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Germanton, NC

Neatman Creek

Permanent course
4.35(based on 5 reviews)
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Neatman Creek reviews

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Fresh Air

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 30, 2023 Played the course:once


Very nice setup with lots of signs and nice views and friendly folks for course owners.


It's not close to a town so pack yourself a lunch.

Other Thoughts:

Rubber mats covered with turf grass for tee pads is a good idea, a lot easier on your knees.
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It's Neat, Man! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 4, 2022 Played the course:2-4 times


-Neatman Creek is a very interesting private course. While it may have an NC woods golf feel to it, you won't be forgetting that this is a private course with some unusual aspects. I mean this in a positive way. Average par three length is 257' from the longs and below 240' from the shorts. Doesn't mean they are easy. The only par three over 400' is the new long pad for #7, which is a huge downhill shot, making it play less than 300'. This is probably the most open hole on the course. All of the short par threes are wooded with at least somewhat of a challenging line.

-There's a lot of elevation at Neatman Creek. The first two holes are both standouts, and were my favorites. #1 being a huge downhill dogleg right par four along the side of a creek, which is NOT out of bounds by the way. Only OB would be the mando pointing to the left. #2 was my main favorite. Only 212' and down probably more than the stated 30' drop given on the tee sign. There are two tight routes to the pin. The hill is very steep, and the creek is just short of the basket. This is a hole that probably plays only 100' due to a pretty big elevation drop, but the green has a mean slope and the creek can be incredibly difficult to putt from. #7 long is a lot of fun to throw from as well. It could maybe be 50' down in elevation.

-I enjoyed some of the uphill holes as well. #4 being 187' and immediately rising about 30' from the tee pad up a trail. It's tough to throw straight up a trail without hooking left. Very reachable, but punishing hole. #11 I enjoyed too. It's the lone par five at Neatman. It's an easy par five as long as you stay in bounds. This is a dogleg left with tall grass in play on the right side of the fairway. If you can throw a safe hyzer about 200', you will have a good chance at birdie. You'll be launching a driver up the hill. #18 was a true standout playing more uphill than downhill. This is an intense valley hole that probably offers the best elevation at Neatman. The fairway dives down about 30' (maybe 35') before rising back up more than 50'. This is an open par four that has been reached before. However, what seems to be an easy birdie only comes easy if you can bite off plenty of distance and be close to the top of the hill (which is probably 380' from the pad). If you keep it low or hook left, you'll be looking at an all of a sudden, extremely difficult approach from the hill. It's very steep and hard to have any sort of run up from on an approach. Truly fun finisher. Begs you to rip it as far as you can!

-Nice orange prodigy baskets. They catch well to me. I had a few putts that stayed in when they were probably a little more left than they should've been.

-Tee signs with hole diagrams, hole distances, and elevation changes.

-Mark was a great host. A tournament was held for about $40 and he allowed us to camp on the property with no additional costs. He also allowed me to use his hose, since I really needed to take some sort of shower. I hate to sleep sweaty, or without taking a shower beforehand.

-New changes that are being thought of by the designers. Neatman Creek is still new and has had some recent additions (maybe added last month). I'd rather not give them away though because it wouldn't be as exciting if I did.

-Nice variety of par fours. #1 is simply fun due to you having the opportunity to throw a big sidearm down a large hill, or an anhyzer on a backhand. #3 is fun being along the creek bed with two available gaps. #9 was intimidating despite being an open par four. It's a gorgeous hole with the creek in play nearby on the left. There is the OB tall grass as well. This isn't necessarily a difficult par four for pros. But it's quite risky to throw a driver on this one. I threw a midrange and a putter since they were bound to go straight. Don't let that discourage you! #18 is a real bomber that you'll be trying to reach!


-The previous reviewers beat me to it, so I'll just verify. #12-17 is a stretch of fillers. #12 has potential to be better; there is a new elevated long pad on the back side of the hill that makes for an interesting valley shot. The line to the basket isn't clear. This hole could use a few less trees. The short pad is 148' steep uphill ace run. With a few less trees, this could be a very fun hole from the long. #13 was an okay anhyzer. #14 long was my least favorite. It's a dogleg left through a tight tunnel and back out in the open to a huge left curve. You could try to throw a huge skip hyzer from the far right side in the open and pray it doesn't reach the barbed wire fence. #16 was pretty boring too. Just a tight uphill par three out of the woods through a smaller gap. #17 is a 128' upshot on the edge of the hill. At least there is an ace opportunity with a clear line that's kinda tight. I played with one of the designers (Andrew) and he said that they were going to make changes to a few of these holes.

