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Tampa, FL

Picnic Island DGC

4.335(based on 40 reviews)
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Picnic Island DGC reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 12.4 years 218 played 215 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Disc on the Beach

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 18, 2023 Played the course:once


I was spouting off on Twitter a while back and said something like, "your lucky, but are you 'my local course has a hole on the beach' lucky" with a picture of Gatewood hole 4 that has a sandy(albeit lake) beach by the green. And someone tweeted back "yup, Picnic Island" so I decided that if I ever got to play in Tampa I would try it.

Was passing through for work, and made the short trip over to the course on the bay and I'm happy I did.

You park near the water with many people walking dogs on part of the beach and when I was there many septuagenarians fishing. The first hole is off to the left side and is one of the coolest I've seen. My perspective is all from the long pads, so keep that in mind.

You have a beautiful beach, with some dense trees out over the edge of the sand and to reach the green it's about a 375ft shot that has to righty backhand hyzer over the bay for at least part of the flight to make the shot work. The pins are also near the water, but not so close you cloud early putt OB unless the winds were abnormally high.

After that from holes 2-15 it's basically going back and forth between two types of hole, very long semi wooded(many 450-600ft par 4s on blue/blue) and shorter tunnel shots. And some of those are stinking tight. A couple you basically just try to hit the line out of the box and pray it holds. Because the rough out here is dense and more likely to claim a disc than the water.

As you get back towards the beach on hole 15 you have a few playing back and forth over a large open area with fewer obstacles. If it's not windy, this is your chance to get some birdies. And you end throwing from the sand one more time up to(or beyond) and elevated basket on a mound.

All of your pads are decent size and marked front and back with paint denoting long/short blue being long and orange short. And the disccatchers of which there are two on every hole, were also colored accordingly. They were all in good shape, especially considering proximity to the water. I only saw two with any rust.

Benches on many holes and excellent tee signs with only 1 missing. There is also a washer system denoting pin position and they seemed to be updated recently.

It's a really pretty place to throw a disc and even if you can just throw hole 1 it's pretty much worth the drive. I almost wish it started on hole 4, so that the climatic hole was closer to the end.


It's a very good course, really an excellent one. There are just a few things that a first timer will have issues with. Navigation is not always a given, there are a few times where if you don't have a map there are paths going two ways and if you are like me, you have a good chance of guessing wrong.

There are also a few spots where you see baskets to multiple holes and can't be sure until you have played once which you are aiming for. 12/13 and 15/18 both messed me up.

Plus all of the next tee signage is for the short tees and often makes for a worse walk to blue if you follow it.

One e you have played it and those issues fall behind, I really just think a couple of the very tight tunnel holes need to be opened slightly.

At the end of the summer there were two holes where it had a portion that was less that 6ft wide and tall at the same point, and one of those was very short, but the other was near 300ft(12 I think) and was very demanding.

Other Thoughts:

If you get the chance, play this course. T2 is the only other Florida course that I have played and would say is a must but this one is super fun and the fact that you can stick your booty in the sand and chill out on the beach afterwards makes it so unique. Disc golfers are far more used to flood planes and land fills than we are prime beachfront real estate and that makes it sort of special.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 18 years 152 played 125 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Picnic Island

Reviewed: Played on:May 27, 2023 Played the course:2-4 times


18 holes with two tees and two permanent baskets on each hole. Each tee is concrete and in good condition, while baskets are DIScatchers and also in good condition. Multiple pins are rotated, and on the tee signs (which are very nicely done), there is a marker denoting what position the basket is currently in. The course is fairly open with a few tunnel shots and does a good mix of forehand/backhand shots, with a number of ace runs in the orange (short) tees/pins, to some longer bomb holes on the blue (long) tees/pins. Some good signature holes here: 1, with the baskets elevated on the beach right next to beautiful Tampa Bay; 11, a good two shot par 4 (especially blue to blue) that is demanding of both distance and accuracy to get the three, and 18 offers an elevated pin on a mound. Not flat, a plus considering we're talking about a Florida course. Well maintained. Bathrooms available and practice area for putting.


Some of the holes, especially the tunnel holes, can be buggy. (It was surprisingly not buggy when I played in late May). Other than that, beach goers can come into play and make 1 and 17 a challenge.

Other Thoughts:

I'd give this a 4.25 if I could. It's easy to see why Picnic Island is one of the top rated courses in the state of Florida (number 2 on DGCR as of this review). It's got almost everything you can want on a course, awesome scenery, a beach to take a dip in after the round, and more. A must play in the Tampa/Saint Pete area for sure!
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 14.9 years 129 played 71 reviews
4.00 star(s)

What Florida needs!

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 9, 2022 Played the course:5+ times


If you get tired of all the same, flat, monotonous Florida courses where the max elevation is a whopping 18 inches, Picnic Island will relieve you off that tedium. As one who learned the sport in the Carolina's where the land is up/down, it was nice to play a course that wasn't flat. Picnic offers some nice elevation and several chances to throw from a foot over sea level where you whip you main driver out over never-never land (sea)'. What could be better?

I've played the course probably a dozen times and it's always super clean, equipment in excellent shape and grass mown. And being on the bay, the visuals can be stunning. First time I played it took me 3 hours because I had to keep stopping to take pictures!

With two baskets/tee pads per hole you get to decide if you want to play Orange tees to orange baskets, or orange tees to blue baskets, or blue tees to blue baskets (REALLY toughens the course up)...just name your poison! Orange to Orange makes the course a nice birdie blast. Play Blue to Blue is a nice test of your arm. You need power AND accuracy.

