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Winchester, TN

Winchester City Park

2.125(based on 13 reviews)
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Winchester City Park reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 5.7 years 320 played 313 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Easygoing 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 18, 2021 Played the course:once


A typical course with good midrange variety.

-Amenities: Large concrete tees, good tee signs with maps, DGA baskets with shallow trays.

-Terrain Variety: Good. The course starts in large, sparse trees, travels through some thickly wooded holes, ventures into the wide open, and finishes back in the middle of the two.

-Views: The views on (16)-(17) are fantastic. A huge downhill leading to the lake. (16)'s teepad is definitely the signature moment of the course.

-Rec Accessible: The course plays great for rec level throwers. Par-3s are predominantly under 300', so distance isn't necessary to put up a great round.

-Shot Shaping/Gameplay: A tour of potential uses for midranges. Winding through the biomes mentioned above, there are a variety of matching shapes. Straight shots are most common, but there are holes finishing left and right as well. If you have a confident tunnel shot and simple hyzers, you can score well at this course. Overall, the elevation and foliage is used nicely for an enjoyable round. A few holes deserve special mention. (3) is a pleasing downhill shot with a left finishing guarded green. (12) is an uphill par-4 traveling through increasingly crowded trees. (16) is 340' but can be easily overthrown with a midrange as it hurtles downwards towards the lake. (19) is a nice closer, a challenging 330' downhill with a line of trees on the right.

-Shade: The course, even in its more open parts, has large trees offering shade. This makes it more pleasant on an intemperate Tennessee day.

-9 & 9 (kind of): More like a 9+2+8. Regardless of details, the course loops back so you can take a break.


-Chains: Pretty old. I'm guessing they're the original baskets. They catch some things, but others could slip through or bounce out of the bottom.

-Length Variety: Very little. A huge majority of holes fall into the 200-300' range, with only one hole eclipsing 360'. This provides less rhythm to the round, and more monotony.

-Transition: The (13)-(15) transitions aren't intuitive. No biggie.

Other Thoughts:

Winchester City Park is right on the 2.5-3.0 edge. Even though it was recently redesigned, a lot of it is reminiscent of the 80s disc golf the park originally held. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the shapes keep a decent variety, but the variety of length just isn't present. For that reason, I've left it on the Typical end. I definitely recommend it for an easier, though serious, round or lower speed disc practice.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 31.2 years 764 played 387 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Fun And Oh So Popular 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 27, 2020 Played the course:once


Winchester City Park Disc Golf Course is a popular and often played 19 hole course and one of the oldest in Tennessee ca. 1979 , redesigned in 2016 ) .It is placed in a multi use park with plenty of parking and space .
The Equipment : The cement tee pads are among the biggest around , maybe 6' X 10 or 12' and flush with the ground . The signage is also very good , giving you hole # par , distance and flight path . The baskets are kind of guesswork . They all catch okay , but some are a mix of old Chainstars and old school Machs . The nice thing is that someone drilled big metal red hole numbers in the tops to identify which basket you are throwing at . You can see them a good distance away . There is a good kiosk with a map near hole 1.
The Landscape . This course does NOT lack some elevation . It rolls a great deal , and has some extreme elevation at 16 & 17 . Even though it is set up park-style , the course has it's share of trees , either lining the fairway or in the fairway . There are a couple of woods holes , and there is even kind of a water hazard that include's Tim's Ford Lake on 16 . The course was mowed and in great shape when I was here . What surprised me was that , as much traffic as this course gets , it looks so clean .
The Highlights : This course is not set up championship style , but mostly fun style . Many holes to still get a kick out of . #3 is a downhill drive that has the basket sitting back in a strip of brushline . If you fade left , you will have to throw over this to get close to the basket . Too far right puts you into the rough . #6 leads you back to the lot to refill a beverage if you want . It is slightly downhill with trees to hit with your low trajectory shot . You are aiming low because of the canopy of the trees that won't allow you to attack the basket from higher up . #8 is only 214' uphill , but is tight and you may need a little luck to get through this woods hole . #11 goes through Grandma's teeth slightly downhill to a basket with trees guarding it's back and front . #12 is a long uphill slope 425' with trees here and there that plays more like 475-500' . #17 is a long uphill climbing drive , 470' to a basket that rests at the top with telephone poles and wires in front of it .
Signature Hole : #16 . A long sustained downhill blast to the basket , which is directly in front of Tim's Ford Lake . With it being open air , there is plenty of risk/reward .
Time : It took me a little over an hour to play here . A group of 4 will take maybe a little over 2 hours , depending on whether you play during peak times .
The course is popular with the locals and even some out of towners . Everyone seemed happy playing here .
Amenities : I don't always mention these , but there are trash cans to keep this park spotless everywhere . There are also benches present . There is not only a kiosk at the front of the lot , but there are a couple of shelters , one near the parking lot , that will hold many players resting between rounds or just socializing with others .
Disc Risk : very low . for being 19 holes , there are only a couple of places on the course that can give you problems . #`14 in the woods . Hit your putter/midrange off a tree and go to the right , ad you might have problems . A couple of places with higher than normal grass , but really the only other place is overthrowing #16 and depositing your approach shot or drive into the lake . Especially if the water is up .


