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Summit, IL

Summit Park

2.375(based on 35 reviews)
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Summit Park reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 18.9 years 261 played 247 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Vastly Improved and at the Summit of Its Potential

Reviewed: Played on:May 29, 2023 Played the course:once


- new concrete tees on almost all holes
- rough/fairways have been trimmed WAY back to make this course playable and far less frustrating
- Innova DISCatcher baskets are in good shape
- intense technical challenge as almost all holes are heavily wooded and narrow
- typical park amenities including practice basket, port o potties, ample parking, garbage cans, park benches, and picnic tables
- hole 18 loops around to start nicely
- a few open field holes mixed in for variety
- new wood chips on most fairway/path areas
- build in bridges/walkways for muddier areas
- hole numbers on baskets


- tee signs could be better, containing the most basic maps and hole info
- many will consider the fairways too tight and unrealistic, even with the cleanup efforts
- some may feel the holes are too short, although the tight fairways make up for this
- very flat
- navigation can get a little confusing; more next tee signs needed
- traversals on walking path are numerous, plus some safety hazards
- a few tee signs are missing from their posts
- mosquitoes can be very thick
- older rubber tees on a few holes are definitely inferior

Other Thoughts:

Summit Park is one of the few courses within about half an hour from my house that I hadn't played yet. This was intentional, as for years I saw reviews describing insane rough, unrealistically overgrown fairways, and "mosquito hell." It sounded like such a frustrating course to play, I never ventured out, and drove to courses much further away.

Recently, a ton of work has been done to cut back the rough and clean up the fairways, as well as install concrete tees which has been done on almost every hold but appears to be ongoing. The fairways are still crazy tight, and the mosquitos are still there, but if you don't mind precision shot selection, this is a fun course in its current state. By all accounts, this is about the best it's ever looked.

The course is very flat, but hey, it's Illinois. This is made up for with some intense technical challenge. Pars are a bit over the top forgiving, as I shouldn't be recording multiple eagles in 18 holes, but this helps make up for the tight fairways and numerous trees you will contact, I guess. This course is definitely playable, but challenging to keep it on the fairway. Thankfully, finding discs is not difficult in the current state.

Holes are generally short but most of my birdies were due to overly generous pars - I only had one 2. The par 4 and 5s are presumably there because on many holes, getting to the basket in one shot is almost impossible. In particular, holes 9 and 10 curve one way and then back the other in a way that you just won't get your disc to fly with any speed/distance behind it. Maybe if you were piloting a drone instead!

All that said, I had fun here and I think if you treat this course for what it is, you can too. Some of the navigation was confusing and next tee signs are definitely needed, as there are a few long walks between holes on the walking path, and I had to use the course map on DGCR several times. There are virtually no "wide open" holes on this course; 14 and 16 are out in the open at first but both finish back in the woods. Hole 15 does more or less play out in the open but that's it.

I don't know if I've ever seen a course with such a varied review score collection - just about every score except a perfect 5.0 (which would be ridiculous, cmon) has been given to this course. It is clearly polarizing, many love it, many hate it. I came down in the middle - in it's current state, it's very playable and while pushing it on the tightness side, I think it's a fun round if finesse is your game. I can see how if it got overgrown it would be a nightmare, however.

If you're nearby, I recommend checking it out and giving it a chance. There are better courses around but Summit Park has become a respectable course.
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Experience: 6 played 6 reviews
1.50 star(s)

Only if you live nearby and its winter drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 25, 2022 Played the course:once


*It is a disc golf course
*It is very technical


*The tees boxes (sunken rubber water collectors)
*Poison Ivy
*Repetitive challenges
*15 and 16 are not fun to play during a soccer game

Other Thoughts:

Honestly I cannot see myself ever going back here unless its late fall or winter. You could be bug spray itself and you will still get bit in the double digits. If this place is within walking, definitely go and play because any disc golf is better than none. But this area is so harsh to play during the spring and summer that if you drive here, I would just keep going till I hit either 50 Acre or Katherine Legge
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 11.1 years 250 played 42 reviews
1.00 star(s)

Valuable to a small # of Disc Golfers 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 3, 2021 Played the course:once


I'm a big believer in every course having value, and this course has it, but it's for a very specific crowd. Most golfers will not enjoy their trip here. This course can teach you how to make the best of hard-to-progress-down fairways. You'll learn how to throw putters better, and those skills can benefit you at other courses. That said, Ball golf is a game of pars. Disc golf is a game of birdies. On DGCR, this is listed as a par 65. If you play it, you know that's an accurate par because the holes require shot shapes you can't really hit in one stroke. But, I shot 11 down by course par standards and got a 931 rating, so ya know … there's that. Few of these holes feel like par 4's or 5's. I left feeling defeated, not like I shot an 11 down round.


-Great course for teaching you how to hit tight, wooded landing zones. You can't bite off too much here.

