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Yadkinville, NC

Yadkin County Park

Permanent course
3.725(based on 39 reviews)
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Yadkin County Park reviews

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Premium Member
Experience: 26.3 years 19 played 3 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Great Course

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 30, 2023 Played the course:5+ times


The tee pads are great :) Well I was in charge of getting them installed.


Some hills to climb feel the burn.

Other Thoughts:

I have been playing here since it had tone poles, while the course has changed my memories never will.
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Experience: 8 played 8 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Not for beginners, starting to show its age.

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 30, 2022 Played the course:once


- Nice mixture of open park-style holes and wood holes. The challenge is real, and once you get in the woods there are some VERY tight gaps that make you feel like a legend if you hit them. Traffic seems light, as I went on a Sunday morning, and saw just one other pair of players on the course, 20 holes ahead of me.

- Gulley shots lead to some memorable holes, with my favorite probably being 15. Bring your hiking shoes, as you have to summit a steep hill to get to the basket here and on several other holes.

- Birdies feel incredibly rewarding, as they are SO so so hard to come by if you have a noodle arm or lack accuracy. I had two birdie chances (missing both) and both had the pressure of a tournament-winning putt.

- All the water on the course is incredibly retrievable. You may get a little wet up to the ankle, but your discs are safe from Poseidon.


- Holes have been re-arranged since the last review, and parts of the course have been mixed and matched. It's not uncommon to have the new hole sign say one number, the number on the post holding the sign to say another number, the number of the teepad to say a 3rd number, and the faded number on the basket itself to say yet another number.

- More signage is desperately needed, as UDisc was not accurate for me. I missed a critical sign on the way to 12 and ended up mistakenly playing 18, then getting very confused when I went to 19. "Next hole" signs are just vague arrows, and in the woods after the leaves have fallen the trails almost completely disappear. This leads to many uncertain walks as you travel to the next hole.

- Disc risk to the woods is higher than you would expect, with 18 being the biggest culprit, as you shoot a gap then head blindly downhill, with a miss long and left going down what amounts to a lightly wooded mountainside.

- Garbage on the course takes away from the scenery. It's not uncommon on many of the gulley holes to expect a lovely stream at the bottom, only to find car tires, car seats, and half of a rusted our washing machine. A community effort is likely needed to update the maintenance of the wooded section of the course, as the park section is quite immaculate.

Other Thoughts:

Course traffic seemed light for me, and if that's the norm then that's a very good plus for this one.

It did feel like I was walking up a substantive uphill on about 15 holes this course, and with tight gaps and many blind shots, it's easy to shoot poorly and get discouraged. Hitting a tree early on one of the many uphill or gulley holes added big yardage to each hole, further sinking my round. Trying to climb some of the hills with fallen leaves covering them was a fool's errand and I fell several times.

I'd like to come back and try again, but not until I secure some lessons.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 31.3 years 764 played 387 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Get Your Game Face On 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 25, 2020 Played the course:once


Yadkin County Park DGC is a 24 hole course , part park style and much of it woods in a multi use park . First thing you do is throw away the map if you printed one off of DGR . It is useless.There is a nice kiosk down by the parking lot ( park at the very bottom of the hill , not where you see several baskets at the top of the hill . I didn't take a picture of it because I had my outdated one , so I am unsure if it is accurate or not .
The tee pads here are cement , flush with the ground and very large The baskets are nice yellow banded Discatchers , which are easily seen in the woods holes . They may be seen in several different pin positions , requiring you to walk up and look sometimes to see which position it's in . There were benches on the first 7 holes , and partly in the woods . Bag hooks were present in the first part of the course ( classy ) . Tee signs were good for the first 7 holes then it looks like there was a big redesign and the original signage in the woods was covered by plastic coated paper signs . The first 7 holes have rolling hills and are park style . Once you turn left and enter the next 16 , you are playing a woods course with a lot of elevation . You might want to wear hiking boots here .
The first hole is nice . Throwing to a tunnel with rough on the right and a little room left , the fairway goes uphill and to the right . #2 is not the tee pad you immediately see , it is across the road and heads to the woods opposite where you will spend most of your time . I won't go hole by hole . It looked like after #6 , something must have happened , because an old #7 basket was sitting in a bulldozed hill to the right . #7 is now at the bottom of the hill to your right . Basket placement here is great . The holes on the back of the course boast both distance and precision . Many gully shots , #9 and #21 both stand out . Long throws into the front of a hill , with the basket beyond and up . These longer holes are mostly from 8-18 or so . There are confusing routes to some of the next holes . On #21 , the basket sits almost in front of you but on top of the hill . The basket you see to your left and at the bottom is to hole #23 . You have to come all the way back down the hill to play 22 & 23 . Then go back up the hill to finish with a long downhill park style drive through a semi tight doorway .Some of the holes the back of this course can challenge some of the pros . I really liked hole #8 which is a downhill shot across a creek , guarded by rocks on the hill .
It took me a long time , over an hour and a half to play this course . I can't guess for a foursome . ( over 3 ? ) . But the course is both challenging and a workout .