#1 Safety . A couple of blind alleys , a crowded park , lots of casuals and or newbies = a possible driver to the cranium . The park has a lot of people walking through that are oblivious to the disc golfers playing the fairway . Please give them the right of way .whether they are on one of the walking paths or not . #10 has a mando that is supposed to help people not being hit in one of the shelters . It almost ruins the hole ,and the awkwardness of inexperienced players trying to negotiate the hole could still cause them to hit someone . Either throw that hole out , or put it on the hill out of the way .
Navigation : The course has been around for a long time , and the redesign has been around for 4 years , too . This means a better map with numbered holes/fairways and some Next Tee signs would help .
Challenge . Good players will eat this course alive , and even some average players will go under par . This course isn't championship style and doesn't fit these players .skill set . With only 7 out of the 19 holes going over 300' and only 2 of those surpassing 400' , this is a recreational players' grounds . Bring repellent in the summer . The bugs can be bad .

Other Thoughts:

This course was crazy busy when I played on a Saturday afternoon . Despite the lack of difficult on many of the holes , even the better players were having fun playing with friends that were not as good a player . Everyone seemed to get along . I saw so many people taking advantage of what the park had to offer . Other than fixing the mess called hole #8 , this course is a landmark . If I was a Winchester resident , I hope I would have cut my teeth here . And I would play it many times a year . My Recommendation : Family friendly , this is also great for single disc players , newbies , dates , locals ( even further out than locals ) Pros and Ams reuniting with friends , even partaking in a beer or 2 in the pavillion afterwards . Enough course to keep intermediates interested . too far away from much for the traveler , but a must-grab for the Course Collector . In no way a destination course , but because of the fun factor here and the course age , I would say ,,, PLAY IT !!!
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 15.2 years 761 played 92 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Don't forget to stop for lottery tickets. 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 31, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


1. Good mix of elevation, wooded and open, distance,and technical challenges. Hole 4 and 8 would be better if one or two trees died opening up a decent fairway.

2. Layout has holes that are challenging for an experienced player and not-discouraging for a newer player.

3. Signage is adequate.

4. Ten? newer baskets.

5. Beautiful lake views of Tims Ford Lake.

6. Did not forget/omit a water hazard in the layout. I'm always bummed out when I see a lake and there's no hole designed to bring the water into play.

7. Navigation flows well. I don't recall having much problem finding the next hole.


1. There's still some old single chain baskets from the original layout.

2. Mando on hole 10 creates a bad hole. I know the intention was to keep players from throwing through the shelter. Either move the teepad or move the mando one tree left.

