played the course:once


I went into my round at Maple Hill expecting to be blown away, and the course exceeded my lofty expectations. Multiple different layouts with different tees and pins give the course a unique feel and allow you to pick and choose what shots to play. 

Amenities: All the amenities are first-class. The pro shop was well stocked, and the staff was very friendly. The course itself was impeccably maintained, and it is clear that the staff worked hard to ensure that each of the layouts flowed smoothly and that it was difficult to get lost. Each tee is marked, as are the baskets and there are arrows at virtually every hole pointing to the next tee. 

Diverse layouts: I love the multiple layouts and the balance of the course. Anyone, whether a top pro or a brand new player, will find something to enjoy at Maple Hill. While we played our round, we saw both a group of clearly new players and another group effectively playing the Golds, and both groups praised the course. 

Aesthetic beauty: As several other reviewers have mentioned, this course is very beautiful. It is on a Christmas tree farm, and many of the holes play through the farm. 

Elevation: The course designers do a very good job of using elevation to create interesting holes. For example, one is a fun and open downhill shot with water in play, depending on what tee you play. Four is another downhill shot, this one tightly wooded that requires both hitting your line and controlling speed as well. On the back nine, there are multiple downhill bombs that allow players of all different skill levels to open up on a drive (11, 13 both come to mind). Some of these shots are very scenic, and you could easily throw your whole bag on 13. 

Balanced holes: There is an excellent balance between open and wooded holes that ensures the course provides a diversity of holes. Distance throwers will enjoy the long open holes (1, 11, 13, 18), while good shot shaping is heavily rewarded on much of the front nine. The tight wooded holes typically allow for multiple shot types and lines depending on how aggressive you want to play. Hole six is a good example because it is relatively tight, and an errant shot could end up either OB right or in the lake, depending on the pin position. 

Signature holes: Several holes stand out as particularly exceptional holes (I played the white layout). Eight is a fun water carry, 10 plays to the signature castle basket and brings in an extra element of putting to an already challenging hole, 13, as previously mentioned, is one of my favorite holes to throw and 18 begins with a big open drive that determines how aggressive you can be to a basket surrounded by rock walls that delineate the ob line. 


Don't have much to say here. The course is very well marked but having so many different layouts leads to some confusion if you don't spot the appropriate markers. Depending on the layout you play, there is a decent chance you lose a disc. I will say that the red tees mitigated that risk as much as possible and didn't have any obvious water carries. Our round went relatively smoothly, but there were bottlenecks on holes 13, 15 and 18. 

Other Thoughts:

Probably the best course I've ever played, and I'm super excited to go back and play different layouts in the future. I played the white and thought it was a very fair challenge and did a great job balancing birdie holes with more demanding holes where I was happy walking away with par. 
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Maple Hill DGC 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 1, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


My Three Pros:

1) The amenities on site at Maple Hill are every thing you could think of and then some. My favorite touch was the potted flowers off the front edges of almost every teepad, adding such a beautiful touch.
There are 5 18-hole courses ranging in difficulty (red, white, blue, diamond, gold) and all holes utilize at least 2 teepads for the different layouts. Teepads were usually brick pavers that looked and felt nice although some of gravel or rubber mats are used on some holes on some of the easier layouts. Each layout has its own signage at every tee making it obvious which tee to use and where to throw to. A colored flag distinguishing which basket to play to makes it totally clear what target you are going for( as there are at least 2 baskets on every hole). The combination of extra baskets and tees make it such that navigating to the next hole can be drastically different between the different layouts - this is solved with next hole signs that are color coded to the each course layout. The proshop was very nice and had everything you could need before or after a round. The parking is pretty large and has porta potties at the parking lot. There is large sign showing the various layouts and course maps near the hole #1 tee.
They have everything here.

2) What really helps separate Maple Hill from any where else is the natural beauty throughout the course. I have watched the course in tournament footage many times but there is allot I had never seen on the footage. I came into the course knowing it was a pretty property and was still surprised many times. I loved the use of the water and having so many holes near or over the water. The rustic structures and rock walls near the first/last holes remind traveling players of the Mass history. The cherry on top is coming out in the fall and getting to play through a colorful forest between the wide open bomber holes.

3) It truly felt like half the course were incredible signature holes. On the Gold course this was:1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9,10, 14, 18 - and a few others are close.
The use of big water carries, small little streams, the rock wall features, up hills, down hills, play from wide open to wooded tunnels, play from wooded tunnels to wide open - every shot is here. The water carries are thrilling - bring extra discs and be prepared to lose a few. The wooded gaps are tight but fair. The wide open crush holes are as fun as they look on footage - even if you dont quite throw it as far...Fun transitions from open long holes to wooded short holes and vice versa. I really liked that the Red, Whites and Golds all played very differently even though they are overlapping layouts on essentially the same track.


