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Fredericksburg, VA

Pratt Park

3.125(based on 34 reviews)
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Pratt Park reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 4.8 years 113 played 112 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Exceptional Ravine Play on B9 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 5, 2021 Played the course:once


-Pratt Park a very scenic course is a tale of two 9's. The F9 meanders with some downhill and uphill tee shots, moderately wooded holes, an open hole, and thru some meadows where you can find picnic tables and grills.

-The B9 the pace picks up with an open tee shot on 10, a tunnel on 11, and from that point ravine play the rest of the round.

-Holes 12 thru 18 are exceptional with Ravine play, and I rank #1 for a finishing 7-hole stretch and very scenic with foliage and the creek coming into play. Some elevated tee throws, Elevated tee to elevated basket, baskets protected by guardian trees and the creek, heavy trees with gaps, and intentionally the creek is being used as a fairway on 17, and 18. Hole 15 offers respite as a sloping uphill hole. Number 12 is the only hole with a long tee.

-#16 for holes less than 200 feet I rank personnel #1 an elevated tee shot of at least 40 feet.

-15 of the 18 holes are very memorable.

-From the tee used mid's, fairways, and drivers. I used a variety of discs from my bag and had several "think about it" holes at the tee. I threw at least 4 times up in the canopy, more so than any other course I've played.

-Most tee pads with turf are in good condition, and baskets catch well. Tee signs are located on the leg of benches and have hole number and distance.

-Navigation is in the form of a snake mostly counter-clockwise. There are some navigation signs to find the next tee.

-Beginners and Recreational this could be a struggle, but also can be fun. Intermediate and Advanced will find the ravine portion fun and a challenge, and the F9 a good warmup.

-After you pickup your disc from the 18th basket, there's a physical fitness test waiting for you.


-Pratt Park seems to be very popular to the local area, and there could be course difficulty on some busy days. On a Tuesday morning a few dozen people using fairways for their walks, except for #9 all on the B9. I even had someone walk up #18 with me. Even the walkers find the B9 exceptional, nobody on the F8. Had to do some waiting, and a disc buzz past a walker that couldn't be seen.

-From hole 4 thru 7 there are picnic tables and grills in the fairway. I wonder how possible its to play these holes on a busy weekend, let alone the increase of walkers. There was a festival still set up from the previous weekend, and I wonder if it was even possible to play the course? There was a picnic table to the left of 12 basket outside C2, but for the most part out of the way except for a wild to the left approach or big drive.

-Teeing across a park road on #1 a straight downhill throw, and jogging/walking trails 9, and 10. There's a parking lot to a business to off the 11 fairway to the right.

-Holes 5 thru 7 very blurry thinking back. Pretty much moderately wooded with grills and picnic tables.

-A few tees just carpet, and lumpy, #10 was the worst.

-A few more navigation signs would be helpful from 12 basket to 13th tee, and 13 basket to 14th tee.

-Disc lost is going to be high. On the F9 heavy trees and brush off some fairways. B9 you can be saying good by to your disc in the deep portion of ravines and brush. However, where the creek comes into play very shallow, and a disc can be played from the water just a few inches deep.

-After heavy or sustained rain. May want to wait a few days to play the ravine, the creek seems to move quickly.

-It's about a 5-minute walk back to the parking lot after 18. If I lived in the area, there would be times when I would want to get 9 in on the back.

-Need some strong legs, there are some steep inclines and declines. Also balance to cross footbridges. That physical fitness test is a leg burner to get out of the ravine, and #13 is straight up hill to tee using roots as steps.

Other Thoughts:

Pratt Park was pure fun! Ravine play has become my favorite, and the 12 thru 18-hole experience will be unforgettable. Cannon Ridge is less than 10 miles away with ravine play holes 1 thru 11, add in Pratt's 12 thru 18 and I would be in Disc Golf 18-hole Ravine Heaven. Pratt Park does separate itself with a unique creek fairway on 17 and 18, only one other hole I've played has that feature #16 Lake Marshall Lair Course. My focus has been on the B9, but the F9 does get you warmed up. The biggest con for me is the course availability on a busy day at the park or how big of a distraction with other park goers. Holes 4 thru 7 also doesn't help the overall rating. I really wanted to favorite the course but can't do it for only 1/3rd of the course. I tried to reason out a 4.0 rating, but the cons drag it down and I just thought the front was okay, so here we are.

