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Fun Campus Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 13, 2020 Played the course:once


The University Wisconsin Parkside , Parkside Course is an 18 hole course set on the school grounds just off the center of campus . The course sits to the right of a roundabout on campus . You will have to make the direct left in the roundabout , going to the back of the first building to get a parking permit ( $2 ) from Dept Of Public Safety . You can also use a parking meter . Don't chance getting a parking ticket for disc golf and ruin your day . After checking in with them , go out the other end of the roundabout ( Originally a right turn ) and you will see the tee pad for #1 on your immediate left . The parking lot is a couple of hundred yards away in the campus lot .
Equipment : Tee signs are okay but don't give information on the alternate pin placements , or the extra baskets ( from the Orchid course ) on some of the holes . The tee pads are cement and in good condition . More about some on the highlights . The basket are your basic Chainstar but are in good shape . Even the ones carted over from the defunct Orchid course .
The Landscape: other than a couple of small grades , the course is flat and easy on the legs . The course was in need of a good mowing and cutting back of brush when I was there , but it was manageable . Fairways were at least cut enough in the front of the course . A couple of items worth mentioning , but I will do it in highlights . Woods holes are intermixed with some park style holes made for variety . This entices students to relax or blow off some steam for multiple rounds when school is in session .
The highlights : There is a lot of fun factor here along with interesting holes to hold the attention of the college student and the public alike . Since there are mutiple baskets at some of the holes , you don't have to wait for the pin positions to change . You can play different baskets each round if you want . #4 Was a great basket placement . It is elevated on top of a small boulder .
#5 The tee pad is on top of what looked like an observation deck for a football field . You tee of of this to a tight door fairway ( it kind of sticks in your mind ) . You will dip into the woods for a set of holes , #7 being a nice right to left #234' out of the woods but lots of obstacles protecting the basket and in the fairway . #13 is a tight fairway woods shot .Ony 267' but not much green to work with . #15 goes from out of the woods to back in . A midrange toss but a fairway that has no margin for error .
Signature Hole : #10 . Even though the fairway trees need a good trim and the grass is high , this hole was great . The pro tee ( throw from here ) is elevated and you throw down to level ground and a tight fairway , keeping your disc slightly right , to the basket 440' . I didn't realize there was a second basket on the immediate right , after the large bush on the left at the end of the fairway .
Time : It took me over an hour to play because I was unfamiliar with the area and it's long walks . A group of 4 that know the course will take just a little over 2 hours to play here.
The course is popular with the locals . I saw dates playing , groups , twosomes , a couple of single players out on the course . And this was a Friday mid afternoon !


Safety : Some of the course is spaced pretty close together . Since there might be a blind shot to an 2nd basket , or someone looking for a disc in that spot , the potential to ruin someone else's day ( or yours ) is there with a crack on the head from someone's drive . Get a good look at the hole before you throw .
Navigation : The navigation here can be a bear in some spots . Pay attention to the map . The transition from #9's basket to the #10 tee ? You have to walk past the #11 basket and through a thin path , and the elevated tee just materializes . A Next Tee sign or 2 would help here . Not everyone plays here regularly . The transition from 11 to the long walk over the road to your right , then guessing where to duck into the openings to the woods to the #12 tee is confusing , too . Next Tee signs would help here , too . The map will get you close . The last couple of holes might find you wandering . 16-18 are not in the woods at all . #18 has you throwing over a costruction mound to a blind basket beyond bushes . After finishing 18 , you have to walk the sidewalk to immediate right and a little backwards to get to the parking area . You won't be near your car when you finish the course .
Disc Risk . There were many spots that I saw people looking for their disc . I was just off the fairway on 2 and I had to search . Trying to guess where your disc went after climbing off the tower on 5 , or the tee on 10 , will make you wonder if you saw your disc for the last time . Take turns spotting Disc Risk is higher than normal . Becauseof the overgrowth , a couple quit their round while they were ahead , after playing hole #10 and having to look for her disc .
Parking : Normally not a big deal for most courses .After looking at the signs in the lot that threaten you with Parking By Permit Only , it is best to check out Public Safety on the other side of the roundabout . I heard it's free when school isn't in session and DPS doesn't check the cars on weekends or after 6:30 , but do you want to take a chance on a ticket ? .I wasn't sure where the metered parking started Even then , it's still a good walk to hole #1
Pay to Play : on occasion . $2 while school is in session . Not a big deal , just the hassle of it . And whether it is 50 cents or $5 , cut the grass and trim the area around the course .
Long Walks : Not that it's a deal breaker , but there are some long walks between the parking lot and #1 , #11 and to the other wooded section and #12 , and from #18 back to the lot . Bring water , because after starting your round , you will never come close to your car .