-Gets very steep in places. Course is well kept and doesn't have many stumps, which is great. You'll still have to be alert of where you are walking. Otherwise, you could twist your foot.

-The rough is incredibly tough to get out of in some places. #4, #8, #10, #11, #12, and #14 to be specific. Make note of that.

-Many of the stated elevation changes on the tee signs don't seem right. It says #5 has no elevation when it's down at least five feet. It says #10 is 20 feet down and it maybe drops close to that from the tee pad to the bottom of the hill, but it goes back uphill. I don't think #11 is quite 45' up and I know that #12 short is not quite 50' up in elevation. It says that the overall elevation change on #18 is zero and it definitely plays more uphill than downhill. I'd say it's 20' up. There's a few more.

Other Thoughts:

-Many courses are designed in a way where higher rated players are bound to shoot several under par and lower rated players are bound to score several over par. And for intermediates and some advanced players are expected to be some where in between. Neatman isn't one of those courses, but it's very fair regardless and is very shreddable. The holes are just more attackable with some tough consequences otherwise. I shot -10 in a practice round and shot only -1 in the tournament, that was from the longs. The rough here is very tough to get out of sometimes. If I took more time to think about the consequences that are less severe, then maybe I would've played better in the tournament.

-Gorgeous property that's several miles from the nearest gas station or convenient store. You may want to plan accordingly. Neatman Creek is well worth your time! Plenty of memorable shots with their own unique challenges. Sometimes the steepness of the hills plays as a primarily obstacle (#2, #4, #12, and #18). Sometimes it's the tall grass that plays as OB. And sometimes it's the shape of the fairway and the consequences to missing the fairway. The holes are still designed for all players to have a chance to reach. Nothing is out of reach for players over 850 rated from the shorts. I thought #14 long was unreachable, but a guy on my card managed to throw an overstable mid and have it pure the wooded tunnel and skip left once it reached the open. I still don't know how to birdie that hole, but maybe someday I will.

-Looking forward to seeing Neatman Creek evolve. With Andrew and Mark both being great course designers, I know that they'll come up with some more ideas.
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Frolf Playground 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 2, 2021 Played the course:once


The scenery and terrain is some of the best NC has to offer and a perfect representative of foothills disc golf. The actual golf is not too far behind either. The course makes great use of its rolling elevation and that's evident by hole 1's downhill boomer. Maybe one of the most fun starting holes around. The titular creek is more of an aesthetic than a scorecard ruiner but super well utilized.

Most of the golf is typical NC woods golf. Fairways are very fair, especially for a new course. Some of the holes are a little tight but either negated by soft par or shortness so birdies are plentiful. As a 50/50 FH-BH player I really enjoyed the variety of fairway shapes and felt like few holes really demanded one over the other. Not much of a big arm needed except for about 3 holes but the really uphill holes helped make up for some of the holes being on the shorter size.

Nikko Locastro would have a field day because there are flex lines galore. He would also get a lot of eagles. But he would have fun doing it. That's kind of the vibe here: Not difficult for Open players but still enjoyable but for everyone else it's very fun and a nice challenge. This would be a very fun doubles course for Ams. It's also got a nice variety of wooded and open holes which helps broaden the appeal for all skill levels.


Not too much. For a private course, it's extremely polished and well-maintained. But this box exists so:

• Steps/stairs. If you're older, have bad knees, or just as graceful as a bull on roller skates, you should be advised that there are some steep declines (and inclines) that will wreck your day. Especially if wet. Hole 2 for example would really benefit from a trail that switchbacks down the slope to preserve the fairway from erosion and making the hole easier to descend without worrying about falling.

• Filler holes? I want to say the hole 12 to hole 17 stretch was rife with some dinkers. Hole 17 being the big culprit. Hole 15 I can see being aced (especially in the Winter) as a 393' downhill par 4. Hole 14 seems like it had a lot more land to use to stretch it out. But without knowing the layout or future plans I can just conject.

• Turf pads. I am usually not a big fan of turf but these are fine. A couple were a little uneven but nothing crazy.

Other Thoughts:

I loved playing here, it was a blast. Got to meet the missus, she seemed really nice and it was a blessing being able to come out and enjoy their property. There's not much disc golf in this area unfortunately so I was stoked to hear about Neatman and it didn't disappoint. Hopefully some more courses congregate around here because the land is terrific. Armfield is a decent course and not too bad of a drive from here. You're way out in the country but there's a Sheetz not far from the course so this country boy was satisfied.
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Why are trees
Experience: 5.7 years 5 played 5 reviews
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Instant Classic 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 7, 2021 Played the course:once


Extremely playable. My expectation for a new course is that it will be rough around the edges, and there will be a high potential for lost discs, especially for a predominantly wooded course like Neatman. This wasn't the case at all. Clearly, time and thought had been spent designing/clearing fairways and making the rough punishing but not deadly.