My overall rating is anchored on a 5.0, focused on the 12 thru 18-hole stretch offering a unique playing experience. My time to play was 70 minutes with some waiting here and there.

That physical fitness test after picking up your disc from the 18 basket. There's a steep set of wooden steps waiting for you to get out of the ravine and having to pick up your knees for about 50 steps. It's the first time on any course I had to pause because of the burn to my swimmer legs, and that includes playing Lake Marshall, Hawk Hollow, and a few others.

Notable Tee:

-No. 4 an open tee lining up to a tree gap about 120 feet out and only about 15 feet wide. If you miss the gap its possible to power your way thru the branches. The most difficult gap on the course.

Notable Basket Placement:

-No. 9 an open throw to the basket. Behind the basket are heavy trees. Just past C1 a straight drop to the ravine. Overthrow you're not getting disc back easily.

-No. 10 a par 4 with an open tee with heavy trees on the left and the basket hooks to left into the tree line. I had thought #9 was the only ravine behind the basket play. So, on my approach I went for the basket and hit a "good" tree, the disc would have been lost into the ravine which is about 15 feet behind the basket. That same tree would influence my missed birdie.

Notable Holes:

-No. 13 Par 3 at 189 feet is a straight tee to basket over the ravine, basket a little higher up than tee. The tee on the edge of ravine, to cross about 70 feet. The issue is the heavy trees, canopy, and branches when I played in early October. You can hit a tree anywhere, very narrow gap to the basket. I found a hole up in the canopy on the left side, took it and parked it from about 10 feet. You can retrieve your disc from the creek in the ravine but will take some time to get it. Very scenic hole.

-No. 14 Par 3 at 328 feet is an elevated tee shot on a slight dogleg left with heavy trees both sides. The creek borders to the right and swings to the front of basket within C1. Beautiful green setting with basket elevated above creek and a roller, behind basket set of stairs leading out of ravine and brush all within C1. A foot bridge crosses the creek for you just before the basket, and a few trees in C1. From my early release tee shot to C2 putt such a lovely site, small target, and a little concerning. Ran a birdie and missed.

-No. 16 Par 3 at 175 feet a highly elevated tee shot at least 40 feet up to an island green below. Teeing off on the ledge with plenty of trees and canopy ahead. The creek passes below and in front of basket, meanders to the left of basket and turns behind it. Some trees and brush behind basket early October. Such a beautiful sight! And not one to be forgotten about. No straight line to the basket for myself. Saw a hole in the canopy way out left center to far and up for putter and mid. Threw an easy TL3 and found the green after passing thru leaves. I'll call it lucky.

-No. 17 Par 3 at 278 feet straight down fairway following the creek which was shallow. Trees here and there but not narrow. Heavy trees on the bluff both sides. Basket is just around the corner right side sitting on a ledge and a roller back in creek. In the creek fallen trees, boulders, and pebbles. Another scenic look from tee. Threw an awful throw to the right deflected into the creek. Lofted a harp outside C2 into the basket only seeing its top. I could only laugh with the back-to-back luck throws.

Signature Hole:

No. 18 Par 3 at 258 feet kind of sort of looks like 17 but narrower and more trees in the creek bed fairway, and does have its own look. More dead trees and boulders laying in the creek as well. Instead of bluffs, has hills that lead into the creek area. The basket is also tucked into the right behind a hill with a guardian tree and a roller. Behind the basket is that physical fitness test leading out of the ravine, and another beautiful hole. Then the oddest stick from the tee, disc went right into a dead tree, basket high left into an old wedge, couldn't do that again.

Trouble Hole:

No. 12 Par 4 at 432 feet long tee is a dogleg left that starts down slope until about 150 feet out where at the turn starts to run down hill and then 120 feet from basket a straight drop. Heavy trees, brush, and mounds both sides of fairway. A clump of trees in the middle part of fairway about 200 feet down giving two lines, the one on the right more difficult. The basket area is compact dirt and several guardian trees. Behind basket a roller into the creek within C1. From the tee a blind shot and if you lose track where the disc is flying too, you maybe doing some looking. It would have helped to of had a hole map. Only hole where I took a walk down fairway and decided left gap and caught some brush out of sight. Very scenic look toward basket which I couldn't locate because of guardian trees. Mistakenly thru up in canopy on right side and dumped putt because of roller back to the left.