My Three Cons:

1) Disc risk is high at this one - bring your back up discs. Maple Hill is an active Christmas tree farm and as other have mentioned the Xmas trees are a pain in the butt to search through for discs. Many of the xmas tree holes are downhill bombs and keeping track of where your discs went can be very tough. There are fair landing zones provided so a few rounds of practice could get a player dialed in enough to miss the trees. The water carries are no joke and will gobble up discs without sympathy.

2) The course is on private property (and in New England) so its pay to play and now reservation only. This site and the course webpage state "closed from thanksgiving to Christmas" which is a bummer in itself. I showed up in 2019 the weekend before thanksgiving and found out the course was already closed and no amount of pleading would allow my party of 1 to disrupt the tree operations and was turned away. Luckily now there's a reservation system so these kind of things can be avoided now hopefully.
The new reservation website is a bit clunky but works well enough . I reserved a 730 and 12:30 tee time before hand and was able to play quick enough and squeeze in an extra round between; which was setup on the spot at the proshop. It seemed like the teetimes werent really being enforced too strictly just by the nature of the shop being located at 18 and not in the way of hole #1. The early AM tee times are on the honor system as the tee times are reservable as early as 6am but the shop doesnt open until 9. My tree time was for 730, I showed up at 750 and no-one was around to raise any issue.

3) A few amenities related comments would be that the navigation can be tricky at times with all the next tee signs and multiple tees - hopefully over time the navigation gets more obvious. With udisc on hand its no trouble getting around. There could be a few more trash cans, I only recall seeing one at hole 17. The 5 overlapping courses can flow a bit odd with groups playing the different layouts.

Other Thoughts:

Wow - this course impressed me more than Harmony bends, bucksnort, selah, beaver ranch, IDGC and every other highly rated course I have visited so far. I cant understand how this isnt in the DGCR top ten but hopefully it works its way up there with some of the recent additions - including the new daiamond layout and reservation system. I dont know if its #1 as udsic purports but its gotta be close.
I came into the day hoping to see a 5 star course and expecting to be let down - and the only let down was having to leave.
I played the white layout at 8 am and had the course almost to myself. it was crisp and quiet- wet and soggy. absolutely beautiful. I played ok but poorly and shot +7 in about 1.5 hours.
Next I played the gold layout. I measured over 5 miles of walking, about 2 hours of playing, and shot +20 - lost 3 discs - brutal stuff. I will always have a deeper appreciation of what the pros throw down at the MVP open.
Finally, I played the red layout with a beginner friend. This round was right at par, and though its implied the red is the beginner course at Maple Hill - it is no beginner course.

I was amazed in the end with how differently all three rounds played considering they are the mostly the same holes with altered tees and or baskets. I would recommend the white layout for best mixture of gettable holes with many holes that are similar to the pro holes. All the courses demanded good shot after good shot. Bad shots are punished, good ones are rewarded. Go big or go home.
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Maple Hill #100 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 24, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


I've been playing Maple Hill for 10 years and it's an honor to be writing review #100 for this amazing course!

~ The variety between the layouts is the best of any course I've ever played. Any adult disc golfer can find their level at Maple Hill and push themselves to the next level as well. Red is a true beginner course, one of the easiest non-kiddie courses out there while also built to make new players excited about what's possible. Over the years I've taken about 20 first-time disc golfers to MH to play Red for their first round ever and they all came away hooked. The leveling from Red to White to Blue to Gold is evenly spaced in difficulty. Gold challenges world-class players, as you're probably aware. And the new Diamond layout fits nicely between Blue and Gold for difficulty. No matter where you fit on the spectrum from novice to Paul McBeth, Maple Hill has a layout where you'll be comfortable and a layout where you'll be challenged.

~ The whole course is gorgeous, spotless, and immaculately maintained. If there's an Augusta National of disc golf, this is it. I wanted to have my wedding here. Beautiful any time of year. If you can come in October the foliage makes it especially impressive. There's never any litter. Something about paying a few bucks to play and seeing a perfect course keeps people on their best behavior. (That and there's a public course about 3 miles away where people go to trash a disc golf course if that's their thing.) The staff are out around the course every day keeping it perfect.

~ The lost disc program is the best around. Which is great because there's a lot of water on the course and lost water shots are common. From April through October they dive regularly for discs. I've gotten back I would guess 20/25 discs that I've ever lost here. They text you and post found discs on their website and hold them for a year. I've even had two spend the entire winter in a pond and got it back when they found it in the spring.

~ The mandatory tee times that started in May 2020 have actually worked out great. I was skeptical at first. I've never had a tee time at any course and I like to just show up and play. But as with any course this can lead to big backups if a bunch of people happen to show up at the same time. The tee times have gotten rid of that. You'll always have a clear path ahead when you start. The tee times were easy to get all year. I've played at Maple Hill 14 times here in 2020 and you could almost always find a decent tee time if you booked the day before, and if you were planning 3 days or more in advance you could book a tee time basically whenever you want. I still don't think I'd want to see this everywhere, but I am very pleasantly surprised by how well it worked out this year.

