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    Review by gcrussell4 in course Briscoe Park

    4.00 star(s) Thank You Alvin Let me be clear from the get go that the actual quality of the disc golf is a bit below the 4.0 rating I gave the course, but this course cannot be evaluated without giving credit to its unique amenity. For any unfamiliar, the Briscoe Park course in Alvin is FULLY LIT AT NIGHT...
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    Disc Golf Course Analysis

    I did. :(
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    2016 Memorial Championship presented by Discraft

    My brother did say on Facebook, "Just had the luckiest shot of my life. Putting for 2 on hole 12" - so possibly.
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    Disc Golf Unchained - VIDEO GAME!

    I also like the Pines course, but the pine trees are way too grabby. Tons of times I have clearly not hit the tree, but my disc all of a sudden gets knocked down. They kind of remind me of those little scraggily bush trees that are like brick walls if you touch a tip of a branch.
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    Central Coast Disc Golf - CCDG vids

    I've been in full time lurker mode for a while...just needed to drop a line.
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    Central Coast Disc Golf - CCDG vids

    You're the man...much appreciated!
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    Central Coast Disc Golf - CCDG vids

    As a disclaimer right from the start Ian, you guys are far and away the best at what you do. I watch most everything, but you are the only ones I sub. I know that anything you put out will be quality. Speaking of which.... Did something happen in the Round 4 chase video from Worlds this...
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    Review by gcrussell4 in course NGCT - Original

    5.00 star(s) Put it on your wish list This course is better than its current rating. This is truly a destination quality course. I was in town to visit my in-laws north of Atlanta and saw this course had pretty recently been developed in the area and so I took the drive to go visit. First impression...
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    Review by gcrussell4 in course Reservoir Park

    3.50 star(s) Maybe a bit too tight Course is located in a nice little park and plays up and down a hillside through the woods. In general it is a deuce or die style course with several holes in the 250' and under range. If you are really dialed in you could walk away with several birdies making this a...
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    [Innova] Mini Star Glo Roc

    I have a mini star glo roc that I love, but don't know a lot about. Anyone know much about the rarity or value of these as I would love to get my hands on a few more, but don't know much about them?
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    MA1 for Worlds is FULL!!!

    Hallelujah! I have no doubt that I will love every course I play and the experience will be great--I just want to make that decision myself instead of having to hear about it over and over. No doubt NC will dominate at Worlds this year being local and familiar and having so many high rated...
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    When should you move to pro?

    My not very scientific breakdown of a few numbers: Last year's top 12 at Am Worlds: 8 now play pro 4 still play advanced of those 4, one is felix, three are nc.
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    MA1 for Worlds is FULL!!!

    And that is certainly the most important thing--I am in the same boat. Sorry for whiney post, just annoys me to hear about how tough things are out there for people to move up when the reality is that it could all be solved by a big group of people all committing to move up together. As is...
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    MA1 for Worlds is FULL!!!

    What you arrogant NC players are failing to realize is that just because you have to play well to cash in advanced/cash in pro doesn't mean that the top half of your advanced fields shouldn't be playing pro. If you had the borderline guys who are successful in advanced consistently moving up...