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Experience: 6 played 6 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Fun ol course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 16, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


An old course here with tons of history.
It is the site of the largest frisbee tournament in the world once a year. "Virginia States"
Fun little tight lined front 9, all par 3s.
Back 9 is the same but with added elevation while navigating around a stream.
Great teeboxes also On most holes.


Some of the holes on the front 9 are sort of throw and hope you "get lucky" to have a chance at 2.
Baskets are almost as old as the course, putt easy my friends.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 5.7 years 111 played 102 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Super varied course

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Dec 9, 2021 Played the course:5+ times


I like that the front 9 is really for skilled beginners and the advanced people to warm up and that the back 9 is really for the advanced people. It means you can play this course without boredom for a long time. Indeed, I think one will never be bored here. The back 9 is mostly in an adjacent park. Very creative tract to use disc golf to "bridge" the two parks. Pratt and the other park (St Clair Brooks) are both lovely and well-maintained with a beautiful creek winding through them. There is a waterfall (sometimes dry) behind the basket of 18. For a true beginner, holes 1-11 are no pushovers. Offer plenty tightness, barring blast-off hole no. 1 and the drives and first approaches of nos. 9 and 10. Among the front 9, there is some elevation change --if peanuts compared to that of nos. 12-18. I've played the course several times now and often pair it with another of the area courses.


The gorge holes are tough and unforgiving to anyone who is not an advanced player. You can easily lose your disc on any of the back holes. I have played no. 16 several times now but still not 13. There is just too much dense rough to throw over or get through. Seems like a surefire way to lose a disc. I wish there was a drop zone for it beyond the creek, but there is just too much wilderness to place such.

You should expect to get into the creek at least once in the gorge holes. Bring your retriever and wear hiking boots. Truth be told, you are scrambling through it from the 16 green onward.

Another reviewer warned about the fall-offs behind holes 9 and 10. If you have a weak arm like me, play to the edge of the large field and then lay up to each basket with your midrange or putter. If you are a bomber, bomb to the edge of the big field and then lay up. If your disc rolls off no. 9, I believe it is curtains. If it rolls off 10, you have steep steps to go down and pick it up. Or wait until you play 18 to pick it up.

In the gorge area, there are some slick places you need to be careful scrambling over. The descending fairway of no. 12, for example. Climbing up to the 13-16 plateau is quite steep. Coming back down is easier if distinctly precarious.

BTW there are several narrow "plank" footbridges you must navigate. Need to be careful on those to avoid an injurious fall.

The arrow to guide you to 14 is pointing the wrong way. When you finish the 13 basket, walk to your left down the paved pedestrian path. Before crossing the bridge over the creek, the 14 tee is to the left in the woods.

On one summer outing, when I got to the 18 tee, the father of the party ahead of me was just standing there in the fairway. Finally he called out to me to warn me about a copperhead snake on the final approach to the basket. I decided not to play the hole, walked up to him and out of the hole with him, tiptoeing around the deadly snake.

He is a regular. Says the copperheads and water moccasins are for real here in the summer. Keep that in mind. I think I will play fall/winter here and pass on spring/summer. Certainly will not play beyond late spring.

There are picnic grills in the fairways of nos. 5 and 6. Another reason to play the course in the cool/cold months.

Other Thoughts:

I was attending (as a spectator) the USWDGC 9/21-9/22 weekend (rounds 3 and 4) in 2019. A Spotsy disc golfer told me about Pratt while we were waiting for the third-best card to tee off of no. 16 (at Hawk Hollow) during round 3. I am glad he did. I played the Pratt course around the final round of the tournament: holes 1-3 before Round 4 of the big event (at Loriella Park) and holes 4-18 after the tournament ended.

The Jekyll/Hyde nature of Pratt is real. True beginners really need to only play holes 1-11 and then walk away. Hole 12 is when the gorge comes into play in a major way. You throw blind down into that pit and then climb up to 13, which is on a plateau of a sort with 14, 15, and the tee of 16 (16 plays back down into the 12 gorge). You scramble across the creek many times from 16-18. Then climb steeply out of 18 to the 10 basket and the big field.

The rest of Pratt Park is very nice. Soccer on one end of the field, many practice goals. Open space for dogs to run around in. Many sports can be played simultaneously in the big field (football, volleyball, virtual disc golf with a practice basket, etc.). There is a circuit around the big field to walk, run, or bike. Playground for kids. Picnic stations throughout the park, some with grills. Tennis and basketball courts farther east. An amphitheater for performances near the park entrance. Jewel of a recreation space.