~ There's a decent size pro shop. And if you really want to get your shop on, the biggest disc golf pro shop in New England is at the other course across the street.


~ As another reviewer mentioned, this is not a particularly strategic course. The course design is still fantastic; every tee box, basket, tree, and obstacle is clearly well thought out and somehow exactly where it should be. But almost all the holes can only really be played one way.

~ Hole 11 W/B/G and Hole 17 G are big open air downhill shots over a Christmas Tree farm. The trees can make it artificially hard to find your disc. It can be quite hard to maintain perspective on which Christmas tree your disc is near as you walk down the hill. Not a problem if you can reliably throw 425 on a big air shot though.

Other Thoughts:

If you are a disc golfer and you find yourself within 100 miles of Maple Hill for any reason, what are you waiting for?? Get yourself to Maple Hill!!! You won't forget it!
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Challenging but nice variety of landscapes 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 1, 2020 Played the course:once


- Challenging but 4 different tees offer diff options
- Different landscapes (forest, open, lakes)
- Elevation changes
- Straight, left, right turns requiring diff throws
- Well marked holes and signs to next tee
- well maintained grounds


- Might lose a frisbee into the water if you're not careful or over confident near the lakes.
- Can we windy, which will affect throws

Other Thoughts:

Simply the best course I've ever played and I've played over 20 courses in the US (haven't found any top 5 courses oustide the US).
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Pack Your Bags And Taste Amazing Here 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 20, 2020 Played the course:once


If you ever fly or drive to the eastern section of the US , You need to make a stop to Maple Hill . This is what you call a disc golf mecca . It is a private course with a stocked pro shop with a game room/entertainment center , and view of the 18th hole on the 2nd floor . There are Port O Lets near the driveways . Parking can be a little tight but manageable . It is a good idea to call for a tee time here , even on a Thursday mid-afternoon ( When I came in , and did not make one ) . The Pro Shop attendant will do his best to get you on as quick as possible .
The Equipment - Top of the line . There are nice brick paver tees at most of the boxes here ( there are 4+ lines ) . I never saw the red ( short ) tees , so I didn't know if they were still rubber mats . The often decorated tee pads are marked with a flag system that help identify them , Yellow for gold tees ( the hardest ) Blue flags ( hard intermediate ) White ( medium challenge ) and red ( easier ) . The tee signs are fantastic and give needed information on several of the holes at a time . Plenty of Next Tee signs . The baskets are Black Hole Portals and look new . They also have flags on the tops of them to signify which baskets that you are going for . Benches are at the holes along with trash receptacles .
The Landscape - This is a great piece of land . The course and grounds were very clean , the course mowed , and branches and sticks were cut trimmed and picked up when I came here . The course surface varies like the weather . From rolling to extreme uphill and downhill , this course has it all . A pond comes into play immediately , and the lake makes it's presence felt on holes 3,4 ,5 Throwing over it on 8 A couple of creeks , . Even Christmas trees even come into play on this course . There is a hand built rock wall that is part of the 18th hole .
The Highlights - Keep in mind that I was supposed to be on the White course , but I drifted to blue on occasion . I also think it's funny that they have a Scorecard with map on it for an " Old Glory round , where you alternate playing red , white and blue parts of the courses . A lot of this course is a highlight . #1 from the white/blue tee starts you off with a downhill drive over a pond . The basket is right in front of it , and there is heavy rough about 20' behind it . #4 is a tight downhill 250' risk/reward with the lake right behind the basket . #8 is a water drive across the lake to the basket just beyond . Throw too hard to the right ( like me ) and you wind up in a 2nd lake . Play the Blue #10 . Even though it is a 330' straight up drive that plays more like 430' + , this is the "Castle" Hole , where there is a castle turret guarding an elevated basket . #11 throws downhill and over a Christmas tree farm . You might not clear it , and it is hard to find you disc ( take turns spotting ) , but after the trees , the fairway opens up more . #13 is a top of the world open drive to a green that sits in a small opening into the woods . The basket is guarded by little gullies . #18 is a great finishing hole It climbs up a grade , and over a hand made rock wall ( civil war type ) , to the basket near the pro shop .
Disc Risk - medium . You can take the water out of play in all but #8 , but there is also some rough and blind basket holes . Bring a " found " disc or 2 just for these holes .
Time - because of the popularity of Maple Hill There will be some crossing of players , that will slow you down during your round . I figure I played about 6400' of course , and it took me an hour and 30 minutes . Slow down like I did and enjoy this course . It is hard to gauge how long a group of 4 will take because of the different colors they might play . Blue ? maybe 2 1/2 hours + .
The course is magnificent and scenic . It is almost as if the land was made for fitting disc golf into .
Make sure you pack water or something to drink . Once you leave the #1 tee pad , you don't come back until finishing #18. The course pro was nice and helpful of first timers here , suggesting which course to play and giving out informative scorecards with maps on them .
They have snacks , drinks and a large selection of discs at the pro shop and a game room to chill and watch some of the players finish their round .