#1 Confusion . The course has a flow for the locals , but there are confusing parts to it . Both with the pin placements , and some really long walks between some of the holes . I came up the hill on a gully shot and saw 2 baskets ( not numbered ) at the top , and neither were what I was supposed to be shooting at .
#2 Group . As in which group does this course try to cater to . The first 7 holes would be a challenge to any locals here . But the terrain and strength of the course really ramps up after that . No more tank tops and sandals . This part is geared for the more serious player in mind . I guess you could walk straight ahead from the #7 basket to the #24 tee and play down to the lot if you needed to .
#3 fill your water bottle . You will be thirsty and tired by the end of your round . Bug spray , too . Can get bad in the woods .
#4 The course could use some more Next Tee signs and some permanent signage in the woods .
The course might be risky in the woods after a good rain . Coming off or going up the steep hills will be a challenge .
Disc Risk is moderate . Long blind shots in the woods can cause a ricochet or rollaway to become a lost disc .

Other Thoughts:

Yadkin will never be a destination course , but it is a very good play . Any time you have 24 holes of disc golf and add multiple pin positions in the mix , you are going to be happy . Nice park , nice woods , long walks , some good challenging holes . By sheer luck , this course sits between great course like Patriot and Keely and Rolling Pines and Ashe County . Couple up this and any 2 of them and you have a full day disc golf . If you work it out just right , You can drive the 30 minutes up I-77 to Round Peak Vineyards for a late afternoon round and some wine .
My Recommendation : Great for pros and intermediates , good for locals and enthusiasts , IMO too much for newbies , dates , families and 1 disc wonders . A good stop for course collectors and travellers riding I-77 or Rt 421 west ofWinston Salem . If you get the chance to be around those sections , stop in and Play It !!!
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 13.3 years 308 played 290 reviews
4.00 star(s)

A new and changed man 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 13, 2019 Played the course:once


-A friend on facebook recommended that I play here, and I was working in Huntersville and thought that today would be a great day to do it since I'm only an hour away from Yadkinville. I made a great decision, this course is awesome. I heard that it was recently redesigned and a couple new holes (19 and 20) were added, making this a 20 hole gem. It's a great balance between open/wooded, has great elevation, and is quite forgiving.

-There isn't a hole here that is bad in my opinion. I think it starts off pretty simple with a few short holes. Hole 4 was in the 402' position when I played and it's a very tough par 3 that I would consider the first big highlight on the course. The tee shot is fun and requires good accuracy to navigate through the woods after about 300'. The green is spectacular! Hole 5 is another decent hole and once you get to hole 6, this course really becomes a sensation!

-I saw on the media that this used to be a par 54 course. Not anymore. With the extra two holes, par is 64 meaning that there are four par 4's and they all were a blast to play. #11 and 17 especially. Both are awesome valley shots that are more backhand friendly. #17 is a beast of a par 4. There's a split fairway that gets tight. The basket is to the left back steep uphill.

-Elevation is very well used on this new layout. #6 is the same from what I saw on the media, so if you've played here then you still get to play this gem of a hole. And there's FIVE pin positions. The one I played today was certainly the best being perched on a rock wall. #7 is a big uphill par 4, oddly shaped fairway that takes you out into the open. Real challenge, but plenty of space. The new hole 9 is a joy to play too, and there are a few valley shots that bring shock on the back nine.

-Fairway variety. I hardly ever sidearm, and I threw plenty of them today. This is a good course to practice your sidearms. I started off on hole 1 throwing a few sidearms just to get some practice, and #13 for is a difficult low ceiling hole that has an unfavorable backhand route, making it better to flick this hole. It needs a few overhead branches cut down but by the time they are cut, this will be a great flick hole. The last two holes turn strictly right and left and they both are next to a creek. Scary.

-So many alternate pins on some of the holes (read cons below)! I think more than one hole here had FIVE pins. That's insane. I haven't seen five before. I can see why many tournaments are held here.

-Concrete Tee-pads are poured and there is hole info on every hole.

-There are stairs when you need them. This course is steep in some places so it's great that a lot of work has been put in already for this new layout. Oh, there are benches too.