Splendid use of elevation. The designer did an excellent job designing a mix of downhill and uphill holes that include substantial elevation changes. 1, 2, 10, 12 and 18 are all examples of Neatman's biggest strength.

Risk and reward. This course makes you think about how aggressive you want to be, whether because of elevation or tight fairways with punishing rough. 8 and 16 are both gettable twos with great shots, but they can quickly become fives if you end up off the fairway. Similarly, a more aggressive play on 6 has a higher potential of hitting the overhanging limb down the fairway and becoming at best a pitch up par and at worst a 4. Obviously, the biggest risk-reward factor is the use of elevation. The course has a unique combination of holes where the elevation risk-reward factor is off the tee (2, 4, 12, 15) and/or on the green (4, 6, 9, 13, 14, 18). Each of these holes presents a more conservative play and a more aggressive choice, depending on your skill level and disposition. There are at least a few holes where conceding birdie and playing for par is probably the best play for a majority of players, and many more where trying to be super aggressive off the tee or from a bad lie on your second shot can be disastrous.

Signature holes: Several instant classic layouts that would be on my dream 18. Hole 1 is an amazing starting hole par 4 because of the downhill first shot to a pretty specific landing zone followed by a straight shot to the basket. Hole 2 is a super fun downhill run that will test your stomach, especially if you miss your line. Hole 15 is a tight par 4 that, while downhill and relatively short, can be quite challenging and rewarding. On the right card on the right day, I think there could be a 2 (not as sure about this, but I think a great shot could get in the circle), a 3, a 4, and a 5. For example, I ended up next to the tee pad for the next hole and had to take my medicine and get a 5. 18 is special--Valley hole par four where you have the opportunity to bomb. Quite honestly, I could play 1 and 18 all day and be in disc golf heaven.

Variety: Mostly a wooded course, but 7, 9, 11 and 18 all allow for open shots, and each of these holes allows players depending on skill level to throw faster discs (gotta imagine 7 is one of those holes where many players throw putters and many throw drivers).


A few very short holes that don't necessarily fit. The most glaring of these is 17, which is super simple, but a few other layouts like 13 fall into this category. What saves these holes is elevation. What should be a super easy hole becomes more complex and still forces you to make decisions. 12 is a prime example of this as a hole that seems laughable based on the distance becomes more challenging because it is steeply uphill.

I wasn't in love with 11. It is a fine hole, and I like that it is relatively open, but it didn't jump off the page to me. I wanted a signature par 5, but this wasn't quite it.

Teepads. I thought they were going to bother me on the first hole, but they ended up being a minor distraction, and quite honestly, standstill isn't a bad play on some holes. I think my biggest issue was that I just wasn't used to them.

Stuff that doesn't influence my rating. I'm not taking points off, but these things may negatively impact your experience. It is in the country and was a 55-minute drive from the western part of Greensboro. It costs $5 to play (technically, you don't have to pay that after signing up, but hopefully, you will). You have to sign up in advance to play though they seem pretty good about having availability. And yeah, there is an electric fence that you cross over several times, so don't just show up.

Other Thoughts:

Wow. Neatman is amazing. I'm not quite willing to give it a five because there are some minor flaws, but it is close. I strongly recommend that you visit if at all possible. There are multiple other courses in the area worth checking out but probably not worth planning a trip around (Armfield Civic Center and Horizons, for example), but combining them with Neatman would make for a great day of disc golf.
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I prefer my courses Neat 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 29, 2021 Played the course:once