I think the designers did a great job on the Lefty/Righty fairways. The course mostly favors the RHBH route, but there are a number of holes that give the lefty's some revenge - 3,4,6,14 & 17. Righty's get - 1,10, 11,12. The rest can go either way depending on the basket placement. Many fairways are straight off the tee with either a righty or lefty finish.

Now, with all FL courses, you do have disc-eating palms on the fairways, but unless you throw something badly nose-up, they seldom come into play. And it's almost ALWAYS windy, from breezy to 30mph gales coming in off the bay. So if you throw flippy plastic, you might want to disc up!


Very few...hole 7 can go from tight to OMG tiiiiight if it hasn't been pruned back. A few others have closed in over the last 6 months, primarily 12,13 & 14, but not to the level of 7.

Other Thoughts:

In the summer the beach areas around 1 & 17 can get impacted by beach goers (especially 1). You might have to gently ask folks to step back or clear the fairway completely.

Mosquitos can be HORRIBLE on some areas of the course, primarily places you play out of a tunnel - 5,7,9 & 14, The majority of the course is fairly open, and with the constant breeze/wind/gale they bugs aren't too bad.

Lastly, there is a super nice dog park here right on the beach! The pooches can play in the sand and surf while dad or mom sling plastic!
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 10.9 years 37 played 30 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Beautiful, varied, interesting design. 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 30, 2021 Played the course:5+ times


One of the prettiest courses I've played. The views of the bay are phenomenal, and where else can you play where the OB line follows the tide?

The multiple teepads are a huge help in keeping the course fun and engaging for all skill levels. Blue is challenging, Orange is generally pretty forgiving but still fun.

Baskets are in good shape and grippy; signage is generally good and there are arrows pointing to the next tee at every basket. Navigation is generally not too bad here, save for the hop from 3-4 across the parking lot and 12-13 where you double-back a bit.

There's some thicker woods that are more reminiscent of woods in points farther north on several holes. You'll be throwing around more than palm trees, and they can grab your disc pretty easily.

The layout is great and really makes maximum use of the entire space. I was a little concerned when they replaced the old 9-hole course; usually, those conversions end up pretty cramped, but not here. It has a great flow to it and clearly, care was taken in designing the shots and layout.

I noticed there are some new trees that have been planted by the city, which will help further improve the course and better define the fairways. Good to see ongoing maintenance like this.

There is a little bit of elevation, which really helps change the course dynamic. Unique for this part of Florida, and really unexpected here in South Tampa.

There are bathrooms and facilities easily accessible, and ample parking.

The shot selection is varied and you never feel like it's getting too repetitive. Great mix of long bombs, shorter technical shots, and other interesting plays.


This is a multi-use park, so you will need to watch for sunbathers on 1 and 17, pavilion users on 15 and 18, and to a lesser extent, the roads on 7-10.

You'll also need to be a little careful on 2 and 11, as a very errant drive can land in the parking lots, but I am being very nit-picky there.

4 and 15 also play pretty close to each other's fairways.

Other Thoughts:

Great course with an exceptional layout, beautiful views, and interesting hole selection. In my mind, one of the best in the area.

Just so you are aware, the breeze coming from the bay can come into play on several of the holes. I think it adds an interesting dynamic to the course, but just be aware you might be fighting it a bit.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 17.7 years 222 played 100 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Hole 1 highs and Hole 18 lows 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Dec 23, 2021 Played the course:once


- Innova Discatchers. They seem a little on the worn side but this course is directly on the water so I wouldnt expect anything else. They catch just as well as they are supposed to

- Dual Concrete Tees. These were some nice concrete tees. They were long and not worn smooth. The only slight issue is the amount of sand on the course so bring a broom if this is something that will bother you. I swept off the edge of every tee and had zero issue with these.

- Very easy to get to and plenty of parking. You have to drive thru what seems to be a sketchy industrial port area and then the park comes out of nowhere but its completely fine.

- Hole 1 is the signature hole on the course for sure. This course starts out with a bang. Its right on the water with the right side of the fairway being a beach and ocean. Its a pretty simple hyzer but it sure is pretty.

- The course was well manicured when I played the course. The grass was upkept and the fairways were all pretty fair for the most part (more on this later)

- Shot selection had me throwing a lot of different discs from my bag. Not too many big bomber shots out there because of the fairway shapes but I used a lot of discs slower than a distance driver. I threw quite a bit of forehands and backhands as well. I would say that you can get by with just a forehand or a backhand but you will score a lot better if you have both.

- Good mix of open and wooded shots. I would say that this course is a bit more on the wooded/tight side but there are enough open holes out there where you dont just always feel like you are fighting the trees.


- Holes 15-18 left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Hole 15 was a distance driver shot for me being 650' in the set up that I played. I threw to what I thought was the correct basket only to be incorrect and not know that until I was putting on the basket. The basket was in an open field but directly behind a dune like piece of land and I didnt even see it. I played to 18's basket. There was nothing that would have helped here other than playing with someone who knows the course.
Hole 16 then finishes next to the parking lot and is a great natural stopping point for the round. But then hole 17 takes you back away from the parking lot and back into the bulk of the course. I really think that this could have been designed better to have hole 16 be hole 18 so you finish in a more natural place.

- Hole 11 is this huge dogleg left. If you have never played this hole you will go on a safari before playing this hole to try and find the pin. It took me almost 10 minutes to find the pin and make it back to the tee so I could tee off.

- Teesigns were hit and miss. Some were great but others/most were sun soaked and unreadable.