Other Thoughts:

As far as campus courses go , this course is better than most . The extra shorter tee areas ( grass ) the extra baskets and pin placements , the creative and fun holes . some good variety .
Colleges should use whatever they can to showcase their campus . Anytime someone comes here , you can justify the state money spent on it and you may attract a prospective student to enroll. Not because he does or does not care about disc golf , but because it shows the university accommodates the students with a variety of activities . Nice College , nice campus , nice course .
Thank You , Wisconsin Parkside for allowing me to play your Parkside course .Please don't let it suffer the same fate as the Orchid course . It's too much of a commodity , locally to let it go .

My Recommendation : A superb course for the students looking to get out of the dorms or after class . Good for newbies ( watch your drives carefully ) fun for the locals , enthusiasts , travelers and Course Collectors . Might even be a fun break for the local ams and pros . . Don't go way out of your way for the course , but if close to Kenosha at all , Play It !!!
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Challenging yet fun 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 18, 2020 Played the course:once


Good use of the wooded / natural areas of campus.

Nice variety of holes and having two tee pads and two baskets.

Nicely maintained course


Bit of a hike from parking lot to tee #1.

Could use direction arrows to next tee, especially from #11 basket to #12 tee pad.

Seems course holds a lot of water after a rainstorm, should wait a day or two after a storm to go out and play.

Challenging for the beginner player.

Other Thoughts:

Tee pads and baskets should be color coated so one can know which one to aim for or teeing off from. I had to use the closer tee pad because the furthest one was under water.

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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 10, 2018 Played the course:once


Pro: Multiple pin placements on most holes make holes seem fresher, longer.
Pro: Some challenging tunnel shots let you work on your tunnel throws.
Pro: The designers made great use of the woods. There are no two woods holes that are alike. Matter of fact, it's hard to find any two holes on the course that are too similar to one another.
Pro: You mostly feel like you're alone out there, as it's hard to see other players on other holes, especially once you get to holes 5+
Pro: Definitely some ace opportunities without the course being too easy.
Pro: The area is beautiful, with the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed UW-Parkside as a backdrop
Pro: There are some fun elements: an elevated basket (#4), an elevated tee (#5), a drive through a hedge (#16), and other delights. There's even a hidden hole!


Con: With woods comes bugs, so there are times when the skeeters are overwhelming in spots. It's only happened rarely but it happens.
Con: There's a (little-used) road that runs around UW-Parkside. I dislike roads near courses in general. You only really see it as you pass from one to another, but all things considered I'd rather not have anything of the sort.
Con: Parking is a question for some. There's an ample parking lot, but the signs warn of needing a permit. Whether that's always true I don't know. When school's not in session the parking has been free. During school you either pay for the metered parking or walk from a nearby road to the course to avoid parking issues.
Con: No nearby facilities if UW-Parkside isn't open.
Con: Signage could be clearer. It's easy to start walking in the wrong direction to some tee pads.

Other Thoughts:

Parkside has a good variety of holes. As a LHBH thrower I am looking to see if a course is LHBH friendly. A good course has a balance of four things in a course layout: short left, long left, short right, and long right pin placements. Parkside does a good job with this! Too many otherwise good courses are sullied by an unbalanced hole selection.
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Home Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 24, 2017 Played the course:5+ times


I consider this to be my home course. After looking through previous reviews, I hope this review will clarify some issues.

PARKING: UW has installed some parking meters for golfers in the extreme SE corner of the main parking lot. No need for a pass. If you park anywhere else during the school year expect a $25 parking ticket. The UW police are not very forgiving.

FIRST TEE: After you've parked, walk across the
nearby intersection toward the SE and toward the road you probably entered through. The first hole is just in the prairie. Two tee pads will materialize.

FLOW: paths take you from basket to tee except for #10. Head south on the path from the basket. It is on the same side of the road. After playing 10 and 11, you'll walk past #9 basket again and then cross the road to get to #12. I've bumped into numerous players that this crisscross has confused.

