Fine Tuning Form for 450+


Jan 9, 2024
During the past month of this offseason, I have been utilizing a net and tech disc to make some form changes and increase both distance and accuracy. I've been working for about a month while playing very few actual rounds, and I've already seen some significant improvements, but I'd like to get some feedback to ensure I'm focusing on the right things for the rest of the offseason. Distance is currently at 400-435 on demand, with a throw or two per field work session reaching 475. My current goal is being able to reach 70mph arm speed consistently. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Looks like you are try to push too late off rear foot which collapses front knee and rear foot slips out.

You're doing what I'm doing (maybe for the same reasons, which is why I'll comment). I'm trying so hard to stay on my back leg instead of "falling" onto my front that I'm not getting off that back foot. It probably feels very powerful because it's not falling onto that front foot...but it's making that back leg more of an anchor and burning out behind you. We throw about the same distance, and for me the issue continues to be finding that right "balance" between staying on the back foot and not staying on it too long. I've gone from a "far too early" weight shift to a "far too late" one. The latter definitely feels more powerful, and has helped increase disc speed...but it's definitely not optimal.

For me the things that continue to look the best on my self-videos are the runups without actually throwing. The throwing bit seems to be what gets me off the right rhythm. My "swing thought" on that part of it is more like "slide" into that brace. That's probably not the right word, but it's the thought that gets me from "step" to "transfer weight via legs/hips".