3. Can get hot on the backside of the course with the sun beating down. I recommend starting on hole 13.

4. Hole 17 is kind of boring with uphill distance being the only challenge.

Other Thoughts:

Nice little road trip for us to get out of Huntsville and enjoy a nice disc golf course. Tims Ford Lake feels like a hidden gem (although I'm seeing it advertised on billboards near Nashville), and there are some good places to eat and enjoy the lake nearby. If you're coming from Alabama, don't forget to grab a lottery ticket!
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 10.3 years 661 played 640 reviews
3.00 star(s)

The 19th Hole Is Still Out On The Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 4, 2018 Played the course:once


(2.797 Rating) A moderately sized city park course.
- FUN FACTOR - Winchester City Park is the perfect place to bring three friends and/or three IPAs. There are ample opportunities for birdies. Errant throws are rarely further punished. The odds of losing a disc is near zero and for the most part, no searching in overgrowth areas. The course flows pretty smooth as well.
- RECREATIONAL FRIENDLY - This course is perfect for players learning the game and has no doubt produced some new disc golf addicts. At 5,600 feet, this course will definitely please recreational players offering just the right amount of length and technical challenge.
- TEES - I was not expecting such awesome tee pads at a small town city park. Concrete and 6 feet wide by 12 feet long. All of them were in great condition.
- CHARACTER - In addition to the great tees, Winchester city park has a bunch of typical amenities. For one, seating at least 90% of the holes. The tee signs and course map were done very well. Several trash cans along the layout. Practice basket and an unused community board. There's a mailbox at community board as well, but there were no scorecards inside. :( There are a couple of really nice sized shelters in the park with tons of picnic tables. I also saw two restroom buildings, although one of them was locked on my visit. Missing items include no multi tees, no alternate basket placements and not much shade at the tees.
- NAVIGATION - Although there are no navigational cues along the layout, a photo of the extremely accurate course map will quickly get any player back on track. Baskets are well labeled and the number can be seen from 100s of feet away. Hole signage does not indicate next tee direction.
- ELEVATION - Hole (16) is a really cool tee shot. A good 35 foot drop with Tim's Ford Lake flanking the right side of the basket. Then hole (17) is a nice play 35 feet back up. There are several other plays in the 20 foot range, but perhaps the best thing about the elevation here is that it's fairly easy traverse. I want to say that the slopes never exceed 25 degrees, meaning using a cart here is fairly easy.
- MAINTENANCE - Despite weeks of horrible weather that proceeded my round here, the course was in great shape. Mowed though-out and downed branches were few and far between. The course must drain well too. The course had just got ten inches of rain over a two week span and I didn't see any standing water.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - A touch above average. The backdrop for the course on a few holes is towards Tim's Ford Lake, and it's amazing. Best observed on holes (15) and (16), but there are a few other holes as well. There are 3 really nice woodsy holes on (4), (8) and (14) as well. What brings the course back a bit is the blandness of much of the rest of the holes. A majority of shots are just your run of mill light obstacle city park plays.


A solid recreational that should please most locals. No significant issues other than the baskets.
- CHAINS - I was not impressed by this mix matched set of baskets. Most of the baskets are an older single chain type. Mach 1s? It also looks like there are a couple of Chainstars, but yet also a few "rat baskets", which I would define as a basket with a mixture of parts from different brands.
- HOLE (10) - A 264 foot 90 degree turning play. There's a mando 100 feet straight ahead, at which time the fairway abruptly turns 90 degrees and runs slightly uphill for an additional 160 feet. The mando is on a hardwood tree where you can no longer define the mando line extending up to the heavens more than 15 feet from the ground. Players will no doubt try to throw skyhyzers in competition and arguments will ensue.
- LACK OF CHALLENGE - Advanced players will be underwhelmed by this course. Way too many light obstacle holes in the 200 to 300 foot range. Substantial shot planning and shot shaping is only a requirement on two of the three wooded holes. Throwing long isn't a requirement either. The longest par 3 is 368 feet. I could see a 950 rated advanced player averaging 8 down or more out here. Many Rec players should be able to shoot below par as well.
- MISSED OPPORTUNITY - I would have loved to have had scratched throwing at (15) basket from (15) tee and instead, thrown to (16) basket. This play would have been a 600 foot dog leg right along the shores of Tim's Ford Lake. This would have made 18 holes too. Who plays 19?
- MULTI USE HAZARDS - Like most city park courses, there are a bunch of walking paths that wind through the course layout. Whatever is the point of these path are I'll never know ;) Players will likely have to wait a few times for safety reasons.
- DISCONTINUITY - The course is generally stacked hole to hole but there are a couple notable gaps. (11) to (12) crosses a city street. (13) to (14) is a blind 250 foot transition requiring the map to find. (14) to (15) is a 300 foot transition. Finally, (19) back to the parking crosses the street again and it's about a 500 foot journey
- UNIQUENESS - About average. As stated, much of the course plays open and only a few holes have a technical aspect to them. There is only one true blind basket on (2). There are no dogleg holes and only hole (3) plays into a well defined pocket. Water is in play once on (16). There are two short par 4's on the layout (400-500 feet) which I'm sure many advanced players play as 3's.
- WIND - Due to the lack of trees, wind will likely be a major issue. Wind could very likely be the most challenging aspect of the course.

