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Finder's fee

I said in one of the previous threads about this subject, that I would no longer comment on lost/abandoned discs.

I will instead leave you with a lyric from the group Badfinger: If you want it, here it is, come and get it, but you better hurry cause it's fading fast....
I recently found an iPhone on the course, was locked and I had no way to know whose it was. A simple text among disc golf buddies quicky determined who it was. I returned a phone worth a few hundred bucks and was rewarded with a, "Thanks dude, super stoked to get it back". I didn't do it for money, but sometimes it is nice if someone makes an effort to give some gesture of appreciation. If I were to put one of my well-seasoned "non-replaceable" discs into the drink or off of a cliff, you better believe I'm giving someone a few bucks if it finds its way back home.
I knew a girl once that was driving in St Louis and hit a pot hole which caused her hub cap to come off. They pulled over and saw that it has rolled up to a woman at the buss stop. She wanted a finders fee.