-Great course to teach you how to scramble in the woods to save par. A lot of your 2nd shots will be from the rough.

-Great course to teach you to take your medicine and make the best shot, not the miracle shot.

-Great course to teach throwing without taking any steps.

-Great course to play with a group of varying skill levels if you want to keep it close. An average player can keep up with an above-average player because the holes don't allow skill or creativity to shine.

-Close parking to hole 1.

-Practice basket.



-Horrible tee pads. Probably the worst I've ever played AROUND. They're slick and trusting your backhand is nearly impossible. Forehands off the tee are okay. The pads are so bad you want to play around them, taking your run-up to the side, but on most holes, there's not enough space for that, and the tunnels are so tight you don't have room. I smacked my hand on a tee sign on my follow-through working to avoid the pad.

-You absolutely have to have a map. There's no other way to get around.

-This course is not relaxing. It's mentally draining. One of those rounds where you give up on disc selection and just throw or putt with whatever happens to be in your hand.

-The tunnels are unnecessarily tight. Most of the fairways are around 7 - 9 feet wide, with plenty of trees in the fairway. Most don't provide a true line to the basket on what feels like a par 3.

-Outside of hole 1, you won't get excited stepping up to a tee pad.

-Part of what makes disc golf great is the blend of athleticism and creativity. This course prevents creativity.

-Most of the holes feel the same. Tight tunnel. Too many trees in the way to beat them all. Try to get as far as you can before you hit something.

-The course has a walking path moving through most of it, and you'll hear walkers moving around you throughout your round. They don't bother you, but it has a weird vibe to it.

Other Thoughts:

HOLE BREAKDOWN: (Assume right-handed shots) Also, bring/download a map. Navigation is not possible without one.

Hole 1 is the best hole on the course. Fair wooded tunnel that requires a 200-foot straight shot.

Hole 2 has a similar tunnel to hole 1 for most of the fairway, but then hits a huge group of trees by the basket. Get to those trees and you'll have a 30 - 45 foot putt.

Hole 3 is where the frustration started for me. The fairway tunnel bends slightly right, before cutting back hard to the left. Use a putter to land in the fairway. You need to make it right enough around the bend to have a shot into the green.

Hole 4 is a longer left bending fairway. Around 180 feet straight to a left fade. Once you start fading you need to push 100 feet into the tunnel to reach the basket.

Hole 5 is one of the better holes on the course. This one feels fair. This requires a straight to left fading shot through a tunnel. The disc needs to get moving left around 150 feet into the flight to bend with the fairway. There's a handful of trees to miss about 30 feet from the basket if you want to park this one.

Hole 6 is close to a good hole, but there are just a few too many trees in the way. If you're playing for 3, a straight shot will get you in position to pitch up to the green. To park this one, you'll need to hyzer flip a forehand and get it to fade out a bit at the end. This would be extremely difficult based on the space in the fairway.

Hole 7 is a bad hole, but the concept is good. It's a ridiculously tight tunnel, less than 10 feet wide, but there's no overhang. It's a 333 foot Par 5, which should be a par 3, maybe par 4. The problem with this hole is the tee pad location. It's offset to the left of the start of the tunnel, forcing you to throw high to make it around the corner into the tunnel. So, you need to throw straight, but you can't based on where the tee pad is. The right side of the fairway is dense with a creek running through it. The left side is all tight wood line. The green is a small cove surrounded by trees. If you get off the fairway here, you're pitching out. I threw an Innova Dart off the tee to stay in the fairway.

Hole 8 feels very similar to Hole 7. It's shorter, but you're essentially throwing down the tight tunnel hoping your disc makes it to / stops in the gap to the left where you can find the basket. A skip shot could get you under the basket, but that would be a risky shot with the tight fairway. You can't see the gap to the basket off the tee.

Hole 9 would need a sick RHBH flex shot to get under the basket. The fairway forces you left first, then cuts back right midway through the flight and moves straight toward the end. This is a good hole design, but there are a few too many trees in the way to try the flex shot. Making this a two-shot hole makes more sense.

Hole 10, I honestly don't remember. Sorry, all. A lot of these holes have a very similar feel to them. The photos on DGCR show a shot that moves left to right and likely requires you to push far forward to reach the basket.

Hole 11 has a tree that's fallen down overhanging the fairway. The tee pad is slightly elevated, which makes the overhanging tree trunk even worse. You really can't throw straight and over it, so you need to throw under it. The fairway moves left early, probably 100 - 150 feet into the throw, and then goes straight after the bend. In my opinion, the best way to drive on this hole is to throw a forehand shot from your knee. You're lower to the ground, and a forehand shot releases from your hip rather than your shoulders. If you're right-handed, the odds of driving more than half the fairway are slim with this play, unless you turn it over perfectly. But, it's better than smacking that overhanding tree and basically progressing 30 feet.

Hole 12 is another hole I don't remember. Sorry again, all. Last one of those on this list.