-None of the new holes have alternate pins, and I don't know if there is any intention for alt. pins. I hope there is, because I believe as a disc golfer that there are a million holes ready for design and there are so many great opportunities for different pin placements. I think a couple of the par 4s could have even longer pins that turn the holes into beasts.

-Some of the tee areas are quite muddy. I have a long runup; I don't start on the pad (who does?) and I had a couple of shanks because the mud on my shoes got me to slip a bit. A couple of the pads were kinda small too. #16 in particular.

-Hole 3 is kind of a filler. Wide open 243' putter shot. If it's very windy then the road could possibly be a factor but it most likely won't. You won't be too overwhelmed until you at least get to hole 6, well maybe with hole 4.

Other Thoughts:

-Some people were upset about the redesign and I don't see why. Is it because it's still pretty raw? Does it seem pointless that the course changed? Some courses I have played have changed a lot and while I may have loved the course from the start, I typically am even happier with the changes. I guess I'm just the kind of guy that loves to see the different options come to life. I sadly never played the course before it changed, but I'll bet there were some changes here that were more favorable. And besides, you still get to play #6 and #18! Two great downhill shots that make disc golf exciting.

-I thought the course was okay after hole 3, and was solid after hole 5. It really had me jumping up and down on hole 6. Hole 7 seemed innocent being only 432' long. You have to throw a left to right tee shot and hope you are in line for an easy shot out of the woods. Holes 8 and 9 were more about placement and timing since they are shorter and a bit tighter. The next three (#10-12) are all somewhat difficult at the least. #12 is a tough par 3. It's down a wide enough but still pretty tight fairway for 340', making sure you'll pay if you mess up. The accuracy game continues for the rest of the round and the main test would be on #17, #19 and #20. #18 still allows accuracy, but is more forgiving and is more about throwing a few and enjoying the view.

-I loved this course and want to go back soon and take my friends there. When you get here, make sure you pull into the ymca. Your GPS might tell you to go further. Hopefully the ymca in Gastonia will have a course someday too, it has plenty of space.

-This layout is new, and if you want to know more about it or have particular questions, just PM me.
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Experience: 53.9 years 77 played 24 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Too Many Cooks in the KItchen? 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 3, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


Equipment-wise, Yadkin is as good as and better than any course I've played. Though the DISCatchers are beginning to show their age, they are still solid, sightable, functional and fine, including the practice basket, well placed in a wide open area to give ample space for differing distances of tosses, both up-sloped and down-sloped.
The perhaps PERFECTLY poured tee pads, with their in-laid tile numbers are 5+. Except for just a couple limited by topography, they are all more than adequate with ample 12' length and 5' width. Number 6, and perhaps a couple of others are shorter, due to level land limitations. Excellent erosion controlling ground bolted steps down the steep drop in front of the #6 pad make up for the shorter tee, which is still more than adequate and as or more spacious than many pads on other similarly aged courses.
Number six was the first of very few tees without a bench. With the length of the course and the mostly upward elevation changes on so many of the holes, benches are a very welcomed amenity, especially for those of us in the upper age divisions. Yadkin will let you know that you are in the foothills of The Appalachian Mountains. The design makes great use of the hills and valleys within this park primarily due to the creek gurgling and babbling throughout the layout, which only adds to the natural beauty and challenge of the course, as it's not a disc disappearing water body, except maybe immediately following heavy or prolonged rainfall or snowmelt and there are ample foot bridges and fords for traversing it.
Along with the good use of elevations, the design well incorporates the flora to give a variety of directional variances, as well as a more than mundane mix of wide, wide open holes, some of which really allow you to let it fly to tighter and more technical wooded holes and tree guarded greens. As for the fairways in the forest, they are all well defined and more than fair. If you do land outside the wooded fairways, you may have some timber through which to chop your way and occasionally some tree trash with which to contend, but little or no briers, brambles or underbrush. Though hole to hole distances are not greatly different, elevation effected effective lengths, coupled with the differing foliage densities and directional differentials will mandate a wide variety of disc selection and throwing styles and stances.
Back to the highly appreciated benches...they are of various styles and structures and occasionally come in pairs, perhaps for smoking/non-smoking or toking/non-toking. Some tee areas, like #1 and original #1 are exquisitely landscaped. Though this doesn't affect functionality, it does add an eye appealing additional aesthetic to the course.
Trash cans are spread throughout the layout and an Eagle Scout recently installed bag holders at each tee. There is a shelter/players' pavilion at the start/finish area. And perhaps our favorite amenity are the ship steps on #17.
Signage is illustrative and informative. Tee sign color connotes that this is a very solid White level course, on which beginners can learn the various aspects of the sport, while also being a tasking challenge for advanced and pro level players. There is also a very illustrative and informative course overview sign. With all of the many alternate pin positions, it does resemble the rendering of an acid inspired artist. More on that in a moment.
Overall, Yadkin County Park is a grand, superbly maintained recreational area, with a variety of features, including an adjoining nine hole 'wilderness' course that utilizes this course's original tone poles with straight down chains as targets, ball field, soccer pitch, playground, picnic shelters, hiking trails, restrooms and water fountains, a Veterans' Memorial and adjacent YMCA with outdoor swimming pool.
Even its almost immediate access from and to the freeway is a big, positive Pro, as are the nearby rooms, restaurants and retailers just a couple of miles to the west.


