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Rum Village Park

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Rum Village Park reviews

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Leg Work Out 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 30, 2021 Played the course:once


One of the few courses in area that is free to play.

A lot of mature trees which creates a nicely shady course to play.

A lot of elevation changes throughout course, so bring good walking shoes.

Holes vary in distance.


Being first time/beginner to course, i found it easy to get turned around from basket to next tee box. For example, I finished Hole 10 and walked to Hole 17 tee box. So in short, flow of course is challenging at times.

Baskets are to locate in the shade, baskets needs some neon color top so one knows where to aim.

Couple of holes are near Ewing Rd, so drives must be accurate.

Parking lots don't have marked lines to know where to park.

Other Thoughts:

Overall, challenging course with elevation changes and variety of distances on each hole. Trees help choose line, but do not create to much of an obstacle.

Bring good walking shoes when playing.

Use UDisc, or another app, to help navigate course.
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Some humdrum at Rum 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 30, 2020 Played the course:once


In southwest South Bend, the Rum Village Park DGC offers 24 homogeneous holes full of trees, hills and grassy fairways.

Rum Village takes park-style disc golf and amps it up with more holes and plenty of casual elevation. The course is probably best geared toward the intermediate level, but it's playable for novices too.

The "traversability" might be a bit challenging for some with the hills, uneven surfaces, acorns, leaves and roots coming into play. The course is described as moderately hilly, after all. However, losing a disc at Rum Village would be difficult on most of the holes, as there is little brush to worry about.

Excellent signage: The new tee signs at Rum Village are some of the best I've seen with a large number, distance, an overhead map with suggested line and OB marking, and a hole profile map that not only indicates the direction in which to throw (which is not always intuitive from the teepad) but also the elevation.

Most of the holes involve some elevation and navigating random trees to the basket. A number of the holes don't have defined fairways, and inaccurate drives aren't automatically punished here.

Holes #20 and #21 diverge a bit from the rest of the course in design. They are located on the edge of the woods and instead of grassy hills, they are flat with a defined fairway and some undergrowth to avoid. These holes were a nice addition and provided some variety. I wish there had been a few more design deviations throughout the round.


While there are some uphill and downhill holes, the course tends to blend together while feeling and looking similar. Nearly every hole is fairly straight ahead. Every hole is now a par 3. The average hole is 300 feet and there are very few outliers. Obviously, there are a variety of lines available due to the trees, but in reflecting upon my round, my normal disc golf eidetic memory is blurred; several of the holes seemed similar and they aren't distinctive. Reportedly, this course use to be 18 holes and included two long par-4 holes. But it appears that while Rum Village gained consistency during a minor redesign, the course lost some of its individuality.

Navigation can be confusing. While the tee signs indicate the "Next Tee," if you forget, the next hole isn't always immediately clear. In fact, my friend and I actually threw to the wrong basket once - in the complete opposite direction - because we thought the location was obvious and didn't pay attention to the tee sign. Oops.

The baskets are not numbered. The baskets would benefit from a large, bright number, since it's possible to see multiple baskets from nearly any given teepad. On a few holes, the correct basket is in a blind location.

The park roads come into play on a few holes by running alongside the fairway.

No trash cans on the course. No nearby restrooms either, though there is a dense wooded area after Hole #13. :)

Other Thoughts:

The Rum Village Park DGC was created in 1994, and the well-worn teepads and beat-up baskets definitely provide an old-timey vibe. While the course would benefit from some amenities and updated teepads and baskets, Rum Village is a good choice for disc golfers seeking a fun but not soul-killing round. Plus, it's a solid alternative to the more open George Wilson Park course nearby.

Also, while there are several 18-hole-plus courses in the Greater South Bend area, this is the only long course that isn't pay to play.
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My Home Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 16, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


This course is free.
Moderately wooded
Frequent elevation changes
Long and short holes


Some redundant shots
Leaves in late fall will make finding discs hard

Other Thoughts:

Some alternate basket placements would be nice.
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Best free course in South Bend 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 26, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


Great mix if long and short. The pro par is challenging, w only 2 par 4s. Great clear lines through sometimes thick trees. Playing it safe is rewarding but limiting at this great public course.