Hole 13 has the tee out in a field with a tree line on your left. You follow that tree line straight ahead into a cove that fades left. You need to throw straight here and fade as you get to the cove/gap. If you throw something overstable and fade into the gap, you won't push forward enough to get to the basket.

Hole 14 is another tight wooded hole. This has a pretty tight gap off the tee. Push forward and start fading just before the trees right in front of you. This has the same feel as most of the course.

Hole 15 is the first of two open field holes. You won't see the basket from the tee, but walk right from the tee pad and you'll be able to see the basket bumped up right next to the tree line. This is a right-hand backhand hyzer shot. The tree line is a good obstacle here. You need to throw wide enough around it, but you don't want to throw too wide or you won't make it back to the pin. This basket is tight to the tree line, so if you fade too far left, you may have a tricky putt.

Hole 16 feels completely different than most of the course, and it's a better version of Hole 15. You throw through a good size gap out into the field, and you're looking to get at least 300 feet of distance. The basket is to your left from the tee, built into a cove in the tree line. The basket is pretty deep in there, probably 50 feet or so. This is the one hole that feels like a par 4. The mistake off the tee is to finish too far left near the tree line. If you finish straight or right from the tee, you should be able to see the gap to the basket and have an upshot to get your birdie.

Hole 17's fairway requires a slow fading shot to the left. The map shows two routes to the basket, but there's no right fading route there now. A great drive could get under the basket here, but again, there are a lot of trees to miss off the tee and not much space to stand next to the tee pad.

Hole 18 feels close to hole 1, but again there are too many trees in the fairway to get to the basket in one shot. The fairway requires you to move the disc slightly left to right midway through the hole, but it's straightforward after that. There's a walking path near the basket that you can take to walk back to the parking lot.
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Experience: 19 played 2 reviews
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Absolute trash! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 26, 2020 Played the course:once


The only pro is the 1st tee loose to the lot........that's it.


Everything is overgrown and in need of a mow. Fairways are narrow to the point that Paul McBeth would struggle. The only sign at the start is worn away and unreadable so course navigation is an epic struggle. Tee pads and sunken in and slick. Muddy is an understatement. N

Other Thoughts:

I like a good challenge but this dump needs some major work. Waste of time for sure. Appears that 8t was once well kept when the mini golf place was open. Hope someone can change things. The .5 rating was only for the close parking.
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Experience: 6 played 4 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Amazing course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 30, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


Extremely challenging.


Tee pads are complete garbage, some of them fill up with water and mud and are not usable much of the time.Fairways and grass is not maintained and is overgrown in the summer.

Other Thoughts:

This is one of my absolute favorite courses in the area, because it's the most challenging in terms of really tight fairways. Don't expect a relaxing disc golf experience, this is a place to go if you want to improve. I really can't say enough positive things about what playing here has done for my game. Most of the holes are somewhat short, but I find myself slowing down and focusing on timing and accuracy in a way that has even helped my longer game. It also takes some creativity to reach some of the baskets, which has forced me to be more creative on other courses as well.I should add the caveat that I have only played this in the fall and winter, I imagine it gets more overgrown in the summer.Update: I still love this course, but now that I've played it over the summer I have to decrease the rating. It's just not maintained. Plant growth means the fairways get even tighter and the ceilings lower, but you can't play a skip because the grass that covers some fairways isn't mowed. On many of the holes you feel like you're scrambling off the teepad. This makes 2's and even 3's on some holes very rewarding, and you learn a lot about scrambling, but I don't think I'm going to come back here until the fall. It's a shame because a little maintenance, even just once every couple years, would make this course incredible.
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3.00 star(s)

Great course for super tight line practice 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 12, 2018 Played the course:2-4 times


Great baskets including a practice basket by hole 1.

This place is not trafficked at all, I haven't seen another golfer on the course yet, there is a walking path that snakes around and through the course so you'll see people, but they are never in the way.

Really good for getting better at hitting insanely tight lines. The pars are mostly fair although you have to throw a perfect shot to get through the initial gap a lot of the time. But you aren't throwing far so if you can hit the initial gaps you should get par. I suggest just bringing a single putter and after you throw your drive go chase after your disc.

Also you will not hit all of the gaps, you will end up in the rough sometimes so you learn some outs from tricky situations. Doing forehand rollers/thumber grip rollers will be helpful.

Also birdies here feel amazing on all par 3s and some par 4s.

I feel like this has already improved my accuracy, both my release point and ability to keep a disc on a line have improved and I've only played about 4 rounds.

You will want a decent forehand for hitting tight gaps too, so this course will help you with that.


If it is rainy out and you think it will be muddy a lot of the teepads will be so slick that you can't really use them.

It is not easy to find all of the tees your first time through the course. Take a picture of the map and really think as you are navigating, I had a few hiccups finding holes, but with the map it ended up working out. Ive been to courses that were harder to navigate since they don't give you a map at hole 1 like this course.