BASKETS: There are multiple basket placements for many holes. If you played here before, look for the new placement before you throw. They change periodically.


Graffiti and vandalism has destroyed the signage.

Some holes can be a bit wet in the spring.

The path to the #7 tee and #7 left side rough is loaded with Poison Ivy - beware.

Other Thoughts:

Don't believe the very creative graffiti..
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Fun spin that won't kick your butt... 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 16, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


One of two courses on the UW-Parkside college campus, with this being the more technical of the two.

Concrete tees on each hole, with most having two full tee pads. Plenty long, wide and grippy, and nearly all in very good shape. At first glance some of these seem to just add distance, but a lot of the time they'll make you change up your method of attack.

DGA baskets on each hole, all in decent enough shape. Mounted well, and most holes have multiple pin placements, most of which add a nice wrinkle to the hole. A couple of cool pin placements, with some tricky roll-away possibilities.

There's a decent mix of holes here, although the variety is somewhat set in clumps of holes. You'll go from open to wooded, and back to open. In general, you never get a repetitive feeling playing here, though.

Nice variation in distances, especially if you play the longs. You go from some 200'-ish holes all the way to some 400'+ holes, with a couple of them being more open, for those that like to air it out.

The wooded sections are well done. Nice, fair lines, with several having an over the top option, if that's your game.

For as little elevation as there is here, it doesn't "feel" extremely flat, which is nice. What they have, they use well.


There's really not a ton of cons here. For the land they have, they've built a darn fun course. The short tees play pretty easy.

Water likes to collect here, especially on the first few holes. Spring rounds can leave you with some pretty wet feet.

With it being on a college campus, there are a few shots that could run across walking paths. Be aware of your surroundings!

Other Thoughts:

This is just a nice little course that is well taken care of. You'll use a lot of your bag playing here. I wouldn't call it a destination, but you're surely not going to be sad if you decide to spin a round or two here. It's a great course to introduce beginners to the sport (which is fantastic on a college campus), yet still offers enough from the longs to have some appeal to the more advanced player. If it were a bit closer to me, I'd definitely play it more often.

In an area without a ton of great options (but it's definitely getting better!), this is a solid spot to throw some frisbees.
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A Gem in SE WI 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 24, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


The first few holes are a bit open and not the most challenging, but the course shows its more mature aspect soon after, and the elevated green on #4 is a delight. The 6th and 7th are technical marvels that favor a lefty or a righty forehand. 10 shows a moderate increase in length with mature trees for force you into a shot you may not prefer.

There is balance between right, left and straight, much of the course is technical, and there are some open holes. The distance is fair and demanding throughout. The course flows well and there are no issues with being on the campus and having any people or outside obstacles to contend with.


It's pretty flat, but that is more than made up for by the largely technical design elements.

Other Thoughts:

There's a great brewpub nearby and you can have lunch and tip a few before returning to challenge yourself further.
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Great Racine / Kenosha option 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 19, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


UW-Parkside has been my go-to home course since around 2002 / 2003. There have been some changes over this time, but for the most part, the school has allowed the course to occupy some great land and make it available to the public. Thanks UW-P for putting this out there! For a very long time, this was the only place we could play without driving a good distance from home.

-Most of the holes have long and short pads. I believe #11 and 12 don't officially have 2 pads, but you may see some evidences of different tee locations being used by local players.

-Tee signs are on all the holes and will give you a general idea of the hole layout. They are good signs, though not all of the info reflects the distance changes that have been made on some holes.

- The teepads are a great size. They are plenty long to take a full approach on the concrete pads. They are wide enough to allow your approach from a variety of angles, but still narrow enough to force you to choose a good line.

- This isn't necessarily a super-tough course, but it will force you to use a variety of throws. This makes it very enjoyable for practice, casual, or competitive rounds.

- The course is very well maintained and basket positions get switched up enough to keep things interesting.

- #1 - 5 are open prairie holes. The fairways are shaped by surrounding prairie grass, for the most part. In the middle of summer, it's very wise to play it safe and avoid getting lost in the thick grass!

#6-#9 play in the woods and force some tighter lines. These are some of my favorite holes, as you'll be choosing your line and committing to it. They don't require a lot of power, but definitely control.

#10-11 open up a bit, but still force you to pick a line along the fairway or around trees and bushes.#10 in the long position will challenge you with a slightly elevated tee that forces you to choose a line that you like. None of these lines are too wide and forgiving!