May not be for fat fatties. Ton of hills, but less than Wilson.
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The Rum isn't Gone! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 31, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


-Quality teepads with decent signs on every hole
-The park is kept up really well
-Almost impossible to lose a disc (no real rough/underbrush)
-A fair mix of easy and some tougher holes


-No clear indicator of where the course starts from the parking lot
-Course navigation can be confusing in a few spots for first timers. Some navigation signs would be welcomed.
-A few holes play somewhat close to roads but it's relatively minor hazard here
-The park isn't in the greatest of areas

Other Thoughts:

Rum Village Park is a course I frequent when I'm in town because it's a quality course and its free to play. The elevation use and course layout are great, no two holes feel the same. It is a good place for players of different skill levels, there is something for every type of player/throwing style. It is challenging enough for better players and isn't too harsh on beginners. This course has the potential to earn an even higher rating with just a few upgrades such as, better signage, additional teepads, and a onsite course map/info kiosk. I absolutely would recommend playing this course if you are in the area, it will not disappoint.
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Tony Koch
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Could be Northern IN's best course. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 7, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


-Heavily wooded. Every hole you encounter numerous trees.
-Soild signage
-FREE to play!
-Buckets are older but in fair condition. Would love to see some Innova buckets in the near future.
-Variety in terms of hole distances and whether it plays straight, left, or right.
-Friendly to all throwing styles despite the hundreds of trees.
-Mixture of easy holes and very challenging holes. There is a stretch (holes 5, 6, 7, and 9) that are very birdie-able. But holes 3, 4, and 8 are tough to birdie. Especially 8. If anyone has ever gotten a two there I would be shocked! Gotten a few threes and I have been a okay with that.
-Difficult to lose a disc here. Unless you toss it into Safety Town over the barbed wire fence on hole 18.
-No rough so no need for pants/long socks.
-Good tee pads.
-Because of the many trees, wind normally doesn't play too much into effect here.


-Not the best area. Can be a bit sketchy.
-Though certain holes are challenging, the easier ones get even easier the more you play here. That is expected though I guess.
-The trim/mow crew does a nice job but sometimes garbage buildup can be a bit of an issue.
-Not exactly the most beginner friendly course because of the amount of trees!

Other Thoughts:

-Numerous summer tourneys are held here. The doubles ones I have played in are very fun. Check it out.
-I normally shoot pretty well here, my best being a 48. But with all the trees it can play differently on any given day, I.E shanks haha! So the variety is a big plus.
-This place just has everything. Shocked that it doesn't have as good of reviews as I had imagined. Easy short holes, tough long holes, turn over holes, you name it and Rum pretty much has it!
-Plus, it's free which unfortunately can't be said of many of the nearby courses in northern IN. For sure if you are in South Bend and love to disc, go to Rum!
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Great Northern Indiana Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 28, 2015 Played the course:once


Challenging intermediate level course with lots of variety. Beginners may struggle with elevation and trees, advanced players will enjoy the longer holes.

Tees - One large concrete tee per hole that is about 4 x 12 feet. Very grippy. Easy to locate.

Signs - One sign at every hole that lists distance, part, hole number, a map of the hole, and shows how to get to next tee. Played with course groundskeeper, he said the signs were up to date and accurate. Also mentioned a few mandos that were not listed on signs. Definitely helpful. Once in park there is a sign pointing you to disc golf area.

Baskets - 18 Mach 3 baskets that catch great. Some of them still have the hole numbers on them.

Variety - Every hole here is different. Holes range from 180 - 650 feet. Distance changes keep the course flowing. Several mature trees and elevation changes on every hole. Many blind shots due to elevation and trees which add to the challenege. No two holes were the same. Enough trees to make or break your day.

Elevation plays a major factor at this course. Every hole had some sort of elevation whether it was uphill, downhill, rolling hills, or valley shots. Course would be tough on a windy day. I am from Indianapolis so any courses with elevation make me extra happy.

Trash cans present on holes 3, 4, 5, and 12.

Bench on hole 7 and nice little chair off hole 10.

Good view of the city. Can see golden dome at Notre Dame.

Once you find hole 1, course flows well. Some short walks between holes but normally you can see the next tee from the previous hole. Can see somewhat of a walking path when in doubt.

Course is in a very scenic and peaceful park. Cool little miniature village that some may find creepy. Playground for kids and a nature center on site. Things to keep the family busy while you play.

Course ends relatively close to where it starts.

