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Well, you're the 5th person in 3 days to ask about the bags, so I'm going to order 2 of each color today lol

Crap, I'm getting ahead of myself. I can't order right now. I'm leaving on vacation soon. So, it'll be after vacation. I knew there was a reason I said a few weeks initially, lol
MVP/Axiom inventory refresh is complete!

Neutron Energy, Proton Octane, Ion Metal Minis, and a few other things launch at midnight ET tonight

Here's a look at the new Prodigy BP-3 small backpack bag. Pretty decent bag, especially for the price. We have them for $34.99 shipped at KWsDiscGolf.com

A couple inventory updates today.

All of the MVP/Axiom order is loaded into the store, and selling quite quickly lol.

Not much of the Trilogy order is loaded yet, and may not be loaded until early next week unfortunately. The Sling and Falchion are loaded. DD did not send our Marshals for some reason, so those won't be here until next week.

Meant to compliment you on those sweet MVP display racks. I haven't seen those before, and they look great. :thmbup:
Fairly large Innova order is all loaded into the store! KWsDiscGolf.com

Stuff that made it into the store that I've never had in the store are as follows:
GStar Shryke - First Run
GStar Shryke
Some random XOuts
RPro Boss
RPro Pig
Star Spider
DX and Champ Glow Wraith
GStar Katana
GStar Wedge
GStar TL3
GStar Vulcan
DX Skeeter
DX Cro
Blizzard PD2
Pom Beanies

Black Friday / Whole Weekend Sale at KWsDiscGolf.com. Running Friday through Monday!

Coupon Codes:
bf10offall - Save 10% off your order
bf25off100 - Save 25% off your order of $100 or more

-Coupons cannot combine
-Excludes Mystery Boxes, Baskets, Bags, Shoes

MVP/Axiom inventory refresh is complete. The Proton Matrix LE and Watermelon Theory will launch at midnight ET.

Got a huge 550 disc Trilogy order in, including a bunch of discs stamped with my logo!

This order puts us at over 2500 discs in stock, along with a ton of accessories and apparel. We're worth checking out for all of Christmas needs. Free shipping as always!


MVP/Axiom launch will be live at midnight ET tonight!

New stuff includes:
Proton Atom
Plasma Wave
Plasma Photon

Trilogy stock launches Friday at Noon ET. As of right now, most of the stock stuff isn't loaded into the store yet. The new stuff will be there right at launch time.


First Run Sheriff

Stock stamp Sheriff should show up Friday night

New Trilogy is here including the Fuzion Sheriff, Lucid Convict PP SE 2-color stamp, Prime Marshal, some sweet new Handeye HighRise stamps, and much more! Only about half of the general restock is loaded into the store as of this minute, but should hopefully be completed by tonight!



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