- Each teesign did indicate which pin position the baskets were in but when I played they were not correct. With this being said, I still needed to run up 90% of the fairways to try and find the basket since majority of them are not visible from the tee and the ones that are still had me questioning if they were the correct basket because there were multiple in site.

- Some unfair fairways. There were a few holes where there was no fair line to the basket because of ceiling issues. You had to hope to poke thru some really grabby trees. While at this course I saw 3 separate people climbing trees to get their discs down.

Other Thoughts:

I did enjoy my time at this course. I was just left with a sour taste in my mouth with how the course ended. I would consider this to be a destination course. I wouldn't play this course again. Again I did enjoy my time here, but its not worth it to me to go out of my way to play again. The course was alright but nothing special and 100% not the top course in the state imo. My expectations were also high because this was rated as the top course in the state and it did not live up to my expectations.

If you play here, watch out for pedestrians. The holes next to the beach had a lot of people walking the beach and enjoying their time in the park not playing disc golf. There were also a few random groups of people just wandering about throughout the course enjoying the beautiful weather that FL offers.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 14.1 years 160 played 140 reviews
3.50 star(s)

love playing on the beach 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 21, 2019 Played the course:once


This was my first time playing on the beach! I've played near the ocean before, but this time I got to throw over it, skip off the sand for a layup. It was great. For the most part, each hole was unique and fun. There were some long ones, some very tight short ones, par 4's a couple par 5's I really enjoyed.

The park was pretty empty when I got there, except for one local I ran into just in time to tell me I was playing a hole backwards. He was very nice and understanding about it.

I played the long tee's, but the short ones looked good as well. I'm not sure if one came before the other, but it seems like they were designed together to make some holes of complimentary skill levels, not just an easier or harder version of the original design.

There was some elevation, but not in any amounts to really change your throw, except on maybe hole 18.

Favorite holes- 1, 17, the dog-leg par 5 (even though I did not play it well and almost lost a disc to the pond I didn't know was there, still was a nice hole).

Tee's were a great size, with good signage on both tee's. They were painted with a colored stripe on the front and back to denote whether you were on the long (blue) tee's or the short (orange) tee's. The baskets were orange DisCatchers, a unique color that I appreciate.


I'll just start with the biggest one- the holes where the perfect disc-flight shaped line had a palm tree in the middle. This happened on a few holes, the worst was one that bent right. It turned a forehand hyzer/backhand turnover down a ~12ft fairway, to an either 8ft turnover line or hit the smaller gap with a forehand and get right faster, but either way would've been hard to get parked.

Navigation was a little weird sometimes, but use of the map and/or a little exploration solved most of my problems pretty quickly.

The park plays close to a couple pic nic areas, parking lots, and a road. I can understand after playing that it really is done well with the space, it's just unfortunate to have to share that much space.

Other Thoughts:

The luck factor being just a little strong was kind of a bummer. Other than that this is a fun round! Even by myself I enjoyed it. Even with only my travel discs I enjoyed it. I would love to come back with a full bag and really try and tear this course apart. But with only a few big frustrations (mostly me related, not course related) I enjoyed my first round in Florida.

This park is one of the better ones in Florida. I found a lot of courses I played or visited here to be over rated, but this one I fully understand it being rated more highly, even if I rated it a little under. It's a local favorite and for good reason. Just because the visitor (me) doesn't love it as much, I can understand being very proud of this course if it was in my home town. I would be!
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 31.2 years 764 played 387 reviews
4.00 star(s)

A Can't Miss Course In Tampa 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 16, 2019 Played the course:once


Picnic Island is disguised as a multi use park , but mainly it is a top of the line disc golf course . A lot of money and time was put into the making of this gem . The vegetation , the water and even the wind reminds right away that you are in Florida . The main parking lot is plenty big and the kiosk with a large sign with the layout is at the end of it . A large bathroom is accessible at the beginning and end of the course , and close by at 4 , 16 , 17 , and 18. The course was being mowed while I was there on a Wednesday morning and the park is kept immaculate . The course does have some elevation to it for a Florida course , and the designer did a great job of utilizing it . Equipment-wise , everything here is first class . The signage is great and is on both tee pads with a spot to show the pin position . There are 2 large level cement tee pads per hole , orange coded for amateur and blue coded for pro . The baskets are orange ringed Discatchers with flags on top. Next tee signs are at the bottom of the baskets for better navigation . There are some benches and trash cans on the course . there are multiple pin positions per hole , too . Course design is very good with a lot of variety . The difference in playing the holes from the orange tees can be not only longer but give you a very different look to the pin . The first hole sits behind and you will have to follow a path to the first tee . It is one of the most scenic and best hole #1's I have even played . Teeing off from an elevated tee pads to a blind shot basket , the water is on your immediate right , and there is punishing rough to your left and in front . Best to play the orange tees if playing solo , or you might be frustrated looking for your disc . The course does a small loop for the first 3 holes , then drops you back off to the parking lot to pick up the main course at hole #4 . Make sure you have printed the map , because with all of the nooks and crannies of this course , you will become lost once or twice . Hole distance , depending on where the pin is ( and I am told they change it up a lot ) can vary from 210' ( #3 ) to 610' ( #11 ) . This course will make you empty your disc bag . Right , left , short , long , technical , tight , open . You might have a couple of people drift off or on the course , but almost all of the people you see are players . The fun factor is here as well as the challenge . I won't make you sigh by giving you hole to hole descriptions . Plus , I want you to see it for yourself . I will tell you that when you get to 17 , you will have a drive with the water and it's tide to your immediate left and some deep rough and trees to your right , wit the basket sitting hidden behind it up on the hill . I left the course with wet feet because a stiff wind kicked up and took my disc into the water ( retrievable , but act fast ) . #18 finishes you off with a slight uphill shot to a basket sitting on a tall dirt mound . It took me about 80 minutes to play this course , but all 80 was worth it . It's a great course in a beautiful and picturesque park . Signature hole : #1 is the most beautiful , but I will pick #11 . at 610' , It is a long sustained drive under a partial tree canopy to a 90 degree dogleg left , to a faraway green with a basket sitting between some high reeds on the right and rough on the left .