#12-15 are back in the woods and have some nice variety of shots available.

#16-18 open up again, but don't just give you easy hyzer-to-the-basket open field routes.


When it's rainy, the course can get kind of sloppy on some of the holes. There's really nothing that could be done about this, but if it's been wet, wear shoes that can get muddy.

Being one of the more popular locations in the area and at a university, the course can draw mob-round players. This isn't an issue most of the time, but worth mentioning. I've never seen a group force a solo or 2-3 player group wait for them,

Other Thoughts:

When you arrive at the campus, park in the lot at the NW corner of the intersection of Inner Loop Rd and University Dr. Cross back over the roads to the SE to start on hole #1. You'll drive past this hole if you enter the course from Wood Rd.

The course is not pay-to-play, but it is pay-to-park. There are $2 day passes available from the University Police (East off of the round-about on Wood Rd, rather than West toward the course. You can also get a seasonal pass for $25. Some people opt to park at the soccer fields just south of the round-about and start on hole #6 or 8 and end on 5 or 7. If you do this, you'll have to walk across or around the two soccer fields to get to those holes.
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Unexpectedly great 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 10, 2015 Played the course:once


Varied layouts. Unexpected fun with elevated baskets and a whacky-fun deck elevated tee box. Feels like a bonus location that you wouldn't expect in Kenosha. Worth a stop!


signage is lacking. It's a little hard to figure out where to park and where #1 is.

Other Thoughts:

fun course and a great asset for the school and community
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Definitely worth it! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 4, 2013 Played the course:2-4 times


I really like this course. The holes and tees are marked out fairly well. There are a wide variety of different kinds of shots. there are a few short holes, and some really long ones. They have some elevated tees, and elevated baskets. Wide fairways and narrow corridors. Not too tough for the beginner, or too easy for the pro.


There are a couple places where the signs pointing to the next hole could be clearer. I know we skipped a couple holes first time through without realizing it till later.

Other Thoughts:

I wish I could go back here. I used to work in the area, and if I ever do again I will be stopping here.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 26, 2013 Played the course:once


If you haven't banged out your first ace, this is the course it could be done at. Hole #5 has an awesome pro tee off of a 10' wooden structure.


If you haven't played here before its easy to get mixed up or even confused on where the next hole is.
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Fun to be had 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 6, 2013 Played the course:2-4 times


Very challenging wooded shots that require control and finesse. Long open bombers for the big arms. This course really is made for all skill levels. Half are open and the other half are in dense wooded areas where an errant throw could potentially be a bogey or worse. The longs tees are very challenging and have different looks than the short tees. Great use of elevated tee pads on a few holes to give some change. Also the elevated pin on 4 is really neat and can cause problems of roll outs.


The course could use some elevation, but does have some elevated tee pads and pins to help. There aren't many benches around so if it gets crowded, it could be a problem. Hole 2 and 3 are very close to each other and can cause some issues with errant drives.

Other Thoughts:

Overall, I really liked this course from the long tees. It was very challenging, but had a lot of deuce opportunities. I think this course is very balanced and does a great job of changing it up from open to wooded to open to wooded to open.
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Prairie Land 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 20, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


There are two sets of concrete tees here with good signage. The man made green on hole 4 is awesome. Check out the pictures. There are some good wooded holes here such as holes 6, 12,13, and 15. Hole 18 pretty much forces the roller which is unique.


A pretty short course with too many open holes. 18 ends pretty far from hole 1. It can be frustrating looking for discs in the tall prairie grass,

Other Thoughts:

Don't bother playing the other course on campus, it is not worth your time.
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I miss the old Parkside 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 10, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


The course is located on the campus of UW Parkside. There are many holes that are in the open and lined with prairie grass. Some holes are lined with thick woods. The rest of the holes play in the woods. Most of the course is flat as a pancake.

The old holes have 2 very nice concrete tee pads. The newer holes have 1 nice concrete tee.

The baskets are good Mach 2's with chain upgrades.

2 pin positions on all the old holes. I don't play here often enough to know how often they are changed. They used to be changed often.

The tee signs are very good here.

If you play a round from the long and shorts there is pretty good diversity.

The mound green on hole #4 is very cool. It adds a ton of challenge.

