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Coaches' Corner

Re Kids: Good advice already. We as coaches will be tempted to give them more tech info than they want / can handle. Focus on keeping them engaged and keeping everything fun, Def have them play some catch games every session. I would try to get them to set up golf holes with Mando Cones and play around with shot shapes that way when they get to that point. Let them experiment and have fun and teach each other.

Re: Rates:

at 300-400 an hour, I think you are paying for the name recognition. No fault to Uli... but thats how I see it. I can't imagine his coaching is more than 3x as effective as the next coach...

Me my main tier on Patreon is 50$ a month and I figure that covers an hour of my time, split between a ~20 min review (and some 10 min of taking notes before hand) plus a follow up video check in and text support on a Discord channel during the month.

I also have a 5 min review tier, which I don't like doing (not enough time to teach, people seem less invested) So I recently bumped that up to $30 from $20 and will likely phase it out completely...

Then I have a 100$ tier if people want weekly checkins or want to do a video call once a month.

In person (which I really don't end up doing, due to a lack of time on my end) I charge 75 an hour. Reasoning being I feel my time is worth at least $50 and an hour lesson easily takes an hour and a half of my time, given my travel to wherever we meet, and the super annoying (to me) time I have to spend with you on scheduling. (maybe some of this goes away with something like Calendly, but I'm not in far enough into live coaching that its worth it yet)

For me Coaching is supplemental income. I work 3 10 hr days at my day job and coach on the weekends... I would love to do more coaching but I love my day job too much to cut any more of it out... Too many fun ways to make a living, not enough time. Good problem to have!

Thanks for setting this up Brychanus. Very cool to have everyone in one place.

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