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Hilariously Bad Backhand Form, Please Advise

Feels like my lower body action is better but my upper body action got worse again lol
Your aren't landing in dynamic balance on front leg and it is collapsing and jerking. Note how unstable your front foot(and rest of body) is in your followthru/finish.

Screen Shot 2024-05-15 at 2.27.53 AM.png
Looks better, a little too heavy on the rear heel, or too light on the instep/ball of foot as your foot tends to slip.
Spectated the OTB Open on Friday (which was freakin' incredible). Got to throw a Tech Disc a couple of times. Sharing without further comment, don't think any input is necessary but just thought it was interesting.



My double dragon isn't pretty...

Finally tried to start working on x-step

First one is one of the worst (and more common), second is one of the better ones.

Honestly went better than I thought it would.

Was able to get about 50 feet more distance than standstill with significantly less strain on the arm/shoulder, but of course the consistency was all over the place (but not as bad as I was expecting).

Main issues I notice are reaching back early, collapsing the plant leg, not getting sufficient can crush into the plant heel, rear foot turned back too far, not getting tall/balanced on top of the rear foot during the x-step.

Interestingly I seem to have less of an issue with the front shoulder opening early than I do with the standstill.
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Hershyzer - bend your rear knee so you can stack your hip over the foot and turn further back in the setup. Looks like your rear leg is locked out and blocking you.
Screen Shot 2024-05-24 at 11.56.22 AM.png

DD - looks stiff and maybe trying to stride too far. Your feet are spinning out on the ground instead of resisting spinning.

Throw - looks like way too much stagger. Throw some pure hyzers and step opposite diagonal starting rear left tee and striding toward front right tee.
Setup turned/coiled as far back as you can windup. Wiggle your butt in the setup.

Note how my rear hip is leveraged forward and my lead elbow is back over the foot.

Err - your lined moved forward when it saved.
Screen Shot 2024-05-29 at 1.11.39 PM.png
I just had the round of my life. 6 stroke improvement over my previous PB on that course. Drives were hitting, putts were falling.

The Drew Gibson stuff that @Brychanus has been posting recently seems to have really resonated with my. I watched that video and then a bunch of his others including the Bodanza series. Have been practicing the moves the last few days, throwing into the net, and today is the first day I've actually thrown with those swing concepts live and the results were way better than expected (after some tinkering through the first few holes of course).

Idk if this is the right feel, but on my drives it felt like my arm really wasn't doing anything, which is a strange feeling and made it feel like I had no idea where the disc was gonna go. But ultimately I guess it went where the legs told it to. Wild stuff.
Hershyzer - in addition to his last tips, need to focus on coming off the rear foot instep.

I'm not sure you are fully "presetting the booty," which is what he last showed in post 187 and why his pelvis is sloped more up toward the ceiling/sky.

I had to start at this guy's butt for a while and try the original pitching drill high against a wall to figure out what was going on, including the leg lift:

When I "preset the booty" the move feels like there is no trouble getting my whole body drifting forward staying leveraged from rear foot instep, and I drop into the plant on the "braced tilt" we talk about/Gibson and other pros use etc.

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