If you don't hit the line pretty perfectly you will generally end up in the rough which is unforgiving and sometimes it can be hard to find your disc and it sucks climbing through the thick trees and bushes and then throwing from them.

It gets dark really quick when night comes since it is so dense so you can be in the middle of a round and find that you can barely see what you are doing. Easy to lose discs at that point.

Lots of spider webs you will be walking through to get your discs. I walked into one at face level, flipped out a bit and my glasses flew off (I have crappy glasses) and it was dark and I spent 10 minutes just looking on the ground for my glasses. Lots of other bugs like mosquitos too although I don't think I am getting bit too bad since the river is low (playing in August).

90% wooded tight lines off the drive, only a few shots where you have a little wiggle room.

Not beginner friendly even with short distances due to tight lines.

Other Thoughts:

I hit the cage on hole 1 on the first hole on my first throw ever at this course and have become addicted since then. I play solo a lot so it is great practice for me and if im keeping my discs in the fairway it is a quick round since there is no waiting and the holes are short, plus I just use a single putter.

I definitely plan to continue going here while I feel that it is improving my ability to hit lines. It is helping me add major consistency since I have to be so accurate and careful with every drive, it is not about power, just about accuracy.

I don't recommend this course for people who dislike super tight lines or only like courses with longer holes. The holes are short and I think of it as a practice course. It is not a destination course. It is one of the only courses I can get to after work though.

I give it 3 stars because of how satisfying it is to play well here and because it is improving my game, plus it requires a variety of shots and angles even though the distances are small. It is a soft 3 though since it could use maintenance.
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Experience: 34.1 years 79 played 3 reviews
1.00 star(s)

Jungle course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 19, 2018 Played the course:once


If you are trying to work on your short game and patience, this is the course for you.


If you are trying to work on losing disks in creeks, losing disks in overgrowth, finding tees, finding baskets, hitting trees, contracting west Nile and malaria and perhaps finding Bigfoot...then this course is for you.

Other Thoughts:

I can't imagine anyone liking playing this course for 18 holes. If a couple of these holes were thrown in on some other courses to make it more challenging, I get it. But it's too much and ridiculous to play and enjoy for 18 straight.
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 22 years 243 played 28 reviews
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Short, tight, overgrown, awkward 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 31, 2016 Played the course:once


- Requires a lot of accuracy and some atypical shots, which has the potential for being valuable practice you may not get on other courses. (Especially see notes below about the amount of thick trouble you can get in here. This course will force a lot of tough saves out of thick woods, which could be good practice for the once or twice you have to do it on other courses).
- Nice open field by the parking lot is a great spot for field work before or after a round. (Rip some bomb drives here, as you won't be able to on the course).
- Practice basket before one is also a nice touch and I wish more courses had this.
- Isolated from other park activities so other park goers aren't likely to get in your way


- Insanely tight. I played at the end of December with no leaves on the trees and most holes were just ridiculously demanding of pinpoint accuracy all the way down the fairway. I couldn't imagine playing in the summer. I believe there were only two holes with fairways wider than about 30 feet.
- Short. I guess with it as tight as it is, it is good that most holes aren't longer. But at the same time, it would be nice to have a few holes where you can open up just a bit.
- Overgrown. I have a feeling a lot of fairways used to be a bit wider. Hole 9 (supposed signature hole) has a huge fallen tree blocking the already tight fairway meaning you are essentially driving into a wall of wood. If you get off the fairway on pretty much any hole you find yourself in some seriously thick brush with very few lines back to the fairway. This the type of course where you can expect to play multiple shots where you are just throwing 8 to 10 foot shots out of the woods so you can have a look on your next shot.
- While some short and tight courses are fun, I found the lines on some holes to be very strange. There were quite a few holes where there just didn't seem to be much of a natural shot or line to the basket. Lots of "spray and pray" shots vs technically executed shots. There are holes where if you make an 8ft gap you might get a birdie. Miss and you are looking at a 5.
- Muddy, muddy, muddy. I played in late Dec and there was mud everywhere. The rubber pads were caked in mud and unusable.
- Tough to navigate. There are orange ribbons hanging in trees along paths to some tees, but even with this, I found myself lost. The course map at the beginning was a bit helpful, but with some numbers having fallen off, it wasn't as useful as it could have been.

Other Thoughts:

I can see this course having potential as it is a lot more wooded than many other courses in the area. However, there would need to be a good amount of tree and brush clearing for me to want to play this again. Overall I found it a very frustrating round, not necessarily because I felt I was playing poorly but just because the course is unrelenting in making you throw awkward and extremely tight shots with no margin for error and a very harsh punishment for a miss.
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2.50 star(s)

Needs lots of TLC 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 30, 2016 Played the course:once


Nice course sequestered from other park activities.
Nice variation in length of holes and pars.
Baskets are the really nice Innova kind - great stuff.