The multiple pin positions. Not dual, or even triple, but up to six, which is, I'm sorry, ridiculous, especially when there is one hole for which a second pin placement couldn't (?) be found. The last time I was at Yadkin was right after the tee signs had been installed. I worried aloud that the markers on the signs denoting present pin placement could be easily stolen or moved to a false position. I'm happy to say that all markers were there yesterday, though one was improvised. Only two seemed out of phase, so to speak and one was sort of positioned between two positions. When I asked several years ago about alternating the positions, I was informed that there wouldn't necessarily be specific layouts that would be alternated in some timely matter, like at Cedarock or Southern Community, but would be a fluctuating mishmash of different holes being set in differing alphabet letter positions. This was clearly evident yesterday, with pins in positions A through F.
For variety's and erosion control's sake, I have always greatly advocated for alternate pin placements, as long as it can be done sensibly and safely. Though I see little safety issues involved, except maybe with 3C and where the safety net has been hung behind 10's tee, having up to six different pins is at least a bit nonsensical. I can only imagine that when the subject of alternate pin placements came up some years back, there were just too many differing, overly opinionated opinions on where a second and MAYBE a third position should be, the present 'solution' was deemed and decided to be what would be, as a collegial compromise. Of course, compromise is generally the solution that solves nothing. Having so many choices for greens placement IS unique in my experience, if not confusing and time consuming.
There were just a couple of spots where some limbing/trimming would be good, particularly #10, where a broken, hanging limb with many offshoot branches basically blocked the fairway. I don't detract for that one, as I'm sure that that will be remedied in short order.
The Pros FAR outweigh the Cons at Yadkin and it is a truly excellent disc golf experience, bordering on phenomenal or even being one of the best of the best.

Other Thoughts:

Yadkin has long held a special spot in my heart, as it was here that I played well enough in a tournament to actually win something for the first time, in its early, early days of the tone poles with the straight down chains being the targets for this course, which began on current #14 and ended on present day eleven. And it was at the pool, where I wore my skimpy silver Speedo, to make it with the woman wearing the skimpiest two piece bikini.
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 12.4 years 62 played 60 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Variety Pack 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 20, 2015 Played the course:once


This course starrted out so innocently. 5 holes out in the field that lured me in. I thought I was in for a easy walk in the park, and then the woods happened. For a course whose average hole length doesn't have much variety, this place has a ton of variety in the shots that are required. Some holes are way out in the open and let you grip it and rip, whereas others are deliate tosses through some diabolical woods. The elevation changes are often very dramatic.

It felt like this course really got started on number 6. The throw down that hill into the woods amost seemed symbolic in retrospect, it was like the course designer wanted you to feel like you were taking a trip down to a different place. I loved the transitions from open to woods on this course because it always felt like something new was around the corner.

Tees here are ample concrete. Signs are excellent, and display all of the potential hole positions, which sometimes include A-F! They also clearly mark the position in play on that day. This further expands on the variety here, as it seems this place could play completely differently on different days. Some positions looked like great birdie opportunities, while others on the same hole could play to a completely different location and probably play an entire shot higher vs par.

Surrounding park was surprisingly nice. There was ample parking, a practice basket, a nice course map and kiosk. OB roads were clearly marked on hole signs, and nice wooden arrows either on trees or on the baskets pointed golfers to the next hole. The mando on hole 2, which is a great idea to keep play away from #1's basket, is easily visible and has a permanently marked drop zone. A lot of the little things have been considered here. There are also benches every few holes and bag hooks on most tees.

The terrain is intimidating. A walk around this place is actually a workout with the amount of hills crossed. The course designer made great use of it. Even the small creek is used very thoughtfully to frame some of the green complexes and fairways.

