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[MVP] watt

Yeah I can't quite come to grips on how much glide the Watt has or doesn't. The more I throw it side by side with my most stable glitch (143g) the more I finally see the comparison. I can thread some real straight lines with a more conventional throw than the glitch. I'm getting more slow anhyzer turns out of it, more straight set downs... but with any throw near straight it sure goes straight. Uphill, downhill it doesn't seem to matter
I don't use my Watt for putting, or throwing with power grip. But, fan grip, used for approach shots, up to 100', it is money. Very intuitive for me - I can gauge the distance and power needed and set it pretty close most of the time. It goes straight, gentle fade at the end, and lands flat, soft, and never rolls away. 100-150' it still works, but throwing that fan grip harder takes away some of my accuracy.
The Watt with a fan grip can easily get out to 230 for me, and it's just fantastic for accuracy! I threw it off the tee for birdie on many holes yesterday, and parked several upshots with it as well! The longest hole I parked with it from the tee on flat ground was 237 feet (there was one I parked that's 267, but it's about 20 feet downhill).

Really loving how versatile it is!
The Watt is the best putter I've ever used, it knocked out a SS Wizard I used as my #1 since around 2013-14. (Although I didn't play that much in the middle 2010s). I got the Madison Walker Terrapin station one from Flight factory in Pcola.
I didn't pick one up, but I thought the eclipse watt had a much better grip than the neutron. I may pick it up sometime later.

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