Free to play. I have noticed that multiple northern Indiana / southern Michigan courses are pay to play. Free to play is more inviting to new players.

Room to expand, especially after hole 18.


Took a little bit to find hole one. A sign from the parking lot pointing to hole one or saying front 9 would be helpful. There was a back 9 sign but not a front 9.

Course could use a map at the start (perhaps near the tee for hole 1) to eliminate confusion for first time visitors.

Course could use a practice basket.

An alternate concrete tee per hole would do wonders for this course. Longer tee on the shortest holes, and shorter tees on the 600 footers. It would keep things fresh and give players an option.

Course could use a few arrows pointing to the next hole. Elevation can cause confusion.

On hole 9, I would have thrown towards basket 18 if I wasn't playing with course grounds keeper.

Not enough benches and trash cans. Course use some on the back 9.

Other Thoughts:

I really liked this course and will definitely come back. Played it with my fiance and although it was a little too difficult for her, she enjoyed herself. Changes in variety of holes was nice. Got an ace on hole 6 which was an added bonus.

This course is worth checking out if in the area or on a road trip. Nearby George Wilson park is also a good one if you have the time. Courses compliment each other very well.

If this course had alternate tee pads, a map, practice basket, a few more signs, and added a few more holes, it would easily be a 4, maybe even 4.5 out of 5 in my opinion. I will be back when in town.
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Ok 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 2, 2014 Played the course:once


Free to play. I really liked the front nine


Some sign were deffinetly wrong like hole 12 says it tapers to the right when it's really left. Lots of trash hard to tell were to go. And it's missing basket 4

Other Thoughts:

It's worth playing if ur over that way but it's not worth makin a trip out to in my opinion
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Pour me another 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 29, 2013 Played the course:once



• A lot going on here in terms of other activities. Playground in one corner, with hiking/walking trails and picnic areas about.

- There is a large, fenced off village in the middle of the park that the course plays around. There is no real risk of your discs getting lost over the fence unless taking wild shots is your thing, or if you're having a REALLY off day. This also just adds a nice feel to the course, as it seems like you're playing around a ghost town.

• Mach 3 metal baskets, mostly in good shape.

• The elevation change here is a large focal point of the course. I'd say it adds an entire disc rating to it by itself, as it really makes for a variety of shot placement options as well as a good risk/reward for putting and laying up.

-Variety of shots here, from some longer bombers (Hole 8: 605'/ Hole 12: 700')

- The pads here are concrete which is a huge plus, and are actually located at each hole. Some of the bigger pads I've seen before (I play with no run-up so the size of pads wasn't a blunder for me)

• Fairly obvious lines present here, but still with all the trees and elevation changes you'll do well to pay attention to accuracy and placement for your next shot. Just because the line is clear, doesn't mean you're going to hit it every time.


• This course was a DISASTER in terms of trash and debris everywhere. I realize it was technically a "winter"ish month we were there and not exactly in season, so hopefully this has since been addressed, as it could look beautiful here with some simple trash pickup.

• Also, as apdrvya mentioned the routing and signage here was downright terrible. Without the map he had on his phone we would have probably missed out on half the teepads etc. The signs that WERE present were either drawn all over and basically ruined anyway. A few signs had been drawn on with sharpie to try to correct the awful signage, but even that barely helped

• A good portion of the course plays along the road running through the park which could be dangerous for those walking or driving down the path - exercise caution here please.

• Also, the neighborhood the parks rests in itself isn't the nicest, so again use caution if you're playing a solo round.

Other Thoughts:

There you have it, I tried to touch on the key points for this course. This is the first course I played out of state and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of variety and elevation changes here.

I would love to play this course again to see if maybe the trash/debris issue was simply because of the "off season" time we played, but I probably won't be back down that way anytime soon.

With some work and clean up this place could be great someday. If this course were closer to me (thinking home course distance or within 20 minutes drivewise) I would frequent this place.

