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Sep 20, 2007
I know I am not around like I used to be. But I wanted to share what DGCR has done for me, as well as give some of the other veterans a chance to share what DGCR has done for them off screen. DGCR gave me hundreds of hours of education and entertainment behind the screen but off the screen it helped shape my life.

I am DGCR number 186. I joined in September of 2007. Through DGCR I have met dozens of people in person that I never would have met otherwise. I also have a large group of people that I have never actually met, but we have interacted with each other's lives. The first real-life interaction from DGCR I can remember was meeting JRAWK. We explored a local course together, then we started travelling together to play new courses and play some tournaments together. We then worked on creating a local club and a new course together. I was best man at his wedding. With him I held a few board positions that I was able to use on resumes. While scrolling the site, a cocky guy name KATCHZ posted he could throw 690 feet and asked "Is that good?" JRAWK (Jerry) and I drove to meet him to prove he was full of crap. This guy pulled out a couple destroyers and on the very first throw he threw 690 feet. He ended up being one of our regular traveling partners. We got him in touch with John Biscoe and he went to the BIG D IN THE DESSERT distance competition. A decade later Katchz (Trey) and John Biscoe created one of the greatest new courses on the East Coast called "Lake Marshall".

DGCR has helped me with my career as well. When I wanted to start a disc golf clinic and mini-tournament for Deaf children, users that I have never met sent me donations for discs and prizes. 2 Deaf members of DGCR came to the event to support me in person. With their assistance and the help of another DGCR user, I was invited to teach disc golf at Eastern Deaf Timberfest. I have also taught disc golf to children with visual impairments through Camp-Abilities in Maryland and New York. DGCR members supported me in my run for PDGA State Coordinator, which is also a great thing to throw on a resume. Through the contacts I made I was asked to participate in the area's first ever Special Olympics Disc Golf event. I was also asked to present at numerous physical education conventions, most recently, I was just asked to present disc golf at the SHAPE Michigan Conference in November.

DGCR has also helped my dad and I bond through disc golf. He is now a course collector and we discuss every new course we play over the phone. Because of DGCR, we were invited to play Flyboy, the number 1 course in the world at the time, right before the doors shut for good. Sharing a day at Flyboy with my dad is an unforgettable experience. We have probably played 2 dozen course together in at least 5 states.

The users of DGCR have been supportive over the years in many other ways. I had a user contact me out of the blue that he found my disc. The disc was brand new with no ink, but he knew I threw that mold and I was in town that week and figured out it was mine. I had a user send me an envelope of quarters when he knew I was starting to fill out a quarter collectors book, I have had a user send me money when I was the victim of a cyber theft, and I had a DGCR user give me a facebook page which another DGCR user and I ran until a 3rd DGCR user purchased it from us. I have purchased art from DGCR users, collected funds when they had a family emergency, and have sponsored people I have never met, but have talked to for over a decade. There are probably 5-6 DGCR users that I have never met, but would be more likely to help them out before helping out certain family members.

I could list 50 other anecdotes how DGCR has been beneficial for me. For the new administration, you have inherited an entire community. I have followed the lives of several users and watched them grow into professional players, board members, professional artists, professional poker players, professional photographers, and business owners. The threads on this site are our history. Please share how DGCR has had an impact on your life.
It has allowed my to toss my three ring binder of printed PDGA course pages that I was keeping as a course counter.

DGCR was also a very important outlet, as I went back to floor nursing during COVID. My documenting and discussing that period was a crucial coping mechanism, during a pretty trying time in my life. There were several very patient and compassionate posters here.
Man some great memories because of DGCR, The DGCR Hawk Hollow Meetup was great. Just saw a photo of me from that event pop up some where recently. I also got to road trip with Prerube and Jrawk down to Flyboy, sad to hear it is no more.
It was not a DGCR moment, but rather a moment we shared. Thank you so much for carding me with two of my friends at a tournament a few years ago at Seneca. I struggled on whether or not to play the day after my father's death.

The compassion you showed and allowing me to be surround by my friends helped give me the light I needed that day in getting thru a difficult period. So Thank you Prerube for allowing that moment to happen. We miss you on the old guy's Am circuit. You should join us at some point whenever your schedule allows. No rush will be there.
I've lost count of all the people I've met on here which is something considering I've lived in the pacific northwest my entire life and there is very little representation from the area. Just recently I met up with playrecords and we had a great weekend playing some really fun courses and laughing about all of the sillyness on DGCR over the years. I realized that the amount of people on this earth who would understand that humor is a very small number and appreciate that as much as I could. I'm meeting up with wolfhaley tomorrow and can't wait to meet him and have some fun. The older I get the more I appreciate the little things and have learned to live in and enjoy the moment.

Many years ago Cefire and myself organized a DGCR meet up at Horning's Hideout and I got to meet tons of people there.

I've had lots of discussions in private and on the forums with people here, and learned many things from these conversions some about disc golf or politics or life in general. Sadly there are some people here who were banned who I enjoyed very much but I have no way of getting ahold of them but that's life, people come, people go I guess.

I would love to play a round with anyone on this site, I know that we could have fun in disc golf because disc golf has a tendency in my experience to bring people together at least in person.

Prerube, thanks for the thread and for popping your head up to say hi. You're from a time of the forum that brings out all of the feel good nostalgia in me.

NEVER forget to use the search button. :D
NEVER forget to use the search button. :D

Except Prerube broke his own rule!!