Very little . #1 the rough is really rough . Disc Risk : can be high here . Water , thick and deep rough and trees that wont always give your disc back . The wind here will deposit your throws into a risk area from time to time . I won't put safety as a con here , but warn you that since the water is visible and the park is nice , people tend to sit near the fairway or on the tee pad at #17 . Some will spread a blanket near the #16 fairway , too . Look before you throw . A few dog walkers and even a few that bring theirs while playing . If scared of dogs , be warned . Spray down with bug repellent . Along with a possible snake sighting , you will more likely be attacked by the Florida Mosquito or gnats . They are really bad in the summer/fall .

Other Thoughts:

i wanted to add that from Nov -Sept on Saturday mornings at 9:30 there is a popular 2 round handicap event . What a course ! Plenty of good challenging shots and plenty of time to admire the park and the waves . Even though the park sits at a southern tip of Tampa , it's a scenic drive . This course has spent a lot of time and bucks on making this a course that's hard to pass up . Popular , nice locals , solid amenities ( some of the best tee pas in Florida ) , navigation , shot variety . What more is there ? Thank You , Sunrise Disc Club and Tampa Rec Dept for allowing me to play this wonderful course . My Recommendation : I would suggest newbies play a number of rounds somewhere else before coming here . Lack of control + the wind can make for a lost disc . Other than that , all locals from pro to casuals , and even though the park sits at the bottom of a mini peninsula , a must see and play for vacationers/travelers . Play This Course For Sure !!!!
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Experience: 24 played 11 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Disc golf and the beach 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 14, 2019 Played the course:once


Disc golf then a dip in the Tampa Bay to cool off? Yes, please!

There's a great variety of shots and multiple basket placements on each hole. Be sure to keep an eye out on which placement the basket is in, they all aren't the same (A,B,C changes per hole)

Bathrooms on site are a huge plus for families. You circle around to it a few times which is really great.

No real issue of losing a disc (in the water), I think if you threw it in the bay you could likely find it... unless you really ripped it straight out over the water. Losing a disc in the rough could happen. The thick is very thick. I tend to use bright colored discs because I'm not good enough to keep it out of there, heh. I love the signs that say, "think before you throw" as if that's going to help! :)

The difference in blue vs orange tees isn't just distance and creates an entirely different layout. A few times I had my wife take the kids and I brought 2 discs to the blue tee and said, "See ya there."

Although it's a multi-use park, you stay pretty far away most of the time. If you are a people watcher as I am, it adds to the experience.


Multi-Use park. Unfortunately I saw a LOT of people putting out towels etc on hole 17 (Plays on the edge of the bay). Had they been there when I played I would have had to skip the hole. People were actually sitting on the tee pad :(

Bugs. I live in FL and know of our bugs, but, they can be HORRIBLE here. I tried playing once before and had to stop and take my wife to the drug store for benadryl as she got bit well over 100 times by skeeters before even finishing hole 1. I left a disc in the line of trees because I couldn't get in without getting bit continuously. Find their FB group and ask about the bugs, they're very helpful.

Navigation was a bit tricky a couple times and we got lost and threw to the wrong basket. As is the case for most courses, a round or two and you'd remember where to go. They have arrows on the bottom of the basket, but, a few times they were pointing off into the woods, d'oh.

Other Thoughts:

Although you wouldn't travel to the beach to swim in it, it's a great addition to a very sweaty summer sport in FL.
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 14.4 years 13 played 12 reviews
5.00 star(s)

New Favorite 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 30, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


- The new 18 hole course is the best in Tampa Bay; this place is now everything a tropical disc golf course should be.
- I love 1 and 17; these holes play along Tampa Bay and have beach sand fairways. ( ^ _ ^ )
- Big park; lots of other things to do, swimming, working out, hiking all available.
- A fenced-in dog park and exercise gym are also on the property.
- Big picnic shelters located around the course, great for hunkering down in during a pop-up thunderstorm.
- Great scenery along the bay; play in the evening to get the sunset over the bay on hole #17.
- Challenging blue tees and fair orange tees; these offer a great mix and can offer different shots. The short tees retain the original par for each hole, which means even an amateur or beginner can nab some birds here; this is an extremely thoughtful design.
- All shots needed; you can even find yourself needing an overhead once in a while, and a few holes offer great roller opportunities.
- The signage is great with the pin location indicators and next tee arrows hanging under the baskets. There's also a large kiosk right at the entrance to the course with an amazing map; take a picture before you start and you can't get lost.
- Tees are brand new and in great shape.
- Not too hard to get to; located close to Gandy Blvd at the end of Westshore, and if you go up Gandy just a bit more there's plenty of food.
- Direction indicators under each basket show the way to both orange and blue tees for the next hole.
- Though not drastic, this course has some elevation, enough so that it doesn't feel flat, and what of it there is has been well utilized.
- The oil port near the dog park gives the opportunity to see huge cargo ships pulling out or coming in. This is pretty neat.