Course is very overgrown and mostly in the woods so its hard to play.
Fairways are seriously maybe 4 to 6 feet wide with forest on either side - and the "fairways" are just grass that is in some places 2-3 feet tall.
Course is poorly marked with no directions from one hole to the next tee. With it being so overgrown, its way too easy to get lost between holes.
More of a quibble, but there is no easy way to get to the parking lot from hole 9 - its one big loop for all the holes.
Lack of variety between wooded and open holes - its heavily wooded and with it being overgrown it hurts the course.
Finally, tee boxes are all sunken and most were just pools of standing water.

Other Thoughts:

If this course had some TLC, it would actually be a really nice course to play.
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The Valkyrie Kid
Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 46.1 years 1562 played 1507 reviews
1.00 star(s)

Rosie O'Donnell In A Thong! 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 24, 2016 Played the course:once


I played The Central Park yesterday. It's a tight technical course but is fair and has some variety. I liked it so don't be saying that I hate all technical courses. I don't find anything too charming about Summit Park. Hole after hole plays down an overgrown fairway approximately 6-8' wide. Except # 7 which plays down a slightly wider path but compensates for that by having swampy water down the entire right side of the slightly wider non-fairway path.

A couple of holes did have garbage cans. The course started out OK with # 1 & 2 being fairly normal tight, technical holes, but they were fair. Then the jungle started closing around me and the course.


The course is extremely overgrown. I knew from the start when I had to break off a few small branches just to get my tee shot off. Also when the tee sign was hidden in the jungle.

The course basically plays on dirt which would be mud quite often here in less than sunny Illinois.

Some rubber tee pads were coated with mud making them quite slippery.

Navigation was quite dicey at times. Trails lead off in different directions. I completely missed 12-14 and I'm not sorry I missed them.

This swampy area is quite mosquito infested. If I missed a spot with my Backwoods Off, they bite me there.

There were lots of litter scattered about. C'mon guys, pack your empty cans out.

Other Thoughts:

Note to whoever claims to be in charge here. Could you please update the course directions on DGCR to indicate that this courses is next to "Sun Fun Splash Park?" The mini-golf is long gone.

While you're at it, the on-line map could use the same information upgraded there. Thank you for your consideration.

And if anyone missed the reference in my always clever and amusing Review Title, What I meant is I'd just as soon see Rosie in her skivies than endure another round at this course. Like Tommy Lee Jones said in Men in Black, That's not a memory I want to have."
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Front Row
Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 34.2 years 64 played 24 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Delight or Despair

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 7, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


My review from ten years ago is now archaic. Course has been upgraded with concrete tees, woodchipped fairways and significant tree trimming.
I will leave the old review for historical purposes. (An extremely challenging course with narrow fairways and an unforgiving forest. New growth trees and bushes will create havoc for any errant shot. Most drives are blind shots except for 1 and 12. Hairpin doglakes are the primary feature on many holes. All tees are well marked and baskets are in good shape. The short distances will make this a good course for novices but skilled players will need all their tricks to par if playing "3's". This is one of the most under-rated courses in the state.)


Course features short drives by today's standards despite some drives lengthened and alternate fairways added. Most pars are now too generous because fairways are much wider than before the renovation. (The major con is the attraction: it's an extraordinary difficult course. Frustration is featured on every drive. Also, after a heavy rain, some drives can be soggy or have a pond in the fairway. Drives 2,3 and 6 are most prone to being sloppy. Only four drives are open and can still be problematic and those looking for a big shots will be disappointed. The longest shot is 333'. Lastly, this course is almost unplayable in the summer because the forest closes in on the fairways making successful drives more about luck than skill.)

Other Thoughts:

The fear of losing a disc has been greatly diminished due to all the improvements. Most players will be pleasantly surprised by all the work done to the course. The warm-up basket is conveniently placed right next to the tee of one. Also, the soccer and baseball fields can be used to work on drives. At Summit, disc selection is crucial and mid-ranges might be the best bet. Color should be considered as well. Avoid using green and yellow during the summer. For a hole by hole analysis, click hole info and then click hole tips.
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 13.2 years 115 played 19 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Slim and shady fairways. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 21, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


-Suuuuuper tight fairways in a heavily wooded corner of a park

-Great place to practice your "Get out of jail" shots here if you don't hit your lines.

-Good/lucky shots will be rewarded

-Very shady and playable even when its very hot outside

-Lots of risk here as losing discs in these woods is a very good possibility. Some may find this to be a con, but that adds an element to the game that myself and others like.

-A good place to come break in some new mids


-This place can be very swampy, When I was here it had rained pretty hard two days prior and the place was a swamp. We actually had to skip a few holes because of this.

-Navigation is brutal, We had a very tough time finding our way around and to the next hole.

-This course is so wooded that you almost feel like in order to shoot really well here you need to wear your lucky underwear and bring your rabbit's foot. Luck is a big factor in how well you will shoot. Skill is obviously a big factor as well though.