Do be forewarned (if you don't know) that sometimes there are multiple soccer matches played on the top field and that (during such events) the hole 1 fairway becomes a parking lot. The first time I encountered this, I did come late enough and played 2-18 and then 1 after all the teams had left. On 12/9/21, I noticed the split-rail fence now runs the length of the park road from the amphitheater up to the parking lot. Not sure if this will stop parking during soccer games as the south border of the sloping field is still open.

On your final approach to no. 18, please try hard to miss right. If you miss left of the waterfall, you will be dealing with super slick rock trying to fish out your disc. Incredibly dangerous, but after 30 minutes of trying (on one outing, trying one side and then the other), I managed to get the disc back with a disc retriever. Stayed seated on the ground to not fall and kill myself.

The gorge area is really something. Despite its dangers, you do have to play it with some abandon and looseness in your body to have any success. The drop-offs, dense rough, creek, steep elevation are all significant distractions. If you can maintain some degree of tunnel vision, I think you can be successful.
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Experience: 20.1 years 91 played 39 reviews
3.00 star(s)

This is a fine course for all levels 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 10, 2010 Played the course:2-4 times


It's a great course for newer players, the first 9-10 holes are pretty solid and well marked for players to figure out the technical aspects of their game. It's an easy play and you can get a few rounds in during a single day. The back nine is generally a bit tougher and there's quite a bit more elevation that comes into play.


For advanced players, you'll eat this course up, but after 2-3 rounds, you'll start to see where the challenge lies. I wish it had a couple more open throws to keep the round balanced, but it still plays very well.
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Experience: 9 years 45 played 10 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Hidden Gem 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 5, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


This course is pretty technical. There are only really 3 open holes and the rest is wooded. The front nine is pretty good and there is a nice diversity of elevation and pin placement. This course is a bit older, however for its age, is in great shape. Once you have reviewed the map and played through once, navigation is cake. The back nine is my favorite. Make sure you wear shoes that you would do a serious hike in and bring water.


The tee boxes are a bit worn, however as I mentioned, for its age this course is pretty awesome. Take the map with you. Hole 12-15 can get a little confusing and is not always marked too well.

Other Thoughts:

The cliff off the back of hole 9 and 10 are pretty wicked so do not overthrow those pins.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 17.9 years 304 played 198 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Pratt Attack 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 5, 2014 Played the course:once


18 natural tees with mach 2 baskets. Fairly tight and technical old school Steady Ed course design highlighting the elevation changes through the wooded ravine. Lots of variety. Good enjoyable holes here through nature. Great course for beginners and more experienced players. Located just off I-95 if you get stuck in local traffic.


Natural tees, couple holes may interfere with other park users/picnickers and a couple holes play close to each other. Lacks signage and navigation on the back 9 was a little confusing and rough. I'm allergic to bees and there were yellow jacks on the tee of hole 2 and there was another ground nest near one of the walking paths on the back 9(not sure which because I was lost). No loop back to parking lot. Traffic can be bad.

Other Thoughts:

Pratt Park is your typical Steady Ed design course using the natural elevation and terrain features very well on par 3s. Even though it's an older course, it still plays challenging and fun. Really enjoyed hole 1 to start, a number in-between and hole 18 was a great finishing hole by the waterfall to top it all off.
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Experience: 2 played 2 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Pratt 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 22, 2014 Played the course:2-4 times


Course plays like 2 seperate 9 holers. First nine are a little more technical and tight. Back 9 are a lot more fun and deeper in the woods. Great scenery and challenges. Good mix of short and long shots.


After 10, it becomes difficult to follow where your next tee box is. The last time we played here the basket for 18 was missing. Plus there are 2 holes that if you over shoot them, there is a 30 foot drop that are hard to get down and get back up if you lose you disc.

Other Thoughts:

Still a fun course, but it could use some love from the park staff to help maintain and update.
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Experience: 12.1 years 51 played 9 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Awesome use of landscape! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 26, 2013 Played the course:once


-Tough and technical
-Unique holes
-carpet tee pads
-Holes 12-18 are some of the most creative, challenging, and beautiful that i have yet to play.