#1 the course scheduling - I know the way the course is configured , that there are going to be issues with players arriving at the tee pads at the same time . This is almost unavoidable . The players are cool about it and if you are in a faster group or solo , like I was , they will let you tee off with them and play on . I personally didn't mind , but there are going to be some that pay $20 on a crowded weekend that might be less happy .
#2 Turns - Oddly enough , I couldn't think of a true dogleg here . Not that it is a requirement , but some might prefer a couple .
#3 Pay To Play - Worth a mention . $10 to play all day on a weekday , and $20 to play all day on the weekends . If local , there are yearly rates for single to family . The price was worth it to me , but maybe a family of 3 or 4 visiting on a weekend might feel a bit different .
Lack of a real bathroom on Pay To Play ? Really ?!?!

Other Thoughts:

I have reviewed almost 300 courses to date, several listed as a top 20 course , and have only given 1 ( Rollin Ridge ) a 5 rating ,,,,, until now . This course squeezes everything out of you , from strategy , to creativity . Challenge ? Try playing the Golds here . Just try to handle the Blues . These course are so clean and vary from color to color , that you can play a round without frustrating yourself . This is definitely a Destination Course . Forget about wish listing Maple Hill . Just come and play here . You will take a memorable hole or 2 back home with you . It just changes from hole to hole . Even though it is incredibly challenging , Maple Hill still manages to keep it fun . The Fun Factor is way up . Check out the pro shop after finishing , and hang out for a while . Watch how some of the better players work to get par on the 18th hole .Make sure you check the course homepage or check with the course before playing . Maple Hill hosts some prestigious tournaments and you don't want to waste a trip by showing up and missing a chance to play here .
My Recommendation . With its multi pads and multi pins . and color coded courses , Maple Hill eliminates most all of the reasons to keep you from playing here , even making you want to return to play a different color . A bit pricey for newbies , intros or dates , and unless a family that's disc golf crazy on weekends ( try weekday mornings/afternoons , $10 apiece ) , This is a dream world of disc golf that will cater to the locals , and intermediates thru pros . If travelers have some time and something to take their mind off of business , or only entertaining family or wife , this is an opportunity you don't want to pass up if you can find 3 hours to spare . and sits close to I-190 , I-290 and I-90 , about 45 miles out of Boston . Course Collectors will want to play here and cross this destination off their list . They can pick up The Pyramids and Pyramids Pink , right down the street and Newton Hill , a few miles away . After I have talked this course up so much , I can only advise you to PLAY IT !!!!!
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It is amazing 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 30, 2019 Played the course:once


***My review is based on the Gold Tees***

- Nice grippy concrete tees

- MVP black hole baskets catch just as expected, this was my first experience with them and I have no complaints.

- Beautifully maintained fairways and if you find the rough it isnt too thick.

- Fully stocked pro shop

- Hole 1 - The huge throw over the pond is one of the scariest first holes I have ever played. I can easily clear the pond but its still in your mind and its a great way to start the course.

- Hole 4 - Straight up down hill, super tight with water behind the basket. Just another tough shot that requires not only skill but the mental ability to succeed here.

- Hole 5 - Another tough skill and mental shot if you want the birdie. Hole 4 and 5 back to back are an amazing combo.

- Hole 8 - Watching this hole on video for years I always thought it was super simple but playing it was much tougher then I thought, trying to park this is a very tough touchy shot and if you go long you have a death putt.

- Hole 9 - Coming up over the crest after your first shot gives you such a beautiful look at the perfectly manicured green.

- Hole 10 - Just as much up hill as you think it is

- Hole 11 - Was much longer then I thought it was, the top pros really make it look easy.

- Hole 13 - Probably one of my favorite shots on the whole course. Just a 400' down hill shot that you just throw your straightest disc at. Watching discs here is amazing.

- Hole 14 - So picturesque, and is one of the holes on the course that you look forward to, even though you know you are probably going to throw it into the water.

- Hole 18 - This is another hole that the top pros makes look so easy. Its a lot further and more uphill then you think. Getting a 3 on this hole is an amazing score.


- Im usually not a big fan of putting baskets 10' from OB but there is always a safe way to play the hole if you dont want to take chances.