The elevated tee on #5 is a great addition to a flat course.


The tee to #1 and #18 are very far apart. After making the trip there I always play 2 rounds. It's even a longer walk to get to the tee of the other course if you're playing both.

There are many open holes and the course is rather short now.

The carpet on the elevated tee #5 is pretty much gone.

During the week you have to check in and pay a couple of bucks for parking. If you don't you'll get nailed with a ticket.

Other Thoughts:

I really miss the old parkside course :( . If you read some of the older reviews the course was a 4 to 4.5 disc course. Old holes #1 thru 4 are gone. Those were great. It also lost several really good wooded holes. The holes that were added don't come close to replacing the old ones. Current hole #1 is old #5. This used to be one of the best kept courses in WI. It's slowly fading away. Current hole #4 (mound hole) used to have a long tee 3rd tee pad in the woods that you'd have no idea is there now. It's overgrown and has been taken away by nature.
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Prairie Open '12 Intermediate 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 1, 2012 Played the course:once


- Some open shots over grassland that lets you actually use some of your fairway or distance drivers
- Some tight wooded holes that require finesse and touch
- Elevated tee pads and baskets add a little more difficulty but makes it more challenging for some players
- Well manicured course and good signage
- Course designed for all types of throws from the tee pads which plays for a versatile round


- Shorter holes may discourage those looking to dig a little deeper in their bag for distance throws
- Some holes are pretty muddy and have potential for bad mosquitoes once the spring/summer roll around
- Some of the signs appear to be inaccurate in their distance readings
- No mando's- some holes you could enforce them to make it a little bit harder

Other Thoughts:

Loved the Prairie Open '12 on March 31st and April 1st this year- great sponsors and coordinators for the event. Both days had a great turn out including many Women and Junior Division players! Some holes had out of bounds but no mando's. I had a great time and look forward to playing this course when I'm in the area!
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Intermediate 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 11, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


- Course is set on the large grounds of this college campus, plenty of space for all the holes. Some of the course is a little close to a few roads, and the last few are near a sidewalk by a building. Shouldn't be any interference though.
- Holes are split between prairie and forest, with a few in between. Tall grass and scraggly trees are used to shape fairways in the front portion; some are pretty simple like #1 and #4. Others are tighter like #7 and #16. Wooded holes include some very tight shots, like #6, and more open ones like #14 and #15. A very good range of length and difficulty overall, there are short and long holes both in and out of the woods, tight and open. #10 is a nice 440' bomber from the longs.
- All in all, a good range of hole lengths. Most of the holes in the woods are par 3 design, from either set of tees, ranging from low to high 200'. Bombers out in the open with four over 350', with hazards to worry about.
- Hazards include some water on the right of #10, some nasty jail on #6 and #7, and dense woods in the forest. A very elevated basket on #4 demands an accurate upshot/drive to avoid racking up the putts.
- A few holes have noticeable elevation changes, like a good, long downhill on #10, a super elevated tee on #5, and some slight ups and downs here and there. Helps to add some fun to the course.
- Great signs, tees, and baskets. Navigation is pretty easy, especially with a map. Biggest key is walking across the road to #12.


- Some holes out in the prairie are pretty straightforward, and don't need a whole lot of line shaping - especially from the shorts. The longs do a good job of forcing some lines, but nothing too crazy overall. Staying out of the grass or avoiding some trees here or there is the key.
- As a whole, the course itself is pretty flat, with a few exceptions. A few holes have a good change, but the majority are slight if anything. Just the flat terrain, can't be helped really.

Other Thoughts:

- A very well balanced course, with holes in, out, and next to the woods. Good mix of lines inside the forest, with some pretty tricky ones. Some nice, longer holes out in the open that need some basic lines. While nothing here is extremely exciting, and a lot of it is mostly flat, it is a good challenge with fun. More advanced players will be able to carve it up, everyone else should have to work for good scores.
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Rethinking my college choice 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 20, 2010 Played the course:once


-This course has sweet diversity in its types of hole. With the beginning starting out more open in fields of tall grass with some trees, it progresses into shorter, more wooded holes. Tons of variety in this course.

-It has some sweet special holes. Hole 4's basket is elevated on a small hill of rocks (which make a painful noise when you smack them off the tee or longer upshot!) Hole 5 has an awesome elevated pro tee about 14' up on a raised wooden deck. Of the courses I've played I haven't seen anything like this.

