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    The Inevitable 2017 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    I bet she'll still THROW Innova. She's not out shopping for another sponsor, she's just not wishing to be sponsored by them.
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    The Inevitable 2017 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    Thanks for the feedback I appreciate the feedback and I also realize that I may not ask every question people want answered. Sometimes that might be intentional and sometimes it won't. It will depend on the style of the interview, the setting and the intent. As I said, SmashBoxxTV's Tuesday...
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    The Inevitable 2017 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    Soft Journalism I'm not sure it's my job on SmashBoxxTV's weekly podcast to "ask tough questions" because frankly, we're not there to put the player's in those positions on a pretty light-hearted show and setting such as that. I'm not saying we never put anyone or any company on blast from...
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    American Disc Golf Tour

    Remember - I'm deaf in one ear ... Wait, You guys could see that? ;)
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    Disc Golf Pro Tour

    It is called the OPEN division right now and we are a few years away from having Q-School and such so if there are 910 rated people that want to sign up to get a shot at this then I think, "good for them". The day will come where they won't have that opportunity but again, I think that's a few...
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    Enough of DGPlanets exclusive coverage of worlds!!!

    No Drones Here SmashBoxxTV had the use of drone for a very brief time frame but then this happened: However, even if we had one up and running we will NOT be using one during any live feeds. I feel there are far too many challenges and issues with them at this...
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    2015 "Steady" Ed Memorial Masters Cup

    The Struggles Are Real The Final Round | Part 1 is posted now. I just hope I'm not too ignorant or overweight to get the final 12 holes done. Wait, was that looking for a pat on the back? Oh man, I guess I just can't help myself with these struggles.
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    Pure Hyzer Productions - Legit Final Round Coverage Videos!

    Ironically enough - I debated if I should chime in. Heck, I rarely have time to check out DGCR forums and someone else pointed me to this conversation piece and when I was brought up, I figured at that point it was appropriate I at least chime in. The long and short of what this conversation...
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    Pure Hyzer Productions - Legit Final Round Coverage Videos!

    Thanks for the feedback here guys. Everyone has different likes and dislikes and I realized a long time ago I can't please everyone with the volunteer efforts I've been putting out for more than 5 years now when it comes to video coverage. However, I feel it is worth me noting 2 things here...
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    2014 Texas State Championships NT

    I hope I'm not bigger in Texas I've been to Texas to play in the 2002 World Championships and to Twin Parks to cover the Vibram Match Play. One week from today I'll be there to cover this event. Plain and simple - I'm looking forward to it!
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    2014 Tourney Videos

    You never know ... First off - thanks for the compliment. I'm realize there are a number of people doing filming, editing, and both live and post commentating. I've now had the challenge of many different formats and I'm always looking to improve. I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I almost...
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    2014 Tourney Videos

    Hmmm Funny you say this because that just might be in the works;)
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    2014 Tourney Videos

    Bigger and better Answering the 'do we plan to charge' question?: No - we will not charge a subscription price to view the footage. People will have ways to donate or to make purchases which will enhance our assets, hardware, and overall quality but there is no plan to charge for people to...
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    2014 Tourney Videos

    2014 Memorial via The Disc Golf Guy Call it "resourceful" or call it "lazy" but this is exactly what I posted in The Memorial Tournament thread a few minutes ago. I felt it was very applicable here as well: I almost never have the time to get onto boards like these and get caught up. In all...
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    Snow Blown Open

    The $5 IRO Fee is WAIVED as long as you sign up by January 15th! It is time for the Snow Blown Open 6‚ which will be held at Hatten Park in New London on Saturday, January 25th‚ 2014. This event is Hosted by Lifetime Disc Sports & Skyline Disc Golf and is a PDGA C Tier event and the first...