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Evansville, IN

Woodmere DGC

Permanent course
3.445(based on 17 reviews)
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Woodmere DGC reviews

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Experience: 5 years 183 played 130 reviews
2.00 star(s)

Woodmere before Liquor, never been sicker

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 18, 2023 Played the course:5+ times


1) Moderately maintained park course (fairways look mowed with a bush-hog with clumps of brown grass clippings everywhere) with a few visually pleasing holes in an otherwise bland park. Just barely makes the pros column as the good about the aesthetics of the course slightly outweigh the blegh.

2) Tee-pads are a mix, with some of them concrete, some rounded bricks mortared together and uneven. (Another barely makes the pros column because multiple tee pads are broken, and when they are, it's always the front right portion of the teepad) Tee pads are skinny as well, probably 3' x 8' at best and elevated about 4" off the ground for those who like to run up from long or the side of tee pads, you will have to step up.

3) Tee signs exist, probably mid grade in providing a hole map which isn't very detailed but better than nothing. Hole number, Par and distance are oddly written in very small font on the tee signs, but the hole sponsor is large, so that's a plus.

4) Baskets are DGA Mach's, not sure of the version but it's the kind with 28 chains and the little hole number placard on top that refuses to catch high center or left side center height putts.

5) Mix of lightly wooded short holes with wide open extremely long holes. Probably an advanced level park course because of the distance required masquerading itself as a beginner friendly course. Most holes are throwing from a lightly wooded inlet out into the open, or vice versa, throwing from a wide open tee and fairway area into a lightly wooded green.

6) Everything is a Par 3, so no need to check the tee pad sign out here. Whether it's a 200 ft woods shot or a 530 foot wide open flat bomber, it's always a 3.

7) Mostly flat course with a few wild elevation changes thrown in. Steep green on Hole #4, Almost vertical tee shot on Hole #5 with a massive drop off behind the green, Hole #7 is a long downhill chuck, Hole #9 has a steep sloped upward green, Hole #10 plays uphill the entire way, and Hole #11 is downhill the entire way. Othwerise the entire course is flat.

8) If you have 400 plus off the tee on a controlled golf line, you might enjoy the difficulty this course requires. While not extremely difficult to play for Par, birdies are very hard to come by without a ton of power.


1) Every hole is a Par 3, which isn't terrible initially with Hole 1 and 2 being relatively short "hit your gap" wooded Par 3's. Then the course turns it up to eleven difficulty and adds weird shot shapes to boot. Your next set of Par 3's all average over 380 feet to finish off the front 9.

2) Random mandos. This course, in order to make itself more difficult, throws in a ton of mandos. Hole 4 starts you out with forcing you to play a 300 foot tunnel shot between a 20 foot gap of trees roughly 150 feet off the tee, when both right and left side are open, to a green that is probably 15 feet wide a couple stories up a steep embankment with thick trees and underbrush on either side. The mandos protect nothing. Hole 6 has one forcing you to go right of a tree on the edge of circle one for some reason with literally 150 feet of open space to the left of the tree that a disc could fly with no issue almost purposefully playing to a righty hyzer and laughing at Lefties and righty side arm guys.

3) Hole #8 is a fish-hook hole that forces you to throw a spike hyzer or massive turnover over 20 feet tall of vines and underbrush blind that line the entire right side of the hole and try not to land in jail. The green is so well protected and the distance so far that most people just throw out in to the open field and pitch up for par.

4) Hole 9's entire fairway is a parking lot, and I'm not joking. This hole is unplayable if someone parks along it. The basket is guarded more by light poles, cars and park information signs than the couple trees on the green. Circle on the front of the green (which is still part of the parking lot and OB) usually has a car parked in it. Enjoy.

5) Hole 10 is 375 straight uphill roughly 6 stories in elevation. Broken tee pad, two giant trees directly off each corner of the tee pad leaving you a 3 foot gap to hit immediately upon release and you are pointed straight into dense woods with the fairway being probably 50 feet left of the straight gap you are forced to hit off the tee. This hole is scary to throw because there is so much potential for injury. Broken tee pad, 4" above the rest of the ground, tee sign close to the tee pad, two trees you can smack your hand on. Odd angle forced tee shot that most people aren't comfortable throwing.

6) Massive walk down the hill and across the parking lot to get to Hole #12. It's almost like this course would have been MUCH better if it was only 11 holes and ended right here, but wait, there's more suffering.

7) Hole 12 greets you with a 405 late tunnel shot par 3. Tunnel starts 300 feet off the tee and is maybe 45 feet wide with trees and thorny underbrush on the left and right. Low ceiling and low lying. Whenever it rains this hole floods. Played here once and the water was 6" deep in the tunnel. This hole and 13 both throw down a path just to the right of a well loved and well utilized walking trail. It is hardly every not full of joggers and dog walkers. And they are usually coming at you from behind the woodline so you don't see them coming. The slightest fade out early and you're at risk for hitting someone.