- Honestly, I cant find much of anything wrong with Maple Hill

Other Thoughts:

This course is just as amazing as you think it is. This should be on every serious disc golfers hit list. I will say that it played a bit easier then I thought it would. Years of watching video has lead me to believe that I would struggle a lot more then I did during my round. I was also lucky enough to not lose a single disc. Make sure to bring some water discs with you.
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2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 1, 2019 Played the course:once


Maple Hill is one of the more commonly recognizable disc golf course names, and has been on my bucket list for some time, and it did not disappoint.

One of the most distinguishing characters here is with each round you have you choice of 1 of 4 primary layouts: red, white, blue, gold - plus a combo layout "Old Glory" that includes 6 holes from each of the red, white, and blue tees in an alternating fashion. Some of the tees are just longer or at different angles from the other colors, and some are completely alternate/parallel holes. That is a lot of tees, signs, baskets (with all in excellent shape) and designing all that must have taken an insane amount of planning. How the layouts intertwine with the others is very well-thought out, plus with the scorecard/course map that are plentiful at the clubhouse, you won't get lost. I was also amazed that with the many layouts along with many people playing, we rarely saw anyone else or had to wait.

Beautiful piece of property that gives you pretty much everything: woods, open, elevation, water on several holes. Very well groomed, mowed, no trash, clear paths, landscaping, flowers- just overall an enjoyable outdoor experience.

Holes had a nice balance and mix of anything from ace runs to par 4's. Many unique/memorable/signature holes- downhill bombs, over water shots, an island green, and #18 as a great finishing hole set-up for fans to watch during tournaments.

The pro shop is well-stocked with discs (not as good as the big well-known store just down the road), but still good. Excellent prices on food and snacks though! As I mentioned, there were plenty of scorecards neatly arranged for all the different layouts. Friendly and helpful staff.


Just a few things. My biggest is that even though there was a lot of hole variety, I actually didn't use a lot of discs and shot types. Everything was mostly straight (understand this is coming the perspective of only playing one round- Old Glory, which was recommended by the employee at the pro shop.) I think the blues and golds probably offer more variety, from what I saw of them.

Though the planning for multiple layouts is about as good as it can be, there were still a few times where we had to do some minor seeking to find the correct tee location the first time you play here, totally understandable with all they have going on here (I played one round and did the Old Glory version.)

Hole 11 (white), though a fun downhill bomb, plays over a Christmas tree farm- making even decent tee shots hard to spot and find once they land. It took my group of 4 much longer than usual to find our discs and then we only found 3/4.

Broken baskets by the parking area- are these crappy practice baskets? Decor? Not sure, gave me some doubt at first- thankfully the course itself did not resemble that first impression.

Restrooms are just a port-a-pottie. Glad it was there, but the obvious bare minimum despite having a pro shop and being pay to play.

Other Thoughts:

$10 to play all day on a weekday even if only playing 1 round ($20 on the weekend). I would have liked to play a 2nd round, but its proximity to the Pyramids course made it a tough choice and we went there for our next round of the day. (I also concluded that, even though DGCR lists these 2 as being "on-site" with the other, they aren't, just real close and separate operations.) It might be a pro that these 2 places are here together, but in some ways it is kind of a con since they competed for my time and $.

Maple Hill is a very complete course/s with something suitable for all skill levels. Locals (if they want to pony up the cash each year) will enjoy lots of options and should never get bored here.

It is between 4.5-5.0 on my scale. Why not a 5.0? From what I played it lacked any real strategy or thought from beginning to end, just lots of: here is the shot (usually a straight shot) -now do it. Regardless, Maple Hill is excellent (a DGCR 4.5=Phenomenal) and should be on your list to play if in the Boston area, as it is worthy of being labeled a destination course.
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A Destination Disc Golf Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 8, 2019 Played the course:once


There really isn't much to not rave about for this course. I've played near 200 courses, and this one stands out ahead of the rest (along with Harmony Bends in Columbia, MO). I'll list some of the amazing aspects of the course below.
-- Amazing shot variety and course design. This course requires it all. Big arms will be able to really shine on some of the longer holes and tree tacticians will find no shortage of tight, demanding lines to hit in the woods. There's elevation, water carries, and well placed OB to really make you think.
-- Multiple layouts, with a variety of tees and pins throughout. I was just there for 1 round while in town for a wedding, so I played golds. The golds are no joke. However, there are blues, whites, and reds that all looked to play quite a bit differently on most holes. I'd love to get back and attack the whites and blues.
-- Gorgeous scenery and well manicured. The course was immaculate when I was there. Wonderfully mowed fairways, clean tees, great signage, benches, baskets, etc... It's well taken care of and visually stunning.
-- On-site pro shop with helpful staff that outlined the various layouts to me. They have a good selection of discs, apparel, and even some awesome disc golf artwork. The kid working there explained to me that they send divers in after discs about once a month, and will put found discs on a spreadsheet you can check online, will call you, and if needed ship your disc to you once found (obviously you cover shipping).
-- I was out there on a gorgeous Satruday (everyone in Boston said it was the first really nice day of the year) and I basically had the course to myself. No waiting. No backups.


