My humble bag. Suggestions?

Hmm. Eropper I am not quite sure what you mean bt TC. I suppose it is the plastic. 3.3.-1.1 sounds good to me, but anything for straight aprouches I just use the Aurora MS. It probably has something like Maybe I try that at some point if I lack a putting putter.

So far I have made some discoveries with discs. I have not bought anything new yet but this is what I prefer right now.

Dline P1 again for putts.
Dx Aviar3 for aprouches, very straight with little fade.

Aurora MS - just in case of short turnover aprouch or small hyzerflip. Rarely use.

Champ Roc3 - great for aprouches aiming right from target that need to hyzer at the end. This has saved me pars from failed teeshots.

Champ Teebird - just flat releases that need to be low ceiling that will go straight and finishes left. This has proven to be great for tunnels that have OB right. I can trust this disc to not turn-over and trustful fade.

DX Sidewinder - this disc is easy to manipulate with angels. It is great because it will hold it's line and not fade much at all. Great for hyzerflips that need to go straight, and if you put this to anhyzer it will hold its line really good.

Opto Bolt - I use this for max distance. It will turn easilly but will fade back at the end. Great for anhyzers and slight hyzer releases that will make a s-pattern when it turns slightly. I can get this easilly over 300f on flat.

Other than that it is just for special shots where I still grab a firebird or destroyer but so far we don't usually have strong headwind or having to throw forehands from a bush. I noticed that I need to warmup putts and aprouches and it will help me big time. 3 months and having +2 or +3 score is good when I used to have over +10 at first. My goal was to get to +3 before winter this year, so I am very happy to be close to par so often.