8) No, not that way. The most obvious tee pad to your right or left is never the next tee. Insert long walk for no reason to the next tee. Let's add the 2 dumbest holes on the course, 14 and 15. Risk of hitting poeple off the tee, Check. Random mandos, Check. Stupid distance and shot shape required, Check. Holes that make no sense and don't relate to the rest of the course at all, Check. Both of these holes are SMACK in the middle of two soccer fields, you know, right where the fans and parents sit. The mandos prevent you from throwing over the soccer fields but force you to throw at the spectators. Wouldn't you know the ONLY trees back here are on this little strip of land between fields so the shade is exactly where everyone is going to sit. And of course, they made it 375 feet on a huge righty hyzer angle so you have to mash something high speed to get there. If there's a soccer game going on on either course, skip these holes, or play duck hunt with some toddlers, your call.

9) Now lets long walk back down 13's fairway to get to 16, makes sense right. How about a hole designed so bad that locals refuse to play the intended gap off the tee (a 3 foot tree gap 10 feet off the tee and pointed 45 degrees the wrong direction of the hole path), and have thrown so many discs through the dense woods to the right that the discs have cut out a small stop signs sized window to throw through. Insert random elevated basket at the end of this 390 foot par 3 with dense woods and a creek 10 feet behind it. Oh did I mention this throws over the open field that is utilized as the dog park? No?

10) Hole 18 ends your round with a flat 530 foot par 3 to get you back to the parking lot. You have one tree about 300 feet off the tee to your right to miss. Otherwise let it fly. The basket is about 40 feet from #12 tee pad so be careful showing off your power to your friends as you may hit one of the people waiting to tee on 12.

11) No benches, no trash cans, no restrooms, heavy use park with no signature holes (that are positive), thick heavy rough that eats discs. Just unfun in every possible way.

12) This course is a ratings killer if you play it during a tournament. If you aren't 950 or above and possess tons of power you'll struggle to shoot even par. I remember winning MA40, shooting -2, and it rating at 830... Yikes.

Other Thoughts:

I have avoided reviewing this course for quite some time as I wanted to temper my personal hatred for it and play it again before sitting down to review it. And, not surprisingly, playing it again didn't improve my thoughts on the course.

I won't hate all over this course any more. Disc golf is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Regardless of how you are playing you should, at the end of the day, enjoy yourself. I never have here. I've won tournaments on this course and couldn't wait to go home and just be happy it was over. Maybe some of you will enjoy this type of course, but I just can't. This course is bland and tried too hard to be difficult by making itself painful to play. It is outclassed by the Mesker courses in every way. I still continue to play this course (but only for tournaments because they keep using this course for one of the rounds for some reason). This course falls into that you should play it once and decide for yourself if it's your kind of course. Especially if you come down for a tournament in Evansville. But it would not be something I would travel very far to play otherwise, and certainly not come to Evansville just to play this lone course. While it isn't terrible, it is very bland and unfun.
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Experience: 7.1 years 234 played 192 reviews
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Woodmere Is Good Here

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 23, 2022 Played the course:once


+ Long, flat and sturdy concrete tee pads.
+ Big, reliably consistent and detailed tee signs.
+/- Balance of open fields and tree cover tilted towards open fields.


- A largely flat course makes for a bland session.
- Rare 'next tee' signage.
- Rare player conveniences in the way of benches, trash cans, bag hooks, and so forth.
-/+ A mostly open course makes for an underwhelming round.

Other Thoughts:

For me, the star of the show here is hole13. With its narrow tunnel of tall shadowy pine trees, that is the best one to play for its accuracy demands. Plus, I greatly enjoy the sight of brown pine needles on the ground beneath towering evergreens. My least favorite hole here was hole9. There is a parking lot in the fairway. It was mostly empty during my visit, but I can imagine many players would skip this hole on a busy day in the surrounding park.

Woodmere is a good place for new players who are ready to graduate to something a bit more serious while still keeping its challenges approachable. The distances are longer than a beginner's course. There is nothing shorter than 200 feet. Average length hovers around 330 feet. The fairways are mostly open to accommodate for the increase in distance.There are definitely trees here, but Woodmere's main focus is to challenge a disc golfer's driving skills. The most obvious example of that is hole18's wide open 531-foot fairway. Its sign has that as a par3, though...? That's a long par3, guys.

It's not all straight-forward and wide-open. A nice example of Woodmere's wooded features is hole4. After a generously spaced tunnel, the hole sucker punches you with a sudden uphill putting area. Hole2 has a pleasant divided fairway with trees that force the player to pick a path to the basket. And I've already mentioned hole13 with its picky tunnel.

