[Mids] Pathfinder vs Hex

The Mickstar

Berg Gang
May 6, 2022
I took a huge chunk out of rim of my Neutron Hex today. I'm probably going to replace it with a Lizzot'l. But, while I wait to find one in my preferred weight, I'm thinking about giving a Pathfinder a try.

Some reviews have mentioned that the Pathfinder is basically a non-overmold Hex. Both small diameter, shallow, flat, and very similar wing shape/feel. The Pathfinder is rated as slightly more HSS than a Hex (0 Turn vs -1). Most reviews say the opposite, though. Can anyone that's thrown both comment on hand feel & flight?

I'm guessing an Aura Pathfinder would be most similar in stability & flight to a Neutron Hex and a Glow Pathfinder would be closest to a Lizzot'l. Sound right?

My wife has a Hex which I've thrown a bit. I currently bag a Pathfinder. Side by side they look like the same disc to me. The flight seems pretty much the same as well but it's been a while since I've thrown her Hex. My Pathfinder is ethos plastic and I'd give it numbers of 5/5/-1/1. It's a very straight disc.
The difference between Pathfinder plastics is subtle. Glow > Aura > Ethos for the current runs. They are variants of straight, takes some head/tailwind for me to see the differences, glow will hold straight into a light headwind, ethos would gently turn (thrown in the 275-300' range). Haven't thrown enough Hexes to compare, but I found a heavy glow pathfinder to be a little more HSS than any hex I tried, but the same or maybe less fade.

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