Form advice please


Oct 17, 2023
First time poster here looking for a bit of form advice. I've been playing very casually for a number of years but only started to really focus on form about 3 months ago, since then I've been doing 4-5 field sessions a week and have seen a big improvement, from 250ft on a good throw to around 400ft now (my initial form was atrocious), but I know there's a ton more for me to work on. Would appreciate any advice on the key areas to focus on and any problems that need tackling as a priority.

Things I've been focusing on in the last couple of sessions:

- Trying to stay upright and rotate rather than leaning into backswing which I was doing very heavily
- Driving the off arm - I've really struggled with this and feel like this is probably causing me some issues
- Having plant foot at 90, have a bit of a tendency to angling towards the basket

Looks like you are throwing uphill and hugging yourself. Need to turn your torso/shoulders further back to allow the upper arm to widen away from the body and create a longer whip/pull back on bow arrow. You also plant the front foot turned quite open.
Screen Shot 2023-10-25 at 12.41.54 AM.png