But if it's hills you're seeking, this course won't satisfy. The hilliest it gets is hole10's little valley and hole11's downslope tee off. On a larger scale, I would not classify this course as adventurous at all. It is approachable, easy-going and straight-forward with distance being its strongest challenge.

That's the whole point, though, right? Like I said earlier, this course is for the ambitious beginner who is serious about stepping up their game. The distances are attainable with practice. The tree cover isn't too crazy but still requires effort. It's not the most stiumlating course, but there are plenty of nearby courses for that.

In closing, think of Woodmere as a training ground. Everyone could use a refresher course every now and then.
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Experience: 12.8 years 400 played 385 reviews
3.00 star(s)

aka Indiana State Hospital 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 20, 2018 Played the course:once


The Woodmere DGC has abundant parking and a wooded start, boasting technical shots on holes 1 and 2, slightly longer control lines on 3 through 5 (watch out for the drop off behind that basket, and for the steep hills on 4 & 5), which transition to some longer field crossers (7, 10, 16 & 18). One characteristic of the course I noticed is that the basket is often JUST 'blind' from the tee, but you can get a bead on it from just a few steps off the tee. They only had a couple of places to incorporate elevation here, and took the advantage they could.

The amenities include very well done, very informative signage, excellent, level, 10' long concrete tees (the first hole has a brick paver look), and triple chained baskets with deep cages. The park here is really quite huge, and has activities for others usually (see cons) well away from the flying discs.

The play seems to be geared toward upper recreational to intermediate skill levels, and the design gives you some breaks: for instance, after a tight release out to an uphill, longer hole out in the open on 10, you are rewarded by a downhill (rhbh) fade ace run on 11. This almost seemed a theme. There is some variety of shot selection, but in general, I'd say an intermediate to advanced player with 350' of control could really rack up some deuces on this course. Evansville has some more challenging courses at Mesker Park, but Woodmere is a solid 18 that gives folks in the area a little change of pace.


There are a couple of holes (14 & 15) that play too close to the soccer fields, one (hole 9) that literally plays over a parking lot, and one (hole 3) where overflow parking from the baseball field (blind, around the bend left) might come into play. Since the disc golf course already covers ground from one end of the park to the other, I would imagine there are opportunities to redesign in such a way as to replace these with similar challenges, and maintain the flow. As a personal preference, I prefer a more compact layout. This design has a couple of long walks (11 to 12, 13 to 14, and 15 to 16) that I'd love to see eliminated somehow. We played on a sunny, humid day, and I noticed there's no shelter or benches near the practice basket and start 'hub' between holes 1, 9, 11, 12 & 18. It's something the course needs.

Other Thoughts:

My buddy Troy & I came from Cincinnati to Evansville to play in the Indiana Senor Games, and got to play Woodmere for that event, taking home a gold and a silver medal, so the visit was memorable and fun. We did play during a pretty rainy spring, and hole 4 was extremely swampy and buggy, and the mowing couldn't get done before our event. Not a con, but an observation that you might want bug spray during some seasons.

Reviewer Background as of this writing: played 307 courses and written 289 reviews, via skills hovering around a 900 rating, with folks ranging from age 7 to 87, so I try to write reviews helpful to all.
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Experience: 13.2 years 60 played 25 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Flying disc frenzy 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 27, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


Great tee pads.
Very intuitive layout and easy to navigate.
Good mix of wooded and open, with mostly open holes.
Well maintained.
Good mix of elevation and distance given the park that it is located in.
Other disc golfers are always friendly.
Practice basket right next to parking lot.


Very busy park for non-disc golfers with the walking trails and baseball and soccer fields nearby. People have no regard for walking through or onto the fairways and even the teepads. Multiple times have had to wait several minutes for runners and dog walkers to clear out of my way before throwing.

Other Thoughts:

Fun course to go out and try to bomb your furthest flying disc on multiple holes. Always well maintained, though it could use more trash cans spread around the course instead of only being near the parking lot. Non-disc golfers need to be educated on general etiquette as they make it seem like they own the park at times and the disc golfers are the ones getting in the way.
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Experience: 12.2 years 74 played 5 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Great Course with a People Problem 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 8, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


- Concrete teepads
- Descriptive signs
- Elevation changes
- Good variation on distances
- Nice mix of BH/FH lines
- Well-manicured park (for the most part)
- Nice Gateway Titan baskets
- Generally intuitive layout
- Good mix of wooded and open holes
- Practice basket by parking lot
- Nice local players
- Several mandos that change potential strategies


- No trashcans by teepads - litter spread throughout course
- Pedestrian hazards on several holes (3, 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)
- Long walks from 11 to 12 and 15 to 16
- Grass can get extremely tall for 5 and 6 (land managed by a separate entity from the rest of the park)
- Large amount of ignorant people who have no clue what disc golf is (see "Other Thoughts")
- Some erosion/drainage problems after moderate rainfall
- Strange walk from 4 to 5; you have to retrace your steps instead of going through the break in the woods by 4's basket.