Other Thoughts:

I brought my young daughter with me to this one. Its appear to be a really family friendly park complete with a nice sized playground, tennis courts, basketball courts and ball fields in addition to this very serviceable disc golf course. If I lived in town I would be here all the time. If the course got magically transferred to a bigger city, this course would be mad busy. All stated, is Winchester worth a look see for those outside the area? Yes, for those who live within a hour or for those that like to explore courses. However, for those that are looking for the next exotic challenge, this isn't it.
- TIME PLAY - About average. Figure two hours for a foursome.
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 11 years 53 played 45 reviews
2.50 star(s)

In the face of a hurricane west wind 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 29, 2018 Played the course:once


Big concrete tees, nice tee signs. Some of the hole names were pretty amusing (others were a bit obnoxious, but hey, comedy is hard).

Better mixture than most city park courses, with some respectable technical shots on a few holes, and more ceiling shots than the pines I'm accustomed to playing in. As far as open holes go, 16 is a lovely shot down a steep hillside with the lake coming into play on the right. Judging by the flotsam, could be really killer when the lake is high.

More thought was given to safety than most park courses: for example, I wondered why there was a random section of 10-12 foot high chain link standing along the sidewalk on hole 1. Then I smacked a tree and slammed into the fence and understood.

Great views of the lake on a few holes, and pretty nice appearance overall as well.


Single chains. Eclectic mixture, really, but something resembling Mach I baskets seemed to be in the plurality. At least one set of brass chains. (?) I wanted the Florence baskets back when all was said and done.

Typical city park shortcomings: mostly open, and mostly short to shortish, aside from a few obligatory bombers that are dead open. Some OB paths in odd places, but that must be as it must be, I suppose.

Other Thoughts:

The wind was raging when I played. Not sure how much was the storm system blowing past and how much was just off the lake, but that was rough.

Definitely not a destination course, unless you happen to be visiting Tims Ford State Park.
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Experience: 14.9 years 13 played 4 reviews
4.00 star(s)

on the up and up! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 1, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


*Brand new 19 hole course
* gorgeous course with views of the lake
* well thought out design
* good mixture of short holes and long true par 4s that require placement shots
* nicely built bridges to cross the few creeks
* bathroom facilities at parking lot as well as throughout the 19 holes
* playground in middle of course for the kids
* brand new tee signs
* true test of your bag from midrange to putter shots and long cranking driver lines as well


* red clay can be present during heavy rain (wear old shoes on these days)
* some baskets are single chain but they seem to catch just fine

Other Thoughts:

I'm a long time tennessee resident as well as a recent local of tullahoma. I played this course when it was just 9 holes. The new design is AWESOME!! truly a test of your entire bag. Your gonna need back hands and forehand shots. Holes range from 180' to well over 450'. There is Mandos and ob. Very well designed and probably one of my favortie new courses in tennessee. Awesome park. Has a playground for the kiddos and plenty of bathrooms available. Not to mention beautiful views of the lake. And brand new tee signs and a full map kiosk are in the works for the very near future. A true hidden gem of a course, I highly recommend checking this place out. It's a great course that's up and coming and will give you anything from tight tunnel shots to wide open lake side hyzer bombs!! NOT THE OLD COURSE THAT WAS HERE THIS IS NEW !! COME CHECK IT OUT!!
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Experience: 21 years 287 played 16 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Redesign - - Disregard previous reviews 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 6, 2016 Played the course:once


Nice level pads, good use of the land, fairly easy to navigate with black markers on basket spokes pointing to next tees (you're welcome), land drains well with bridges over the wet spots


No tee signage (DGCR yardage isn't updated yet either), benches or trash cans yet, but the redesign is only a couple months old. A few baskets were a little low, #10 would be unplayable if pavilion was being used.