-Some of the holes are so tough all you can do is laugh.

-There is a creek (if you could call it that) that borders a few fairways that is really nasty. I'm all for going in after a disc if need be but I think that if I couldn't see the disc I would just count it as gone and move along.

-A little bit too urban for my likings, The highway is loud and close by and there is also a nearby factory that was stinking the place up when we got there but it went away after a little bit?

Other Thoughts:

I fancy myself as quite the outdoorsman and I like the scents and sounds and everything else that nature has to offer but this course offers almost none of that in my opinion.

I do, however, love how technical this course is. I have been meaning to go back for that reason and that reason only. It is a good change of pace instead of wide open fairways that can be found at many of the other courses around.

Bottom line is this: This course is weird, it smells weird and its in a weird location but it is worth playing at least once. Its another notch in the belt and because it is so strange you have to see and play it for yourself.
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High Tech 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 4, 2011 Played the course:once


Quiet course in a multi-use park offering Putt-Putt golf, a water park, soccer fields, and walking trails. Somewhat of a dichotomy in that Summit is a densely wooded course located smack in the middle of a fairly commercial, urban neighborhood.

Overall, the tightest set of fairways I've ever played; challenging and then some. Places a HUGE premium on line shaping, precision and accuracy (perhaps to the point of absurdity), but playing this course on a regular basis would certainly help one develop the kind of control that few players have... if you can take that much abuse. This course will have you accepting that par isn't a bad score, and any birdies here are sure to be difference makers in a competitive round.
- Offers a surprising number of opportunities for all kinds of shots, all requiring control, control, control; hyzers, annies, FH, FH annies, flex/S-shots, even a low, straight overhand; all will serve you well here.
- Contains two or three holes where you can actually let loose to provide a very welcome break from the monotony of threading the needle hole after hole.
- Might actually age well in that even if several trees are lost to storms or vandalism, this course will still maintain its tight and foreboding personality.
- 75-80% of the course plays in very shady cover, so heat wasn't much of a factor, even on the 4th of July.
- Perhaps as much a con as a pro: missing your line by a few inches can land you in jail, with seemingly no way out except to take a stroke and to huck it back onto the fairway.
- Tee pads seemed OK - perhaps a bit worn, but footing was never an issue, and baskets were in decent condition. Simple yet effective tees signs show hole distance and layout, and combine with well- worn paths help keep you on track for the most part. There are a couple of tricky spots, but for the most part navigation shouldn't be too bad for first timers.


- Can feel monotonous; endless tight fairways with only a couple of open shots towards the end. Not that they could do much, about it, but the completely flat terrain only adds to the unidimensional nature of this course (although I shudder at the thought of rollaway greens here).
- Some of the fairways seem to require shots that defy conventional disc physics.
- Has a few blind holes with thick foliage that make disc loss a very real possibility, even if the distances aren't that far.
- I find it frustrating to execute exactly the line I want off the tee on a blind shot, only to have it land where you simply had no decent look at the basket - seems a bit random in that aspect.
- Not sure I see the balance between risk/reward here.
- Despite being quite densely wooded, you wouldn't call this course scenic or aesthetically pleasing. Located next to a factory, with a ditch full of nasty looking water running alongside one of the holes. Seemed peaceful, woodsy and quiet, but a pleasant walk through the park, not so much.

Other Thoughts:

Tree haters and those intent on airing it out need not apply. I like short technical courses, but I honestly couldn't believe some of the fairways this course had, or the lines required for a decent shot at a birdie. Could swear I sensed Obi Wan urging me to close my eyes, telling me to use The Force on a couple of holes. Bring tough plastic or stuff you wanna break in (R-Pro Darts won't fly the same after a round here).

Some would say this course requires more luck than skill, but to score close to par here, you'd have to exhibit the kind of consistency that can only be attributed to skill. I'm sure this course would play a bit easier in the fall or winter, particularly for those who like to throw overhand. Not for everyone, but if you want to master precision and control, this is certainly the place to do it.
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repetitive but enjoyable 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 29, 2011 Played the course:once


OVERALL FUN FACTOR (16% weight) - 3.5 - Pretty fun course even though the holes are repetitive. Has a different feel to it than any other course I've played.
SIGNS/MAPS/MARKERS (11% weight) - 3 - nice little signs that show the yardage and shot path, but no arrow signs pointing to the next tee and that made it difficult to navigate to the next hole on several different holes.
BASKETS (5% weight) - 4 - baskets in good condition
SHOT VARIETY (5% weight) - 3.5 - If you can hit all the intended flight paths, most every hole is RHBH hyzer through tight woods. However, it's very easy to get yourself stuck in the brush or behind trees off the drive, so a variety of shots end up being needed to get out of trouble.
OVERALL CHALLENGE (3% weight) - 4 - I found it very challenging of a course because it demands accuracy and the ability to get yourself out of trouble.
CROWDED? (3% weight) - 4 - I was there on a Saturday afternoon and it played quick.
PARKING (2% weight) - 5 - plenty of free parking