-No signs explain the par and the direction of the next hole
-hole 18 ends about a quarter mile from the car

Other Thoughts:

Drove an hour and a half to check this place out and i was not disappointed. Really loved the back 9 with its hills, streams, waterfalls, and valley shots. Definitely wish it was closer to where i reside. Very impressed to say the least.
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Experience: 13.1 years 9 played 6 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Great Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 2, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


Excellent use of natural land scape - There are holes that have you shooting over ravines, under fallen tree, around waterfalls.

Fredericksburg area is home to many great courses - If you've got the time, I recommend you hit up Loriella park in Spotsylvania, just a couple miles away from Pratt

Course makes excellent use of different throwing styles - Really brings out the strategic element of DG.

Scenery is beautiful

Course traffic seems to be not an issue

You'll get to use a lot of muscle, and at the same time many holes are tight lines that reward precision and control - course really rewards perfect shots

Holes are well designed - With each hole you can see which kind of shots the designer had in mind as there are some clear windows and some sweet risk/reward scenarios.

Holes get progressively more challenging and interesting - The back nine are all amazing, and hole 18 is one of the coolest holes I've ever played


It's very easy to skip holes without noticing and some of them aren't numbered. There is nothing guiding you to the next tee but little white bands on trees, which only serve to confuse you as the course criss-crosses like 5 times.

Also on many holes, the rough is very thick and unforgiving, and you will often find yourself with an impossible shot or a lost disc - on hole one, if your disc so much as touches the edge of the rough DO NOT take your eyes off it.

A couple of the field holes shoot over one or more parts of the running trail which is always in heavy use. People usually know whats up though and take care not to get hit

The first couple holes are a little boring and can be quite frustrating - The fairways may be wide, but the rough is REALLY rough and if a shot turns over on you you'll be disc hunting for a while.

Most holes lack tee signs

Other Thoughts:

The first time I played here was the first time I had ever played DG, and me and my buddies got SO lost on numerous occasions in between holes 12 and 15, and ended up trekking trough the mostly dry creek for about an hour before we realized we had accidentally walked out of the park hahaha.

Also, it says on this site that water comes into play on 6 holes, but don't worry, you won't be losing any discs to the water, its just a little creek thats only a few ft deep.

All in all, this course is gonna take you a while to get through, but It's a good experience and as far as the actual holes go, they have everything I look for in a course.
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Experience: 15.5 years 75 played 21 reviews
4.50 star(s)

The Back Nine 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 11, 2012 Played the course:once


This course is a wonderful course that is located around the edge of a well kept park. Holes 1-9 are primarily located in/around the woods and steer clear of most of the walking paths. The first nine require some technical skill as there are a fair amount of left and right hand alleys.

What makes this course a phenomenal course would be the back nine. The back nine starts with a monster hole ten that leads you into the woods. Once in the woods, get ready for the most beautiful and skilled use of landscape that I have ever seen on a disc golf course. Just about each of the back nine holes plays through a ravine that has a creek in the bottom. There are countless elevation changes and challenging technical shots and the scenery will take your breath away. You've got to see it to understand.


Tee pads are mostly natural with white 4x4 blocks on the ground marking the hole number and distance. If the ground is wet this can be challenging as the tee pads get muddy. Finding the next hole can be challenging at times as usually the only thing marking the way is white tape on trees. There are no maps of the hole at each tee pad so finding the basket before you tee off can be difficult.

Other Thoughts:

Though the tee pads are rough and the lack of signage is a negative, the course layout is what makes this course amazing. If you get the chance, and have the energy to do some hiking, you must play this course. You won't regret it!
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Experience: 15.1 years 26 played 26 reviews
3.00 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 9, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


Good shot variety with wooded holes as well as open field shots. Good amout of elevation change and the holes along the creek are pretty cool. Well laid out. Not overly busy.


Some of the holes were a little hard to find but now there are arrows directing you to the next hole.

Other Thoughts:

Good course. Well signed and well laid out, but can get a little confusing trying to navigate it.
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Experience: 2 played 2 reviews
5.00 star(s)

best course EVER 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 23, 2010 Played the course:5+ times


Wide enough that you can go big off the tee.
Narrow enough that you better no how to go big.
Phenomenal landscaping/topography.
Distance per hole.
Well kept.
Not too busy.


You might lose a disc if you don't keep an eye on it.

Other Thoughts:

This is the course I learned to play on 12 years ago. I have played a lot since then, but none are as good. I would love it if they brought back an old school "natural" tournament.
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Ray Gunnell
Experience: 14.8 years 5 played 5 reviews
3.00 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 1, 2011 Played the course:once


Tight, technical holes predominately, with a few open holes in the middle. The front nine are a nice warm-up to the challenge you're going to face on the back.