Other Thoughts:

The course has its own parking lot just north of Old Estill with the first pad visible to the left of the lot. The baskets are a mix of a few Mach 1, 2, Liberty's, and the rest are Titans, all new. They all have signs on top with big red numbers facing the tee to make it pretty easy to know which basket to throw at.

Very birdie (& ace) friendly. Most holes under 300', 4 or 5 were in pretty thick woods, but they were all cleared enough to be fair. #12 & 17 are both over 400' (my only 4s). #12-18 are across Old Estill Rd. #14 is a fun ace run in the woods by the lake with a serious drop off and water hazard near the basket. #15 and 16 could also pose water danger when the water level rises after spring.

While not challenging by any means, it's still a fun course that is much better after the redesign than old reviews indicate. It flows well and uses park features in a novel way. It's not a course to go out of your way for, but if you're passing thru, it's worth the detour off I 24.
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1.00 star(s)

Thrown together 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 3, 2012 Played the course:once


You dont have to go to far from Tee to tee. There is adequate shade for hot days. If you get confused, you could always watch the birds nests nearby or watch a softball game to ease the confusion. And as an added Bonus....... THey actually have installed that missing 9th basket. (which is luckily I found it due to the unorganized layout of tees)


Not organized in any way. Could not find one hole to the next.

Other Thoughts:

This course is just to mess around. Not really enjoyable for an actual game. Use this course for practice. If they were to at least mark the basket with a number, at least you could find the correct basket.
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Experience: 15.1 years 9 played 8 reviews
0.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 15, 2008 Played the course:once


There really isn't much going for this course. There are 8 baskets now, and that is the only positive thing. Well, it's never crowded either.


This is one of oldest courses in the state. Unfortunately, I don't think it's been touched since it was installed.

There use to be 9 baskets, but one basket (5 I think), was hit by something and removed. It's a very short 8 hole course with rusty single chain baskets on most holes.

The tee pads are terrible. Most are breaking into pieces and pretty unsafe to drive on. One tee is about 3 feet long. The grass is mowed regularly, but the course is a mix of grassy spots/dirt spots.

There are some older tee signs, but they need to be replaced. This course needs an overhaul.

Other Thoughts:

The only reason I ever go to this course is when I visit family that live in the town. It's still really difficult for me to go and play, it's so terrible!

The only reason this course doesn't get a 0 rating is because it has baskets. You might be better off making your own course with the baskets that are there.

Don't go out of your way to play! You will be disappointed!
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 20.2 years 179 played 110 reviews
1.00 star(s)

At least the lake is pretty... 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 24, 2007 Played the course:once


The views of the lake are really nice. In the spring the breezes feel really good. Being close to the water, it doesn't seem like it would ever become unbearably hot. It is historically significant from what I am told.


Only 9 holes. This is not typically a concern of mine. However, this course is really off the beaten path. It is about 20 minutes from the nearest Interstate. So it is kind of a let down to go that far and only get 9 holes.

The baskets and tee pads are in really bad shape. Like I said before, the course is old.

The design is very basic. There is a little bit of elevation. Anhyzer and Hyzer shots are both needed but the holes look like millions of others that you have all probably played somewhere else.

Other Thoughts:

Some throws are very close to softball fields. I only mention this because they take softball very seriously in Winchester. I play in softball tourneys a lot during the summer. There are at least 4 that occur on these fields and they are a big deal. I know that the tourney known as "the Chronicle" has about 150 teams playing. With crowds like these, you have no chance of being able to play the course at that time. If possible, you should call the Parks and Rec department to make sure no softball tourneys are going on. This course really deserves to be a .5 but if it is the oldest in the state, I can bump it up to "poor=1.0" for some significance. The bottom line is simply this...unless you are absolutely set on playing the oldest course in Tennessee, or you have a goal to play all courses in Tennessee, you will do yourself a favor by passing this course up. The drive is too far off the beaten path and Winchester, while charming, is as much of a "one-horse" town as any you might find.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 27.8 years 350 played 321 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Much improved redesign! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 23, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


This course has undergone a much-need major redesign. What used to be a run-down 9 hole course built in the 1970's is now a legitimate 19-hole course. Newer/renovated baskets, excellent color tee signs, 19 all new concrete tees, an interesting design the utilizes a much larger portion of the land. Thank you to those responsible- great work!!!