*** There is nothing more inherently Florida than an OB line defined by the tide! Beach holes for the win! ( ^ _ ^ )


*** These are extremely minor ***
- You do need to be aware of other park users.
- Bugs are an issue during the summer, and the winds can get pretty strong off the bay.
- The rough can be especially thick in spots, so be sure you know where you're throwing (more of a challenge than a con); spotting each other is a good idea.
- Sometimes there are beach-goers on hole #17 but they've always moved for me.

Other Thoughts:

- Play through the orange tees first if it's your first time here, or if it's really windy as others have suggested, to get the lay of the land.
- This has pretty much become the best Tampa Bay course for me; with the beach holes and tropical vegetation, it really is a "Florida" disc golf course.
- The city recently started a restoration project and there's now a natural rock wall to prevent erosion running all the way down hole #17's left side. This will keep the fairway of that hole from eroding and also discourage too many people crowding onto the sand. Another very nice and scenic touch.


Update 2/16/20 - I've played Picnic Island a bunch of times since the re-design, and with the new beach holes, coupled with the fact that it offers the best blend of a fun course for an amateur player to play a big course and still get a good score to a harder layout that can even challenge a pro, I'm going to call this the best disc golf course in Tampa Bay and give it the 5.0 it deserves. A lot of people will say Oldsmar or Cypress are better but if you're not a seasoned veteran those courses will beat you up, while Picnic Island won't; it's still fun for a casual or an amateur. I really feel like it is the best course in Tampa Bay; any skill player can have fun here as long as you play within yourself, and this place has beach holes. Why don't more Florida courses have beach holes?!
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The Valkyrie Kid
Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 46 years 1562 played 1507 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Florida’s Top Rated Course Met My Expectations But Can It Challenge Top Players! 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jan 28, 2018 Played the course:once


As you're driving to Picnic Island, you drive through industrial areas with concrete plants and liquid storage containers of all types before finally arriving at the lovely Picnic Island Park. There are street signs pointing the way. It's awesome to see disc golf becoming so popular that cities and their recreation departments are putting up street and park signs pointing the way.

At the parking lot looking out over Tampa Bay the disc golf starting area hosts a large course map and picnic table. Take a picture. It will help with your navigating later. There is also the mandatory disc golf rules sign here.

The signs are super, clearly showing both the two Long Blues and the Short Red pads and their multiple basket placements. Both tee pads are decently long concrete and both pads have either a painted blue or orange stripe at each end. It's easy to tell which pad you're throwing from here at Picnic Island. There is also a small square metal sign at the top of the sign stating A-B or C basket position. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The baskets are pretty orange Discatchers with the number on the band. There are approx six "Think Before You Throw" signs around the course placed on just about every hole where you might be throwing into picnickers. Next tee arrows are hanging from the baskets. One basket has two arrows hanging down with each pointing in opposite directions but they are clearly marked orange to the left and blue to the right.

The course designer's creativity shows up right away on hole # 1. The Blue tee plays 330' throwing a hyser around a bend on the beach. The tides will determine how much fairway you have to play with. The beach today was about 1/2 sandy and 1/2 muddy. There is thick brush and trees on your left. The orange tee only plays 135' although you aiming at a blind basket just over the tree line. It's an easy little overhand toss.

The beach comes into play again on # 17 which is a straight throw with the surf on your left. It was 224' from the orange tees. There is an awesome variety of holes here with two short technical Ace runs, more open fairways, tree lined tight holes and holes featuring hidden or baskets tucked into the trees.

A player could play here often and between playing from the two separate pads and having three basket positions, one should never grow weary of playing here. And unlike many courses where the long pad just be 50' longer than the short pad, here the difference is often 200' and a totally different look and on one hole it was over 400' longer from the Blue


Wow! I have to get pretty picky to find many Cons here.

One of the A-B-C signs was bent up.

As per a Florida course, Picnic Island is almost totally flat.

I think the course could have a few more benches.

Depending on the basket positions on any day, I think this course might not offer advanced players the challenge they're seeking. It was fine for me, an older recreational player.

Other Thoughts:

Excellent course with well thought out amenities and directional aids. Golly, I wish all courses went to this effort to enhance your disc golfing experience like Picnic Island does. Very few courses can boast of holes playing through the surf and using the tide as an out of bounds

The challenge can vary so much depending on the basket placement and the wind. So on a calm day with a few key baskets in less challenging/shorter positions, I think the course might be a little underwhelming for better players. The course will always be lovely and always have super signage and great amenities overall but it can't guarantee an advanced level challenge every time out and I don't think it can ever offer a championship level experience.
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4.00 star(s)

When windy, play the orange tees 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 30, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


-Beautiful course next to Tampa Bay
-Not crowded early in the morning during the week
-Variety of challenges: basket placement, long or short fairways, left and right shots, wide or narrow fairways.
-Trees provide some protection from wind
-Nice grass on a number of holes
-Parking is easy


-Signage is good, but hard to tell which location the basket is in.
-Can be quite windy next to Tampa Bay. Consider playing the orange tees on very windy days to avoid disc loss.
-Hole 5 (past the covered sitting area) and 13 not easy to find. Hole 15 orange tee is a bit further from hole 14 (across the path) than you might expect.
-Location is not near most major roads, but not too far from Gandy Bridge.
-Watch out for people walking their dogs, or dogs off leash

Other Thoughts:

Overall, this is a joy to play, especially when the weather starts to cool in the fall (Oct or Nov) -- I had no problem at all with bugs. It was not crowded on an early Monday morning when I arrived, although half way through my game people started to show up walking dogs on a few holes. All were polite, though one dog was off-leash. The wind can be a factor, but several holes with trees provide some protection. Play the orange tees on windy days if like me you don't have long range or perfect accuracy. There are enough left to right shots that I practiced my forehand shot, which I'm finally starting to get somewhere with. One of the best disc golf courses in the Tampa Bay region.
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4.50 star(s)