Other Thoughts:

Woodmere is a fantastic disc golf course. The course itself is about as fun as it gets, and the nice variety of shots required makes it perfect for competitive play as well as practice. Unfortunately, the course is located in an extremely popular park that presents several frustrating problems.

1) Litter. All the trash cans are on the parking lot, so some people feel inclined to leave numerous beer cans behind. Some even go so far to place them in trees.

2) Crazy dog walkers. These people come out of nowhere and conveniently walk in the fairways for pretty much every hole on the course. Hardly any such people know about disc golf, and sometimes they will stand next to a basket for a few minutes before getting the hint and moving.

3) Crazy parking lot people. Any griplock on 9 sends a disc flying in the parking lot. Some people (not disc golfers) occasionally park right along the O.B. line, making their vehicles in a very easy spot to get hit. Also, some drivers are straight-up bums. Today, I was throwing several on 9 for practice. On of my discs skipped onto the parking lot, and a man went out of his way to drive over the disc.

4) Crazy soccer players and fans. 1 out of every 3 rounds at Woodmere will require you to skip 14. Pick-up soccer games are played just to the left of the line, and fans/parents/friends will conveniently sit in the middle of the fairway to watch.

5) Crazy walkers and runners. Like the dog walkers, these people are everywhere and pop up when and where you least expect them. I have waited for 5 minutes at one point on 11 just to have an open lane to throw a hyzer. Also, on occasion, these people will see discs close to the sidewalk, and just decided to pick them up and throw them. Today, a buddy of mine threw a shot that rolled next to the sidewalk. A woman (who obviously had seen it rolling) seemed perfectly find to pick up the disc and throw it 20 feet away and continue to walk.

All in all, Woodmere is a great course that is located in an unfortunate park. Until the massive amounts of people are informed about disc golf, there will be frustrating waits and experiences playing here. The course deserves a 4.0, but I had to go lower because of these factors.
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4.00 star(s)

Great for all skill levels. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 14, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


1) The courses are layed out very well so it's easy to navigate. You don't finish a whole and wonder where you go next. (If you pay attention there is an arrow right below the basket that tells you where to go.
2) Great mixture of open and wooded holes.
3) Concrete pads to throw from are the perfect length for a run.
4) The course is very well taken care of. No trash or down trees/limbs in the way.
5) Plenty of parking.
6) Baskets are in great condition.


1) Hole #10 is right next to the parking lot and you need to throw over it to get straight to the hole. Not the best layed out OB in my opinion.

I don't have a lot of cons to list here cause I absolutely love this course.

Other Thoughts:

This is my favorite course in the Evansville area. USI is very beginner friendly but once you have it down there isn't much of a challenge. Mesker is the other course around here and it is NOT beginner friendly and even intermediate players will have quite a bit of trouble. This course is perfect for my skill level which I would consider intermediate.
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3.50 star(s)

Fun park-like course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 18, 2013 Played the course:once


1) Gateway Titan Pro 24 look to be a good basket. I have played some others that maybe were older models that I felt like the chains were much narrower than other baskets because of how they were attached. These didn't have the same issue.
2) Nice concrete tees available here. Why is the #1 long tee stamped and painted? I think that would only lead to issues.
3) Signs with Hole #, Par, Distance, a Map including mandos, and sponsors. They have all of the info needed in my book and look very attractive.
4) While the turf was dormant because it is in the transition zone, it seemed to be in pretty good condition. It was pretty full and I imagine in season it is not an issue anywhere.
5) The design of this course used the pockets of woods very well to create some interesting shots and add some challenge. There were all sorts of types of holes created with these different foliage densities and shapes.
6) There are some open holes, some lightly wooded holes, moderately wooded holes, and also some holes with tight sections of trees to force specific shots. I love this type of variety.
7) There are directionals underneath the baskets just like at Mesker. I appreciate it when you don't have to look for the next tee locations.
8) Practice Basket is available by the parking lot.
9) White Pines are one of my favorite trees for disc golf courses. I love how the branches go straight out and how they sound in the wind.
10) This would be a great place to bring a beginner, because it will allow them to see what disc golf is like, how challenges can be presented, along with being able to watch how far an experience player can throw. I would think this course would be attractive to the beginners in the area, especially because there is almost nowhere to lose a disc.
11) There are garbage cans in a few places around the course which is nice to see they are willing to try to keep the course free of waste.
12) Scorecards and pencils by the sign in box. I think they were out of scorecards when I was there, but there is an effort.