I thought the green on #6 that was up on the hill with the stone wall surrounding it was really fun to play to.

The net up blocking hole 10's tee was really smart considering the blind nature of the teeshot off of 9. It is nice to see courses keeping safety in mind.

There is an extra 9 hole "Outback" loop after hole 8. It plays to tonal poles and is a more tight, technical loop that seems to be a bit of a nature walk. It is a separate course that plays very differently, but is nice to have on site.


Only a few here. Some of the terrain is a bit rough, and it is easy to get feet snagged on roots so keep an eye out for that.

I noticed a few of the tee boxes, noteably 6 and 7, were shorter than the rest and really kept me from having ample runups on those pads.

The other issue I had with the pads is a lot of them have sharp dropoffs at the front. Most are long enough where that isn't an issue, but a few made me a bit hesitant.

Other Thoughts:

This is a really fun course. It doesn't get much hype in the region, but it probably deserves a bit more.

Be sure to check out "The Outback," a very different 9 hole course available on site. Look for it just left of the 9th tee.
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Premium Member
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Perfect mix of Open and Wooded 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 13, 2014 Played the course:once


Great tee signs, possibly the best I've seen. Great long tee pads, especially on the long open holes. Lots of variety available with multiple basket positions on all holes. Great elevation variety, the course starts on a ridge, crosses a stream valley to another ridge line, then some holes in the valley and back up to finish on the original ridge line.

Almost a perfect mix of open and wooded holes, also features uphill and downhill holes. #13 is a great hole, in the wooded valley section, tee is partly up the hill, fairway goes down and left around the hillside with the stream guarding the right side. Gave me that "How the hell am I supposed to ..." feeling.

Dedicated part of this multi-use park, does not look like there would be any others on the course, except for an occasional dog walker. It is very easy to get to, off 421 between Boone and Winston-Salem. So if you are in the area playing Ashe County or the Wilkesboro courses, this one is worth your time. Half the holes will give you a chance to air it out.

From the tee signs and great course shape, you can tell the local club takes great care of this course. Even saw a couple of guys moving a basket when I was finishing.


No restrooms or drinks available at the parking lot, but there is a Community Center building at the entrance and ball fields throughout that probably provide those, when in use.

No other cons for this one!

Other Thoughts:

In addition to the great #13, after airing it out on 8 and especially 9, #10 brings another challenge. Mostly open, but with a line of trees that you have to pick a line around. Left, right ? definitely more than one way to play this one. #18 is a real good finishing hole, after the steep uphill #17 (and a steep walk up to 18 tee), you are back up on the ridge, in full view of the basket and parking lot. While mostly open, you can find trouble on this one if you aren't down the middle.

With benches on most tees, great tee pads, great signs, landscaping and multiple basket positions, this would be a very fun everyday course. Plus, it can be lengthened to provide any challenge for a tournament. Throw in the easy to get to factor and this is a must play!!
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
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3.50 star(s)

Beautiful foothills golf 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 23, 2015 Played the course:once


Yadkin County Park is a beautiful piece of property in the foothills of North Carolina -- and it throws awesome disc golf holes at you. Great mix of open, wooded, uphill, downhill.

+ Beautiful setting. The grass is perfectly manicured and the whole course is gorgeous. Yadkin County is one of the prettiest areas in North Carolina.

+ Multiple basket locations. Read the tee signs carefully to see where the baskets are located on the day you play.

+ Awesome use of elevation. There are some really long, open, downhill holes.

+ The fairways were fair for the distance of the hole.

+ Good tees, good baskets.

+ Easy navigation.

+ One of my favorite holes is #16, which uses a creek as a fairway. You play downhill, flying over the creek, attempting to hyzer out to a landing zone at the basket. Very unique and fun.

+ There is an object course called the Outback that starts in the middle of the main course. It's a fun little 9-hole course with tight fairways. I enjoyed it, but the main attraction for me is the main course.

+ Challenging + fun = great disc golf course


The multiple basket locations can be very confusing, but if you notice the tee signs, you should be okay. Some holes have up to SIX basket locations, so read the signs carefully or else you'll have to run up the fairways of a few holes to see where the basket is.

The course has undergone a redesign and there are a number of new holes. Check the more recen reviews noting the differences you should expect.