There really aren't any notable cons for this course I can think of. If I have to nit-pick, I can really only think of one. And this is only because of my love for Harmony Bends and my constant comparing to that course to see which I like more. In the end, I think Harmony slightly edges out Maple Hill for one reason: the risk/reward shot selection. Maple Hill is by no means easy, but a lot of the holes had a pretty obvious way to attack them that you just had to execute. When I compare to the only other course of this caliber I've played, HB has more lines where you really have to pick a way to dissect a hole based on your game and how much risk/reward you want to take. This is such a minor difference though, and HB is currently the #1 rated course in the world, so this does not take anything away from Maple Hill.

Others on here have complained about unfriendly staff (the complete opposite of my experience), being told their discs would be sold if found (the complete opposite of my experience) and the $20 pay to play. On this last note, I have NO PROBLEM paying $20 for a day at one of the best courses in the world. As disc golfers, I think we've become a bit spoiled. Where else can you participate in what you love in one of the most iconic spots on the planet for it and only pay $20 for a day? Would I pay $20 a day for a lot of my local courses? Wouldn't love it. To pay $20 here given all the upkeep and the general beauty of the place? Hell, I'd pay $50.

Other Thoughts:

If you are in the area (I drove in from Boston on a Saturday before a 6pm wedding back in Boston), then do yourself a favor and PLAY THIS COURSE. Ideally, give yourself enough time for two rounds (or more).
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Maple Hill is Marvelous 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 1, 2018 Played the course:once


Maple Hill is what the future of disc golf should be. A private course, manicured to perfection, with extreme attention put into every detail. Until you have played at Maple Hill, you most likely have not experienced anything like it. This course had been on my wishlist for 3 years, just as long as I have been playing. It is the home of some of the first disc golf video I have ever watched, and it is a large reason I took a liking to this sport in the first place. It lives up to my every expectation, and I had a very high bar set.

The first hole is a signature on any course. It starts off with a water carry, then around a rock wall with a guarded green. The water carry is not incredibly intimidating from the blue/white tees, but the gold tees can be terrifying. The water looks smaller in person, but the view is unparalleled, and it is much better to see this in person than a picture or a video.

There are many other signature holes to describe, as I believe most every hole on this course would be a signature hole at even a decent course, it's just that incredible. Most of them you just have to see for yourself. The pine trees, the rock walls, the ponds, the mountains. It's a great experience in the wooded and hilly Massachusetts.

Getting down to the layout, there is so much to be said. The Gold tee to Gold basket is one of the most recognizable layouts in disc golf. It can challenge the top pros at the annual tournament, but from my experience, it is every bit approachable to a player with an average skill level. However, this course is not just the Gold Layout. This course has four, FOUR!, unique layouts, ranging from an all par 3 red tee, and the championship golds. The red tees do not require many, if any, water carries. They are all reachable, and they are kept in just as good of care as the golds. The Whites and Blues are great courses for everyday play, as I'm sure that a local can't play the golds every time. Each layout was perfectly fit, and this course is not just meant for pros, it can be fun for everyone.

Navigation for this course is also well done. Signs pointing to each dedicated color, and paths that are well beaten. There is not a single walk that I felt unnecessarily long.

The new Black Hole Portals caught very well, and I was pleasantly surprised by them, because I have never played on them before. They are visible in the woods, but even if they weren't, the colorful flags atop every basket shows you exactly where to go. The tee signs are incredible as well. Very large, colored to fit the layout, and extremely detailed. The map includes distances, pars, and some added intricacies to make them better than the average.


Maple Hill is quite possibly the greatest disc golf course on Earth. I have not played every course in existence, and I can't speak for all the other fantastic courses that are sure to exit, but the experience here trumps all my others, hands down. However, every rose has a few thorns, and I am sure they will be trimmed eventually.

The paver tees are fantastic, and they look great too, but the rubber tees for the short tees are not as great. They are better than some rubber tees I have played on, but I think more pavers for all tees would be incredibly beneficial for this course, making it even more suitable for a casual golfer.

The course does not loop back to the parking lot after nine, only after 18. When leaving your car, pack lots of water, snacks, and extra discs for the few that you could lose in the water. I'm not too happy about losing one of my go to putters, but it is what it is. I shouldn't have ran that putt anyways, but you have to during a casual round, for the fear of being called a wimp.

I am not always a fan of a multiple basket course. I don't exactly know why that is, but they are not my favorite. This is executed to almost perfection though, and the other baskets almost never get in the way.