Man some great memories because of DGCR, The DGCR Hawk Hollow Meetup was great. Just saw a photo of me from that event pop up some where recently. I also got to road trip with Prerube and Jrawk down to Flyboy, sad to hear it is no more.
Your utili-kilts are their own memory
Except Prerube broke his own rule!!

I was waiting for someone to find that. 🤣
It was almost word for word.
I am an introvert by nature (INTJ on the Myers - Briggs scale). Joined this site 10 plus years ago mostly to seek out new courses and to catalog the ones that I have played. A couple years ago dipped my toes into the forums and got to know some folks from their postings.

I sent a message to martin dewgarita a couple years ago and he showed me Pathway of the Gods and the Eagles courses and it was a great time.

I reached out to elmexdela since I appreciated his posts here and we played a couple of rounds together and got along great.

I commented on wolfhaleys Kansas City roadtrip thread enough that he invited me to join him (and mrs wolf) when they swung thru Mpls last year. Fantastic meetup and hope to join them again next month when they are back in town.

Reached out to sillybizz since I was headed to SLC and read his excellent review of Solitude Mtn. He was gracious enough to spend a couple days throwing with me and we had a great time.

(also we found the hole on hole 8, and there was a stick in it!)

Bottom line is that all the folks I've met so far thru this website I have been glad to have spent time with. Hope to meet more of you in the future!
Reached out to sillybizz since I was headed to SLC and read his excellent review of Solitude Mtn. He was gracious enough to spend a couple days throwing with me and we had a great time.

(also we found the hole on hole 8, and there was a stick in it!)
That was freaking hilarious! Yes beware of the hole on hole 8 with a stick in it at Solititude! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

I am an introvert by nature (INTJ on the Myers - Briggs scale).
... And you even put up with me and extraverted self talking to everyone as we walked by! Good times, buddy :)
Loved it, 10 out of 10... Looking forward to your trip to Minneapolis.
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Oh man, where do I start?
(How about with some copy and paste haha. I reserve the right to edit)

..Chronologically I suppose...

Had a ton of plastic, found the disc forum here back in the good ol days of Prerube and Frank D. Learned how flight numbers work etc.. Got better, ended up with the nickname "the technician" because my rudimentary knowledge was head and shoulders above other local folks.

Learned of the Comet and Ion, got both and played exclusively with them for 4 months. It reshaped my throw and accelerated my amateur career. Also made me a gyro fan, when I finally figured out how to throw it.

Also learned that there were A-holes out there that could throw a wizard 300' like Mike C and I realized I probably didn't need a mid from 50' or a driver at 150'.

Shaped my throw off Dan Beato and Bradley Walker's "more snap video" a couple giant Aha moments.

Started putting more together with SW22's stuff, Rhatton1 and LoPan's disc physics... and the continued discussions.

Had multiple interactions with DG celebrities, designers and throwers. Also enjoyed the heck out of 3p's history lessons.

A shout out to all the guys that shipped me stuff cross border, you are all DG heroes for the hassle... Artemisclydefrog for that box of envy's. throwasurge became ThrowaEnvy. Grip for that free signal, I just started a PIF gyro thing up here with it seemed like the right thing to do, oh man who did I get the Halloween envy from? (KW's got me a couple)..(melon envy guy was who I meant, that was a below market price from one DGCR'r to another) Stand up dude I know him when I see him but it slips my mind.. Same with the fella that sent me the 143 fr fission photon I won Masters at Cortes with it and banged an ace.. (Kaiserflippin'.. it was a random toss in to make nit 2 discs for shipping).
Streets for sending me that MJ glo/esp comet despite getting nailed on shipping stand up dude. Monocacy for a hell of a deal on some super far flying discs.

Learned more about form and stopped hurting myself. Hooked up with a couple locals

Course related things and directions have been very useful.

Big shout out to all the professionals and married to professionals in the Covid threads... it's helped me through a tough time with information second to none.

Same with the gyro folks, there's more around now but the only people I can talk to about that stuff are on here.

Heck even a shout out to the trolls... for amusement purposes only... haha

Elmex for his subtle and classy deadpan style. I like your style sir.. You gotta get the digs..

The answer is still the people here. I couldn't imagine where my game wouldn't be without DGCR
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You (prerube) were the first of many friends I have made on the site and have played a few rounds with you and your dad. You also introduced me to the forums which were quite crazy back in the day. DGCR vs DGR wars. Prerube fan club wars. Disc Golf Mafia, etc etc. Also gave me a place to keep track of my courses played (previously used an old PDGA paper course directory for that purpose). I miss some of the old characters on here, except for Frank D. We never got along very good lol. I ran out of courses to play in Florida so moved to Ohio and have now hundreds of new courses to bag! DGCR for life!
November 2008 I think
Way better than pdga site. Got hooked on the forums quick but really wasn't a big poster.

Ended up putting in some private and public courses in with the know-how of many of the old timers on here. Was able to buy 30 acres and a house in 2013. Immediately started working on the dream. Celebrating 10 years at Mill Creek all month :)

Checked on the dgcr site every day for almost 15 years until the site changed a few months ago. (Work has been insane and still getting used to the new site changes). That's a lot of days seeing who's in the top ten and hole of the day. Glad our course was able to make it on HOTD.

Gunning for top ten but I'm still looking for DGCR members to play our course. We're #5 in MI for DGscene and 4.9 on Udisc so gotta be at least 4+ discs.

I'm the only one who reviewed Mill Creek on here so help solidify the "Build it and They Will Come" pitch I gave my wife when I said we're all in

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