Other Thoughts:

This part of North Carolina is rich with amazing disc golf courses:

- Yadkin
- Rolling Pines
- Highland Hills
- Ft. Hamby (yet to play)

And a little further east you have Patriot (Triad Park) and to the northwest, there's Ashe County Park. (I've yet to play this one, but it's currently the #1 course in NC.) Of the courses in the area, they're really all terrific. Rolling Pines is my personal favorite, and the only course I've given a 5-star rating to. But Yadkin is very good. Patriot is also good and I've heard Ft. Hamby is too. Ashe County Park is at the top of my wishlist. In other words, the Highlands and Western Triad of NC are a disc golf hot spot and you should definitely go there!
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
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3.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 23, 2014 Played the course:once


Yadkin had both so much more elevation than expected and so much more variety. Wooded holes, open holes and almost all of them up and down. The thing about including open holes is that they need to be interesting open holes. For me that usually means elevation change, and that is what you get at Yadkin. It starts out in the open for five holes. 6 presents a tight wooded fairway that heads downhill. 7 is a little bit looser but heads back uphill to the field on the opposite side of the woods, where 8 and 9 provide real opportunities to air it out downfield.
As much as the elevation make the course, two of my favorite holes have virtually none. 12 and 13 play on opposite sides of a creek. Both feature multiple turns as you must navigate trees on both sides of the fairway while avoiding landing in the water.
The best hole here is 16. This one is the counterpart of 6. It's heading back down towards the creek, taking you toward the finish. Only this one is a long way down. A tight thread through the woods that needs to get left at the end and still finds the basket just beyond the creek. Tough hole, unique challenge. The runner-up is 17. You climb back up that slope you just threw down, partially and then throw across the valley and creek and then climb to a basket just on the edge of the woods. Great pair of holes.
Yadkin is very well appointed, with tee signs that indicate all basket positions and clearly marks which is current. Thank you. The tees are great. Perfectly sized cement pads, occasionally decorated with shrubbery or flowers. Benches are ever-present and navigation should cause issues for no one. It's also a very scenic park conveniently located near the highway.


I wanted to give this course a four pretty badly when I was finished but in calm reflection, the front nine doesn't warrant it. Not that the front nine is bad, in truth while the back nine is a 4.0, the first half of the course is a 3.25. It's mostly open, and though variety is good, and there is solid elevation even here, it's just a little too bland. I might have thought differently if the baskets were in the deep position but they weren't and I just felt I wanted a little more from each hole. Nice hills though and most of them involved throwing up or down something.
It does share the potential flaws of all courses that rotate baskets. They aren't all equal and sometimes you get the worse ones. I have a feeling that if I had encountered this course with all baskets in ideal positions, I would have given it a four. But I don't know for sure since I never saw that layout, if it ever exists.
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Challenging 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 27, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


**There is an optional 9 hole deep woods course called "The Outback" located next to the pad of hole 9!!**

Main 18: Well laid out course with pin signs on every hole (except for The Outback).
This challenging course will make you a better player.


You will become a hiker playing this course.

Other Thoughts:

I didn't know "The Outback" 9 hole course existed the first few times I played here; I ran into a park employee playing and he told me about it. It is a great deep woods course with very technical lines and some thick foliage that make it that much harder. Although some of the fairways are slightly overgrown from lack of use, it is still very playable. They use a pin setup called "Tone Poles": hollow metal cylinders open on the bottom with chains hanging from above give a nice *ring* when you strike them.

Main 18: One of only four courses I've played, only been playing for a few months, and it has made me a better player very quickly due to difficult lines and narrow fairways on some holes.
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Love this course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 12, 2014 Played the course:2-4 times


Great mix of terrain. Not too many wooded holes, not too many open.

Great signage and navigation

Different pin placements will make it a great place to return to.

EDIT: The Outback! There's a great little 9-hole loop after #9 that goes through some very tight fairways and has tone poles instead of baskets. Super fun.


The tee signs need to tell you which position the basket is in. A lot of times we had to eliminate the ones that it obviously couldn't be and figure, "it must be B for this hole."

EDIT: Not sure if we missed it last year or what but the signs actually DO tell you the placement. And that's one of the best features of the course, the multiple pin placements on every hole.

Other Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this course. If you make your shots, you will score well. It's great to see an established course like this that really gets used. We played on a busy, beautiful (though kind of windy) Sunday afternoon and everyone we met was friendly and cool. As we were about to head into the woods on Hole 5 a guy said, the next few holes will blow your mind, man. Not quite true, but I applaud the sentiment. Hole 5 will break your leg if you go off the front of the teepad, though.
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Experience: 12.3 years 22 played 3 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Great course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 22, 2013 Played the course:2-4 times


Well manicured course, nice tee pads, great scenery, fairly easy to navigate. Had lots of fun playing and was definitely challenging without being absurdly challenging. Shot a 51 first round, not too shabby!!!


