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Sep 1, 2009
the plastic bins in TEXAS
Max Weight: 176.8gr
Diameter: 21.3cm
Height: 1.6cm
Rim Depth: 1.1cm
Rim Thickness: 2.1cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 17.1cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.2%
Rim Configuration: 31.25
Flexibility: 12.16kg


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I heard Boss-like, but then again I also heard that the Mystery Box and Lobster were different discs, when they were one and the same!

A little faster would make sense, since the Longhorn is not unlike a beat-in Wraith, and the GOAT is not unlike a Destroyer... something faster would fill out the lineup a bit more.

Guess we shall see... :hfive:
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Diamondback drops tonight at 7 cst / 8 est!

Looks like it'll be Valkyrie / Undertaker like. Nice glide with some turn and fade.

I had heard it was faster which would've been cool, but then again I have no business throwing a speed 13 anyway. :D

Definitely sounds interesting, going to pick some up tonight!
Flight number I've seen posted are 9/5/-2/2, at least for the Apex plastic releasing tonight. Some places will have limited Swirly Apex (cosmic neutron) as well with a different stamp. I know the comparisons always tend to happen, but I'm interested to see where this run slots with some of the TSA Mantras I bag. Granted, between those, Jackalopes, and Freetails, I've kind of crowded the 8-10 range in my bag a ton already!
Yeah, Mantras are nice discs. I threw one of those that my buddy had!

I throw a lot of freetails. I think this is basically going to slot in as that disc I throw every time I'm on the fence, because the wind is up or there's danger on the right if I flip it too much. Normally I throw the freetail anyway and with proper finesse it's usually fine, but something I can lean on a little in that situation would be sweet. :thmbup:
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My Jacks (Sublime and Jumping Apex) have been that disc for me when I want the fade to kick in when the Freetail might not. Both plastic really fly more like 8/5/-1.5/1.5 for me, which I absolutely love. If the Diamondback can give me that shape into a good headwind, I'll be happy. IF it can give me the flight of the equivalent plastic Mantras with a hair more fade, I'm going to be thrilled. All of those discs I currently bag have chased out the old Saints/Vandals/Hatchets I used to lean on for their crazy glide.
Initial thoughts from 15 minutes of throwing both swirly apex I received today:

These have less turn than I hoped, but I expected that based on some of the videos I'd seen. Also factoring in that the swirly plastic may possibly have a touch more stability. These feel/look great in the hand, so I plan to keep one in the rotation based on throw shape/wind.

For my needs, I'd put these at 9/5/-1/2 fresh. Definitely planning on giving these a go on the next windy day we get.
As a general rule I think Mint discs tend to be a smidge more stable than the numbers suggest. Two of the owners are very strong advanced level players, and the other one is 1003 rated at the moment, so my guess has been that they slightly underestimate the stability for the average pleb. Not a problem, just something I keep in mind about how it will probably fly for me.

I like this mold. I agree with 9/5/-1/2 for me, but I think as it beats in I'm going to have a gem for any time I'm just a little nervous about ripping on a freetail, but don't really want to pull out the Longhorn. So far pretty sweet. :)
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would you compare this mold to an eagle or thunderbird? just wondering what the comparable discs are regardless of flight numbers
would you compare this mold to an eagle or thunderbird? just wondering what the comparable discs are regardless of flight numbers
the grackle is more like an eagle, so while I haven't thrown it yet, the diamondback is much more likely to be in the undertaker/worn thunderbird category
was hoping for a bit more insight from people that have thrown the discs
yeah wish he would have done more comparison. but still its best if someone has experience with both. i bag a diamondback and am very happy with it, but i just wondered, NOT flight number comparison, but some real world comparison since i havent seen or heard much from thowers. I personally have never thrown thunderbird for some reason, but have experience with quite a few other 9 speeds. Just wondered how others saw it that threw several molds. The Millenium Vega/eagle x. seems sort of similar but a much harder fade
Can anyone compare these to the various flavors of OLF? Or Undertakers? Are they a lot less overstable than Alphas or just a little at ~330ft?
Can anyone compare these to the various flavors of OLF? Or Undertakers? Are they a lot less overstable than Alphas or just a little at ~330ft?
I've seen a few threads on Reddit that suggest that the Diamondback is the same mold as the TSA Construct. If that's the case, I'd say in the Apex plastic it'll probably range from beat-in Undertaker, to closer to a Heat in terms of stability, with the odd flat one being more like an Athena. The stability on the mold would be pretty tightly tied to the amount of dome, in any given plastic. Domier would be notably flippier.
Not the same as the Construct. DB is maybe a speed slower and has more HSS. Constructs are closer to a Longhorn than a DB.

In my experience, the DB is closest to the old sought after straighter runs of Alpha (1st run Sublime, 2nd run Nocturnal, 2nd run purple Apex). A bit longer and less LSS than current run Alphas. Max weight shows some turn, but lighter flat ones do not.

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