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HOD 4/23/2015: McCulloch DGC Hole 3 in Muncie, IN


* Ace Member *
Oct 18, 2008
Milwaukee Area
Course Rating of 3.79 from 17 reviews.

Hole 3
Par 4
460 ft.
Water in play


Basket to tee:

Course Map

Dx Eagle X and either an Excel Ghost or S Wizard upshot. Par.
I'll go Boss-Leopard-Nova/Aviar

wish I had a roller shot in the repertoire...
Hyzer flip a patriot and hope it flies straight and low under that ceiling. Upshot with Roc3, Harp, or Judge depending on where I end up.
If I recall correctly, the trees directly in line between the tee and the basket don't start until more than 300 feet, so I didn't worry about the ceiling (I can't throw the 350' plus necessary to make them a problem). So my tee shot is my dependably fading beat up star Destroyer, fading left for a clean upshot with my trusty CryZtal Buzzz if 'away', or my VP if I got in close enough.
Oooh a course near me! I always throw a predator on this hole along the tree line/creek and let it fade and skip back to the basket.

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