For beginners, it may not be too fun. There's some holes on the back nine that you can easily lose a disc or get hurt if you're caught on a steep embankment. There were also some issues with signage, but if you have a cell phone that can download the course map, it helps a ton.

Other Thoughts:

Bring your hiking shoes, and know the back is a strenuous workout for anyone either older or not in shape.
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Experience: 38.1 years 92 played 12 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Prepare for an Ass Kickin' 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 24, 2011 Played the course:5+ times


This course has changed since the last review. Mostly wooded holes and a few open holes. The front 9 is pretty straight forward. Open elevated tee that leads in to 7 straight wooded (some very tight) holes with a few doglegs and elevation changes. Ending with an open hole on 9 except the 30' drop just a few feet behind the basket.
The back 9 is where it gets fun. 10 is a long walk from 9 but is open and like 9 has a sharp drop-off just behind the basket. 11 is a straight shot down a tight tree alley. 12 is a long sloping downhill to the bottom of a ravine with a small stream just behind the basket. 13 is a walk through the woods up the hill to a straight shot across the ravine. You have to take a steep set of stairs to get to the bottom and cross the stream. 14 is a wooded hole along the bottom of the gully with the stream along the right that has cut a drop 5'-10' drop-off, The basket is located just across the stream in the bottom of the ravine. To get to 15 you have to climb the stairs to get back up to the top. 15 is a fairly straight shot through the woods. 16 is an elevated tee with the basket at the bottom of the ravine on an island that has the stream on 3 sides. To get down there either take the steep goat path or walk the long way that took you to 13. 17 is another straight shot down the ravine with the stream and fallen logs in play. 18 is the same except the basket location at the end of the ravine where the streams starts makes a bowl with the placement to the right and out of sight until you are right on top of it. To finish the round a steep set of steps to get out of the ravine.


The front 9 can be followed without much problem but the back 9 is almost impossible to find on your own if it's your first visit. If your as old as me the climbing up & down steep steps can put a hurting on your knees & ankles. Some of the stream crossings are just logs dropped across and aren't the safest around. (especially if you have a touch of vertigo, but I made it) Keep an eye on your discs and trow bright colors when possible. It's not hard to lose one on the back 9. Don't play this course after a hard rain if you don't want muddy or wet feet.

Other Thoughts:

This course has a lot of potential if the back 9 can be improved as far as safer barrier crossings. It's not a problem for the youngsters but if your old and creaky like me it sure can beat you up.
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Disc Dog
Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 17 years 109 played 48 reviews
3.00 star(s)

What a surprise! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 8, 2010 Played the course:once


My overall impression is good. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The park is big and has many ameniteis.

I think the best way to do this review is basket by basket because of all the variety and items related to different baskets.

1) The map showed the tee next to the road and it is not. It is next to the Disc Golf Sign at the parking lot. I updated this on the map. It is a gentle left to right with a slight down hill flow.The basket is next to the woods and can be seen from the there. You do have to throw over a busy entry way into the park so caution is advised.

2) The tee for 2 shows no sign of having been played in recent history and the basket area is the same (if you can find it). I would say throwing back over the road and the poor flow of the course it causes are the main reason.

3) Basket 3 is being used for putting practice. With it being so close to the parking lot and the course flow issue the tee shows no wear.

Alt2) A great slightly up hill and a slight right at the end. A very pretty spot for a throw. The 2 bridges make it easy to walk up the fairway.

Alt3) A tough uphill with a tight opening in the front. Placement is paramount here. If you get off to the side it will add throws,

4)A straight tight tunnel.

5) A nice throw where accuracy and placement are supreme. There is no undergrowth here because you are throwing through a lightly used picnic area. But get off to the left and the brush is thick.

6) A straight throw where accuracy and placement are again the thing to do. But you are still in the picnic area and you must be careful.

7) You are out of the picnic area. This is a tough throw to the right and has some elevation change. Keep on the fariway and you will be okay. You cannot see the basket.

8) Trees on the left but not heavy on the right. You do have to place it at the end because of a tight group of trees around the basket area.

9) Throw across an open area with the walking and bike riding paths in direct line. The basket is next to the trees and there is a very steep drop off if you miss it to the right.