1) The basket for # 8 was missing. I actually threw straight to the basket on #10 instead.
2) The hole with the basket up on the hill is fun but also dangerous. There really is no good way to the top of the hill with all sorts of concrete blocks, roots, etc etc etc. Nothing is consistent and I prefer consistent and safe to the shocking and unique. It may not be an issue for many people, but then there is that one time someone gets hurt. I don't want that to happen and would like to see a properly installed stairway to the top of the hill.
3) While the turf was mostly healthy on most holes, there were a few locations where mulch could have been used, retaining walls could have been installed to help level and area and protect the turf.
4) I am unsure if the branches on the ground under all of the White Pines were from a recent storm, pruning by the parks department or why none of the branches had been picked up. They stopped one of my great shots from being even better so it was disappointing. There is no reason they couldn't have all been pulled to the side of the fairway, so I am assuming it was from a storm. Still worth mentioning even though the course might normally be in better shape.
5) There were a few low lying areas where water had accumulated. I know it was from a recent snow melt but surface drainage might not be enough on some of these holes. Perhaps some buried draintile would be helpful.
6) This is a relatively flat course with only a few holes with elevation change. I like how elevation adds to the variety so I prefer courses with a little more slope.
7) #9 throws over a parking lot, while it is marked as OB, it does not prevent people from trying to clear the parking lot and vehicles. This is a safety issue (for the vehicles) and something that could have been avoided completely because there is plenty of land available in this park.

Other Thoughts:

Be sure to sign the guestbook so that the city knows how frequent the course gets played. I signed it and directed them to my blog page since I feel I am an advocate for travelling for disc golf. It was a fun course and a nice mix to go with Mesker while I passed through town. I enjoyed both courses, although I prefer the extremeness of Mesker, Woodmere was fun too, just in a different way. It is more beginner friendly but it still has its challenging holes. It has a few unique things that you won't get at a typical beginner course so it can really show people what DG is all about.
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2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 4, 2012 Played the course:once


Woodmere has nice big concrete pads and fantastically large tee signs making it easy to spot the next hole. On the sign it lists the hole number, distance and has a hole diagram. The baskets are brand new Gateway Titans which catch great and there's even a practice basket by the parking lot. Hanging off the bottom catching part of the basket is an arrow pointing you toward the next tee so navigation is relatively easy.

There's a nice mix of open, semi wooded and a few wooded holes here as well as a great range of hole distances. I like that the course weaves in and out of the woods rather than having all the open and wooded holes clumped together. While the park is mostly flat, it does have a few areas with elevation changes and the design of the holes takes full advantage of the elevation. There are a few holes that force turnover shots for RHBH players and a couple more with multiple routes to the basket.

This course is a bit on the long side at just over 6000 feet with only 6 holes under 300 feet. Even though the course is a bit longer, it does an ok job catering to a wide variety of skill levels. More advanced players will like that this is a longer course that has some good, challenging holes. Newer players will like that bad shots aren't punished on many holes despite the length of the course, it's easy to find discs since there is almost no underbrush, and there are a couple short ace runs as well.

There are a couple cool and cleverly designed holes out here. My favorites are hole 4, a gently turnover shot with the basket on top of a 20 foot ridge, and hole 8, a big turnover shot with the pad tucked into the woods and the basket out near the wood line to punish you if you turn it over too much.


There are long walks after holes 11, 13, and 15. Hole 4 and holes 13 and 14 are basically out and back holes.

The open holes are good for newer players but I thought they were a little on the bland side despite some elevation changes on a few of them.

Hole 9 plays right over the parking lot which makes for a good OB obstacle, but doesn't seem very safe to me.

There are mando's on holes 4, 6 and 14 (14's mando isn't marked on the tee sign). I don't care for them because they take away the LHBH & RHFH shot but poorly thrown RHBH shots can still land close to areas where other activities are going on in the park. The mandos were put there to keep other groups that use the park happy and to try to make the course safer which is a good reason to have them.

This is a personal opinion of mine, not necessarily a con. There are a number of holes I would consider tweener holes. Only a very small percentage of players have enough D to potentially get a birdie on them, but getting par is easy since there are no obstacles. Hole 5 is pretty cool with it's big uphill right off the tee and a drop off behind the basket, but the putting green is out of reach for even a better than average drive. Holes 7, 10 and 18 are wide open, bland tweener holes.

Other Thoughts:

It's great Evansville has another course and Woodmere does a great job catering to a wide variety of players with it's diversity. If you're passing by, it's definitely worth stopping for a round here and at Mesker.
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4.00 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 7, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


Great course for the area. Uses natural obsticles well. Great parking and tremendous signage. Seriously wish every course took the time to have this guy do their signs.


Titan baskets seem to have heavy chains and prevent a lighter putt from going in if not low on the chains. Fairly open for long arms and a low number of anhyzer or lefty shots which has annoyed at least one person in my group every time I've played it.

Other Thoughts:

For all of my Cons, I still have to give the course a 4. It is a challenging course and is going to set a fire under the city for disc golf because of its access and locatoin.
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Experience: 15.7 years 77 played 7 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Woodmere Disc Golf Course Review 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 11, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


The first positive aspect that you notice about the Woodmere Disc Golf Course is the large parking lot located in the center of the course. It is very convenient if you need to refill a water bottle, pick up an umbrella, etc...