PLEASE don't miss out on a chance to play this city park, as it really may surprise you how much fun you find yourself having.
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Great Course to Learn On 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 13, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


Beautiful setting
Very hard to lose a disk
Good use of elevation
Well thought out course design
Giant tee pads


Not the best area of town
Signs are constantly being vandalized
Can be confusing due to lack of signage
Lack of trash cans means that people leave trash near the tees

Other Thoughts:

This is the course I learned to play on and that I spend the most time on because FREE is great! I noticed some people saying that hole 4 is missing the basket this is not true. They removed that hole several years ago I believe because the pin sat in an area where a lot of rain run off went through and it kept eroding the area around the pin. They added a new ( and in my opinion better) hole after the 700 ft. monster. So when playing through the holes labeled as 5-13 are actually holes 4-12 a new hole 13 was added and is obvious because the pad is made a brick pavers not poured concrete. When you finish what is now hole 12 (the 700ft one) follow the tree line up the hill and you will spot the new hole 13 at the top. Holes 14-18 are all labeled correctly. Keep this in mind if you look at the pictures on this site, they are of the old layout and do not include the new hole 13.

Love this course give it a try if you are in the area!
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I'm being generous but elevation saves this place! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 29, 2013 Played the course:once


Aesthetic/elevation- This park is certainly multi-use but the areas that are for DG are pretty much away from all the little kids and their activities. there are holes that are close to the enclosed "village" but it shouldn't really be much of an issue. The elevation really saves this place. this course reminds me of Riverside (here in grand rapids) but with elevation and no river. Old growth trees abound and provide a relatively high canopy making it damn near impossible to lose discs.

Teepads- BIG and in decent repair. some are a little wonky but they're not terrible or missing parts and hey, they're all present and accounted for.

pin placement- Great! love the roll away potentials here, forcing you to decide If you want to lay up or play it safe. great for a city park!

Variety/challenge- The variation in hole length, elevation changes and rolling fairways provide a truly unique challenge here.

#12- this 700' hole is truly beautiful with it's rolling fairways and old growth trees. a very fair par 4.


Routing/Navigation/Signage- Awful. I nearly gave the course a 2.5 based solely on this fact. If it weren't for the map that someone posted I would have been incredibly lost. we played the "extinct" teepad 4 to basket 7 then realized that wasn't right... the map is truly the only thing that saved our asses. The signage is terrible. With vandals ruining the signs, it's impossible to know what basket you are on/throwing to/direction to throw? the sharpie is helpful but somewhat confusing in and of itself.

Upkeep (current)- there is a LOT of trash on the course, sled pieces, whiskey bottles, treasures chests with acorns in them and a lot of other miscellaneous garbage. I'm sure that once the season fully starts, it will improve.

Other Thoughts:

For a free to play course in the "inner" city this is a nice course. With some tweaks and TLC, this place could be wonderful!
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Good Neighborhood Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 14, 2012 Played the course:once


Overall I feel this course is a good one. Especially since the park itself is located in the city. I really liked the layout. The front nine I would say rates on the easy side of things and the back nine is a little more tricky. Every tee pad was concrete which I find is better then rubber mats. A few of the baskets are in the open, but a lot of then you have to throw between or around some trees. Another plus is the variety of distance on the baskets. Some short and some long.


One thing this course lacks is trash receptacles. There were more then a few baskets that had cans and bottles just thrown on the ground. Another thing I did not like is most of the signs at the tee pads were in bad shape. A few you could read, but most of them you could not. Because of this the course could be just a tiny bit hard to navigate for first timers.

Other Thoughts:

Overall I would say this is a good course. I would recommend this course for anyone just starting out in the game or for someone who has played for awhile.
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Great for the price 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 15, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


Rum Village is a very solid course. The course was busy but the flow was steady and there were no backups. The course is free to park and play - the disc golf parking lot is about 3/4 way around the circle and has a tiny little sign claiming, 'Disc Golf Course'

Hole 1 starts behind the pavilion by the parking lot.

Having played a variety of courses, Rum Village stands out as one of the only courses that has pretty much, ZERO, rough.Holes 1,2 and 3 run along the edge of the park and has a treeline with some scrub, but other than that - the rest of the course is wide open grass and trees. If you can shape lines here, you'll be fine.

Nice concrete tees poured for all the holes with gravel around them to reduce mud. The baskets are all in good shape and overall the course looks great.

The lack of rough here make this an excellent place to practice throwing all kinds of lines. Tree placement makes the holes what they are, you can see the basket from most of the tees, but tree placement makes straight throws difficult and you need to shape some lines through the trees.