10) Walk down the path about 300 yards and the tee is to the right. Again be very careful of bikers and joggers. Do not overthrow! There is a very steep dropoff about 15 feet behind the basket. There are steps in the side of the ravine if you do need to get down. If you look down the basket below is 18.

11 A dead straight throw on a very tight tunnel. Be careful of OAT and throwing one into the parking lot next to it.

12 This is without a doubt the most interesting and toughest fairway I have ever seen. It snakes through some very tight woods. About half way it starts a downhill section that ends up in an open area next to a stream. There is also a picnic table down here to the left. Three people were there. An errant disc could hurt someone. Also be careful of the biking and jogging path about 50 yards in front of the tee. You cannot see people coming and they are not looking for you.

13) You climb up some stairs to the top and throw across the ravine. You can see the basket. There is a definite landing area you want to hit. If you get over to the right it is steep and the leaves make it slick.

14) This is a new position and the map is now updated. This is down into the ravine. A very straight throw with a slight left turn at the end to avoid trees and rocks. I also added a picture for the new basket.

15) Back up to the top and a dead straight throw down a very tight tunnel.

16) This is a tough steep downhill throw into the ravine. You can see 2 baskets. It is the second one. Be careful here or you could nail someone on 12. This one is very dangerous if you try to use the goat trail to get down. You are better off going to the stairs by 15 and going into the ravine there.

17) This is my favorite basket to throw. You follow the ravine and the basket is on the right out of sight.

18) A great way to finish next to a waterfall and my favorite basket to just be. The basket is on the ravine wall about 8 or 10 feet up. Miss and it will roll. Overthrow and you could be on some very wet rocks trying to fish it off the falls.


This course is fun to play but because of all the safety issues it can be dangerous. Starting with the throw over the park entrance road, fairways in picnic areas, throws across walking and biking paths, a couple of crossing fairways (16 over 12's basket), and the climb down from 16.

The beginnig of the course, discounting the picnic area and the road, is a decent 3. Really nothing special but fun to play. The last 8 rachet it up to awesome level. Because of this and the dangerous aspects a 3 is fair.

The other aspect that is problem is the lack of signage. There is nothing at the tees to show the basket layout and path. No signs to show direction to the next tee and nothing to show the direction to walk from the last tee to the parking lot, which is about a half mile away.

Other Thoughts:

I really enjoyed myself. The flow of the course, when you use alt tees 2 and 3, makes it easy, with a map, to get around.

This is a place I will come back to. The area in the ravine is a lot of fun. Be prepared for some serious hiking and bring lots of water and you will be fine. I will always remember 18. Although the water flow was low. Having the finish next to this waterfall was well worth the trip.
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3.50 star(s)

Historic Scene 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 26, 2010 Played the course:2-4 times


- Use of the Creek. Wow... what a DG world it would be if every course could play around, across, and through a creek like this one. There are some fantastic pin placements that take full advantage of the water (although, it is played as casual).
- Pin Placement. A few of the pin placements on this course are Awesome!!! Hole 9 and 10 have baskets perched on the edge of extremely steep drop offs. Missing 9 long or 10 left is NOT an option. All of the creek holes have exceptional pin placement (if only the water was considered OB).
- Fantastic Shots. Overall, the use of the creek and pin placements really makes for some fantastic shots. There are a few holes on this course that you could put on any course anywhere and be more than satisfied. Holes 3, 4, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17 come to mind, with 12, 14, and 16 being really great. And, most of the other shots were really decent too.


-Dangerous Crossings. There are two locations on the course that are somewhat sketchy... however, these areas are also the best holes on the course; so??? Hole 16, a gem of a hole, throws directly over 12's basket... then, to get to your disc, you have to walk right past 12's basket which has a blind approach shot. Keep your eyes open! Also... watch your head when coming out of 18; as you pop right up onto 10's basket (also partially blind). And as Prerube indicated the walking path on 9 and 10 do come into play... however, being from Los Angeles, I'm used to other park users being around; so???
- Lack of Tee-Pad Amenities. The tee pads were natural, with carpet... and although they were in good condition, nothing beats nice concrete tees. There were also no Tee-signs. You didn't really need them to play the holes, but it's nice to know a holes distance, or that there is a HUGE drop off 12' behind the basket... or, dare I say, what the Holes Par is? (I know, they're all 3's).

