How many courses have you played that are the highest rated in their state?


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Sep 8, 2012
Being that I have only played 52 courses, and am still relatively new to the sport, I think it is interesting how many courses I have played that are the highest rated in their state. And while I haven't bagged a ton of courses, I have a good view of what each of these states has the best to offer:

Ohio - Deis Hill
Texas - Selah Ranch (and Shawshank, Lindsey Gold)
Missouri - Waterworks
Illinois - Foundation Park
Indiana - Seviren Lang
Kentucky - Idlewild (and Lincoln Ridge)
Pennsylvania - Deer Lakes and Moraine, 2 and 3 rated courses
West Virginia - Orange Crush and Seth Burton, 3 and 4 rated courses
Kind of the problem with "highest rated" is that its a moving target, and in states like mine, the top rated list looks more like "top rated courses that happen to be in urban areas". The #13 rated course in my state blows away most of the ones on the top 10 list, but is sitting down at that number because of a few pissy reviewers who think 150% of a course's merit relies on it having tee signs.
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True. But the question is "highest rated", not "best", and for the sake of the O.P.'s question you're probably stuck with the actual ratings, and threshhold used in the Top 10 list.
True. But the question is "highest rated", not "best", and for the sake of the O.P.'s question you're probably stuck with the actual ratings, and threshhold used in the Top 10 list.
In which case, I stick with my answer, by refusing to answer, as the list for my state is garbage. This site needs another worship of bad statistics thread like anyone reading it needs a bout of the flu.
I'm going by a minimum of 9 reviews as new course fads keep popping up:
PA - Tyler (barely makes my personal top 10 in the state of PA, but I digress)
MD - Seneca (Ditto Farms(played) and Turkey Hill are rated higher, but brand new and only have 3 reviews)
DE - Iron Hill
VA - Hawk Hallow
NC - Black Jack
TN - Harmon Hills
NJ - Stafford Woods
WV - Paw Paw
Sadly, I haven't played BOP in my home state yet, however:
DE - Iron Hill
GA - WR Jackson
MD - Seneca Creek
MN - Blue Ribbon Pines
NV - Zephyr Cove
NY - Brakewell Steel
OR - HH Meadow Ridge
PA - Tyler
WI - Rollin Ridge
WV - Whippin' Post
I guess if I have to limit it to top rated, I can only claim Idlewild (KY), because it's clear-cut. I've played Seviren Lang (IN), which is the highest rated there that has more than two reviews. In my home state (OH), Mt. Airy and Handyman Ace Hardware are close to the top, as is Shawshank, in TX. My other 13 states were bagged on expediency over quality, so far!
Is there a list of said courses? Or do I have to look up each state individually.

I'm going to go with nearly most of them, it will probably be easier for me to list the ones I haven't played. I'd like to know how to figure it out with minimal effort.
OK, I've played 34 of 50 currently listed on the "top ranked" page.

Marana Rock - AZ
Old Post - AR
Iron Hill - DE
WR Jackson - GA
Foundation - IL
Severin Lang - IN
Wildcat Bluff - IA
Jonest Park West - KS
Idlewild - KY
Maple Hill - MA
Flip City - MI
The Res - MS
Waterworks - MO
Diamond X - MT
Cottonmill - NE
Zephyr Cove - NV
Brakewell Steel - NY
Ashe County - NC
Deis Hill - OH
The Lodge - OK
Hornings - OR
Tyler - PA
Ninigret - RI
Stoney Hill - SC
Tuthill - SD
Harmon - TN
Selah - TX
Base Camp - UT
Shelton Springs - WA
Whippin Post - WV
Rolling Ridge - WI
Dry Creek - WY
I've played 20 of them so far, should have a few more after this summer.
Four. Thought it was two, until I read Mashnut's list. I'm most surprised to find I have played South Dakota's #1.
just 2 (Wildcat Bluff & Blue Ribbon Pines), though that covers 2/3 of the states I've played in.
I've played half of Oregon's top 10:

#2 Milo McIver
#3 Whistler's Bend
#4 Pier Park
#5 Dexter Park
#7 Adair

Milo is, imo, definitely worthy of its spot (I might rank it #1, but I haven't played Hornings yet to know for sure). Whistlers, on the other hand, despite an absolutely phenomenal setting and some out-of-this-world holes, has a few disappointing/boring holes as well. Pier Park, similarly, has a great setting (huge Doug Firs), but a few holes where the scenery obviously took precedence over the golf (no real flight lines at all). Dexter and Adair I think are both rightly in the lower half of the top 10. Both are solid courses, with unique features and character, just lack a little bit of the scenic qualities that seem to be required for a top-5 course.

Courses that didn't make the top 10 that I think maybe should have:

#17 Blue Lake Regional Park
#18 Bryant Park

Both of these courses are fantastic, but rough. Blue Lake, for example, is obviously getting rated down because of its monstrous disc-eating rough. I was fortunate enough to play the course in the Winter when the rough was short, but the group of beginners I played with that day would literally have lost every disc in their bags by the third hole if the rough had been in its summertime 'glory'. :p Bryant Park, similarly, has a few heavily-wooded par 4's that require vigilant spotters due to heavy rough and uneven ground. There is one hole, in particular, where off the tee I almost always end up in a gnarly trench and it is only thanks to spotters that I haven't lost discs there yet. Both of these courses are also very, very long, yet Milo is too, and still holds the #2 spot.
GA - WR Jackson
KY - Idlewild
MA - Maple Hill
NY - Warwick
NC - Ashe County (Played it? Hell, I built it. Well, I helped.)
SC - Stoney Hill

Ashe and Warwick are tied for my personal top spot.

CT - Wickham
GA - WR Jackson
ME - Sabattus
SC - Stoney Hill

I'll be adding MA and FL in the near future and NC this summer
Looks like I got 18 just off of Dewgarita's list!!! Might have a few more but I doubt it.

CO- Beaver Ranch
CT- Wickham
DE- Iron Hill
IL- Foundation Park
IN- Seviren Lang
IA- Wildcat Bluff
KS- Jones Park
KY- Idlewild
MD- Seneca Creek
MA- Maple Hill
MO- Waterworks
NV- Zephyr Cove
NY- Brakewell Steel
OR- Meadow Ridge
TN- Harmon Hills
VA- Hawk Hollow
WI- Rollin Ridge
I have played four different courses that were at one time or another the highest rated course in North Carolina, maybe more.

Ashe County
Richmond Hill
Brackett's Bluff

I'm not sure if Sugaree was ever the highest rated course in NC or not. I'll pretty much always be my favorite.