-Almost all the holes have pro tees that serve in not only adding length, but difficulty. Several holes give the illusion of a route, only to punish shots slightly off the intended line.

-Good risk/reward for this whole course.

-I didn't get to play the alternate pin positions, but several showed different feels for the holes.

-The flow of this course is great, super easy to follow. And the signs here are also very good.


-Some of the beginning holes only have tall grass as the rough, which really isn't too punishing. More experienced players probably won't have too many challenges throughout.

-This course can feel repetitive, straight shots off the tee will get you by on most holes.

Other Thoughts:

All in all, a fun course, nothing too exceptional, but it does everything well. It's a good time, well worth the stop if you're in the area.
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attempt to convince myself failed 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 28, 2010 Played the course:5+ times


Hole #4 pin placement quite nice. Raised bucket surrounded by large boulders makes for nice aesthetic and interesting putt. Nice stairs up one side of this placement.
Hole #5 tee off raised deck. 10' walk up stairs and throw from deck. Also forces high release because of railing you must release over...interesting....
Hole #16 is 277 ft. Interesting thing, is early in the hole you go through a cut out portion of bushes/viney growth. This has been trimmed nicely each and every time I've been here. Makes for another quite unique view.
First four or so holes are somewhat prairie feel. After that, this becomes a fun, technical woods layout.
Two sets of tees.
Two pin placements.
39 holes total between the two courses here!
Good signage.
Concrete tees.
I am a tomahawk thrower; and this layout does offer opportunities to put this into practice for good result....especially short pins.


I end up wandering around to find hole #1 every time i come here. Stupid old hippy! But, it is a pain in the a$$.
In the short pin placements, this course borders on a deuce or die track. (Should be noted that the newer Orchid course has attempted to balance this).
As with the Orchid course, the prairie holes here; have the long grass to deal with. Even some of the more wooded portion, forces some play in this type of rough; as some pins end up just outside woods.

Other Thoughts:

Paid the $2 parking fee for the first time; this trip. Didn't get a ticket the other times; but, probably a good idea to pay. Then, you don't have to worry.
I have played the original five times now; over a span of years. It's been raining a couple of times; and, even on this journey; it was overcast and pretty windy. So, perhaps this is part of my experience here. Mostly....
Both courses seem somewhat repetitious to me. I really should enjoy the wooded section of the original. It fits a style I usually like, and the different pin placement possibilities offer a nice challenge. But, I always leave here wondering what I'm not getting; that others seem to enjoy?
The wandering around looking for #1 (though my own fault) bugs the crap out of me.
The shots are pretty interesting; but, if you don't tear it up, score wise, you end up feeling like you left too many shots on the course. A lot of tweener holes I guess. Narrow lanes are difficult on many of them; so, they're not easy; but, at the same time, you feel let down if you don't hit a bunch of them.
There are three unique areas of disc here; from prairie, to wooded, to manicured campus finish; but none are all that spectacular.
There are the three unique holes; and two of these three, I have not seen anywhere else. But, they aren't THAT special.
......I keep trying; but, can't convince myself that UW Parkside original deserves more than a 3 rating.
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3.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 28, 2010 Played the course:once


This is a very good course set on some beautiful prairie land with several holes playing through wooded areas. Tight fairways and punishing OB add significant challenge and punishment on most shots.

The course's strongest aspect is the gorgeous land it plays through. The grass fairways were well manicured, and the tall grass OB adds a scenic touch (until you have to dig through it on a bad drive). Most holes have trees at various points on or along the fairway that require some line shaping to avoid.

This course had three really unique holes: #4 throws at an elevated basket surrounded by large rocks, #5 throws from an elevated tee, something I've never seen before, that felt like throwing off a balcony... this adds tree branches as obstacles. Don't even bother with the short tee on this hole, even if you're a beginner. The tee shot from the long tee on #16 was probably my favorite of the course. The shot basically requires you to drive through a window cut out of a large bush.

The signs here are very good... both tees had a sign with the distance for each pin location. The baskets are all in good shape, and the tees pads are excellent. Several holes had benches as well.


While consistently challenging, the course started to feel repetitive. Many of the prairie shots are straight, or have only slight angles to account for. Those who can keep it straight off the tee may get bored, and those who can't will get frustrated. Because of that, this isn't an ideal course for new players. There is also a lot of potential for lost discs here. Additionally, due to the open nature of the course and area as a whole, it seems like wind will usually be a factor here.