Other Thoughts:

- VA States. Pratt is home to one of the most respected Overall Frisbee tournaments in the world: the Virginia States. What a fantastic event. If you play "Frisbee" as well as DG, you have to go to the VA States and test your overall Frisbee skills against the best. Freestyle, Accuracy, Distance, DDC, MTA and Golf... with several former world champions in each event.
- History. Besides the Frisbee battle field that is the VA States, this ground was the location of a famous Civil War battle. As you play the course, you can't help but imagine the battle that played out across and through the ravine that you are playing across and through... the enemy aiming down on you from above and thinking where you would have taken cover... I know I did. I kept waiting for my disc to land next to a rusty musket ball... how cool would that be?
- Note: I played here during a tournament, so navigation was a non-issue. However, I could see it being difficult if you were by yourself, for the first time, without a map.
- My Score: -2
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Starts slow, ends grand. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 7, 2010 Played the course:once


It was like playing 2 seperate courses. Holes 1-8 were typical, flat and moderately wooded. Then holes 11-18 were great wooded holes utilizing elevation, the ravine, the creek, and all of nature to it's fullest.

Navigation has improved, small tags in the trees point to the next tee location. Most baskets are visible from the tees. White markers noted where the tee pads were, several tees had wood boxes.

I noticed some holes had pro tees that were not on the map and were poorly marked, but they do exist.

Holes 12-18 were great:
Hole 12 was an amazing winding downhill shot along the ravine.
Hole 13 was a straight shot over a deep valley
Hole 14 was a nice shot with some elevation over the creek.
Hole 16 was a seveer down hill throw to the water (shoot at the second basket)
Hole 18 was a blind dog leg right over a hill and past 2 fallen trees that love to knock down discs.


Holes 9 and 10 are 2 of the worst designed holes I have ever played.
Hole 9 throws over a busy walking trail in 2 spots as well as a busy feild. I had to wait over 4 minutes for an opening to throw. Hole 10 throws along and over the same trail. If you overthrow, your disc goes down in the ravine by 18, I played it safe and threw short landing at the edge of the walking path and a kid on a bike thought he found a free disc. I will never play these 2 holes again, these 2 safety hazards killed this unique course.

Tee signs with distances would be very beneficial, also signs showing how to navigate down to your disc after you throw it over the elevation would be nice. Finding the tees and the baskets was much easier than figuring out how you get to those tees safely.

#4's tee pad is too short to comfortably throw, also several of the tee pads were uneven under the carpeting.

Other Thoughts:

Back 9 are physically demanding If you have a stroller, bad knees, or really young children play 1-8 twice.

There are water hazards, but you can leave the golder retriever and speedo at home, the water is mostly clear and shallow.
If holes 9 and 10 did not exist this course would rank as one of the best course I have played.
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pratt park 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 16, 2010 Played the course:once


holes 1-9 were easy access, very scenic and had alot of ace runs, had a homey feeling to it, it was better than normal


back 9 holes the layout was crazy and required hopping up and down a creek that just kept going. muddy and not well mantainded, if you aren't good at steep stairs and walking or have knee problems dont play this course, not that great of a layout

Other Thoughts:

great course except some parts
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Pratt park review 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 28, 2009 Played the course:5+ times


All of the holes have a "fair way" to the pin. There is much variety in the holes. It takes many different shots to get through this course. Play smart, or you will not get your par. Threes are good on many of the holes. Some of the holes require a steep uphill walk to the next tee, but overall the walk between holes is very reasonable.


Finishing 18 you have to go up 33 (steep) steps to get out of the ravine. Once out you walk 1000 ft to the parking lot and hole 1.

Other Thoughts:

The course have greatly improved since I first saw it. (6 years ago) There has been a recent revival of Pratt, it is looking great. Be prepared, it will take a little out of you. Make sure to get your water bottle filled up on ten's teepad.
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Hiden Gem in the Area 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Feb 11, 2011 Played the course:5+ times


18 pretty challenging holes from wide open to somewhat tight wood holes. Shooting par 54 for intermediate to low advanced player is a good round. One hole could be called a par 4. Several birdie chances but several holes par 3 is a good score. This is a course that is a work in progress and only keeps getting better. Lot of locals are spending a lot of time to making this course even better then what it is. Many great things to come in the near future check it out.


I don't really have any cons to share. I can play this course 5 days a week and only come across a handful of people using the walking paths. Picnic areas I have never seen anyone use. Maybesome random kids will stop by and sit once in a while
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