It would be nice if pin placements were posted each time they are changed, don't get me wrong I love the multiple pin placements but maybe if there was a way to mark the signage as to what pins are used at each hole just to make a round flow a little smoother. Like a little magnet on each sign over the used pin placement since some holes have up to five pin placements?

Other Thoughts:

Gonna hit it again tomorrow!!!
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der Turkey Vulture
Experience: 8 played 4 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Worthwhile Stop off US421 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 25, 2012 Played the course:once


Easily accessed from US421.
Dedicated DG area, set apart from the rest of the park.
Solid mix of open and wooded holes.
Elevation plays a role.
With up to 4 pin locations on most holes, it can be a different experience often.
Minor water hazzards.
Well laid out course.


Would like to see some tee cards available.
Some really long holes for mere par 3.
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3 4
Gold level trusted reviewer
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4.00 star(s)

Fun course 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 1, 2012 Played the course:once


The biggest thing this course has going for it is the mix of open and wooded holes. it is well balanced in that way.

It was in no way hard to navigate and it was always pretty obvious where the next tee was or where the basket was.

There are multiple basket locations which means this course can be set up differantly every time(not all sunshine here though see cons)

Very beautiful park.

A nice not too overwelming use of elevation.

Teesigns were very nice as well as the teepad and they were always accurate with which position was being used.

benches on every hole.


Well as I said in the pros this course has many options to play which can be good if the options are safe ones. several of the new positions (which I assume have been added over the years to add difficulty) seem to mess with the flow of the course and can cause safety isses. For example when hole 1 is in the longest position you must double back down either 1's or 2's fairway to get to 2's teepad. as far as danger hole 5 longs best option is to throw right over the top of hole 3's basket and hole 17's basket is not very far away if you RHBH hyzer out early thus causing many issues.

Several of the holes could use a little high limb trimming

Other Thoughts:

This course was fun and I feel that if it were in other set ups than it was when I played it I may have given it a higher review. However with the dangers and issues I saw with those few holes it made me dock it a half point or so.

Still I would recommend anyone to go out of there way to play this one as it was very fun. A great 1 2 combo with Highland hills
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DC Bombsquad
Experience: 11.9 years 7 played 1 reviews
4.00 star(s)

FUN START 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 4, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


-Good Mix of open and wooden holes.
-Elevation changes were ok. Would like a few more.
-Great course to get Hooked on Disc Golf with.
-Starts off easier and gets harder as you go.
-Multiple pin locations make playing it each time a new adventure.


-Water buckets would be nice.
-Practice basket would be nice to warm up on.
-Watch out for posion ivy, and mosquitos!

Other Thoughts:

Great course to get started and hooked on disc golf too. Shaved 6 throws off my score from the first to the second round.
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Silver level trusted reviewer
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3.00 star(s)

Glad I played it 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 8, 2012 Played the course:once


- great variety (as mentioned is all reviews). More so wooded/open, elevation changes (you cannot tell from the parking lot what you get to experience on the course.
- variety (part II) with multiple possible pin placements. Don't be intimidated by the 60 or so pins on the course map. The signage is good and the pin placement is marked on each sign. I have only played once, but I'm pretty sure many of the holes would play completely different with the pin in an alternate location
- There are good benches at every hole.
- the course is moderately challenging - fair enough that if you throw accurately you should par on every hole. I'm sure with repetition and leading the local lines, you could play for birdie on many holes.
- it is conveniently located off 421.


- the park is kind of "worn". The wooed holes were fine, I had a little bit of difficulty on the open holes because the "fields" we're slightly overgrown. When looking at them, you think - sweet, open shot, but if your disc lands out of sight, it can take a bit of time.
- more nitpicky, if you play this course regularly I'm sure this is not an issue, but some of the pin placements on blind holes don't quite seem like they correlate with the sign. I was playing behind some locals (which was perfect because I could see where the pin was), but they let me play through. One specifically, 16 I believe, is a downhill, over a creek and then back up. I read the pin placement as straight to slightly right, when it was actually dogleg left. I know, I I would had walked the course. I would have seen it, buti didn't. Just a nitpick.
- for being a park, unfortunately the amenities (restrooms, water?) we're not close to the DGC.