The tee signs are sufficiently large and depict the holes accurately. Also, they point you in the direction of the next hole, which helps a lot at Woodmere.

Another nice feature about the course is the level 12' x 4' teepads. These pads provide plenty of room. Hole 1's teepad is unique because it is an all brick pad that looks outstanding.

The 19 Gateway Titans are top notch baskets. They seem to catch everything that is thrown at them.

A few more positive aspects about Woodmere are the sign-in station, practice basket, and trash cans throughout the course.


Probably the biggest negative aspect about Woodmere is the flow of the course. On multiple tees you are in danger of being hit by a disc from a previous hole. And the walk to 13-14 & 15-16 is a bit out of the way. (Though, this seems unavoidable due to land restrictions)

Currently the course is lacking benches, restrooms, or a water fountain.

Other Thoughts:

In my opinion, Woodmere has a HUGE fun factor. There are many birdie opportunities if you can hit your lines and make your putts. Two holes over four hundred feet and one over five hundred. While this course will never be the most difficult, it could be very scenic if hard work is put into it. Hopefully Woodmere can be a two course complex someday.

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Good addition for Evansvlle 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 22, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


*Well-kept grounds. As an existing park, the grass is already growing and there is no waiting for the course to blossom into what it can be---this is especially nice for someone who tends to throw a lot of rollers, as you don't have to be concerned with awkward kicks and bounces.
*There are plenty of holes that provide ace runs without being simple, boring holes.
*Good mix of distances without making the course seem too difficult for beginners.
*I love the little pieces of wood hanging off the baskets pointing the direction to the next basket.
*Tee signs are fantastic. (Fair warning, some of the "hole tips" are sarcastic. Don't take them all as ridiculous, they're intended to be comical.


*Hole 5? Where is it supposed to be? We found the basket but couldn't find the teepad, which I don't believe exists. There is also nothing marking where it should be. Unfortunately, the #4 basket is one of the few ones that doesn't have the block of wood pointing to the next pad. (FYI, I've been told that the teepad is back down the hill from the #4 basket. We went that way but never saw it. If it is down there I would think there could be some problems with playing the hole, as it runs along a little league field.)
Update 6/17/13. Played again, found that teepad---not that it helped me, I screwed it up----tougher hole. You're way down hill so your drive has to have elevation to get into the open, then the hole curls a bit back to the left with the basket tucked in under trees. Go too far and there is a pretty substantial dropoff that could leave you in bad shape.
* Some holes have a bit of a walk from one to another, but that's unavoidable given the other uses of the park.
*There will be some holes that may not be playable when youth soccer games are going on.
*#4 has a great elevation change, but........I have a really bad feeling that it's going to be awful to go up and down the hill, much less try to throw on it, it you're playing in or after a rain.
*I kind of dislike putting this in the cons, but the brand new baskets kind of need to get "broken in" in my opinion, as the chains are heavy and catch well when you hit them, but they seem a bit stiff.
There is also an optical illusion of sorts with them. The basket itself is very deep to avoid bounce-outs and there are three levels of chains. The thing for me was, with the three vertical rings around the pole and additional depth of the basket, it created the illusion that the basket and chains weren't as wide as most other courses (they're exactly the size they should be, it just took me a while to convince myself of that.) That being said, if you hit the bottom of the basket your disc will NOT come out until you get it yourself.

Other Thoughts:

#1--Good starting hole because you can get in a bit of trouble but still recover for a par. 280 with a low ceiling and goes to the right at the end of the fairway.

#2--Ace run. 219 with another relatively low ceiling a choice of hyzer or anhyzer route(the right is a bit lower than the left, but also a bit shorter to get there.) I went for the right lane and hoped to skip it in (I throw lefty sidearm and got my deuce.)

#3--345 feet with a wide open fairway. The throw will need to go to the left, with the basket under the edge of the canopy of the treeline.

#4. Interesting hole. It's 300, but it will be hard for most people to get there in one throw. Most will throw about 200-250 and land at the bottom of the hill leading up to the basket. The fairway turns a bit to the right and goes up a hill that's almost steep enough to be categorized as a cliff, with what is probably about a 25 or 30 foot change in elevation.

#5---*See update in cons---tough hole. ??????? Can't really say how it plays because we couldn't find where the pad was supposed to be and ended up playing it totally wrong (but probably made it more difficult than it's supposed to be.)

#6--Pretty open, long slow turn to the right, 306 feet. You could theoretically go OB, as you cross the path, but if you do you should be embarrassed, as it's only about 10 feet or less in front of the pad.

#7--Grip it and rip it. 485 feet, wide open fairway, basket is downhill from the tee. You can run the risk of getting into the trees on your second shot if you get about 20 or 30 feet past the basket.