The front 9 and back 9 are separated and the front 9 almost leads back to the parking lot. It's a little walk away form it, but not bad if you want to just play 9 and return to the car. Navigation between 9 and 10 was the only place we got 'lost'. 10 is over the road and 'up' from 9 basket.

There is a great mix of long and short holes - allowing some long bombs (if you can make it through the trees) and some short upshots. Along with the length, the course has some great elevation changes. There is only 1 hole under 200' in length.

Although there are some long holes here - 600' & 700' - this is nothing that I would steer a beginner away from. The trees might be frustrating if you are playing plinko - but the lack of rough makes hitting the tree your only punishment. There are great rewards for shaping some lines through the trees.


Course is very easy to navigate, but I wish there was a course map with hole lengths since the tee signs are pretty much useless (torn and vandalized beyond recognizable for most and just wrong on the front 9 since they moved a hole)

Hole 4 plays right along side the road and while I was teeing off on 5, I saw three people throw discs into the road and one across it. Definitely a concern for players that cannot control a throw.

It's hard to rate down a course for the neighborhood it's in, but I wouldn't want to play here at night. During the day it was fine, but night might be questionable. Not having been here at night before though, I cannot say for sure, but I'd be uneasy. Every play here has been during the day.

Besides having to weave around trees - there isn't a lot of left to right variation. Hole 11 is the exception, but other than that - most are just straight.

Other Thoughts:

As stated by all the other reviewers - the neighborhood is shady, but it's not as bad as other parts of South Bend. The park sounds like it's regularly patrolled and was very busy with DGers when I was out there.

Some local teens were hanging out, non-dgers, in the parking lot, which seemed strange since the parking lot for the DG course is separate from the rest of the park. The flow of disc golfers seems steady enough that no one seemed concerned about their vehicle. Just be sure to lock it.

Replacing the tee signs would go a long way to improving this course.

Not a lot of real 'remember-able' holes here - but they are all pretty good. There doesn't seem to be any 'let's place one here since we have to get 18 holes in' type holes. The land is well used and being one of the only free DG parks in NWI is a plus.

If you're passing though, I would hit this and Wilson up. Both are relatively easy to get to from the 31/20 bypass and on the south side of SB/Mishawaka.
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Well, it's free, so there's a disc right there... 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 19, 2012 Played the course:once


Rum Village is free, and is the only free course I played in that area. Granted, I only played three courses, but Indiana has spaced them out AND expects me to pay, so I didn't have as much of a chance to wear myself out while I was there as I would have liked. The upkeep of the course was top notch though. I don't know if it's the South Bend Parks Department or who maintains the grounds, but the groundskeeping was phenomenal. The baskets were all in great shape, and the concrete teepads were grippy and long.

There's plenty of challenge on this course. Unlike the other courses in the area that don't seem to understand what the word "par" means, they're spot on here. None of the holes are more than a par 4, and even those 4's are a good 600+ feet to the pin. The challenge I refer to is a mix of distance, elevation, and technicality. Although I would argue with this course being rated as "4/5 trees" for technicality, it still offered plenty of challenge. The fairways were undefined due to a lack of underbrush, so even hitting a tree won't hurt your score that much (unless you hit one 50 feet from the pad on a 600 foot hole).

I was very happy with the course design, as there's something here for everyone. Uphill and downhill (including an epic downhill bomb on the current 9), short and long, and right and left hand turning shots. As I mentioned, there's almost no undergrowth whatsoever, so the only way to lose a disc would be to go long on holes 1, 2, or 3 or to have one take off down a hill when you aren't looking.

I've never dealt with such a thing before, but I'm told that the other course in South Bend takes down half of their baskets in the winter. Rum Village stays up year round, so there's another pro that I probably wouldn't have thought of.

The locals I ran into were friendly and not like the "rabble" that I would expect in this semi-shady neighborhood and on the only free course within a short drive. Everyone let us play through and the guy who guided me through the course was very helpful.

I hit a good 100+ foot putt on one hole, so this place already holds a special place for me :D.


The neighborhood isn't exactly the best one. I say this from experience as I used to have friends living in the area and have been assaulted here as well. By "here" I don't mean Rum Village, but the neighborhood. This experience had nothing to do with my experience at the course, but I still had to throw the warning out there: It's not a ghetto by any means, but I wouldn't send your 16 year old daughter there at 8:30 at night either.