A Must Play in the Tampa Bay Area 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 25, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


-- This course really stands out for its variety. This is accomplished in three ways: overall hole variety (long, short, open, tight, left, right, etc...), multiple tees on every hole, and 3 pin placements on most/all holes. In terms of shot variety, this course pretty much has everything, except maybe a 350+ foot open bomber. Holes 1 and 17 play right along the ocean down the beach. Several holes are tunnel shots, some that open up into longer, open portions of the fairway and some are shorter and ride the tight tunnel all the way down to the basket. There are some open shots that you can power also, but none are completely open and they all demand accuracy and placement. There are right curves, left curves, gentle and sharp curves. I throw just about every shot in my bag when playing here. The design is just spectacular, and on many holes, the different pin placements can really add/remove difficulty and make you take a completely different approach at the hole.
-- Probably my favorite thing about this course is the demand for strategy. Just about every hole has different lines and different ways to tackle it, all with different risk/reward payoffs. The first time I played I had a much more aggressive mindset, which often did not work out well for me and got me into deep trouble. The second time I was a lot smarter (think playing "tournament golf") and played for placement. I was rewarded many times for the conservative (though not easy) shot and felt this course really stretched me to think about every hole strategically, in contrast to other courses where you step to the tee, see the obvious line, and launch.
-- Did I mention the multiple tees and 3 pin placements? Oh yeah, that's pretty cool. However, on some courses this can be a pain, as you are left guessing on some holes where the pin is, which placement is in, maybe only having a map at the long tee but not the short, etc.... The signs on this course are outstanding. Every short and long tee has a course map, showing both tee location distances, all pin placements, distances, and - importantly - which pin placement is currently installed. There were also arrows hanging from many baskets showing the direction to the next tee. These things made this course much easier to navigate, as without signs it would be a nightmare.
-- Pads are great. Big and concrete. Baskets are wonderful and catch very well.
-- Bathrooms available about halfway through and water available at a few points as well if you look for it. This course can take a while, so in the Florida heat, these are both very welcome.


-- There are parts of this course that I think just feed off of eating discs. There is a good amount of very thick underbrush on several holes, and the big palms have an uncanny ability to grab a disc out of the air and never, ever let it go. There really isn't much water to contend with (other than the beach holes, but in those cases, the water seems pretty clear so a quick swim in the ocean should usually get your disc back) but the vegetation can make up for that quickly. The first time I played I lost a lot of plastic and spent a lot of time looking. Hole 2 was especially my nemesis that day, so be very careful about throwing long/left into the thick stuff or playing a high approach near the palm trees. My second round here I was a lot smarter (also read in the pros about the need to play smart here) and kept myself in much better shape.
-- Sun. There are a lot of holes here where a lot of the fairway isn't very shaded. On a hot, sunny day, you better have a lot of water and sunscreen.
-- Bugs. The first time I played (Oct), they were pretty bad but not unbearable I think I also had bug spray, which I would recommend. When I just played (Feb), I barely noticed any bugs here but may have just gotten lucky (I did, however, get eaten alive at Cypress Point later that day).

Other Thoughts:

I really love this course. It is challenging, but also rewarding. More than anything, I love how it will force a seasoned golfer to really think through the risk/reward of every hole and carefully place shots with a long-term view in mind. Newer players shouldn't find this course too daunting either, unless they have consistent accuracy issues and find themselves in the thick stuff a lot. I think this course, along with Cypress Point, are two truly pro-caliber courses in the Tampa Bay area. Both are similar in how they mix length with strategy and placement and, as I said in my review of Cypress, they are the kind of courses that I'd love to watch a top touring pro attack.
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3.00 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 17, 2016 Played the course:once


The course had some beautiful views. It was definitely a challenge.


There is not enough signage. Luckily we were with others that knew the course or I don't think I would have made it through all 18 as there are many holes with trails and no signage to let you know which path to take. There are no benches to sit down for a break. There are no trash cans which of course leads to trash being on the course. I am sure from others as most disc golfers are pretty good about that. A few holes that really didn't make much sense.

Other Thoughts:

The views are pretty and there are a few holes that were cool. It is definitely not on my need to play again list.
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4.50 star(s)

My New Favorite Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 28, 2017 Played the course:once


I love the elevation changes, shot shaping use of trees/bushes, diversity of pin distances, and balance of left/right play.


This isn't really a con but an observation - the ground is hard packed, not typical Florida sugar sand/soil. Don't expect to "dig" on your approach shots.

Other Thoughts:

Looking forward to my next outing here!
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The ideal "Florida" course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 28, 2016 Played the course:once


After reading the reviews here, and seeing such a high rating I came to the course with a "no way" attitude.
No way this course could be so fun, so picturesque, so challenging but so fair. No way it deserves this 4+ rating. ...well I was wrong

The course takes what was a forgotten seaside park just south of a rough part of town, and has brought new life to the park.

Hole #1 starts out with a blind shot (from the longs) out over the water, with a hyzer finish back onto the beach. Followed by the basket perched on top of some classic wood pilings. It doesn't get much more "Florida" than this. Really a unique, and iconic disc golf shot and hole layout.

The course has a little bit of everything. A handful of lefty and righty friendly holes which will keep the seasoned player on your toes.

Nothing feels monotonous, as each hole brings a new challenge. There are several holes that are similar in feel, but they are not played one after the other, so it stays fun the entire round.