COURSE DESIGN (14% weight) - 1.5 - Course design is not a strong point. Most all of the holes favor a RHBH throw with tight fairways.
TEE PADS (8% weight) - 2 - rubber tee pads were nice, but it had been raining recently and they were not set up for good drainage - many were big puddles
ELEVATION (8% weight) - 2 - flat on almost every hole, but this is Illinois after all.
SCENIC BEAUTY (8% weight) - 1.5 - noting too scenic... it's an urban park.
EPIC HOLES (5% weight) - 1 - No holes stick out as an epic hole. Most holes are boring and a bit forgettable.
DISTANCE VARIETY (5% weight) - 1 - only 3 holes over 300 feet and just barely. Most are around 200 to 250, not much variety.
FOLIAGE MAINTENANCE (3% weight) - 1 - i realize this course is supposed to play tight through the woods, but even still there could be much more brush cut back.
BENCHES / TRASH BINS (3% weight) - 1 - A couple benches and trash cans in the main park area, but none in the disc golf course.
MIX OF TIGHT AND OPEN (3% weight) - 0.5 - All holes are really tight in the woods except maybe 2 that throw into our out of a field.

Other Thoughts:

Easy to get to course for people living in the city. I used to live in Chicago, but didn't play disc golf at the time. If I did I would have come here a lot.
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Fairways? What fairways?! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 19, 2011 Played the course:once


-Summit Park is a small wooded patch in an otherwise partially-industrialized urban setting. The course plays through this flat wooded area, interspersed with walking trails and fitness stations, and bounded on one side by a factory and on another by a highway runoff ditch filled with foul, polluted water. The schule is incredible: ridiculously thick and punishing, and more or less unrelenting throughout the course. Extremely narrow fairways make precision the main skill required to score well here, and even with a good amount of that, pray Lady Luck is on your side. Often, missing your line by an inch or less means the difference between a great shot and being completely screwed. Once off the walking path sized "unfairways," tree prison and short dense thickets do their best to prevent you from hacking your way back.
- A couple of open holes on the back nine provide some much needed relief and a chance to air it out a bit.
- Decent signage that provides distance and hole number, as well as the general shape of the fairway. A course map is posted at the beginning. The first hole has a concrete tee but most if not all the other holes are equipped with decent rubber mats.
- Many other park amenities on site: mini golf, walking trails, fitness equipment, etc.


-Despite the woods that comprise the majority of the course, Summit can't shake a distinctly urban feeling. Major highways whiz by close at hand, while the runoff ditch alongside one hole is downright disgusting. Filled with trash and a stinking cesspool of water, it is one place you certainly don't want to land. Two holes test your ability to avoid this hazard. Finally, a nearby factory periodically releases a foul stench that can easily spoil the fun.
-Playing here will difinitely help hone one's short range accuracy and precision, but unfortunately there isn't much here in the way of shot variety.

Other Thoughts:

-Some players might knock Summit some for the "randomness" or "luck" factor, and I definitely can understand where they are coming from; however, my view is that everyone has to play the exact same course and, while the margin of some shots may be frustratingly small, skill does more often than not decide the final outcome. Thus, I consider the ridiculous fairways (or lack thereof) to add a fun "novelty" or uniqueness to this course that is difficult to come by.
- With the nearby standing water issues, I imagine the insects are terrible during the summer.
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Bring out the Champ plastic 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 23, 2010 Played the course:5+ times


- A super tight, very challenging wooded course.

- This is the perfect place to practice your "get out of trouble shots".

- Rubber tees and signs with accurate distances.

- Mostly tunnel shots that force accurate RHBH hyzers with a low ceiling that makes overhand shots difficult.

- For many living in the city of Chicago this is the closest 18 hole course in the area.

- A ridiculous risk reward course that can be very frustrating and rewarding all at the same time.

- Almost no crowds or waiting around, if you go on a weekday you could very well be the only person there (this can also be a con)


Navigation can be very tricky, some holes double back or follow the paved path for a while with not clear next tee signs. When in doubt follow the most worn trail.

Lack of variety, it seems like every hole is a RHBH hyzer.

Some holes are so tight that it's hard to find a defined fairway.

After 18 holes it starts to feel really short and repetitive.

Other Thoughts:

I have to agree that this course borders the line between a risk/reward course and a luck course. I guess it takes both.

When I lived in Chicago this was my home course because it was the closest 18 holer. It is a great course to play as a change of pace but it will drive you crazy after 2 rounds.