Other Thoughts:

I want to write a review that shows that this course is the best that I have played, and a review that shows that this course is worth a trip. It should be common knowledge by now that this course is one of the best, as it is seen all over the place, but it is completely a different, almost surreal, experience in person. If there is a course that should be in everybody's wishlist, Maple Hill has to be one of them.

There are a lot of thoughts that I can describe as other, but the main thought is that this course took my breath away. If there is any other information that you would like to know, let me know, and I will do the best I can to explain to you why you should just make the trip.
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Top notch, in every way. 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 25, 2018 Played the course:once


Let's get this out of the way: I LOVE Maple Hill. Love it. So much. Almost as much as Elaine.

18 hole course located on a perfect piece of frolfing land. The grounds are immaculate, the feeling is wonderful...I just don't know what else to say about it.

Brand new MVP baskets on every hole. While these aren't my favorite baskets in the world, they did the job just fine. The multiple colored flags on each basket made it easy to discern which basket you were throwing at. Multiple baskets on many holes.

Multiple tees on most hole. Some pavers, some rubber mats. The pavers (which I usually don't like) were kept up very well and we didn't have any issues. Every skill level should be able to find a tee they feel good about throwing from.

No super crazy elevation (depending on your perspective), but plenty of up and down to create some fantastic downhill bombers. There is still more elevation here than most other courses.

Some of the best water shots I've played anywhere. At many courses, water shots are just "throw over this water", and while Maple has some of that, most of the water is punitive of errant shots, not just short shots. There are bail out spots on most, and big risk/reward for being aggressive on others. I'm not usually a fan of multiple water shots on a course, but they're so well done here that I couldn't help but love it. Oh, and hole 1 from blue or gold is probably the coolest opening shot in the 360+ courses I've played.

Tons of New England ambiance all around. The rolling hills, the quintessential rock walls (Hi Dave!), the atmosphere (my disc went real fahhhhh)...it all adds up to a fantastic experience. Playing hole 18 up to the clubhouse, with people on the deck/bleachers watching your shots coming in...that's just fun stuff. Everything here just feels like what disc golf is supposed to be.

Last (but definitely not least), the shot variety is superb. As a guy that throws around 400' and 940's rated, it felt like everything was attainable, but tough. That's my kind of golf! Fair OB's, tight lines, open bombers, technical shorties (this is from the blues)...I left feeling like I had used nearly every disc in my bag. Me likey.

Signage was great, and navigation wasn't an issue, although it didn't hurt that I've seen the course on video about 1000 times. The clubhouse also has scorecards w/ maps to help.


Any con is very much nitpicking, in my opinion.

Would love to see all concrete tees here.

MVP baskets aren't my favorite, but they're fine, and that's just personal preference.

Some people may see P2P as a con, but seriously...buck up, tiger. It's worth every penny.

If this were your home course, you'd have real issues with traveling to other courses and not being disappointed. That's a con, right?

Other Thoughts:

In conclusion, Maple Hill rocks. If you've played Flip City, it's the same vibe, but more bigger and more awesome. It's got everything you could want, and maybe some things you didn't know you'd want.

I have commitment issues, so I don't know if Maple Hill is #1 on my favorite course list, but it's definitely top 3.

Who am I kidding. This is my favorite course. It's the third 5.0 rating I've given, and there wasn't a doubt in my mind. Just get there...you won't be sorry.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
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5.00 star(s)

Iconic Massachusetts Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 7, 2018 Played the course:2-4 times


From Hole 1 featuring a disc-eating pond with the choice to "go for it" or bail out, to the final hole with its iconic rock wall surrounding the green, Maple Hill DGC features fantastic shot variety.

Maple Hills offers a great variety of holes from quite open to tightly wooded, with plenty of uphill and downhill included. Many holes give you more than one route to the basket, often including both FH and BH routes. You'll get a chance to air out a few drives but you will also have several short, technical drives. Holes 1 and 8 feature ponds, with the water carry being mandatory on Hole 8 (except the red course).

This is actually four courses in one, with Red, White, Blue and Gold courses. This variety is accomplished through ever-changing combinations of tee pads and basket positions. Colored flags at the teepads as well as on the baskets makes finding "your" correct hole relatively easy, but you've got to pay attention.

Infrastructure is solid, with good rubber tees at every position, clear tee signs, and brand new MVP Black Hole baskets. I am generally not a fan of rubber tees, but these were well constructed, flat, and level. In many places there is considerable structure supporting the tee, and the day I played the owners were improving one of the Hole 9 teepads with additional concrete block wall.

The Red Course is beginner friendly, with holes lengths averaging just under 250'. The water carries are eliminated, as is the big downhill throw over the Christmas tree nursery at Hole 11. But it still finishes on the walled-in 18th green.

I played my rounds on the White course, which averages about 325 feet per hole and maintains the water carries and the downhill throw on Hole 11. This is the tamest version of the "full" course but provided plenty of challenge.