The course now offers a decent set of challenges for most any level of disc golfer. Most of the holes are city park style (mostly open playing around large mature trees with mowed fairways and no rough). There are 3 holes, however, that play through denser wooded sections offering a glimpse of the more technical and accurate side of disc golf. I liked the variety of length as the course is now spread out all over the park, many driveable holes but also many holes that let you throw it as far as you can (holes range from 188' to monster 470' up a big hill that plays way longer). In general a straight shot is the best on almost all holes, but there are some risk/reward options if you can shape shots to maybe gain a stroke. I like that many holes force you to throw low "tunnel" shots under the trees for the best option to the basket. There is a 3-hole stretch that does have just enough water in play to make you think twice about your shot. I felt each hole was different from the rest, no repetition, and several memorable holes (mostly on the back). All in all, a nice mix of style.

Great signature hole/s by the lake (15-16) offering absolutely stunning views of Tims Ford Lake (one of the prettiest lakes around, and a great place for water sports/boating/fishing.)

I liked that the course starts off more basic and only gets better as you progress to the end. Navigation is not too bad on your first round, especially if you take a good look at the course map on the kiosk for the holes across the road. (also available to print on this site)

There were plenty of benches on the course, restrooms near the parking lot and also some by 12's basket. Picnic pavilions as well. Plenty of parking. There were even scorecards in the box at the kiosk, what a nice bonus (at least for now).


Not too many now. The baskets were a mix of brands, most had a just a single row of chains (but considering the rusty junk that used to be here, this basically gets a pass.) Some of the more open holes, especially on the front, would become pretty easy if you played here regularly, (but again, better than the alternative of no course or a terrible course.)

Maybe the biggest con is the walking trail on the front, which is a potential safety hazard. It runs right in front of the tees on 5 (in the woods) and 9 (somewhat in the woods), both following holes played in the woods, so you would have no idea if somebody was walking in front of the flight path (especially on 5). It might be a good idea to scout, but I didn't know the path was there until after I threw and I was glad nobody walked in front of my drive.

Other Thoughts:

The skill level is just about right for almost any level of player (maybe the super advance would be bored). Really perfect for the disc golfers in the area, and this course will help increase the number of disc golfers for sure.

Again, I am so thrilled to see this course resurrected into something pretty good. Not a destination course by any means, but definitely worth it if in the area. I vacation on this lake quite a bit, so I am glad there is now a decent course here that I can play when visiting.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 5, 2008 Played the course:never


If you like a course with historical connections then this is it. I have heard that this course is the oldest disc golf course in the state of Tn,having been built in 1988! Which leads us to the...


cons of this course..it looks like the last time anyone took care of this course was 1988.
The fifth hole was hit by a mower (read tractor)a little while back and was mashed all to pieces.It was eventually pulled up and I thought they were going to replace it with another but ..Nope! Its just gone so you have no fifth basket just a fifth tee whose ground underneath it is slowly been washed away.
The only reason you might want to go to this course is to maybe pratice your drives on the ninth tee..don't use the tee its self though cause it has broken into three large pieces,just stand beside it and throw!
If you live in this area and need to pratice some putting or drives then you might want to come by ,nine times out of ten you'll have it all to yourself
If your looking for courses to play and your driving a long ways-skip this one,its not worth your time unless your curious about what a course would look like if no one took care of it then by all means take a look! By the way I have seen this course used for a parking lot when they had baseball games at the near by baseball field.
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Rogue Skunk
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1.00 star(s)

Dissapointed 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 28, 2008 Played the course:never


Hole layout is acceptable.


Maintenance is inexistent. Most tee pads are crumbling to bits. Some tee pads are so short it is difficult to take a single step. Different style baskets used throughout the course. Some are ok, most are not.

Other Thoughts:

We took a short detour on a trip to Huntsville from Chattanooga to check this course out. I have no plans to return. If you happen to be in the area (though I cannot think of any reason you would be) it might be worth stopping by to check another course off your list and increase your appreciation for your home course. Not worth a special trip.
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