A great mix of par 4's adds some distance and challenge to the typical par 3 layout, although the Par 4's are generally easily birdy-able for the intermediate to advanced player.

Although there are no "tunnel" shots, several holes may as well be! With tight tight fairways lined by palms and other florida fauna, accuracy and height control are key for these holes.

With the tight holes forcing accuracy and usually only one to two ideal lines to the basket, there are still plenty long bomb holes, where the big arms can really let one loose.

The navigation throughout the course is usually easy to follow, as there are directional signs pointing to both the long and short tees underneath the prior basket. These signs combined with a fairly worn walking path made navigation mostly trouble free.

The views! Location location location. This course winds through the palms, scrub oaks, cactus, beaches and open fields. You'll know you're in Florida! Hole #1, #17 and #18 are about as pretty as it gets. Having to through parallel to, or over the water is pretty incredible

The long vs short tee pad shots. A great job differentiating between the two and offering a completely different challenge for the Long compared to short. Often times either the short or long pad is merely an afterthought and doesn't change the shot required aside from an extra 30'. Where here at picnic island they generally offer two totally different shots, and really change how you look at the hole. Nice work

Keeping with the tee pad theme, the tee signs and tee pads are perfect. Paint on each tee pad identifies Blue or Orange (Long, Short) and are of an ample length. The tee signs are beautiful full color renderings of the holes, and are really an excellent aid to the golfer. As long as they are kept up to date, there are letter indicators above the tee signs, signifying what location the basket is currently in. A must have for a course with multiple pin positions.


The cons will be minor! I really loved *almost* everything about this course...But...

I felt the course lacked a bit of overall difficulty. Although I struggled and threw several bogies, I feel the advanced player would be able to breeze through this course. I may be spoiled by the Charlotte, Nc. courses known for their degree of difficulty. And to some the level of challenge here may be perfect.

Although there was navigational signs hanging under each basket pointing to the next tee, there are a few longer walks between and other tee pads within close proximity that can be confusing. With some common sense and exploring finding the right way is achievable, but may be tedious for the first time player at this course.

The elements. Unfortunately, this is just a product of being in Florida, but... Being right on the beach, the wind can be a huge factor here. Blowing right in from the bay, it can make some shots nearly impossible. Combined with the punishing Florida sun, some days may be better left for the birds.

Again, a product of being in Florida and the natural beauty of this park, but.. Other park go-ers can sometimes be a hazard. The tee shot for hole #1 should be accompanied by a spotter as to not take out any beach people, and the several holes that traverse the open field by the pavilions can result in waiting on pedestrians/children/pets/alligators to move along

Other Thoughts:

This is hands down my favorite Florida course. Beautiful views, fun and fair golf make this course a destination and one to remember.

I will absolutely be back to play next time I'm in Fl, and will highly highly recommend this course to others.

It's close proximity to 275 leaves you no excuse for not playing if you're traveling through Tampa!
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Beautiful waterfront views. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 4, 2016 Played the course:once


This is a fun and fair course suitable for all golfers. It is easy to find, and parking is well marked. There is a course map at the parking lot and path to the first tee. Take a picture of it on your phone, you may need it. Concrete pads are in fine shape. Signage on every pad, and arrows on the cages make it easy to navigate. The fairways are short grass, mowed, with clearly defined throwing lines. Keep it straight and you will have a great day! There is a good mix of long and short holes, and also of holes bending left and right. Wind was blowing the day I played and added to the difficulty along the seaside holes, which I thought made them even more fun.


Some of the holes, while not really being tunnel shots, have only one line to get thru to the hole. Some of the creative players may find that a minor gripe. Hole 1, while picturesque right on the sandy beach, is a blind shot and requires a spotter as to not hit beach goers. A bit of a nuisance, but worth it! There are a few treks between baskets and the next teepad. But there are well worn paths...use the photo of the map I suggested above.

Other Thoughts:

Suitable as a day trip destination for groups / families of golfers and non-golfers. Beach is small, but nice enough. Picnic shelters in various places too. Dog park on site. Course is suitable for beginners if they throw from the short pads, as long as they can throw reasonably straight. Shule is somewhat thick, but navigable enough to find stray discs.

Overall, I recommend playing this course! I really enjoyed it.
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Picturesque 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 11, 2017 Played the course:5+ times


(3.944 Rating) (REVISED - replayed October 2017) Picnic is considered by many of my friends as the premiere Tampa Bay area course.
- UNIQUENESS - The holes themselves in terms of variety is well above your average 18 hole course. No two consecutive holes have the same feel. Really the only thing missing is a Par 5 and a water feature to throw over. Number (11) is a great 90 degree dog leg left. There are several fairly tight tunnels plays. There are bomb-it opportunities among the par 4's. Several of the pin locations are guarded or are pocket type shots and the list goes on. It's quite the entertaining mix.
- CHARACTER - There is a great course map right at hole (1). There is also very well artistically illustrated and fairly accurate hole signage at each hole. There are 3 pin placements at ever hole. There are tees for pros and ams, and both tee pads have hole signs. There are a few benches, garbage cans, picnic tables, shelters and restrooms as well. All of these course pleasantries, makes Picnic Island have the feel of an older established course. Missing items include, practice basket and bag holders. Could also use a few more benches, and maturing trees around tees pads for shade.
- TEE PADS - Some of the nicest concrete tee pads in the area. They are adequately wide and fairly long when comparing others in the region.
- NAVIGATION - The course improved in this area between summer 2016 and winter 2016. There is, as stated above, a course map, take a picture. Hole signage has next tee indicated. There are next tee direction arrows below every basket, and there are pin placement indicators at tee signs. All the bases are covered. If you get lost, it's your own fault.
- CHALLENGING - One of the more challenging courses in the area. Hole 1 out the gate is an intimidating start. 350-400 depending on pin placement, plus you have to split the bay and a field of palmettos. A lot of (fair) but tight tunnels to hit. (7) comes to mind which is an 8 foot gap 225 feet all the way to the basket, and there are other similar difficult lines like this throughout and should very much challenge advanced players. Picnic is not quite championship difficult but lower end advanced players (925 rated players) will probably average about course par.
- SPACING - Despite a somewhat tight fit, the design of the layout was well done so that there are really only a couple of areas where a disc can end up in another fairway.
- MAINTENANCE - The grounds have been well taken care during all 5 of my visits to this course. I ran into a maintenance worker once during a round here and told him the grounds were in marvelous shape.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - Hole (1) starts off with a spectacular picturesque view and looks out over Tampa Bay. Although the sheer beauty of this first hole is not topped again, much of the remaining layout is a tropical wonderland.