The Blue and Gold courses stretch things out considerably and add a few more par 4's, with the Gold course having been featured in the past during the Vibram Open. After watching coverage of that tournament for years it was thrilled to be able to play the course, even though I did it from shorter tees. So many signature holes!


With the various combinations of tees and baskets you have to pay attention to stay on your selected course. I didn't have any issues with it but could see where some confusion might creep in.

Things were a little wet in a few low spots, but I was playing in mid-Spring and I'm sure things dry out.

Other Thoughts:

I look forward to returning and trying the Blue and Gold courses.

The pro shop was closed when I arrived, but I was able to give it a look at the end of my second round. Nice selection of discs and gear. With Marshall Street Disc Golf less than a minute down the road, you won't have any trouble finding something to buy!

Decent parking lot with bathrooms available at the start. I don't recall bathrooms out on the course itself.
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Can I live here??! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 9, 2018 Played the course:once


-Tee areas are phenomenal, signs are helpful and tees are great, there are sometimes benches to sit on also.
-Baskets have flags on them and are very visible, Baskets are also high quality.
-The Fairways are well maintained, and clear.
-Elevation is used really well when present, many holes play down hills, a few play up.
-Paths are great, and Navigation is intuitive and easy
-This course has an extremely professional vibe, because it is one of the most prestigious courses ever.
-Water is used really well here, you have to throw over Water a couple times, this is a cool challenge you don't often face.
-This course is super pretty, it would be fun just to walk around it and not even play disc golf
-Equal representation of forehand and backhand lines
-No garbage lying around
-This course gets a 4/4 on the new Shoe Index.


-The rough is super rough, hard to get out of, easy to lose something.
-if you play on a week day, it is $10, which is reasonable and worth it, on weekends $20 is pretty steep, even for this amazing course, especially if you want to play more than one round.
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When I think Disc Golf... 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 27, 2017 Played the course:once


Design- Maple Hill has all the variety you could ever want in a course. You will need to execute every shot in your bag to make it through. Unlike some courses Maple Hill never gets repetitive every hole seems fresh and new when you step on the tee.
Course Flow/ Navigation- The course has a nice flow to it and it doesn't absolutely kill you to hike it. The Navigation is solid for the most part The front 9 is easier to navigate than the back
Fairness- There weren't any fairways to me that were poke and hope you will get rewarded with good shots here.
Difficulty Level- There is a challenge for every player at every skill level, It is amazing in that regard
Beauty- Beautiful Lakes, Beautiful woods, Rolling Hills, Heck even Christmas Trees. Easily the prettiest course I've ever played.
The facility here is great plenty of benches and even a disc shop
New Englands Pride and Joy for Disc Golf


There are very few cons about the course so I'll just name a few ways I think the course can get better.
The navigation could be a little easier to follow on the back 9 if you are in a rush and its your first time playing you could get a little lost if you don't follow the map carefully, I struggled mostly between 14 and 15. Other than a few more arrows here and there I think you wouldn't have any problems
The main problem right now is the new Hole 10 they changed it to get rid of the wooden fortress hole I can see why they may have done this, but I think they got a little happy cutting down trees on the fairway, its very stumpy and a bit of an eye sore now. I know they will fix this in the future so I'm not too concerned. My hope is that Maple Hill will lengthen and turn hole 10 into their first Par 5. If they don't go that route I can understand because Maple Hill has its own vibe and doesn't really need a par 5 per say.
Some people complain a little bit about the water, I'll admit it sucks being a visitor who may not be able to get there disc back, but honestly as an intermediate player I played from the Gold Tees and didn't lose a single disc in the water when I played. Just play safe and smart!
I'd happily play 20 dollars again to play but I wish they had a deal if you bought a disc from the store you would get a discount entry fee, just a thought

Other Thoughts:

This course has some of the most memorable and unique holes that you can't find anywhere else. It's amazing what they did with just some farmland. I live in Florida and if I ever travel to Massachusetts again I'll gladly go out of my way to play it again and again. To date its the best course I've ever played.
Memorable Holes (practically all of them) 1,8,9,11,12,14,18
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4.00 star(s)

Great experience for the inexperienced 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 28, 2017 Played the course:once


* Fantastic tee signs & pads
* Easy to navigate
* Well-maintained


* No driving range

Other Thoughts:

Had a blast playing the full 18 here. Love love love the red tees: you feel like you're playing a course just like the pros but actually have a chance of a reasonable score. Some of the gold tees just looked... insane!

The layout is fantastic. Every tee is clearly marked, and the baskets have big obvious flags so you know which basket to aim for.

It's obvious the money paid to play goes back into improving the course. Little touches everywhere, like custom benches, really make the course a joy to play.

Highly recommended. If you're in the area, even if you're a noob, stop by and play.
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