Navigation on this course is off. Many of the teepads are either missing signs or have the signs vandalized so much that they're unreadable. I didn't see any tape on the basket to guide us to the next hole either. I was lucky enough to run into someone there who knew the course or I would have rambled for another half hour. Hole 5 is gone completely due to erosion. I'm not sure where the erosion was, but there you go. They put in a new hole later on to make it a full 18, but the signage hasn't been updated. This is much like Dabney State Park outside Portland in the sense that they changed it up but didn't change the signs. Not a huge deal, but it might confuse someone playing for the first time or trying to show off the course to their friends on this site after playing there.

Some would complain that the short holes are too short. I liked that there was a mix though so that there's something for everyone and a few holes that keep you from wanting to chuck your bag under a car and go home.

Much of the course plays dangerously close to a road. Whether it's OB or not is beside the point. I managed to steer my discs clear of the road, but with this many trees kicking errant shots all over the place and hills trying to roll your disc for days, you're just asking to hit a car or get your disc run over.

Other Thoughts:

I was very pleasantly surprised by this course. I expected a free course in a semi-shady neighborhood to be a waste of time, but I really enjoyed it. Most of the lines were pretty obvious, but that doesn't mean that they were easy to hit. If I were a local I'd be here every day and would shape new lines just to keep myself entertained... But I'd still be here every day.

I didn't explore the park further, but there seem to be many other available activities here besides disc golf, including a playground, hiking and mountain bike trails, and picnic areas.
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Needs new signs but great course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 4, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


This is the only free course in the Michiana area. Rolling terrain and mature trees with tucked-in baskets make for a challenging course.


Signs are vandalized/deteriorated so making your way around can be tricky if you don't already know the layout. The road through the park comes into play often.

Other Thoughts:

I played this course back in the late '90's and just moved back to the area. I like the updated basket placements and the extra length on #8 and #12. This is a fun course with something for everyone - up/down, long/short - but even though the course isn't tight (contra other courses in the area such as Ox Bow, Maddie Bertrand, and Ferettie-Baugo) accuracy is still needed due to the well-thought-out pin placements. All in all a fun course - would get a higher rating if the signs were maintained and baskets were in better shape.
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Rum Village, needs some TLC 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 15, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


-Free to play.
-Long holes with some good down hill shots.
-Hardly ever a wait to tee off.
-Can be very pretty in the summer with old trees that can make some good obstacles.


Unlike what some other people have said the city of South Bend has not done a great job of maintaining the park. The signs all need to be replaced due to vandals, and hole 4 is missing its basket. There is also trash everywhere.

Other Thoughts:

If Rum was cleaned up a little then it would be a nice little city course to play, this does not mean that the course is a bad course to play. If one would really like to play a nicely maintained head over to Mishawaka to play on George Wilson.
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My Tax Dollars @ Work 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 5, 2011 Played the course:5+ times


This is my second favorite course and for a few simple reasons: It's absolutely free and they keep the chains up ALL YEAR, (which adds at least +1.0 in my opinion.) Plus the city of South Bend does a great job of maintaining the grounds and minimizing the vandalism to the baskets. Nothing is exactly "new" but the baskets are not leaning and the cages are still welded on. Some may complain that the police are an irritating presence, but those same officers hold a doubles tournament every June that has TONS of free stuff sponsored by Innova. The last tournament I walked away with 12 stickers, three mini-drivers, a driver, flex-fit hat, and two tickets to a hog and corn roast the F.O.P. 36 holds later in the summer, all for just $30 plus they had a cash prize for the Pro and AM I divisions. The cops patrol the park to prevent people from committing lewd and indecent acts, and some people are brave enough to bring their family there. The course itself presents different challenges based on the season and since the course lacks a lot of good wind breaks a day can change fast. When the leaves are off the trees you can get a great view of the city from hole 10 (9) and the pad for 11 (10).


There is NO bathroom (which may be for a reason).. The first few times I played I missed 12,13, and 14. To get to them you must cross back over the road and 13 has a temporary pad made of paver blocks. During the winter the wind screams through parts that normally had no wind in other seasons and the kids slick down the hills with their sleds/snowboards where an errant throw can and WILL take your disc to the street. The city should really spend a couple bucks and update the signs, replace the practice basket, make the permanent pad with no basket go away, make the temporary pad permanent and do a top down map of the course at the shelter near hole one since they won't make maps.

