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Pensacola, FL

Pensacola State College

Permanent course
0.55(based on 2 reviews)
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Pensacola State College reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 9.9 years 170 played 170 reviews
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Is This An Obstacle? No... That's A Safety Hazard

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 13, 2022 Played the course:once


Three sets of tees on the first three holes.

All 6 baskets are numbered and in really good shape.

Mowing was done well in an area of the college that could easily be ignored.


This course does nothing to avoid the other college activities. Hole 2 tees from and plays just to the right of a walking track that was fairly busy (seems like a good workout spot for the locals) and has a shed sitting right in the middle of the rhbh line. Hole 3 also tees from the path. Hole 1 goes over it on a left-finishing hyzer which could crash into (or even worse, on top of) the softball team's batting cage.

Holes 4-6 all have nothing going for them. They're all about 200ft, they all have nothing in the way, and they all have no tee markings. Holes 4 and 6 play dead straight, while hole 5 plays around the baseball field's wall to the left. I just played from basket to basket on the back three.

A long walk back to the parking lot closes a disappointing round.

Other Thoughts:

This is a fine course for introducing someone to the game. That's about it. The "long" tees wont challenge anyone who has over 6 months of experience, and the encroachment on the other school activities will deter some vital shots.

I wish I had more comments, but you can only take so much from 6 holes. The front 3 play over other activities, and the back 3 are as bland as a rice cake. Spend your disc golfing time elsewhere.
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Wait... and Bake 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 6, 2021 Played the course:once


(0.404 Rating) An open college campus course needing more investment and land.
- CHAINS - Nice New DISCatcher baskets. A couple have a very slight lean to them due to their interesting installation into precast concrete stone tiles. Had there been Instep baskets here, I might have scored this place a zero.
- BEGINNER FRIENDLY - Perhaps an acceptable first timers course. No trees to worry about, although it will require some intelligence to know when not to throw. A near zero chance to lose a disc and no chance of searching in any overgrowth.
- THREE TEES - For the first three holes, there are actually three marked tees. They now just need to finish marking the next 3 holes with a flush brick or something.
- QUICK PLAY - For a sixer, I thought it took longer than normal compared to similar set-ups. But then again, I was still done in about twenty minutes and added another notch. This is a very easy numbers padding course.


Not enough of everything.
- NO TREES IN PLAY - So I've decided to start the cons with a category I've never used before. The con heading sort-of explains itself, but I'd like to add that even with modest tweaks to this layout, it would be difficult to add trees to the line of play.
- MULTI USE HAZARDS - Just about every hole has some sort of built environment hazard in play. Holes (1), (2) and (3) all play along a walking track and multi-use field. Holes (3) and (6) play by a volleyball court. Holes (4) and (5) play near baseball and softball field fences. Perhaps this was done so players could... "Wait... and Bake."
- LACK OF CHALLENGE - Considering that there are no trees, wind is going to be the sole difficulty factor. On calm days, Advanced players should be able to shoot 6 down. On very windy days, like what I experienced, this Intermediate was only able to shoot 1 down. There is zero technical challenge and there is nothing over 300 feet long. I played with just a mid and putter and I don't throw that far.
- HOLE VARIETY - Zero hole variety on this course. It's just a matter of determining the distance and then chucking a disc any way you want to get it to travel that far. As noted a third time, no trees in play. The only water element will be rain and/or standing water. I think the nearby airport runway has more elevation change than this course.
- AMENITIES AND EXTRAS - As noted in the pros, the baskets are DISCatchers and there are marked tees on the first three holes. I also observed a restroom building with a drinking fountain. There is probably a picnic table somewhere nearby too. That's it for amenities and extras.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - I scored this one 5 percentile. It could have gone lower in my rankings, but the place was mowed and maintained. The only way to not see man-made structures here is to close your eyes.
- SIGNAGE NAVIGATION - No signage and no course map. Players will not be able to find (4-6) unless they use a navigational app.

Other Thoughts:

Officially the lowest score I've given to a course in the panhandle of Florida, a title previously held by Osprey. There are just too many major cons, from sun baked open play, to lack of navigation, to lack of curb appeal and also an abundance of playing hazards. I looked at the campus map after my visit and have concluded that the alternate location possibilities are unfortunately not here as well. I could only recommend coming here to the hardcore numbers padding course baggers. Just 3 DGCR members have marked playing here as of this review and we all have thrown more than 300 courses.
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