Other Thoughts:

I enjoyed this course. I had a few extra minutes, so I trekked the 45 minutes out of the way to play. It's a little out of the way - don't know if I would plan a stop or hit it up regularly, but if the opportunity presented itself, I would definitely play again. I know someone didn't like hole 3 - I did. On that course, where there are no other "open field shots" (at least in the config I played) it was a refreshing "ace-run" ) who am I kidding......, a birdie opportunity! The course is well worn. I think playing it in the winter would it down on my minor quibble about fields being overgrown. To rate it higher, I would like to see a little more length. I played in the mostly long position and shot a +3. (my RHBH ~250, thumber ~275').
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2 8
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5.00 star(s)

awesome play 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 4, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


This is a great course, well maintained, varying hole styles. It is very challenging and fun to play on. We attempt to play as often as possible. It has signs at every tee box and a large sign with a layout of the whole course on it at the beginning. Best course in Yadkin or Wilkes County by far.


Tight fairways and could use more markers and parking. Too many beer cans and trash thrown on ground and dope heads need to keep there drugs at home.

Other Thoughts:

This is a must play course if you are ever in the area.
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Experience: 13.4 years 104 played 15 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Great Rec to Int.Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 31, 2012 Played the course:once


Very nice pads
- wide and long enough for most run-ups
- #6 was short but it was limited by terrain.
Very good signs
- good detail on trees & pins
- indicator for current pin location
Great mix of shots
- open / wooded, up / down,
Nice use of terrain and small stream
- Good to have some OB & water hazard without risk of loosing a disc


Probably not difficult enough to keep advanced players interested. There are a lot of birdie opportunities.

Only one tee location

#3 is just an open field bore. Not even very long, just slightly up hill.

There's some issues with errosion at some pin locations. Some mulch or ground cover inside the circle and some terracing would really bump this course up a notch.

Other Thoughts:

This course is located on a very nice local park yet the other park activities really don't interfere much.

While this course may not be difficult enough for some, I found it enjoyable and would be happy to have it as my local course.
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Experience: 24.2 years 40 played 6 reviews
4.00 star(s)

2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 1, 2011 Played the course:2-4 times


-YCP is an 18 hole course where several holes have multiple pin placements. It is possible that you could play a round in the morning with the baskets in one position and a second round in the afternoon with the baskets in a different position.
-Most of the holes have some sort of elevation change with a mixture of uphill and downhill holes.
-The course plays about 50/50 with open and wooded shots. The open holes are made more difficult as baskets are strategically placed to bring trees into play. Several holes that are in the woods are even more challenging as the baskets are placed near an OB creek that runs through the course.
-The teepads are long and fairly wide. There is a tile inlay with the hole number at the back of the tee pad. While several of the tee pads are not flush with the ground, the pads are long enough where most golfers will not need to start their runup from off the pad. There are benches at most of the holes.
-The course is in the county park with a playground, "beach" volleyball courts and wide open spaces for other activities. This course is seperate from these other amenities so you shouldn't run into any issues with people using the park for other reasons.
-The course flows pretty well for the most part. There is only one or two places where it is not obvious where the next teepad is. However each basket has an arrow attached which points you in the general direction of the next teepad.
-Teesigns are now at each hole. Since most holes have multiple pin positions, there is a little clip to tell you which hole location the basket is in.


-Depending on the hole location, most of the holes can be completed in three throws or less if you can stay in the fairway. Some of the longer holes are more in the 3.5 range.

Other Thoughts:

Most scenic hole is 9. The tee is at the highest point of the course with a wide open view of the southern skyline.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
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3.50 star(s)

2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 29, 2011 Played the course:once


- Yadkin, located in a spacious public park (replete with a tank!), is an older course with some newer updates that help the course provide a solid 18 holes full of variety and challenge. Multiple pin positions change up the feel of each hole, sometimes significantly. The course begins and ends in the open rolling terrain while the meat of the course works its way in and out of the North Carolina pine forests. A small creek comes into play nicely on a couple of holes. Several technical wooded shots compliment the more open "bomber" holes.
- Great use of elevation throughout.
- Good concrete tee pads, each with the hole number inlayed in tile upon the pad. Benches at nearly every hole. Scattered trashcans. Restrooms on site by #4. Bridges as needed.


- The tee pads, while mostly perfect, have two minor flaws. Firstly, several tees are reinforced (due to erosion I'd imagine) with rounded 4 x 4 timber in front of the pad, causing a tripping and/or toe-stubbing hazard. Secondly, the numbered tiles inlayed in the concrete tees are a bit slick, especially when wet. Both of these issues are minor and might be avoided; however, they will cause some players issues.
- No tee signs, which makes things a bit tricky in one or two places, especially with the multiple pins. The lack of signs is greatly mitigated by the tiled hole numbers located on the concrete pads.

Other Thoughts:

- Yadkin has a peaceful, awesome vibe to it that makes discing there a rewarding experience, regardless of score. Its minor flaws do nothing to diminish a well-designed and fun course.
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