The wooded holes were alright, but nothing memorable. Especially compared to some of the great shots in the open, prairie areas. Due to the rotating pins, we had to walk the fairway on a couple of these wooded shots to find the basket. It would've been helpful if there had been some orange paint/tape, or a flag on these baskets so they were easier to see through all the trees.

For big arms who like to rip it off the tee, there isn't much room here. This is a course that favors accuracy over power

Other Thoughts:

This course was a great challenge for me, and my personal experience was fantastic, but for the sake of writing a helpful review for everybody, the length, difficulty, and variety may not appeal to all. I think beginners will find it too difficult and advanced players will find it too easy.

Despite that, I would highly recommend checking out this course regardless of your skill level. The scenery is great, and this course is very well taken care of. For those in the Chicago area, this course is worth a drive up to.
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Thick, but Fun 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 6, 2010 Played the course:2-4 times


- Gorgeous half-wooded, half-open course with incredibly thick shule throughout. The natural beauty of the course itself was fairly stunning in places, although that beauty often came with the added risk of losing a disc or two in the sometimes impenetrable rough.
- Outstanding long/short concrete tee placements, including an elevated wooden "deck" style tee on #4.
- Outstanding use of elevation including raised baskets perched atop rocks.
- Outstanding risk/reward. The thickness of the rough greatly encourages taking a conservative approach, and severly but fairly punishes wayward shots.
- Several "thread-the-needle" style holes. Long tee placements increase the difficulty on such holes.
- Alternative pin placements add variety.
- Accurate signs prevent any issues with getting lost. Great flow.
- Free, clean, upkept very well. Trashcans (albeit small) at every hole.


- Although not incredibly difficult for most experienced players, this course might be intimidating for some beginners due to the rough.
- Insects, poison ivy, and a bit of mud.

Other Thoughts:

-I played this course mid-transit between Milwaukee and Chicago. I was pleasantly surprised at not only the stunning mid-Western half-prairie/ half-wooded natural beauty, but also the great variety this course challenges you with. The long tees are outstanding.
- Seriously. In the summer, this course is THICK. Groups of roving disc golfers united in the common purpose of finding wayward discs in the impossibly thick vegetation during my round.
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B = Be a little too short 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 17, 2009 Played the course:2-4 times


I am only reviewing the 18 main holes since IMO, the new 9 holes are a completely different course (and are not developed to a point to really be playable).

What I personally like and how this course stacks up in my list of 18 (and more) hole courses:

1) Holes with good risk/reward. Fair, but harsh punishment for bad decisions or execution. == B
(Over half the holes will dole out punishment enough where recovery for par after an errant drive is a real challenge.)

2) Holes that have rewarding birdie opportunities for me. I throw 300' accurately, 360' max. == B-
(Most of the holes are too short to be rewarding. Almost all of the long tees that are over 300' are pushed back to outside of my max D. This makes them not even worth playing as all I can possibly get is a par 3.....or downside bogeys. No added fun or challenge added for me on those.)

3) More wooded than open - lots of variety of shots required caused by hole shape and topography == A-
(Several of the new holes are tight wooded holes....but are too short. There seems to be a good balance of right and left turns a few of which are pretty severe turns that push the limits of disc a good way!)

4) Natural beauty (Appalachian beauty preferred) and seclusion. == B
(There is a nice mix of prairie feel, wooded feel and the last 3 holes even offer a manicured campus lawn and tree fairways. Only one or two beautiful spots.....and the rest is just ho-hum in the beauty department. Seclusion is surprisingly good for a course on campus. Around 2/3's of the course does allow you to feel like you are getting away from it all for a bit.)

5) Bonus points for multi-throw holes with defined landing zones, good risk/reward and multiple options to play them. == N/A

Other Thoughts:

It's all about feeding the addiction, so I ranked this course subjectively based on my own "personal addiction factor". The grades above tell how well the course will draw me back to itself again and again and again. Since I have played a decent number of courses (149 18-hole, 91 9-hole as of late 2009), my hope is that players/explorers who have similar addiction tastes will find my ratings list helpful as they choose courses to play and explore.

I fully expect others with different tastes/philosophies to disagree with me....that's the fun of things here. See my profile for my rating philosophy.
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