Public vs private courses. It seems to be an ongoing debate about what are better. When you find a course that has the perks of both, and it's going amazing scenery, you've got something special.
- I first heard about Neatman Creek thanks to its course fly-over video making the rounds on the local clubs FB pages. The video alone, without knowing anything else about the course, was enough for me to check it out.
- Top notch layout. Very few courses (and I'm talking out of the 400+ I've played) that have a smooth, varied, exciting flow from hole to hole. Every hole on the front 9 offered a completely different look. You could not play the same shot off the tee two holes in a row. The first 'boring' hole I played was #13. Even most elite courses will have something lesser prior to that.
- Opening Hole. The best hole on the course also happens to be the first one. The most difficult shot you'll have the entire round from a fairway (sorry, I don't include your shot from deep in the woods) is your very first shot of the round. A downhill, sweep left-to-right- dog leg that transforms from an open field to a wooded second half. Throw in a shallow creek beyond on the far, left side of the fairway, and this is perhaps the most difficult opening hole in the entire state. Shoot, Ashe County has a simple open-field hole before you start scaling the mountain. If there is a negative, this hole would feel so much better later in the round.
- Terrain. The course is going up and down hills throughout the course. There are far less flat layouts than ones with elevation. Here's a summary of the first four holes: #1 - big downhill hole. From there, walk uphill to play another 30-foot downhill hole (#2). #3 is flat. Then you have a 187-foot straight uphill, dogleg left layout (#4). Nothing like unleashing a mid-range disc and still having 75 feet for your second shot as you didn't throw your tee shot high enough.
- Scenery. The backdrop for the first tee are some of the mountains around Hanging Rock State Park. It's a stunning view, especially considering this is the view from the front porch here. An epic course and a one-of-a-kind view (by NC standards) on the same property? Sign me up.
- As if that's not good enough, the view of Neatman Creek behind #9's basket is another outstanding view. It's one of the best images I have on my IG account (shameless plug @discgolfcraig on IG). Throw in some more views from up and down the hills, throughout the woods, and along the creek. Truly something special.
- Back to the flow, I like how there's seemingly always a shorter and/or easier hole after a challenging one. After #1, you have a short and fun downhiller. After the long, uphill #11 (672 feet with some serious incline), you have a short, uphill, birdie-able #12. Between the challenging #15 and valley layout on #18, you have the shortest hole on the course - #17 at 128 feet.


People will complain about the artificial turf tee pads. It is what it is. It didn't bother me, but some will complain.
- No trash cans or benches on the course. It's also a bit of a drive to the near gas station / restaurant, so do your business and get your drinks before.
- Limited hours and reservations required. I list this as a con simply because somebody will try to show up unannounced and get turned away. Or someone will complain about the availability.
- Part of the reason they require reservations, other than the fact you park in their front yard, and play in their backyard, is that you want to make sure the electric fence is off when you play. I'm guessing that'll teach some people from showing up unannounced. And yes, you do have to go through three gates, so you will be touching a fence at some point.
- Who knew it took so long to get to a secluded course? Seriously, it's less than 30 minutes from downtown Winston-Salem (and less than 20 to Armfield or Horizons), but it seemed longer than that. It must be my big city lifestyle or something.
- Big arms will tear this course up. On #18, a 462-foot valley shot, a big arm may be putting for 2 as they throw over the valley. Noodle-ier arms, will be landing somewhere on the hill, having an uphill, and most likely, blind, second shot. As such, I two-putted from 25-30 feet for a somewhat disappointing 4.
- Honestly, the course is nearly flawless. Maybe add a little more length on a hole like #6, 8, 10, or 15. Maybe a mando somewhere or something else to add a little more bite. But realistically, DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING.

Other Thoughts:

Neatman Creek has so much to like. There is so much variety in terms of layout and hole design that it keeps things fresh throughout. If this isn't the best course in the Triad, it's a close second to Keeley.
- Excellent variety in terms of length. Four holes are shorter than 200 feet and five are longer than 400. With #11, at 672 feet, being uphill, it plays closer to 750. Overall, holes average 328 feet.
- #1 is going to be the course's signature hole with #7 being the second choice. In the fall, with the leaves changing colors, #7 might be one of the prettiest tee shots in the state. Above that, #2 is going to be another fun one due to its sharp downhill layout. That said, #3 is the best designed, best quality hole on the front 9. If you think this course is all about scenery and elevation, #3 is proof this course has some bite.
- As good as this course is, there can be some exceptionally low scores. Lots of birdie 2 chances. #11 also is going to see plenty of 3s for bigger arms. This hole is an easy par 4 for you guys.
- That said, there are a couple holes where you'll want to play a bit more cautious. #1 has casual OB for the creeks, which is where tee shots seem to collect. #3, 6, 13, and 15 have pretty thick tree lines. An aggressive tee shot can end up deep in the rough, or OB.
- This is an absolute gem. My two main criteria for courses is challenge and fun factor. A lot of courses have one or the other. Diavolo, which I just played 4 weeks earlier, has plenty of challenge but is somewhat lacking in the fun whereas Horizons (for local comparison) is fun but offers very little challenge. Neatman Creek has a near perfect blend.
- This course is right in the 4.0 - 4.25 range for me. Enjoy the quality of a well-maintained public course while enjoy the calmness and crowd-free experience of a private course.
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