#8--Right turn, Clyde. The hole is only 275 feet, but you're throwing from a pocket set back in the trees and your disc is basically running parallel to the trees to your right. Get it too far right and you're in the trees, land at the wrong angle and you'll roll waaaaaaay out to the left away from the basket. The basket only sits about 20 or 25 feet from the edge of the trees.

#9---I think this was my favorite hole on the course. It's pretty short (I don't remember the exact length, but it's less than 240 and I think more like 215. It could also present some problems, as one choice of throw goes right over the corner of the parking lot which was empty when we played but won't be if there's a tournament. The throw over the parking lot is a regular hyzer for most people. My friend threw a pretty high hyzer that he let fly into the tree just right of the basket (the basket is up a hill from that's probably 15 feet higher than the parking lot below it, and distance-wise it's not that far past the parking lot.) I came in from the other side left-to-right in hopes of acing it under the canopy This forced me to flirt with a lightpole at the back corner of the parking lot. I didn't get my ace, but we both made our birdies. It's not a hard hole, but it might be one that has a lot to say about who wins and who loses, given the birdie run vs. OB possibilities.

#10--385 foot hole that starts with most narrow gap you'll have to hit. About 15 or 20 feet in front of the teepad you have to split two trees that can't be more than 6 feet apart at the base. The fairway traverses a valley and turns uphill and left---be careful to make that left turn and not get too far or you do have the potential of crossing the OB straight ahead.

#11---Ace run~! Downhill and only about 215. No obstacles to really worry about hitting, but there is an OB walking path that runs along the right side of the fairway and the basket is only about 20 feet or so from it.

#12--405 feet, the first 250 or so is wide open. Fairway then becomes a path into tall trees with a moderately low canopy. There is OB that runs the length of the hole on the left.

#13---This hole is set up as a sweeping left turn that's 330 feet, but there is a teaser route that goes directly at the basket. As the hole before, the path runs along the left side of the fairway for OB.

#14--(No sign, so I'm guessing about 310-330) Pretty much straight down the fairway, but you have to keep it low as there are big trees on either side if you stray or elevate. The hole is set to the left behind a large, spreading tree. This hole has a mando (gotta go right) to keep you away from the youth soccer fields, but I have a feeling there will be tons of parents in lawn chairs that may make this unplayable on some days.

#15--Shortest hole on the course. 205 feet, but the basket is tucked in behind a couple of trees. There is also potentially OB if you blow too far past.

#16---Pretty good walk from the previous basket, and a narrow gap to hit when you get there. Get through the gap about 25 feet in front of the pad and the fairway is wide open from there, but the basket is only about 25 feet or so from a thick line of trees. Basket is slightly elevated up about what amounts to two steps worth of bricks and will force you to hit a putt that is around eye level for most people.

#17--Trees to the left, but fairway is wide open for about the first 300 feet of this 350 foot hole. The basket is behind a tree that is only about 20 feet tall but is probably 30 or 40 feet wide.

#18---Grip it and rip it again. Finish with a hole that's about 530 feet, but listed (just like everything else) as a par 3. The fairway is virtually wide open. If you get all the way to the left there are trees and there are two trees about 20 feet apart on the right side, but otherwise just let it fly. The basket sits along a bit of a ridgeline that runs the same direction as the fairway, but there is only about a two-foot difference in elevation that shouldn't really have any effect on how you play the hole.

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Excellent Course Design 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 5, 2012 Played the course:once


Course is brand new! A great mix of wooded holes and open holes. The open holes really let you go for the basket. Nice elevation changes, be careful climbing the hills on 4 and 5. Tee pads are extra long giving good run up ability. Teepad 1 has a box for score cards and pencils.


Park is very busy during the evening hours due to the nearby baseball fields. The hole tips on the signs really are not tips, but more of safety precaution tips while throwing. Be careful on 9 for it one gets away from you it could hit a car in the parking lot.
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Solid Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 23, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


Alot of variety with shot selection and distance. Provides some challenging shots that makes you think twice before just letting loose. Basket placement adds to the difficulty giving some holes a high risk approach if your not careful. A couple of holes provide for some nice ace runs.


The course has some flow issues as both times I've been out there I've met players who had difficulty finding the next teepad. Course can get very crowded as some of the holes are situated right next to baseball fields and parking lots.

Other Thoughts:

It's a fun course to play and is a great addition to the disc golf scene in the area.
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Mixed Bag of Thoughts 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 22, 2012 Played the course:once


It is nice that a town as big as Evansville can finally have two good 18 hole courses. I don't count USI as a course anymore. This brand new course has fantastic teepads, and excellent Titan baskets. In fact I may now like the Titan baskets better than any basket I've played. The signs are fantastic. The elevations used are good, and a good variety of open shots and wooded technical shots are used here. Some good basket locations make putting a tricky endeavor as well.