Other Thoughts:

DO NOT PARK NEXT TO A TRASH CAN. DO NOT LOOK IN THE TRASHCANS. Curiosity killed the cat and you may get more than you bargain for.
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Beginner/Intermediate 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 30, 2011 Played the course:once


- Course is set in a large, hilly park that is littered with tall mature trees. Doesn't seem like any other park activities would interfere with the discing.
- Biggest pro here is the constant elevation changes found on nearly every hole. Lots of downhill shots that make for some fun longer holes, as well as some treacherous shorter ones. A couple uphill shots too, but nothing too crazy. A few sloped greens as well, with serious rollaway potential.
- Accurate line shaping is a must to avoid the large number of tall trees. Holes range from pretty open, with a few different lines, to very thick, with some obvious lines and other local routes. Considering how bare the trees are at hole level, large clumps or sheer numbers can take away lines very effectively. A good RHBH hyzer and anhyzer goes a long way.
- Great variety in hole length, with some shorties around 200', a lot in the 300's, and even two in the 500' range. Anyone but the biggest of arms will be using drivers on this course, guaranteed. Accuracy is needed to get the deuces, but nothing too hard.
- Good teepads and baskets.


- Major con at this course is the out of date signage. A minor redesign was done, but the signage was not changed. After the first few holes, they can't be trusted (though some have the "correct" hole number on them in sharpie). Getting around for the first time will take a lot of guesswork, and seriously detracts from a first time visit.
- This course can get a little repetitive after a while, as the terrain hardly ever changes. Hills with a lot of trees is the norm. The lines are tough at times, so it helps to make it interesting, but I would get bored playing more than one round here.
- Only other hazard here involves OB roads, which frequently have traffic. Playing next to busy roads is never fun.
- Heads up at some spots, with baskets close to teepads and some adjacent fairways.

Other Thoughts:

- This course does one thing, but it does it very well. Lots of elevation changes and lots of trees make for some very tough and interesting holes. Choosing between the "easy" route and the sneaky route can be a lot of fun, and getting good distance without losing accuracy is key. Other easier holes balance it a bit, including some ace runs. Advanced players will like finding the lines, but will probably be able to hit them again and again. Everyone else should enjoy some challenging yet rewarding golf.
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Great TWEENER Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 26, 2010 Played the course:5+ times


This is a well mantained course nestled in the city of south bend. It gets mowed frequently and stays pretty clean due to local efforts.There are nice huge concrete tee pads u could build a house on. The baskets are also in good shape. The course layout is great for a beginner and pro,with short and long distances.I call this a "tweener" course because it makes u throw every shot in your bag but there is little risk to lose your disc. So you can improve ur shot making skills without having to search for days in the shule for ur disc of a tighter more challenging course. There are some holes that have O.B. risk with roads,which helps this forgiving course. The layout plays through the trunks of huge trees with little to no brush,mostly short green fairways. The design of each hole is great !!, giving you multiple lines on each hole. Alot of undulation which is rare for this area.Plus, the canopy above you makes this course have plenty of shade in the hot summer months. Also, the locals are recently helping to improve some holes and teepads to take this diamond in the rough to the next level. Thanks to all as this is the course i grew up on.


The tee signs are there but kids keep ruining them and it makes navigation for new players a little difficult.It could use a few more trash cans throughout the course. There is not alot of risk on this course which may make ur first time difficult but u will learn quickly how to man handle this course. Not in the greatest neighborhood so u can spot some added "artwork" throughout the course.

Other Thoughts:

This is my home course and i think the best in the area. It doesnt have the challenge and beauty of a higher rated course but it is fun and will improve you game. Thank u to everyone that helps keep this course updated and clean.
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Rough jewel? 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 30, 2010 Played the course:once


-Tall oaks sprawl over rolling hills.
-This course was very clean and well maintained at the time.
-Cement tee pads and intact baskets.
-Several lengthy holes with elevation factoring in.
-Several blind basket placements.
-Lots of elevation to contend with.


-Very few trash cans on course.
-Several shots flirt along a road that gets used frequently.

Other Thoughts:

This is a fun course. Nothing I would travel 2 hours to play but if I were in the area I would stop for sure. It has hosted some big tourneys in the past and has potential to be a great park with a little love and maintenence.
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