Picnic is a solid course top to bottom. All the items below are ticky tack in my opinion as I rate the course is a almost a 4 in my DGCR scoring system.
- SLOWER PLAY - Lots of dog walkers, bikers and joggers in the park, you will likely have to wait a few times for safety reasons. In Addition, the course is not the quickest play. Plan to be here 3 hours for a group of 4 to complete 18 holes.
- OVERGROWTH - The overgrowth is quite extensive through-out. Although I haven't yet lost a disc here yet, I have spent significant time searching. The overgrowth in the summer vs the winter is night and day. The best time to play here is the winter months.
- FORGIVENESS - The tropical foliage at Picnic is not forgiving at all. There is no such thing here that involves the tapping of a twig or leaf that only slightly modifies a disc trajectory. Once you hit the vegetation, it either drops there or gets tangled in the vines. If you happen to cut into it a bit, you may have a shot without a pitchout line and your score will jump up real quick.
- ELEVATION - I know that this is typically for Florida but there's really not much in the way of elevation. The designers did introduce a few mounds but they are more annoying the challenging. On a positive design note, for what little elevation that is naturally here, is was incorporated into the layout. figure about 20 foot of change throughout the entire layout with hole 18 being the most change at a 15 foot up shot if the pin placement is on top of the mound.
- LOCATION - The course is quite the hike from I275 in far south Tampa. Figure 20 minutes from the highway in light traffic. In addition the course parking is tucked way back into the park.
- BUGS - At times this course is unplayable during the summer. I have had several friends of mine say they left because the mosquitoes were so bad. Be warned, during the summer, if there's been a recent stretch of rainy weather, the mosquitoes will hunt you down.

Other Thoughts:

I have Picnic Island rated as the second top course in the Tampa Bay metro area behind Oldsmar. Amazing beauty, challenging, unique and fun too if you don't let the aggressive vegetation bother you. Best played in the winter months. If you try the summer, mornings will be better, just load up with insect repellant.
- REVISION NOTE - I increased my rating on this course in January 2017 due to significant improvement in navigation.
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Epic? Yes, But With Flaws 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 28, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


Wonderful setting right next to Tampa Bay with typical Florida flora and fauna.

Two sets of really nice tee pads and newer Discatcher baskets with 3 pin positions per hole. Tee signs show which position the baskets are in. There are several "warning, disc golf course" signs around the course.

Very challenging course. Plenty of risk/reward type shots.

Modern restrooms. Pavillions etc make for a great course to host tournaments.


Many of the holes play near roads and parking lots. There can be lots of nondgers roaming around on the course. Spotting may be required to avoid losing discs on the rougher holes, and to avoid hitting people on the beach holes and other holes where civilians congregate.

Navigation can be a little tricky in spots with several paths crisscrossing in the middle of the course.

The course could use a few more benches and some trash cans.

Other Thoughts:

I would call this a longer more difficult type of course and would not recommend it to new players. It gets very hot on this course in the summer months so I would bring plenty of fluids. Also, bring plenty of bug spray as the mosquitos can be brutal at times.

I like this course but it is not my personal favorite in the greater Tampa area. I think that Cliff and Medard are just a little more charming.
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Beautiful 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 4, 2016 Played the course:once


Absolutely beautiful. Played with girlfriend as caddy and she enjoyed the experience. I play fast golf,that is my way, we were done in 1hour 15 mins, playing a mix short and longs but mostly longs when reasonable.
I played on weekday prime time in January and only a few other golfers in sight.


A few of the tee markers might have had the wrong tee position flagged
There were a few times of looking for tees in the fine Tampa weather. (Especially if in basket was Pin A and silly player did not look carefully at tee sign)

Other Thoughts:

Simply fantastic. As a tourist I stay an hour away...if I lived in the neighbourhood and played the nuances of the pin positions it woud be a 5.0
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Great Updated Course in Tampa 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 1, 2015 Played the course:2-4 times


Easy to find. Its in a nice park and in a scenic setting. The course offers a variety of shots and multiple tee pads and pin placements. The course is well maintained and well cared for.Good tee signs and nice use of the land.


navigation is what kept me from rating this higher. There are a few holes that are difficult to find the tee pads.There is some thick bushes in places so if you miss the fairways, you could spend some time searching. Some people like to hang near the hole over the water on a busy day at the beach

Other Thoughts:

This is a must play when in Tampa. Well thought out design. Its fun to play from both sets of tee pads as they make the tee shots very different, not just longer or shorter. I love this course and will play it again many times
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