The course is still rough around the edges. Some steps up the steep hill on 4 and 5 would be a big help to ensure safety. The flow of the course was good at times, and terrible on others. The walk between 11 and 12 was goofy, as well as the walk between 15 and 16. Also, some backtracking and fairway issues may come into play with the flow design. As stated below me, hole 16 does not have a basket yet, they are apparently building an elevated one on bricks that I can't wait to see. Holes 14 and 15 to me are way to close to the soccer fields. On hole 15 they had moved empty soccer goals right in the middle of the fairway. Plus the regulars to this park seem oblivious to our game, so beware of them. One was sunbathing right next to a basket.

Other Thoughts:

The course is a nice and needed addition to the Evansville area. It has some very good parts, but some sketchy parts as well. If you are a visitor, play this course as it is fun. However make sure you play Mesker as well. Mesker is still the best course in Evansville. One more thing: each hole sign has a "tip" for the hole on it. Some of them are informative, but some of them read like a Madden video game. One honestly said : "Throw far for a short putt." Thanks. I was just going to throw a 10 foot shot until I read that haha
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Excellent Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 20, 2012 Played the course:once


+Excellent tee boxes, signs, fairways, baskets
+Easy to follow course incorporates topography and nature well
+Great variety of length and shot type
+Many holes offer a choice of approach shots
+Challenging yet still enjoyable for the beginner
+Easy to find and park
+Beautiful setting with trees and open areas
+ Hole 11 offers a great downhill shot for an Ace!


- Posted Par: The course is longer (6,022 ft) than local courses Mesker (5,862) or Atkinson (5,928). Not a problem in and of itself, but the posted par (54) is for the experienced power player. With only 1 set of tees (which I don't find to be a problem if adjustments in par are made), a more realistic par for the avg decent player would be around 61 with holes 5, 10, 12, 14 becoming par 4s and holes 7 and 18 becoming par 5s. Hole 18 is a monster at 531 and 7 runs 485. The longest hole at Mesker is 465 and Atkinson is 440.
- "Mandos" (mandatory direction) are confusing, irritating and unneeded, particularly on 4
- As of this date, Hole 16 was unfinished. It will be an elevated basket.

Other Thoughts:

Except for the "mandos", there are no cons in this course as far as simply playing the game. The course is beautiful and fun to play. Ignore the "mandos" and you will enjoy this course no matter your skill level. But if you keep score compared to par - take into account the suggestions above.
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Great Addition to Evansville Disc Golf 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 19, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


-Brand new Gateway Titan baskets.
-Twelve foot concrete teepads are level and texture will provide great traction in wet conditions.
-Tee signs might be the best looking signs I have ever seen
-Course makes great use of elevation. Examples of great use and diversity: Hole 5 requires players to tee off and throw up a steep hill through a narrow gap into the open. Hole 7 is a 485' downhill bomb. Hole 11 is a 240' downhill ace run.
-Unique pin positions: A variety of pin locations create tough putting predicaments. The basket on hole 4 is situated on a steep hill, 15' above the fairway. Hole 5's basket is located just inside the woods with a 15' drop down below.


-Flow: the course has some flow issues that seemingly could have been avoided. After hole 4, it seems logical that you would continue over the hill into the opening to next tee. Instead, you have to backtrack to hole 5's teepad. On the back 9, the walk from hole 13 to 14 requires is approximately 500'. You play two holes, then double back between holes 12 & 13 to get to 16.
-On hole 6, you have to tee off from out of bounds. This isn't that big of a deal, just more of a personal pet peeve.
-A couple mandos seem out of place and possibly confusing. They are there for safety purposes, but should be more well-defined.
-Hole 9's best line requires you to throw over the corner of the course parking lot. This is a potential safety hazard and poses potential liability issues.
-There is a lot of other activity going on in the park. There will be some major conflicts at times with other groups and other activities. Be prepared for some holes to be closed during soccer events, particularly holes 14 & 15.

Other Thoughts:

Overall, Woodmere is a fun course that is a much needed addition to Evansville's east side. While it doesn't have the unique character of Mesker or the flow of Atkinson, it is definitely a course to play when you are in the Evansville area.
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Surprisingly Interesting 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 19, 2012 Played the course:once


This course makes good use of the elevation changes in the park. I have always thought of the park as being relatively flat, but the design of the course makes it seem hilly and interesting.

There is a good mix of wooded and open shots. There is also a good mix of short and long drives.

The signs are nicely done, and more accurate than most signs that I've seen. This makes the course pretty easy to navigate.

The course is going to need time to develop, but the fact that I enjoyed it the first time I played it says a lot about its potential.


The park can be very busy on nice days, making it hard to play a complete round without worrying about bystanders. However, I feel the course design does a good job of keeping the general public safe from stray discs.
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