All in all a decent course if you are in the area but play it too much and it will make you want to go out into an open field and just let a few rip.
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Summit Park 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 5, 2010 Played the course:once


-Nice rubber tees
-risk reward course, the holes were short but very challenging. You would expect to play alot under negative if you look at the hole lengths and the pars, however, you would be suprised how many times you are happy to get a par on a par 4.
-even though its very challenging because of trees the short distance still makes it possible to have a good day.
-birdies are possible on most holes but also unlikely on most holes
-decent flow from hole to hole
-On holes 7,8, and 9 even though you throw along some water there are logs that help you get accross


-When you get into the trees you might spend a couple throws getting out because the woods are quite dense
-the course can be very challenging and frusturating because of the trees
-there are alot of holes that are very similar dog legs to the left so the course can get a little boring
-not a good mixture of holes, it would be nice to see holes that have a little more distance
-the air at this part smelt pretty bad most of the course

Other Thoughts:

Overall I liked the course. It definatly had its weaknesses but there were alot of things to love about it. It is a different style of play from most courses and thats why it would be worth returning to.
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extremely tight fairways 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 31, 2010 Played the course:once


Course will test your short game/ line shaping abilities to the limit.
You will not find a course anywhere with this short footage, that will still have you saving threes and sometimes fours on holes.
Despite being right next door to the mini golf and pool area, as well as a walking path; this course allows for a nice, secluded feel; due to the denseness of the woods.
As mentioned in other reviews; overhand shots largely negated by foliage. If offered; I would throw tomajunk on many of these types of holes. However, at Summit, this option is largely not offered...and I am proficient at nearly all levels of shots of this type...they're simply not available.
Even when you can find a path through the woods; the finishing lines here; force something that discs just don't normally do. I found this very interesting; and again, will point out that for holes of this length; this style is an ingenious way of keeping scoring realistic. I ended over par and was best in my group of three. I would bet that most players, would have a difficult time scoring under 50% of the time.
Signs basic, but show route and length.
Amount of trees in the fairways here; should allow for vandals to break many trees and still have extremely narrow fairways. I know this sounds kind of crazy, but is one thing designers must contend with....
Activities available for other members of the family in the mini golf area (mini ball golf/not disc). Good amount of people present there, even at closing time (we played very late in the day and finished in the dark).


Rubber mat tees were very slick on our visit. I have come to the conclusion that this type of tee is one of the worst out there; and footing from tee is not a big deal in my book...but, for those that require plant foot perfection; you will not be happy here, if it's wet at all.
All of the pros could be placed in the con section. I happen to find this style of course to be quite refreshing; Summit is a very unique course; but many will find it to be extremely luck based. There are no clear lines on many fairways; a lot of poke and hope....(I personally think this brings the "can you keep your attitude in check" factor into course design; but that's a preference of mine)
A couple of very scary holes; due to creek/sewer line on the right; are very rhbh bias (#7 and #8). Tough to find fairway as a right hander; lefties would be less than thrilled....These are not the only ones; the course in rhbh bias is general. I would easily see lhbh players down grading this one by .5; for this alone.
A couple other holes with pond (sewer?) in play, again favor rhbh. I went in on one with the reeds and was able to get my disc back, as it was near the edge, but that water was pretty gross. Another member of my crew lost one in their with a grip lock throw....
Some navigational issues. You won't get hopelessly lost; but we did take the wrong direction a couple of times and had to back track to find our way.

Other Thoughts:

This course falls into the top ten bizarre courses I've ever played. It's not in the top five; but it is a strange course; forcing very interesting shots. I liked it, primarily for this reason. Overall rating will probably remain low; due to most feeling there is a large "luck" factor, and the rhbh bias. However, if you want to play something different than the norm, and see how to make a course with very short footage, function well regarding scoring; this is a place to hit. I believe, that were I a local, I would find myself here fairly often (may depend how often I was losing plastic in the gross water).
The rhbh bias really does bother me; and almost makes it a 2.5.
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*VERY* many trees 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 12, 2010 Played the course:once


Holes are well-marked - tees with hole map, baskets with hole number.

Somewhat challenging due to narrow tracks through trees.


A bit monotonous, many holes with slight left or right dogleg through narrow tracks through woods.

A bit difficult finding next hole, could really use just an arrow indicating the direction one should walk in from basket.
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The Squeeze. 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 30, 2010 Played the course:2-4 times


This course has a LOT of technical shot required. It also has some very interesting shots that really make you think before you throw. Definitely a risk and reward course for sure. And I love wooded courses...


First timer navigation problems and some directional arrows would be a nice touch. Some of the brush can be thick. And the water in the area (which isn't much) is just nasty. And yes my putter went in....

Other Thoughts:

All in all, this course was fun. I would definitely play this course again. Im just a big fan of tight technical disc golf sometimes. And risk and reward courses in general.
This course is NOT about super hucks or long bomber shots. Don't make a move on coming out here if you wanna throw bombs.. Its just not that style of course.....The only holes I seemed to have continued difficulty with were Holes 7 & 10. Both were tough for me but not impossible..
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