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Ahhhh yes...exactly what we want from board members. When you show a bias towards someone's outer appearance, just insult the person who points out your bias instead of dealing with your own internal flaws.

Don't take responsibility for your flaws, deflect deflect deflect miss politician.

You of all people should understand that women don't look one certain way...or even give off the appearance of a "traditional" woman.

You know full well that is not what your intentions were.
You think you are getting me in a "gotcha", you're not. You are trying to pin bias on me.
Sure, I am biased, not in this way. And most certainly not on gender expression, gender roles, or gender identity.

You knew full well why I wrote about that rolling eyes; I have played a fair number of random dubs in the USA myself (all while I was still not in acceptance of actually being Laura), and that eye-rolling is rampant.

But don't take my word for it, take JenB's word for it.
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